There Can Be Only One Ch10


Chapter 10

I lay on the bed gently stroking my erect cock through the waistband of my shorts. I can’t believe the control I had got over mum…and so quickly. It had only been less than 12 hours ago. I had switched on the computer but with no intention of sending any e-mails…not yet anyway. The time ticked by slowly as I kept on glancing at the clock…6, 7, 8…’knock…knock’. Mum was early…I smiled…must be eager to feel my hard cock in her cunt.

My voice seemed to be a little gravely when I called for her to enter…my mouth was dry. The door opened slowly, mum slipped in and shut the door quickly and stood there as if waiting for me to say something…I remained quiet just looking at her face, my hand still slowly stroking my erection.

“Ross…this is so very wrong…we shouldn’t be doing this…your father might come up…”
“What did you say to him?”
“I…I said I had a headache and was going to lie down and told him to tape the programmes for me and don’t tell me the results”
“Sounds good mum…now let me see you undo ALL the buttons on that dress”
“Ro…” I interrupted her by looking away from her face and over to the computer…the picture of her and Mrs Noakes filled the screen. Mum gasped.

Her hands slowly went up the top button and she started to pop each one…again with a look in her eyes to say ‘please no more’. I smiled and pushed down the waistband of my shorts so my cock was on view as I wanked it leisurely. Another gasp came from mother’s mouth.

When mum’s fingers had reached the button that would expose her pussy she paused. “Please Ross…this is so wrong…wont me stroking you …or even…” she gulped “suck you…do…dad is downstairs…. and I don’t want you to fuc…have intercourse with me…its wrong…so very wrong”

“That’s why mother dearest….

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  it is so wrong…so taboo…that’s why I am going to sink this cock…” I held my cock up so she could see it…”into your fuck tube…the very tube that gave me birth…now fucking un do the rest of the buttons”

I could see mums eyes pool…but her shaky hand continued to pop the remainder of the buttons. When she reached the last one and her dress hung down naturally her tits and cunt were not visible. I just nodded my head in her direction. She knew what I wanted.

Her hands grasped the dress and slowly pulled it apart until her bare bald cunt and bra covered tits were on open display. I reached over to the bedside stand and lifted Susie’s camera…mum’s eyes widened as I slowly lifted the camera and focused on my mother exposing herself to me. I give her credit she did not try and cover up as I took the first snap.

“Now lose the dress” I commanded

Mum slipped the dress of her shoulders and shrugged it off…her arms  lay motionless by her side, the dress clutched in her right hand and her head bowed…I could see tears falling down her cheeks.

“Now lose the bra”

Without looking up she dropped the dress to the floor and reached behind her to undo the clasp. The bra was slowly peeled from her body and soon lay on top of the dress. ‘FLASH’ another picture joined the first on the memory card.

“Come closer mother” I got off the bed to meet her halfway. I did not touch her but walked around her taking pictures from different angles. Mum was still muttering her please no all the time.  

“Open your legs wider slut and bend over.

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  ” Mum gasped but did as she was commanded. I took a couple of pictures of her bent at the waist…her slightly drooping tits hanging down with nipples as large as marbles.

I stood behind her. “Pull your ass cheeks apart…let me see your brown slapped her hard on the right buttock. She jumped back up to a stand with a shriek and turned her head to face me.
“Bend over mother…show me your asshole”
You could see the anger in her face as she bent over again…this time her hands went to her cheeks and pulled them apart…her face once more turned away from me so to hide her embarrassment

I kicked her right ankle slightly to indicate to spread her legs wider apart. She shuffled until they were about half a metre wide. A few more snaps joined the others.
I shifted my body position until I was laying flat on my back, my head between mums spread legs and looking straight up at her cunt and her swinging tits. Her pussy was once again visibly wet.
“Squat bitch…bend those knees”

Not a sound came from mother as she did as requested…the camera on over drive as her cunt came closer to my face. As she lowered herself with her feet planted so far apart her cunt lips started to spread. Her cunt was dripping, almost as if she had pissed and not wiped.

“You fucking horny bitch…you are as wet as a fucking damp sponge”
Mum stopped lowering herself; frozen when hearing my words…she didn’t speak but just looked down at my face. A smile crossed mine as I lay the camera down.

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   I shuffled along the floor until I thought I was in the right position.
“Lower your cunt onto my mouth. . . I want to taste your juice”
You could see the shock on her face.
“Ross…I nev…it’s dirty…. please don’t”
I looked up at her from my prone position…
“You mean you have never had your cunt licked…?”
She shook her head.
“Makes two of us…I have never kissed a cunt before…now lower it fucking down…”
Mum didn’t move so I raised my hands and grabbed her by her upper thighs and pulled gently down on them. She started to lower herself. In my eagerness to taste cunt for the first time my tongue leapt out to meat the advancing pink lips. Her outer labia hung down but were parted so I could see the wrinkly pink folds of her inner cunt.
I groaned and mum moaned as my tongue met cunt for the first time and mums pussy felt a pointed tongue for the first time. I lapped up her juices relishing the taste of my first pussy. Mum was moaning…dragging her cunt up and down my extended tongue. I sucked on her clit as it came out of its sheath…mums moans were all the louder as my face became more and more coated in her cunt juice.


My cock craved attention.

I pushed mum up and off…she seemed reluctant to rise.

I looked up from where I lay as she stood crouched over me. Her face seemed flushed and her nipples hard and erect.
“Time to fuck slut…get on the let me suck you…don’t make me do anything more”
“Get on the fucKING BED” my voice rising gradually as I spoke.

Mum rose and made her way slowly to my bed…she stopped and looked at me as I got from my prone position.
“Ross please don’t”
“Lie down I want to look at your face as my cock enters your fuck tube”
She did as I asked but still trying to talk me out of what I had planned as she sat first on the bed and just lay back with her legs hanging over the edge. She kept her legs closed.

“Shuffle up whore…I want to be comfortable as I fuck my slut”
The look on her face was priceless…one of disbelief that someone dared to speak to this Christian woman in such vulgar manner and to make it worse. . . it was her only son…but she did as she was told without replying.
“Spread those fucking legs…let me see how keen your cunt is for your son’s cock”
I was stripping off as she slowly spread her legs for me. I took the camera and pointed it at her and took a couple of other shots…my cock harder than I had known it to be…or at least it felt that way. I gave it a couple of hand strokes as I got on the bed and knelt between her legs.

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“Ready slut?”
“Please Ross…. I am begging you…please don’t do this”
I smiled, put the camera down and slowly got in place over her with my outstretched arms either side of her shoulders.
I slowly lowered my body down so my cock came in contact with the smooth bars skin of my mother’s quim. It was hard against my belly so I slid down slightly and as I came back up my cock found its way in between the spread petals of my mother’s pussy.
Mum took a deep breath and seemed to hold it…waiting for me to slide my cock into her fuck tube. I smiled…”Ready???”
Mums eyes widened with that pleading look in them.
I slowly started to slide into that wet warm canal. The silken walls seem to grip me and yet allow my prick to continue its heavenly journey. It was most definitely the best feeling to date.
When my cock was fully in I did not move …I allowed the latest sensation that my cock was experiencing to savour in its divine pleasure.
    Mums eyes were closed…tears gently trickling down her face. It was hard to describe how I felt about that right then…all I knew was my cock was in paradise…I was not going to dwell on it.
    I slowly started to move my cock back out until mums cunt gripped my bulbous head. I paused slightly before entering her fully once more. I kept muttering to myself as I slowly built up a steady rhythm as I fucked the woman that gave me life.

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       Mums tears were flowing more freely but her cunt was pulsing as if giving my cock small squeezes. I quickened my pace.
    Mums breathing became more deep…Her ass was lifting off the bed to meet my thrusts…fuck…she was fucking me back.
    “You like this don’t you”
    Mum stayed silent but shook her head as if saying no
    “Then why are you fucking me back”
    “I. . . I’m not” She opened her eyes to look at me as she stopped pushing forward to meet my cock… but still her cunt still kept the steady gripping pulses.
    “Fucking liar…you are loving my cock you fucking slut. . . aren’t you…you whore…”
    She shook her head in absolute denial but as I made my verbal onslaught she started to fuck back once more. Were the words I spoke exciting her to fuck me???
    “Fucking bitch…cock sucking slut…I am going to make you into my fuck toy…your body is going to be mine…” I continued to keep up the verbal abuse as I fucked her hard and strong…she kept on shaking her head as if her mind was disagreeing but her body was definitely fucking back.

    I was almost there…I could feel the cum ready to spurt deep into my mother’s cunt.
    I dropped my arms and kissed my mother full and hard on the lips. I could feel my mothers soft breasts press against my smooth chest.

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       She did not resist as I pushed my tongue deep into her parted lips. I felt her go tense just before my first spurt shot out of my cock. I stopped kissing her and just lay on top of her…my cock spurting its potent juice deep inside her. I gave the occasional hump to make sure I was getting rid of my load.  I could feel mother’s chest rise and fall rapidly as it fought for breath. I didn’t think about whether she had cum or not. . . all I knew that that was the best ever.
    I collapsed on top of her.

    Mum had tears flowing down her cheeks again.
    After what seemed like an age I swung off her and lay next to her. Her tears had subsided and she did not move.

    We both looked up in alarm when the bedroom door opened. I relaxed when I saw Cathy’s head peek in.

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       Mum grabbed a pillow and tried to cover her body with it.
    “Dad…what’s your dad. . . where is he?” Cathy ignored mums questions.
    “Did you do it…did you fuck her?”
    “I just smiled and nodded”
    Cathy slipped in and shut the door behind her.
    “Was it as good as fucking Vicky?”
    “Better…much fucking better”
    “How. . . why…what was so goo…”
    “What you doing up here anyway…what’s dad doing?” I interrupted he barrage of questions.
    “The perv. . . he can’t keep his eyes of Vicky’s cunt…the dirty old man”
    Mum gasped
    “Did you show him yours?”
    “No need…Vicky is keeping him occupied”
    “Well fucking show him your cunt…”
    “But wh…”
    “Just do it…and get the fuck back downstairs I don’t want him coming up here”
    “He wont. .

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      . he was going to come up to see how mum was but I jumped up and said I would go check”
    “Ok…get back downstairs anyway…just in case”
    “Alright…but next time you two fuck I wanna watch…ok”
    Mother gasped
    Cathy smiled…bent down and kissed me on the lips… “Me next Master…me next” she laughed and said it more to see mum’s reaction rather than an invitation to actually fuck her. She slipped out of the room. I heard her go into the bathroom and flush the toilet to help explain why it took her so long to check up on mum.

    I jumped up off the bed …”You had best get to your bedroom before dad does come up…just in case. ”
    Mum rose “Please son. . . don’t do anything to Cathy…she is so young”
    I ignored her and sat bullock naked at the computer and plugged in the camera so I could start to transfer the pictures.
    “Please son…” but she knew her words were falling on deaf ears. She picked up her bra and was about to put it on…
    “Leave it off”
    She gave me a look and dropped it on the bed and slipped on her dress. She only did up enough buttons so that her cunt and tits were hidden. Lifting her bra she came and stood beside me.
    “Why Ross. .

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      . why?”
    “Because I can” I reached out and pulled her dress apart exposing her cunt. She didn’t move or say anything.
    I let my hand touch her pussy and feel her juices mixed with my incestuous seed seeping out and down her inner thigh.
    “Because I can”…now please leave and let me sort out these images.
    Tears were starting to form again as she turned and left the room.