There Can Be Only One Ch 33


There Can Be Only One Ch 33

As luck would have it, Ross had the whole house to himself for a few hours that Saturday afternoon. His mother had gone off shopping and Susie did not tell him where she was going…nor did he particularly care…all he knew was that his mum was dropping her off at the mall. His father would be back late afternoon but that was time enough for what he had to do.

He had wished he had got the slightly more expensive camera surveillance equipment that he had bought recently …well one that had more than the four cameras. , but he was pleased that the cameras were wireless so he could place them easily where ever he wished…and was more than satisfied with the quality of picture and sound he was receiving on his computer that the system was linked to.

By the time he had positioned two cameras in the lounge, another in his parents bedroom and the last in Susie’s bedroom, he was pretty knackered having had to keep on running back to check on angles etc every time he positioned one of them. He hoped that his choice of locations were such that they would go completely unnoticed.

The contents of the package that had arrived that morning lay scattered on his bed. As he pulled each of them out of the package he let his imagination run wild as to how and what he would do with them. He was pleased with his purchases and his cock certainly was aroused as he mentally visualised each of them being used. Ross quickly shovelled them back into the package when he heard his father arrive home after his day at golf.


Mr Gorman, as was his usual practice, sat in the lounge watching the news and sports after they had eaten their evening meal, while Alice finished clearing the supper dishes. Cathy had phoned to say that Vicky’s mum was taking them for a McDonalds and would be home before “X Factor” came on.

As soon as Susie had finished her meal, she had darted upstairs to prepare for her date with Jason. Initially she just pulled remonstrative faces with the occasional ‘fuck off’ when Ross instructed her as what her choice of clothing she was to wear, but voiced her objections more forcefully when he kept on popping up to her room with more demands of what she could do and not do sexually that evening…but there was no denying that her body certainly reacted after she had given each demand some thought before her brother popped in with the next command.

Ross’s ‘requests’ made upon his sister were not intentionally meant to go as far as they did…he just seemed to enjoy getting her riled up and couldn’t resist bursting into her room again and again with the next instruction.

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   Knowing that he may have overstepped the mark and pushed her a little too far, he left her room for the last time with her standing there shocked unable to respond in any way to his last demand.

Alice Gorman hummed to herself as she cleared the kitchen up. Although a little nervous at what Ross had whispered to her once they were alone after dinner, she could not help but nod as her cunt reacted to his proposed plans that evening. Ross of course did not fully tell his mother what he had planned…she just assumed that she would be getting fucked whilst her husband was downstairs watching TV. That in it self made her pussy twitch.

Her afternoon shopping trip took longer than she had intended…well the actual shopping for provisions didn’t…it was the impromptu diversions she had added whilst doing the shopping.

The once demure and reserved mother of three smiled as she recalled her afternoon in the store. It had started out innocently in the supermarket where she always does her weekly shop…but ended quite differently…and pleasantly.

Alice always was a little nervous when she entered the store in case she bumped into that spotty youth that Ross had ‘introduced’ to her. As the memory of the incident started to come back, her hand slid to rub her pussy…no cunt…she loved that word now…a word she always thought the crudest of all swear words…but now…cunt…cunt…cunt…god her pussy tightened every time she thought or mentioned the word.

This day like all the other day since, her heart raced when she was in that shop…always wondering if that shelf stacker had told his workmates. She used to imagine every time an assistant or cashier looked at her that they knew how much of a slut she was…but no one actually mentioned or indicated that they knew. He probably did mention to some of his colleagues but they no doubt chided him for being a liar.
She had never seen the boy since that time…

Alice Gorman did not know what came over her that particular afternoon. Bending down to pick up a packet of sugar on the bottom shelf she had the urge to show her bare cunt.

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   She deliberately bent at the waist so her skirt rose. She quickly stood up again and turned to see if anyone had noticed but felt a pang of relief when the aisle was empty.

As she continued shopping her mind was preoccupied with the time she shopped with Ross. She occasionally bent at the waist…and at times she squatted with her knees spread wide…but always…always when no one was in that aisle or could see her. She actually did not have the nerve to actually flash someone…she NEEDED to be told to do it…by her SON.

Whilst putting away the last of the dried plates she recalled what she did after placing the shopping in the trunk of the car and she grasped her pubic mound through the soft material of her skirt giving it a very tight squeeze.

She still can’t believe she returned to the store and masturbated in the customer toilets as she heard other customers using the washrooms. God…she even stripped off her dress and bra and fingered herself to an orgasm wearing just her shoes and spurred on that people might have heard the obscene noises her fingers were making as they drove her to ecstasy.

Alice Gorman quickly released her aching pussy when she heard the door bell ring…the return of her daughter and Vicky no doubt.

“Going up to take a bath” Alice smiled at her husband as she handed him his cup of tea.

“Ok dear…enjoy it…” Without taking his eyes off the TV the disinterested Mr Gorman replied dryly… “X Factor starting in ten…”

“I know…gone off that programme lately…well Simon Cowell” Alice lied…but what was planned for her by her son Ross might be much more entertaining. “Cathy and Vicky will no doubt want to watch it. ”

“Right…and there for a moment I though I could have a weekend without that crap…couldn’t they watch it at Vicky’s house?” Bill spoke as if he couldn’t care less about ‘X Factor’ but like most men he didn’t really mind being ‘made’ to watch it.

Alice’s face grew concerned as both Cathy and Vicky bounded past her on the stairs…giggling like all schoolgirls of their age. She wondered if Ross had broken his word and instructed them to sexually involve their father…

The worried 43 year old knocked on her son’s door softly, waited a few seconds before opening it slowly…that slight delay was enough for Ross to close down the computer screen before his mother saw what pictures were being relayed to it.

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“Wasn’t expecting you so quickly” he cursed under his breath at the untimely intrusion

“Told your dad I wanted to relax in a bath”

“Oh…” Ross had hoped he could at least see part of the action in the lounge before his mum came up…but at least he was able to set it to record on his hard drive. . . “Ok. . . let’s go…”

“Go where?”

“For your bath…”

The surprised mother looked at her son…she was just expecting to be told to strip…or be subservient to her son’s sexual demands.

“Come on…let’s go for that bath” Ross seemed impatient as he pushed his mother out of his room.

Alice, still slightly taken aback, turned and made to walk to her bedroom until sharply reminded by the eager teen that her bathroom does not have a lock. The nervous mother followed her son into the family bathroom, unsure that she was doing the right thing but her own sexual desires blew away those fears…her heart skipping a beat when she heard the snap of the lock behind her.


Alice sat on the toilet looking at her son as he lay back in the bath with a big grin on his face. She was just as embarrassed this time around as she was the first time when she sat naked on the toilet bowl to urinate before she climbed into the bath to join her son. Just as she was told to do that first time she sat with her legs wide apart, watching the streaming flow of pee as it sprayed into the bowl.

This time however she was told to open her cunt flaps so he could see her piss more easily…embarrassed that the pee squirted half way across the tiled floor…making it sound as well as appear more perverse. She would have to soak the bath towel that she used to mop up with in the bucket that lay under the sink and wash it first chance.

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The time spent in the bathroom with her son was not as she had expected. In fact when she entered the bathroom she was surprised to see Ross turn on the bath in the first place…she was expecting…no hoping…that he would just do what he wanted to do and leave before their secret was discovered by her husband. She didn’t really care which of her three orifices he used…just as long as she could please her son sexually and leave before suspicion was aroused.

In fact…nothing really sexual happened except for a slightly sensual teasing of her breasts and pussy. Not that she cared. The unabashed mother of three enjoyed the sensation as she lay in her son’s arms with the softness of his chest on her back. Ross gently massaged her breasts, occasionally letting a hand drop to her cunt and toy with it a little. He had the knack of keeping her on the brink but never enough for her to get overly aroused.

The soft gentle voice of her son as he whispered obscenities in her ears also stimulated her…and occasionally causing her to gasp when he mentioned sexual acts that he was intending on making her…and others do…. but that just made her lean further back into his arms.

There was a slight concern when her husband knocked on the door asking if everything was alright and where Ross was. She hoped her voice did not arouse suspicion when giving answers as to why she was using this bathroom and not her own and that Ross had gone out and she was to go and collect him later. At least her son was alert and whispered prompts in her ear.

Ross was going to have to have words with Cathy. What would have happened if he was fucking his mum and dad came up…she was to keep him downstairs.

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Bill Gorman could not believe it. Just as it was the last time Vicky stayed over with Cathy, both had lain on the floor and he had caught glimpses their young quims. Just like that first time, it started with just a quick flash but this time it had quickly developed into him clearly seeing both puffy slits as they lay on their tummy’s, watching TV, their short skirts…particularly Vicky’s… half way up her ass cheeks. God her ass was taut. His cock was starting to strain as he became aroused staring at the pink virgin holes. Shit…were they still virgins…they must be…too young to have lost their cherries…surely. He craned his neck trying to see further between their slightly parted legs…half expecting to be able to tell just by looking at their pussies that they were still virgins.

He knew he should have said something…but what? They seemed to be oblivious to their accidental flashing and he couldn’t really just come out with …hey girls I can see your vaginas…

The girls smiled and giggled…and their exhibitionism was anything but innocent. They were fully aware that with each passing moment more and more of their shapely thighs and ass were being exposed as they fidgeted whilst watching the show. They were following Ross’s instructions to the letter…and were enjoying every moment of it.

Bill Gorman lay the paper he was supposedly reading, across his lap…concealing the quite visible outline of his cock through the blue denim…his hand, groping the semi hard flesh, in an effort to adjust it so it lay in a more comfortable position trapped in the confines of his jeans.

The contestants on the TV talent show performed and left the stage with the perverted father paying little attention to the acts…his mind, eyes and ears were totally focused on the two nymphets that were strewn out before him.

When the youthful Callum…what ever his name is… came on, the ever increasing flustered father’s belief that the two teenage temptress’ may well be virgins but they were certainly knowledgeable of sexual matters by the whispered remarks of what they would and would not do to the teen as he sang his ballad. Once again he knew he should have spoken about their language…but in all honesty he was enjoying their girl to girl talk as if he wasn’t even in the same room as them.

The excited father silently gasped when his eyesnoticed a small movement between Vicky’s legs…was Vicky masturbating…god she is…she is fingering her clit…fuck…she is…she is…she even has raised her cunt off the carpet so she can dildo her clit easier…her ass cheeks have parted and her little puckered hole is clearly visible.

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Bill Gorman’s heart beat increased, as did the size of his cock and became extremely uncomfortable rising to full erection…straining painfully against the tight blue material. So engrossed was he with the show.

His eyes flicked between the two pairs of slightly parted legs wondering if his own daughter would be so brazen as to do as her friend was doing…. disappointed that she just lay flat on her belly with her upper torso supported by her elbows on the floor whilst waving her lower legs in sync with the music…an act that made her bare ass cheeks jiggle slightly.

It was obvious to the much older male that Vicky was not masturbating to reach an orgasm…more of slight self teasing. Her finger would gently rub the hard white nub for a short while and periodically her finger would slip deep inside her to gather more juice to apply to that most sensitive of female parts. Bill could not stop his hand grasping his own cock through his jeans and try and ease that burning itch.

It was only when he heard slight muffled moans from his daughter that he paid her some attention. She was not fingering her pussy as her friend was, but her ass cheeks kept on flexing as if her pussy was squeezing an imaginary cock.

He slipped over slightly in his chair and his eyes suddenly widened. There was his little angel clearly tweaking her own nipples. The movements of her partly hidden hands were clearly those of someone groping their own breasts …try as he might he could not actually see the nipples of the budding tits

Bill Gorman squeezed his cock hard in an attempt to control the urge to cum on seeing the teen apparently tease and pull and twist her nipples, to him, quite cruelly.

He had to say something…should stop the two of them…but what…how???

His mind fought for something to say…but all the time his eyes unable to stop from jumping between his daughter’s breasts and her friend’s ass. It was only when he noticed his daughter tilt her head towards him with a smile upon her face he came to grips and realised the full gravity of what he was doing.

Swallowing hard he rose from his chair… red faced…holding the newspaper in front of crotch, he sped out of the lounge…without uttering a word and made quick his escape from being accused a pervert.

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The girls looked at each other before bursting out in laughter…a laugh that Cathy quickly silenced when she realised that her father was heading up the stairs. . . bound to see his son fucking his wife…

Both girls waited in silence for the impending reverberations.


Ross sat in the passenger seat of the car as his mother drove to where he had told her to drive. It was lucky that his dad…unaware that his wife and son were sharing an intimate bath together while he stood out side the bathroom and satisfied with his wife’s answers had walked away from the door just as his phone pinged the incoming message. Twenty minutes later, having managed to sneak out of the house himself un detected by his father he waited for his mother to pick him up on the corner of the street.

It was a close thing…and Alice had to almost insist that she went to pick up Ross from the ‘bowling alley’ when Bill offered to go. Just as she entered her bedroom she was relieved when she saw the bathroom door to her en-suite quickly slam shut. Alice quickly dressed, and through the closed door, she had told her husband of her intentions concerning collecting Ross. When he had emerged he seemed red faced and slightly out of breath and seemed over keen to collect Ross.

Alice knew where she was going…but it must have been twenty years since she had been there. She had only been there the once…once was enough.

She had been courting Bill at the time…before they were married…in fact they had only been dating a few weeks when they had gone to the Carman Hills to ‘make out’ in Bill’s father’s car.

The hopeful youth had managed to get the inexperienced girl’s top off, working his way to sliding his hand up her nylon cladded legs, when she let out a blood curdling scream.

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   Bill’s anger boiled and had to be held back from leaving the car to give chase to the fleeing peeping tom. Alice just insisted they leave that place and she had not returned since her breasts were clearly seen being suckled by the man she cradled in her arms.

Now, as Alice drove she barely held her foot on the accelerator pedal as Ross told her to keep on driving slowly…even though they had passed a few vacant parking spaces. Occasionally she could see a car rocking…or windows steamed up knowing exactly what went on up there amongst the trees and bushes.

“Here…here…” Ross pointed to a clearing in the bushes, disappointed that he had not come across his sister and her date parked in one of the clearings. Damn…how could he have forgotten to bring his phone with him to find out exactly where she was?

Alice Gorman swallowed deeply expecting that very soon she could well be in a similar predicament as she was the only other time she had come to these woods…only this time she knew that Ross would not be so quick as to leave like her husband was those many years ago.


Bill Gorman could not believe what he had just witnessed as he lay on his bed with his jeans undone and his cock standing erect between the opened zip. There was no mistaking that what he thought were the unintentional initial flashes of upper thigh and pussy by the young teens were not quite as innocent as he was led to believe.

The aroused 45year old’s hand started to stroke his throbbing erection reliving the images of the young girls pleasuring themselves. His cock surged as his mind starting to image the two of them together in her daughter’s bedroom…were they lesbians…did they go down on each other…did they…did they fuck each other with substitute cocks…were they virgins????

He was pleased that his wife had insisted to go and get their son…and he was lucky he was not caught when she came back into the bedroom after her bath to see him with his cock in his hand wanking over the bathroom sink. At least he could relax a little now and enjoy his masturbation…especially since his wife phoned to say that she will be a little longer as Ross had talked her into playing a game of bowls with him. He was not to know that his wife was telling him a pack of lies…why should he think anything ill of her?

He increased the pressure on his dick as he pictured his daughter’s friend’s skirt up over her backside giving him a clear view of the rosy buttocks and dark pink rose bud of her anus. He could still see the shiny creamy deposit on her index finger that she used to tease the tiny nub…the swollen puffy pink lips…god she must look good in just a pair of tight shorts with her camel toe cunt clearly outlined.

He tried to concentrate solely on Vicky’s pussy and asshole but images of his little angel massaging and teasing her breasts pushed them aside filling him with more excitement…and guilt…. than he ever felt before in his life.

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The wanking man now wished he had not got embarrassed and left the room so quickly and stayed to see what might have developed…but god…that was his fourteen year old daughter and her school friend’s vaginas that he was looking at…it was perverted…illegal…

He lifted his ass off the bed and pushed his jeans down his upper thighs so that he could stroke his engorged dick without being impeded by the restricting material. His brain was telling him not to be so perverted but at that precise moment his cock was in control of his actions.

As he slowly masturbated his eyes opened and stared at the closed door to his bedroom. He started to think more obscene acts involving…not the cunt of the overnight guest…but that of his own daughter. He was begging that the door open and his daughter walk in and catch him masturbating…and do it for him. Bill wanted his youngest child to come in and grasp his cock and stroke it…to bring him off…use her mouth…

That very thought ended his train of thought with his daughters name on his lips he shot spurt after spurt of thick cream from his sensitive cock…his hand grasping the ejaculating head, preventing his semen from flying everywhere.

Bill Gorman lay on his bed, his cum covered hand still holding his spent cock feeling guilty at having masturbated to such a perverted fantasy and yet there was no denying it was one of the biggest climaxes he recalls having. What made it worse was the fact that the fantasy was put there by his own daughter and her friend.

The exhausted man rose from the bed and walked to the bathroom to clean up, totally unaware that every movement and action he made since entering his bedroom had been recorded on his son’s computer.


Alice tried to keep as still and as quiet as she could…which was almost impossible with her son sitting next to her on the couch. She was at least grateful that her husband was engrossed the football highlights on TV. Occasionally she would let out a low moan which she tried to mask by pretending to clear her throat. It wasn’t that her son was talking to her…or even touching her…directly. . .


  it was that damn little remote control he held in his hand. Every few minutes she would feel the vibration of the pink egg in her cunt. Thank goodness the girls had long since gone up to Cathy’s bedroom.

Ross pretended to show some interest in the football…only as an excuse as to why he was there and not up in his room. He would have preferred to have been reviewing his camera work but there was a hidden agenda as to why he wanted to be with his mother when Cathy came home.

For the thirty minutes or so he had spent alone in his room he had managed to watch a little of what he had captured on his computer…and he knew he had to watch every minute of it sometime instead of having to skip huge sections. He was pleased with what the girls had done and… the positioning of two cameras was perfect…as was the one he had hidden in his parent’s bedroom. He was surprised to say the least of what he captured on that camera.

Ross leaned over and whispered in his mother’s ear which caused her to glare back at him, but obeyed, easing her knees apart, exposing her cunt to the hidden camera. She had hoped that by moving her right knee and keeping her left knee stationary it would at least hide her soaking cunt from her husband should he turn and face her totally ignorant of the spy camera.

The teen continued to tease his mother with the remote he had in his pocket becoming increasingly impatient with his sister not texting him.

Alice was quite content enjoying the silent hum and vibration of the three inch by one inch bullet inside her fuck tube…and given the right circumstances probably would be able to cum if her son would allow her to play with it in the comfort of her own making. She used to jump and give her son a scolding look every time he increased speed of the vibrations but soon settled down to the steady buzz again. At least she was grateful that he did not keep it on maximum for any length of time for she knew that she would be unable to stop the certain orgasm that would surely follow.

The flushed woman blushed as her mind took her back to the Carman Hills not more than an hour ago.



She was enjoying giving her son head as he lay back in the reclined front passenger seat. She had in the past few weeks taken a liking to going down on him…and wished she had not persevered earlier in her life and performed that simple act on her husband. But was it the act of fellatio or the fact that it was her son’s cock and he was ‘making’ her suck it that gave her pleasure?

Her head bobbed up and down and try as she may she could not swallow as much of the pink dick as her youngest daughter could…she could not get over the gagging reflex as soon as the head touched her throat.

Her every thought was being directed into giving her son pleasure with her mouth. She wished that he would not ejaculate before she had felt the phallus she so lovingly adored inside her aching cunt…but it didn’t really matter if he chose to deposit his cream in her belly.

Alice looked at her son who sat next to him on the sofa…a smile upon his face as he no doubt was remembering what happened when he pulled her head of his swollen member. What a perverted wicked son had she brought into this world…god she loved him.

Alice was hopeful when he pulled her head off his cock and he clambered into the back seat of the car…fully reclining the front two seats… He positioned himself with his legs stretched out in front of him…the cock coated with her saliva standing proud and erect glistening in the reflected light of the full moon outside. She knew what was expected of her.

She had swung a leg over the central console and about to join the reclining youth…she stopped mid movement on hearing his command. Her head spun around peering through the semi steamed closed windows expecting that some bastard was peeping at them…

At that precise moment she herself would have opened the door and chased them away…if only so that she could get back to riding that cock.

“Lower yourself”


“Lower yourself…I want to see you fuck the gear stick…”

The shocked woman looked down, her eyes widening when she saw obscenely rising vertical from the console tunnel directly below her cunt was the thin metal pole with the leather covered knob on the end.

“You can’t be serious…Ross???”

Ross just stared, his smile said it all.

Seated there in the lounge, her husband not six feet away, Alice shook as she squeezed the plastic vibrating bullet with her cunt muscles remembering she meekly obeyed her son’s perverted request. Adjusting her position slightly she squatted on the floor of her car and using the seats as support she slowly lowered her ass until the cold leatherknob came into contact with her sopping cunt.

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   With a final disbelieving look at her grinning son, she wriggled her lower torso until the knob found its mark and slowly she lowered herself onto the 2” diameter round ball which sat on the thin black metal bar until it forced open the lips of her cunt and entered her tender vagina.

The embarrassed, shameless woman, once accustomed to the size of knob slowly released the support her arms were giving her and sank down. The huge difference between the size of the knob and the stick along with the contrast of the coarse stitching of the leather and the smooth metal only stimulated the sensitive nerves lining her cunt walls, feeling every inch as it slipped deeper. Once fully embedded, she started to ride that opprobrious substitute phallus…slowly at first but gradually working up a steady rhythm. Her eyes remained fully focused on her son’s face as he encouraged her with his ever degrading comments…comments that only fired the lost woman’s sexual hunger. Embarrassment giving way to lust, Alice plunged down harder and faster with each passing minute as her impending orgasm approached. . . until…she let out a blood curdling scream… having once again one of the biggest climaxes in her 43 years…performing the most obscene act in front of her masturbating son.

She could not believe, still impaled on the gear shift lever, she threw herself forward to catch the ejaculating semen as it erupted from the teens thick cock.

The sudden ping of an incoming message on her son’s phone disrupted her thoughts. She quickly glanced at her husband who was totally focused on the football game on the TV before turning her attention to her son who was already rising from his chair.

“That was Colin mum…can you run me quickly to his house…wants me to drop off my physics notes…he missed the lesson on vibration. ” Ross grinned as he turned the slider he held in his hand.

“Ohh…” Alice let out a slight squeal when she felt the bullet deep in her pussy vibrated considerably faster.

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   The surprised mother shot off the chair in an attempt to mask the sudden spasm of her cunt muscles. She tried to control her voice as she quickly agreed to her son’s request and her husband’s approval. Not that he cared…the programme was only half way through so he certainly had no intention of running his son to drop of the notes.


Alice was full of questions, which were simply brushed aside as she quickly raced after her son as they walked back towards the house having parked the car almost as soon as they had left the drive. Her curiosity only arose more when they crossed the road and moved towards the parked dark BMW parked right opposite her house.

“What the fuck…. ”

“Shut up weed…”Susie’s voice was full of control, as she spoke harshly to her boyfriend, when Ross opened the rear passenger door and push an equally stunned mother in the back seat before clambering in after her.

“Susie ???” Alice’s eyes flicked between her daughter and her son’s face waiting for an explanation.

“See you have him trained” Ross spoke directly to his sister ignoring the enquiring looks of the other two.

“He had no choice…if he wants to continue to get his head between my legs…” Susie laughed. “In fact I think he gets off on being a sissy”

The astonished man just stared directly at his girlfriends face as she continued to verbally debase him emphasising his lack of sexual prowess.

Jason’s cock grew the more he was belittled as the hornier it got him. He always denied his submissive nature when sex reared in his early teens…but he certainly got more satisfaction reading and looking at websites that dealt with cuckold and submissive men. In the last week or so the gorgeous girl he was dating started to openly encourage his kink and she became much more controlling and Mistress like… he could not have wished for anything better.

“So…has he got you off then?” Ross smiled at his sister

“Mmmmm…more than once….

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  cant complain about the dickless wonder’s tongue technique…” Susie laughed.

“Susan Gorman…” Alice was shocked to hear her daughter’s flippant remarks

Ross and Susie decided to ignore the two by their sides and talk as if they were not even present.

“And him…did you let him get his nuts off?”

“No…not yet…you told me not to let him”

The jaws of the two silent occupants dropped in shock…total disbelief that they openly discussed Susie's dates in such a manner.

Ross’s smile turned to a grin “Good…what do you reckon…should we let him”?

Susie was not sure what her brother was intending…surely he was not going to make her perform some sex act with her boyfriend…not in front of her mother and brother…not here…. not in the street just outside her house…mind you her cunt contracted at the very thought.

She looked at the wimp of a boyfriend…she had teased him all night…tried every trick in the book to tease and arouse him up in the Carman Hills…wanked his pathetic 5” dick to keep him on the brink but squeezed his impressive huge balls rather painfully every time she thought she excited him a little too much…she did not want him to spurt…Ross had given her strict instructions. Mind you there was no such request for her not to cum…and she made sure he brought her off on numerous times with his tongue…god she even bent over the back seat with her ass in the air and made him rim her little brown hole while she brought herself off with her fingers. She felt he deserved to be rewarded…. but here…now???

Ross could see the dilemma his sister was going through…he was sorely tempted to get her to satisfy the man next to her…but he had formulated a different ending to the evening for them both…


Alice Gorman lay under the covers on her bed…her fingers slowly teasing her hard and sensitive clit as it poked out from the crinkled pink sheath…. she could not believe what she had done in the car…what she rather nervously was waiting to do…if she had the courage to go through with it…and worse still what Ross was insisting she do tomorrow afternoon…although she was still hoping she could talk some sense into that evil…sexy son.

She nipped her nub between finger and thumb, twisting it slightly…god she was even starting to enjoy a little sexual pain.

Alice only raised a token objection when Ross spoke softly but with that confident air to his voice to strip naked. She shivered when she recalled the words directed at her…

“Ok I think he deserves it… my sluts are naked when they suck cock…lose the shirt and skirt …you too Alice…” He purposely called her by her name and not mother.

There was a total look of disbelief on Jason’s face when after a brief delay the two women did as they were told. How did Susie know him? The last time he had a beautiful dark skinned woman who did exactly as he ordered…now this attractive if slightly older woman did as he bade …and Susie…what hold did he have on her to make her so agreeable? Was Susie two timing him with this…this boy? At least she did put up more of an objection than the older woman did.

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Both naked, the women waited patiently for Ross to give them their instruction to lower their heads and suck their respective partner’s dicks… she was starting to enjoy the public exhibitionism but poor Alice had a reputation…and right outside her own house…for god’s sake…at least the street was in semi darkness…for some reason the street lighting was out…and had been for the past few days… she didn’t care why they were out, but for once she was pleased that they were.

When Ross got out of the car and opened the driver’s side and told Jason to get out and get in the back, the full reality of what was about to happen dawned on the two women…Jason was still reeling that there were two totally naked females in his car.

Alice’s pleading expression remained on her face until she realised that Ross was not going to change his mind…she was going to suck a virtual stranger’s cock and reached into the gawping man’s pants and pulled out his cock.

Susie was right…it was small…she could understand why Susie would get more satisfaction from him going down on her. With one final glance at her son she lowered her head and took the dick in her mouth.

She could hear the slurping obscene sucking that was going on in the front of the car…and of course the foul language that always accompanied her son when he was sexually aroused.

Jason started to enjoy the older woman’s mouth wrapped around his dick and slowly started to fuck back… As if being coached by the boy in the front his hands gingerly took a hold of the hanging tits of the gobbling woman until growing with more confidence started to maul the pendulous flesh.
Jason looked at his girlfriend as her head bounced on the boy’s cock…envious of its size but somewhat strangely aroused that his girlfriend was enjoying such a fine specimen of man flesh. Suddenly overpowered by his lust, he was unable to control his speedy ejaculation. . . and although embarrassed, his sexual pleasure doubled as Ross hurled insult after insult at his lack of stamina. Ross did not restrict his abuse solely at him but also at his sister, berated her at her choice of mate she was dating.

Ross pulled his sister’s head off his cock…. he did not want to cum in her mouth …he had other plans for his cream that night…


The two women started to get dressed while Ross started to bombard his sister with embarrassing questions…such as how often Jason and her have oral sex…vaginal and anal…what perversions…he ridiculed them both on how ‘vanilla’ their lives were.

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   His sister certainly got more than Jason in the sex satisfaction…she got her cunt licked at least once usually twice every date…Jason was lucky if he got his dick sucked every three or four dates…and as for getting a fuck…well Susie just refuses because she cant feel his cock when he does fuck her…or that’s what the reason she belittles her boyfriend with every time he asks. As for anal sex…no chance.

“Are you shagging tomorrow?”

“No…no…we can’t” Susie hesitated

“Why…you usually go out on a Sunday…don’t you. . . to Carman Hill?”

“I…I have my period”

“Ohh…. ” Ross smiled when he heard a sigh of disappointment from Jason

Alice just sat there waiting for Ross to stop the grilling his sister…she was even squirming at some of the questions he was asking…she just want to leave the car before he started questioning her. Finally Ross stopped speaking and sat there as if he were mulling something over in his mind.

“Let’s go then…give Jason a good night kiss…after all you have just been on a date…” Ross grinned as he directed his instruction to his mother… “Ohh… and a proper kiss…I want to see your tongues down each other’s throat. ”

Alice gave her son a glare but did as she was asked…and leant into Jason for the kiss.

“Jason…for fuck sake… grab a hold of her tits and squeeze the fuckers…”

Jason did not break from the kiss but his eyes squinted to look at Ross…his hand nether the less rose and grasped the mature woman’s breasts. Ross smiled when he saw his mother’s hand drop down to fondle ‘her date’s’ genitals…she did not wait for the instruction that she knew was sure to come.

Susie was still trying to fathom what exactly was going on here…she was aroused…her cunt needed attention, and she was sorely tempted to masturbate their and then but resisted not wishing to give her brother any further encouragement to abuse her.

“Ok…that’s enough…lets go…”

The kissing couple broke their embrace.

“Are you still going out tomorrow with the wuss’ Susie?”

“Ye… yes…suppose so…”

“You get him to kiss you when you are on the rag?”

“Noooo that’s gross…”

“So what you gonna do?”

“Probably just go bowling…and then maybe if I’m in the mood I’ll give the …” she hesitated slightly… “… the wuss a hand job or maybe a blow.

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“What time he picking you up?”


“Take this slut with you tomorrow … make sure she is naked and all three of her holes are treated to his tongue or cock… When ever you are on the rag she stands in for you…don’t want to lose this ‘boyfriend’ of yours…You would like that wouldn’t you Jason…the use of your girlfriend’s MOTHER once a month?”

There were three gasps of astonishment.

Alice had to stop touching her clit when she heard the bed room door open. Was she excited about being her own daughters sex substitute…her cunt certainly reacted as though she did…but that thought had to be put aside…she had other things on her mind now.


Susie stood staring out across the road. The room was in darkness except for the desk lamp aimed directly at her. The soft glare of the bulb only high lighted her naked form…anyone that cared to look up into her room would see her beautiful breasts restrained in a leather bra harness…the shoulder straps linked to an inch wide band wrapped around her neck giving no illusion that she was owned. Her wrists and elbows were tied behind her back with leather straps that thrust her breasts even more forward. A small metal o-ring gag wrapped in leather secured tightly in her mouth by two sturdy leather straps linked with two chains that were connected to a pair of adjustable nipple clamps that tantalisingly pulled on her erect and sensitive nipples.

The clock ticked slowly as her cunt throbbed and ached to be touched…restrained as she was, a simple act she could not do or enjoy…her punishment for initially objecting to strip in front of her boyfriend…she only objected because she did not wish to appear to be under her brother’s control. The ‘punishment’ of her having submit to even more humiliation by standing there, clearly visible to any that cared to look up had the opposite effect…she loved the thought of people seeing her…she was truly an exhibitionist.


Ross was in his room looking to see what action he may have missed while he was outside in Jason’s car…he was delighted to see that the two girls went back down with the pretence of saying good night to his father. The devious boy was not sure if the horny forty five year old man had caught a glimpse of the girl’s budding tits before then…but he had no doubt that he had seen the full beauty of the them now as they leant over at the waist clearly giving him a full view down their loose baby dolls. Vicky was to go as far as kissing him on his lips where as Cathy gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Ross had called in to the girls room on his way to his own and with just a few softly spoken words had instructed Vicky to come to his bed when he text her…clearly indicating that she was to spend the night with him. He had tossed a silver wand with five graduated rings from half inch to 1.

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  75 inches on the bed besides her. Both girls gasped on reading the lettering on the package…

‘Heavy Metal Beaded ANAL Wand’


“Well I have been a little randy of late and I can’t remember the last time we did anything…” Alice lay dressed in her nightie, with the covers thrown down exposing her husband’s naked erect cock…her head resting on his chest…unable to look him directly in the face.

Bill could not believe it when soon after he had climbed into bed…his wife leaned over and rested her head on his t shirt clad chest. Almost immediately her hand slipping down his tummy and under the pyjama bottom’s waist band and took a hold of his semi rigid cock.

“No…don’t… just let your little girl play with daddy’s dick” Alice spoke softly as her husband made a motion to start to play with her breasts.

“Fine by me" Bill didn’t mind…his cock was still aching from the thoughts of those two young girls and how they aroused him by their blatant sexual taunts…he was hoping his wife would be asleep so he could have a wank in the bathroom before he went to bed…but his wife seemed eager that he didn’t take a shower and just to come to bed. He was not expecting this…he let out a low moan as his wife stroked his cock to full erection.

“Daddy’s little angel would be able to play with your dick if you would take your pyjamas off …”

“What…okay…if you really want me too” Bill was extremely excited…he remembered early on after they were married he wanted to do a little role play but his wife just said that was perverse…so he never raised it up again. He quickly got out of bed and threw his pyjamas on the floor by the bed.

“Noooo…” Alice held her husbands wrist as he once again made a motion to touch her breasts… “Please daddy…you shouldn’t touch them…mummy wont like it…and don’t tell her I am touching your cock…”

Bill just shrugged and climbed into bed. He was taken aback by his wife’s use of the word cock…for he had never in all the years he had known her used anything other than pet names for their genitals…but he was starting to like this game.

Alice threw aside the covers fully exposing her husbands cock…her head once more moving down to rest on his naked chest and her hand taking grasp of fully erect penis and slowly started to stroke it. She was unaware that every piece of action on that bed was being watched and recorded by her son…she didn’t have to doany of what she was doing…she could have lied to her son saying she followed his instructions to the letter…but for some reason she wanted to do it…her son had told her to…

“Does Daddy like this?”

“Mmmmm…you bet honey…. its been a long time as you said…” Once again his hand was stopped from touching his wife’s breasts.

“What you thinking daddy…”

“Ummm … nothing…” how could Bill say to his wife he was wishing it were his daughter’s hand on his cock?

“You must be thinking something…you are as hard as nails…”

“Just thinking of you…and what you are doing…”

“Liar…” Alice bit her lower lip…knowing what she was about to say next was the vital question…

Bill just laughed…

“You are thinking of Vicky and her hot little body….

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  aren’t you…?”

“You what? . . . Noooo…” bill gulped…

“Yes you are…you are thinking of that cute bare pussy” Alice started to enjoy her husband squirm to her questions…she even got a twinge in her own cunt…yes cunt… “You got an erection looking at that little sluts hairless CUNT”

“I…I…” Bill was lost for words…what had gotten into his wife…she had never spoken like this before…but her hand on his cock sure felt a lot better than his own did a couple of hours ago…he could not tell if his wife was getting angry and was about to rip his cock off for looking at the two teens…a slight concern raced through him.

Alice had detected the concern …“It’s ok dear…I am not mad…she has got a gorgeous pussy…as has Cathy…”

“You have seen Cathy’s cun…erm…pussy” Bill was a little unsure if he should use the word himself.

“You can say cunt…. say it…”

“You saw Cathy’s cunt?”

“I saw you looking at both those girls’ cunts…and I saw the erection you had in your jeans…”


“Ohh come on Bill…you were so wrapped up in looking at those pretty little quims you didn’t notice me as I passed by on the way to the kitchen…now admit it…you are thinking of Vicky’s cunt right now…aren’t you?”

“Ye… yes…” Bill swallowed

“And your daughter’s…?”


“Yes what? . . . I want to hear what you are thinking of…”

“I… I am thinking of Vicky and …and Cathy’s cunts…”

Bill was still unsure what was happening…first his daughter and her friend put on an exhibition and now his wife who is wanking his cock for the first time in god knows when, talking about what he had seen…

“You want to fuck them don’t you…slide your big cock into their tight pussies…?”


Cathy gave the cock she was holding a mighty yank… “Tell me…”

Bill stifled a silent scream… “Yesss…I want to fuck their virgin cunts…”

Alice let out a slight laugh… “Virgins…you think any 18 year old girl is still a virgin these days…?”

“You mean they are not?”

Alice laughed again but did not answer…

“You want them to suck your cock…?” Alice suddenly lowered her head and licked the glistening cock…licking off the precum that was coating the tip.

Bill breathed in holding his belly in as he felt for the first time since he was married a tongue lick his cock…he let out a low moan of appreciation…

“You like that don’t you…you wish it were your daughter’s hand and mouth on your cock…tell me…” with that the brazen wife dropped her head and engulfed her husbands cock. She could smell and taste spent semen on his cock…she inwardly smiled knowing that the dirty old bugger had wanked earlier…probably thinking about his young daughter.

Bill was totally confused…what had gotten into his wife…what ever it was he liked it…he thinks…His hand went to caress his wife’s hair as her head bobbed up and down on his shaft…

Alice raised her head off the swollen cock… “Noooo don’t touch…told you not to touch your little girl…just lie there…and you haven’t answered me…” Alice waited for a moment…looking directly at the cock now coated with her own saliva… she wish he had forced her to suck his cock earlier on in their life …she maybe not have lost her libido and been more than satisfied with the sex between husband and wife…and not…not as it is now…mother and son.

Bill knew what he wanted…that mouth back on his cock…and he knew that in order to get it back on he would have to talk…and talk dirty…and about his own daughter!!! Could his wife be also turned on by looking at those two bare pussies???

“Yes… I wish it were Cathy’s hand and mouth on my cock…”

“And…?” Alice lowered her head and once more started to give her husband his first blow job since they were married.

“And…and I want to get her naked…laid flat on the bed …her legs spread wide…and I want to kiss that tight little slut’s slit…” Bill paused…should he have called her that….

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  he thought his wife had…but he was confused…

“Yes. . . she is a slut…a brazen hussy…” Alice stopped momentary to encourage her husband to use what ever language he wanted…her own cunt was starting to react to the situation that her son had forced her into…god she loves him so much…to make her do these naughty disgusting acts…he has made her feel like a woman should feel…ALIVE…

“Yes…kiss that little sluts cunt…taste her virgin juice before I plough that tight orifice apart with my cock…fuck her…fuck her hard…” Bill could feel his imminent climax approaching…

So could Alice. She squeezed the base of his cock hard and removed her mouth from the hard flesh…

“You won’t tell mummy if I let you touch my cunt?” Alice reverted back into role-play mode.

“No…no I won’t tell mummy sweetheart…”

“Call me Cathy…I want you to call me by your daughter’s name”

Bill smiled … “No…I won tell mummy if you let me touch your cunt …Cathy”

Alice shifted her position slightly making her pussy available to be touched. She shivered when she felt her husband’s hand on her upper thigh slipping under her nightie towards her wet sex.

“Godddd…. you are as smooth…as smooth. . . ”

“As Cathy’s cunt…now do what you said you were going to do to that slut of a daughter of yours…” Alice lay down spreading her legs wide… “Lick my cunt daddy…”


Vicky jumped when she heard her phone ping…she smiled nervously at her friend who lay naked on the bed totally satisfied with her having spent all evening between Cathy’s legs licking her to orgasm after orgasm.

“Wish me luck…”


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