There Can Be Only One Ch 29


There Can Be Only One Ch 29

Ross’s mother was driving fairly fast without breaking the speed limit to go and collect Cathy from the girl guides. She was running late because of the embarrassing mouth fucking Ross had her give him in front of the window and eyes of Mr’s Wells. She didn’t have time to wash the cum that was drying in her hair and kept on running her fingers through the shortish mousy brown hair in an effort to wipe it clear. As she drove she was giving Ross a lecture on having to be more careful where he made her do things with him because they could be in so much trouble.

Ross was tempted to stay at home and visit Mrs Wells but unsure as to when her husband might return so decided to keep his mother company as she drove to pick up Cathy. Ross was planning on trying to coax her into stopping at McDonald’s on the way home…all this sex was giving him an appetite.

They arrived at the empty car park ten minutes late, the only car left belonged to Mr’s Noakes’…the vicar’s wife, who also ran the girl guides. Alice, in a panic and wondering if she had missed Cathy practically pushed her son out of the car to go and check if she was still in the hall and if so tell her that they were there.

Ross entered the fully lit hall hearing the voice of Mrs Noakes bellow out… “You two are supposed to be helping me clear up”

Cathy and Julie Noakes were still playing with skipping ropes as he caught a glimpse of Mrs Noakes disappear into a store room off the main hall.

“About time…where is mum?” Cathy shouted across the hall on seeing her elder brother enter the hall…throwing the skipping rope into a box.

Ross smiled across the hall as Cathy approached her brother. She looked cute in her uniform as did her friend…his cock reacted as he mentally stripped the strawberry coloured redhead. She was no where as developed as his sister…in fact she didn’t appear to have any breasts at all…but he imagined she must have beginnings of a pair of breasts…wonder what age her mother started to grow her huge tits.

Mr’s Noakes came out of the room and looked across at Ross, surprised at seeing him but her heart seemed to race.

Ever since she had seen the young boy’s penis and even sucked it in that old confessional box she could not get rid of the experience from her mind. She had taken to masturbating almost daily…more than daily… since she succumbed to do that perverse act, but still felt that burning guilt afterwards.

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   At times she even used to try and think of a reason to get him alone again with the hope that she may repeat that obscene adulterous act.

“Hello Ross…have you come to collect Cathy?” Her well spoken voice seem to boom across the empty hall although she didn’t raise it. She couldn’t believe her heart was thumping like a young teenager.

Ross looked at the mature woman as she approached him…her huge breasts were straining against the blue and white striped shirt of an adult girl guide leader’s uniform, which was neatly tucked into the regulation dark blue skirt.

“Yeah…sorry we are late but mum lost track of time” …Ross smiled and was tempted to say what had made his mum loose track of time.

“That’s ok”…Claire looked at Cathy who was now by her brother’s side… “Cathy was helping me clear up”. There was a sarcastic tone to her voice.

Cathy just smiled back.

“Mum’s outside…better get going…sorry again Mrs Noakes. ”Ross would have made a move on the big titted woman if they were alone together.

“That’s ok…say hi to your mum for me…goodnight Cathy…Ross” Claire Noakes was feeling decidedly uneasy as her body was reacting to the closeness of the person of her masturbatory fantasies…she could feel her nipples tingle and knew that they were getting aroused and erect…her face started to burn.

There followed a mass of goodbyes exchanged between those present which sounded like the ending to an episode of The Waltons.

Ross could not but notice the torpedo nipples trying to bore through the cotton shirt of the mature woman. As he turned to leave the hall he was grasped by the arm by an embarrassed woman.

Claire’s mind only had a split second to think of something to say to the boy so that she may once again be alone with him.

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“Umm…there’s a broken door to one of the cupboards in the store room…do you think you could look at it sometime?” Claire’s voice sounded nervous and the smile that grew on the face she was looking at made her blush even more…It couldn’t be that obvious. . .

“Sure…when…now?” Ross’s smile remained fixed on his face as his eyes once again returned to the watermelon breasts.

“Err…well…” Claire wanted nothing more right then than to hold that hard flesh in her hands…and yes…even take it in her mouth…but with her daughter there …

Ross noticed the sideways glance that Mrs Noakes had made towards the contrasting flat chested girl and realised that he had to get rid of her first.

“Hang on…let me ask mum if I can stay and do it now and maybe you can run me home”

“Sounds fine…but…” Claire Noakes heart was pounding…and she felt her pussy itch at what might happen, but…she glanced again at Julie.

“I don’t want to stay here mum…” Julie piped in

Julie played right into Ross’s hands

“I can ask mum if Julie can go back with Claire and they can play together until you drop me off and you can pick her up. ” Ross’s heart was also beating harder as he realised that he may well be feasting on those juicy ripe titties.

“Yeah…. can I mum?” Julie’s voice sounded excited.

“Well…if it’s ok with Mrs Gorman” Claire was surprised at how quick the teen had responded to solving the problem of her daughter.

“Be right back…” Ross smiled before turning and briskly walking out to where his mother was waiting in the car.

“Is everything alright?” his mother questioning her son when he came to her open window and not go to the passenger’s side of the car.

Ross quickly explained what was Mrs Noakes had asked him to do and could Julie go home with them. Cathy sitting right behind her mother in the back seat was already squealing in her mother’s ear to say yes, before Ross had finished discussing picking Julie up afterwards.

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Alice Gorman’s suspicions were aroused but she could not say anything for fear of being wrong…but it did not help crush those fears when she heard Ross ask her to pass him his camera.

Mrs Gorman reached for the camera that lay on the passenger’s seat. Ross always had his camera with him nowadays and by him asking for it she knew that he was going to try and seduce Mr’s Noakes…if he hadn’t already. She was in no doubt that he was more than capable…he seems to have the power to get everyone to do as he asks. She even poses now in the most obscene positions whilst he takes photos…and gets so aroused becoming more provocative and rude than he suggests…

The mother of three’sonly concern is that pictures of her on the kitchen table witha fruit or vegetable half way up her pussy or her tonguing whipped cream of her son’s erect cock do not fall into the wrong hands. Mind you, she sometimes masturbates thinking that strangers…and even people she knows… masturbating to dirty internet images of her…

Ross grabbed the camera and turned heading back towards the hall without actually hearing his mother agree to Julie going home with his mother and Claire.

Julie was out of the hall and running towards the parked car as soon as Ross entered the hall and nodded in her direction. Mrs Noakes stood rooted to the spot he had left her as her cries of goodbye were ignored by her daughter.

“Lock the door” Ross’s voice was authoritative but soft.

Claire Noakes gulped visibly when she heard the boy’s commanding request. She had forgotten how controlling the boy was.

She gasped when she saw what he held in his right hand, but that did not stop her from walking past the lone figure and lock the outside door to the hall. She returned slowly to the centre of the hall where her young lover…if she could call him that…stood waiting. Her head dropped to stare at her feet as she took the small strides towards her tormentor as she heard the click of the camera as she approached. Her heart thumped…

“Ross…I …I” Claire was struggling to find the words…she knew she shouldn’t be doing this but her body was defying her brain.

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“You look good in that uniform…suits you” Ross ignored the trembling woman as he walked behind.

The redheaded woman’s head turned to follow the young boy as he walked about her…his camera taking snaps as he did so until he stood once again before her.

“Ross…we shouldn’t, I shouldn’t…I mean we mustn’t. ” Her speech was broken and nervous.

“You know that’s why you asked me to stay” Ross’s voice was quiet and controlled.

“I …I didn’t”…Claire Noakes did not sound convincing

Ross reached out with his right hand and grasped the hard erect nipple that could clearly be seen protruding beneath the cotton shirt…. he squeezed it between forefinger and thumb, twisting as he did so until he heard the small sharp moan of pain from the big breasted woman. He raised his left hand and took a picture of his right hand molesting the breast of the groaning woman.

“Yes you did…” Ross released his grip on the nipple…“You wouldn’t have sent your daughter away and…” He deftly nipped both of the large nipples, pulling on them before he released each one in turn … “these wouldn’t be so fucking big. ”

“What size are they?”

Claire Noakes knew that she was under this boys spell…she closed her eyes wishing that it were not so but opened them to look directly in the youths eyes. She swallowed

“Forty… my bust is forty…” there was a pause before she completed her sentence… “E” Her face reddened on telling him such personal information.

“40E…that’s big…” Ross once again let his right hand gently fondle the embarrassed woman’s left tit as she stood before him softly whimpering.

He released the soft flesh reluctantly and took a step backwards and once again let his eyes scan up and down the vicar’s wife body. She certainly did look after herself. He felt his cock uncomfortable in the tight confides of his jeans.

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   Unashamedly he reached into his jeans’ waistband and adjusted his cock so it stood erect but flat against his belly.

Claire’s eyes widened as she saw Ross’s hand fish about in his jeans gasping as she saw the outline of his hard penis beneath the tight denim.

Ross smiled…

“This is what you want…you want your hands on it again…don’t you?”

The respectable woman was shocked with the boys question…but the words sent a ripple right through her body…she stood there swallowing air…

By her silence Ross knew he could get her to blow him…but he wanted to see those huge udders.

“You want this. . . don’t you?” He repeated his question as his hand suggestively ran up and down the hard concealed flesh. He slowly started to ease his zip down… “Well don’t you?”

Mrs Noakes could only nod as her eyes did not leave the slowly moving zip slide down.

“Say it…or …” Ross reversed his downward movement and slowly raised the zip back up.

“I. . . I …” Another very audible gulp was heard… “I want to suck it”

“What do you want to suck?”…Ross was pushing the respectable woman, knowing that he had her exactly where he wanted

“Your…your penis…I want to suck your penis”

“Cock. . .

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  it’s a cock…”

Claire swallowed again…she had never used such language before but that did not stop her softly spoken words.

“I … I want to suck your …your…cock…”

Ross smiled and slid the zip right down…reaching in, he pulled out his cock unhindered by not wearing any underpants. He heard Mrs Noakes gasp on seeing the hard pink angry flesh.

“Now you…lets see those tits…”

Claire Noakes head swung back up from looking at the hard penis protruding obscenely from the dark blue jeans to look directly at its owner’s eyes.

“I can’t…no one has…”

Ross did not let her finish but snapped at her with an angry tone.

“Fucking get them out…” Ross swore deliberately for effect

The sexually inexperienced woman had never been spoken to in that way before… and it shocked her…shocked her in a way she didn’t expect…she felt her vagina suddenly become very aroused and knew instinctively that she was wet down there…having felt those signs so many times since…since…she blushed profusely.

Claire Noakes looked about the hall nervously before her hands, visibly trembling, started to undo the white buttons in slow time. She could feel her face burn as her hands slowly worked their way downwards.

Ross slowly stroked his erect cock, occasionally taking a snap as the embarrassed woman’s cleavage and white bra was slowly revealed. He had to ask her to continue a few times when her fingers lingered too long for his liking…presumably hoping for a reprieve.

Claire could not understand why she was doing what she was…she knew she should stop…but with each button being undone her sexual excitement grew. The apparently unashamed teen that stood before her taking pictures as he stroked the erect penis…cock…only intensified her arousal.

“Wha…what are you going to do with the pictures…please don’t show them to anyone. ” Claire could not understand why she didn’t ask him not to take them at all.

Ross only smiled and ignored the question… “Just show me your tits…they are fucking huge”

Claire Noakes held her breath as she tugged gently on the cotton shirt easing it out from her skirt waist band.

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   She did not look at the teen but knew that his eyes were gazing upon her hands and upper body as she peeled the shirt apart…her own eyes remained focused on the cock that was provocatively being stoked before her. She swallowed every time she heard the click of the camera as another snap was taken.

Claire stood still…she could feel the swell of her breasts as her heart thumped…why was he taking so many pictures…what was he planning on doing with them.

“Right off…”

Claire jumped on hearing the commanding voice…her eyes shot up briefly to look at the young man…boy’s face. With a slight shrug of her shoulders, she shed the crisp uniform shirt. She could feel her whole body burn with embarrassment but the itch in her vagina deepened.

She thought that he probably calls it a pussy…or even a…a… cunt. She felt the muscles in her vagina tightened and pulsate when she silently muttered that previously unspoken word.

“Forty E…fucking hell…lose the bra Mrs Noakes”

Claire once again jumped as she was brought out of her thoughts. Her right hand released the striped shirt letting it fall to the floor. Without offering any form of objection her hands reached behind her and with one deft move, the clasps of her bra were released. She slipped of the white support garment as a new wave of embarrassment made the nape of her neck shiver.

She was self-conscious that her breasts were huge…and were sagging with the weight having long lost the firmness of youth. The areola was a very deep dark pink two inches in diameter and topped with two nipples that were as big as the tips of her thumb.

She had always had sensitive nipples and with two hungry kids which she breast fed well beyond what was the norm for children they had retained that sensitivity and had not lost their size.

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   She sometimes still wished she could nurse although her milk had long since dried up.

She jumped when she felt a hand grasp her right breast.

Ross could only mutter beneath his breath as he started to fondle the enormous mammary…weighing it and bouncing in the palm of his hand. He couldn’t resist taking the erect nipple in his fingers, gently twisting and pulling on it.

Releasing the lily white breast just long enough for him to stoop down and place the camera on the floor before he rose to grasp both tits…kneading and mauling them unceremoniously…making the woman moan in pleasure.

Claire could not believe the sexual thrill she was getting from her treatment of her breasts. Her husband was never one for foreplay…a quick squeeze of her breasts as he climbed on top of her…and again another squeeze some twenty seconds later as he pumped his seed in her sore dry vagina. Her eyes closed as the treatment of her breasts were becoming more aggressive…nails digging into the soft flesh…her nipples being pulled and twisted quite forcefully. She did not hide her enjoyment as her moans grew louder.

Ross lifted the heavy breast to his mouth and sucked the inch long nipple into his mouth without releasing his grasp on the pulpy orb. Totally engrossed with the soft malleable flesh he alternated from breast to breast groping and mauling, sucking and biting, as he squashed them into his face.

Claire Noakes could not believe the gamut of emotions that were running through her. She knew she should not be doing what she was but she seemed powerless to stop it. She knew she should have been pushing away the head that was sucking her sensitive teats instead of drawing it closer to her. She knew she should be admonishing the boy instead of encouraging him.

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   She let out a load moan of disappointment when her invited assailant released her breasts and stood back.

The aroused female was unaware her tongue slowly slid across her lips as she saw the boy grasp his erect cock and give it a few pumps in his hand before recovering the camera that lay at their feet. She could see the head glisten with what she assumed to be precum. Her cunt…yes her cunt…was begging for her fingers to ease the itch that had grown beyond bearable belief. She stood self-consciously with her arms lying limp by her side as the camera was once more recording the vulnerability of the respectable woman.

“Hold them up for me” Ross’s voice seemed to be higher pitched than usual.

Without thinking Claire’s hands slipped under the pendulous breasts and raised them inviting him to step forward and once more take what is his to take. She did not object as the camera once again recorded her brazenness…she was lost in a world alien to her.

With the woman’s hands occupied, supporting the weighty melons Ross stepped forward and slowly raised the dark blue skirt. Claire surprised and not expecting him to be so forward gasped and made to step back slightly…releasing her right breast to grasp the hand that was slowly raising her skirt up her thigh.

“No. . . No…” Claire Noakes tried to step further back but was prevented from doing so by the tightening grasp on her skirt.

Ross seeing the change in the vicar’s wife’s face felt unsure of himself … maybe he had rushed to the next stage too quickly…he thought momentarily, not wishing to ruin fucking this buxom woman in the future, slowly releasing the crunched material from his grasp.

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   He smiled before moving his hand up to the free hanging breast…slowly kneading with his palm and strong fingers.

Ross looked directly into the woman’s face knowing that at least she had accepting him playing with her tits. He kept his eyes firmly fixed on hers as he lowered his head to the tit that she was still holding. He stopped short of taking the erect nipple back in his lips.

Claire knew what he wanted. She was relieved that she was able to stop what she had not stopped in a couple of her masturbatory fantasies…to let him go all the way and make love to her.

The mother of two slid her hand towards the sensitive tip her left tit as she leant forward offering her nipple to the waiting mouth…gently squeezing her breast as if trying to express milk. She moaned as the lips closed around the responsive teat.

Ross began to suck hard on the dark pink nipple…as if he too were trying to feast on mother’s milk.

Claire quickly became aroused again as she tried to feed the hungry mouth. Her thoughts of the pleasure she got when feeding her babies rushed back. She wished she could offer more than just a dry breast to the mouth that was tugging on her engorged nipple…

Ross sucked all the harder on the teat…chewing on it knowing that she could well be bruised with his sucking and biting…he was surprised that she did not push his head from the pulpy flesh…

Claire was lost…she could not pull the mouth that was latched onto her nipple away…the pleasure was so great. She did not want this feeling to stop…she could not stop. . .



The scream was almost banshee in nature as the mature woman was pushed over the edge to the biggest orgasm of her life.

Ross tried to extract his head away from the woman’s breast. She was moaning loudly and had pulled his face right into the fleshy mound suffocating him. He twisted his head freeing his nose at least so that it could take in air…the bitch was having an orgasm without even touching her cunt.

Claire Noakes legs were weak…she could barely stand as wave after wave of pleasure rippled through her body. She was unaware that the mouth at her breast was struggling to get air. As her orgasm slowly subsided her grip on the back of the youths head relaxed and allowed him to pull away. If he were not there to steady her she would have collapsed in a heap on the floor.

Ross supported the woman still gulping for air himself, surprised that she could have cum just by getting her tits sucked.

Finally they both recovered enough to separate completely…Mrs Noakes legs still feeling as if they were about to give way on her… could not look at the boy who had given her such illicit pleasure.

“Did you just cum?” a rhetorical question for he knew the answer

Claire stood there with her breasts on full view having just had the biggest orgasms of her life and yet was embarrassed by such a personal question…her head and eyes lowered as she shyly nodded.

“Fuck…do you always cum when you play with your tits?” the teen curiosity was aroused.

The semi naked woman shifted uneasily on her feet and did not answer…for it was rarely that she ever orgasmed…only lately…after she had…she had sucked the very cock that was in her line of sight right now. She felt a hand under her chin raising her head to look at the questioning boy.
“Answer me…are your tits that sensitive?”

“I…I suppose so…I never…”

“Never what…don’t you play with them…does your husband not like them?”

Claire once again taken by surprise at the question could only shake her head.

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“He fucks you though?”

Claire Noakes could only shake her head in shame.

“Fuck…fuck…no wonder you are so randy”

Claire now uneasy and even more self conscious spoke quietly as she looked directly into the eyes of the face staring back at her.

“We. . . we should go…your mother…”

“Not until you suck me off …my turn…”


Claire Noakes was glad when she pulled into the drive of Ross’s parent’s house. As she answered question after question asked by the prying teen… she could still taste the salty cream that she was made to suck and swallow. There was little that he did not know about her most private sex life. She had admitted to him every detail of it using words that he had insisted on her use…cunt, tits, fuck…words that she had never used before in private never mind in conversation with another. She could not deny that it didn’t arouse her for that itch between her legs had returned. If the truth be told it had already returned when she was on her knees with the owner of the cock in her mouth verbally abusing her…or else she would not have allowed him to do what he did during that obscene act…

The once respectable wife of the vicar could not face the mother of the boy she had so lewdly spent the last hour and a half with, but waited in the car as he went in to get her daughter.

As she drove back to the vicarage she so wanted to confirm with her young daughter what she thought she had seen…or rather didn’t see… as she climbed into the front passenger seat. She would have asked direct but she was not one to talk…for the daughter was only doing what she was doing…going home minus panties.


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