There Can Be Only One Ch 24


There Can Be Only One Ch 24

Ross flung himself onto the bed, his bath now completely secondary to the story that his little sister was about to relate. He lay stretched fully out with his head supported by his arms in addition to the two pillows, propping him up nicely as he watched
Cathy climb onto his bed and sit cross legged, with her own hands nestled in her lap. Her short dress was not short enough to show her cunt…whether it was naked or hidden with panties…a detail that did not interest Ross at the moment.

“She is such a slut…she cant get enough since you fucked her…” There was excitement in Cathy’s voice.

“Why what did she do…she didn’t fuck anyone else did she?” Ross interjected, a hint of jealousy in his voice. He was not sure that he wanted to share his ‘conquests’ with others.

“ Noooo…well didn’t fuck anyone except the things I shoved or made her insert in her cunt…”

“Good” There was satisfaction and relief in that one word.

“But…” Cathy was a little unsure now as to whether she should have gone as far as she did with her friend…but then again Ross had said that Vicky was her slave as well…hadn’t he?”

“But what?” Ross raised his eyebrows slightly.

“I did…well …” Cathy was a little nervous as to how Ross might react…

“Wellll…” Ross was starting to get impatient…

“I made her…” Cathy gulped… “I made her suck her little brothers penis”

“What???. . . ” Ross was more surprised than mad as Vicky’s brother was at least a year…if not two years younger than her.

“Well…you did say she was my slut as well”…Cathy retorted

“I am not bothered about that…just cant believe that her brother would have been interested in her…”

“Ohh you would be surprised how interested in her he is…he admitted everything once I got her to stand in front of him naked and show him her cunt and tits…” Cathy’s voice started to sound more confident knowing that Ross was not angry with her.

“Like what?”

“Ohh just the usual pervy things that all brothers try and do when they have sisters…even you…” Cathy laughed…

“Shut the fuck up…” Ross could feel his cheeks burn…which only brought even more laughter from Cathy.

“We even…flashed her dad…like you made us flash my dad”…Cathy decided to confide everything that might have upset Ross.

“And did she…did you?”

It was Cathy’s turn to blush… “Yes we both did…in fact…”

“In fact?”

“He saw Cathy going down on me when we were all alone in the house…”

“Fucking hell…what did he say?”

“Nothing…he just stood there and.



“Stood where…fucking hell sis…tell me every fucking thing”

“Hmm…ok…”Cathy paused as if trying to remember the sequence of things. She noticed that Ross’s right hand unfurled from behind his head and come down to adjust his cock, which she could clearly see the outline beneath his dark soft black shorts as the blood started to pump through its veins.

“Fucking wanker…” Cathy laughed

“Shut the fuck up and start talking…” the corners of Ross’s lips slightly curled upwards.

“A little impatient are we…didn’t we get any cunt all weekend…no Vicky or mummy to suck you off…?” Cathy taunted her big brother.

“Ohh… if you only knew sis…if you only fucking knew”

“Knew what…you didn’t fuck anything except your fucking right hand” she jibed

Ross just smiled. “Just get on with the fucking story…”

“It was on Sunday afternoon when everyone had gone out and Jim, Vicky’s Dad, was downstairs watching TV or something…we were up in Vicky’s room. ”

“Wait. . . wait…you talking about Vicky’s dad seeing you or Vicky giving her brother a blow job…”

“Her dad seeing us…it was Saturday evening when she gobbled Peter” Vicky sounded exasperated.

“Ohh. . . ok…so Jim…you hadn’t flashed Jim yet”

“No…we were going to all weekend but kept on chickening out…”

“Oh ok…carry on then…you can tell me about Peter later”

Cathy smiled… “You really are a pervert”

“You are a fine one to talk…. ” Ross laughed.


   It was Cathy’s turn to blush.

“I was randy as hell as I had been fooling around with her…you know…fucking her cunt and ass with things that came to hand…” Cathy never lost the glow to her cheeks.

“Like what things?” Ross slipped his hand up the leg of his shorts and pulled his cock out…it stood proud and erect appearing quite obscene exposed as it was…his balls already tight as he slowly started to slide his hand up and down.

Cathy smiled and wiggled her ass a little as she felt her own cunt responding to the sight of her brother’s prick.

“For fuck sake…hair brush, candle…um…perfume bottle…you know any thing that was kind of cock shaped…even, ehhh…her Cindy doll…” Cathy sounded embarrassed by that.

“Her doll…fuck…” Ross’s hand on his erection speeded up as his excitement grew.

“Go on. . . go on tell me about her dad…. you can tell me about the other stuff later. ” he was eager to hear what Vicky’s dad saw.

Cathy smiled as she looked at stroking his cock…she shuffled forwardand placed her small hand so it coupled his ball sac, feeling the warm knurled flesh in the palm of her hand as her middle finger automatically started to tease the entrance to his back passage.

Ross let out a low moan and closed his eyes, his right hand squeezing his prick a little more as the pace of his hand quickened. .

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Cathy’s other hand joined Ross’s until he released his own grip on his veined flesh and let Cathy take over masturbating him. He smiled at how his little sister wanked him without having been told to do so.

“Keep wanking me sis…but carry on…what did you do with Vicky’s dad?” Ross stared at his sister eager for her to carry on.

“Well…I had Vicky naked as usual but I still had on my t shirt and skirt…it somehow feels naughtier. ” Vicky was looking down at her hand as it slowly slid up and down the warm hard flesh…the head glistening slightly with the pre cum that was seeping out to help lubricate the foreskin as she slid it up and down over the red knob.

“We were both really randy…and I wanted Vicky to get me off with her mouth…you know…go down on me…”

“You like oral sex now huh…” Ross smiled as if it was him that introduced sex to his little sister.

Cathy laughed… “And who said I ever disliked it” She squeezed the cock in her hand which brought a small yelp from Ross

“Anyway…we dared each other for her to get on her knees and lick me as I sat on the end of the bed…but leave the bedroom door open. ”

“Fucking hell Cath…what if …ohh fucking hell…just tell me…”

Cathy smiled and for a few seconds just concentrated on giving her brother a hand job before continuing with the story.

“So that’s what we did…we opened the door both of us thinking that we would be ok as her dad usually stays downstairs…anyway…I sat on the bed with my skirt tucked right up and Vicky was on her hands and knees between my out stretched knees. ”

“A little harder and faster sis…wank me a little harder…” Ross’s speech was becoming raspy.

Cathy did as he asked and the middle finger of her other hand, started to probe the entrance to his tight ass. Ross was unsure whether he wanted her to stick her finger in but she wasn’t really pressing too hard to break through the outer sphincter so he relaxed slightly and enjoyed his arsehole being teased and tickled.

“Anyway…Vicky’s tongue on my clit really felt good. She really knows how to use that tongue and when she sucks gently on my clit it really gets my cunt juices flowing…”

“yeah yeah…just get to the bit when her dad sees you” Ross was impatient to get to the juicy bit of the story …not that he wasn’t interested in how Vicky gets his lil sister off…but because he knew he wouldn’t last much longer before he shot his load.

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“Who is fucking telling the story…?” Cathy stopped stroking her big brothers cock and stared angrily at him.

“Sorry…sorry…just that I…er…your hand feels so good on my cock that I am getting excited…”

“Well I can always stop…” Cathy took both her hands away and smiled.

“Fuck you…don’t stop…sorry…I won’t interrupt again…just carry on doing what you were doing…”

Cathy smiled and took a hold of the warm throbbing flesh in her small right hand and started to wank her big brother once more…

Ross gulped and coughed as if trying to clear his throat before he spoke very softly…

“Err…and the other…you know…my arse” he beamed bright red at asking his sister to play with his puckered ring.

Cathy’s smile grew broader…”Ohh does my big brother like his arse fingered…” There was a hint of sarcasm mixed with laughter to her voice.

“Nooo…not fucking fingered…just rubbed…you know …. like you were doing. . . not fucking my hole” There was a definite tone of denial in his words…unsure if he thought his sister meant that he liked things up his arse…like maybe she was suggesting he was gay…something that has never interested him.

Vicky just smiled as her left hand once more took a hold of his hanging sac, giving them a playful feel before her middle finger once more slid towards the sensitive bung hole.

Ross let out a loud sigh when her finger started to tease the puckered ring.

“So where was I?” Cathy giggled knowing fine well where in the story she was.

“I didn’t see him at first…he must have snuck up stairs…I know I was moaning a lot…and calling Vicky all the names under the sun and what I was going to do to her…maybe that’s what he heard and came up to see if everything was alright”

“Fucking hell sis…so what did you do?”

“I just stared at him for ages…. Vicky was unaware that her dad was there…watching her little girl’s naked ass and cunt staring straight back at him with her head between my legs…her tongue was still lapping up my juices. ”

“Fucking Hell”…that’s the only words that kept on coming to Ross’s mind and lips.

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“He just stood there staring straight back at me…I could see his eyes going from my face to his daughters naked body…the next time he looked up at my face I just smiled and raised a finger to my mouth as if telling him to be quiet”

Ross swallowed hard and his right hand went down to grasp his sister’s small hand to prevent it bringing him off. Cathy smiled and just squeezed his cock but stopped wanking the throbbing meat.

“I could see his eyes widen with that look of embarrassment and confusion etched across his face…I started to verbally abuse Vicky again…but only this time…” Cathy paused

“This time… what???” Ross squealed

“This time I brought her dad into what I was saying…”

“Her dad…like what?” Ross was not following what Cathy was meaning.

“You know… ‘what would your dad say if he saw you kissing my pussy…you want him to see you don’t you…you wouldn’t stop him if he shoved his big cock up your cunt… things like that…I pulled her head off my cunt so she could answer me every time I asked her…”

“Fucking hell”…Ross gulped heavily “what did she say and what did her dad do?”

“At first she only answered in one or two words…but I made her answer me fully…like she would say…yes I want him to shove that great big cock in my ass and fuck me…cum in my tight hole and make me lick his cock clean afterwards…”

“Fucking hell”

“And his jaw dropped and eyes grew even wider…. but I knew I had him after the first few times Vicky answered me…and…and me lifting up my t shirt to show him my titties” Cathy smiled as if she had achieved a victory over Vicky’s dad.

“So what happened”…Ross’s hand started to move Vicky’s once more indicating that he had calmed down sufficiently to let her masturbate him without him spurting his seed too quickly.

“When he saw and heard what was going on, he kind of shuffled across until he was standing clearly in the doorway…I could see he had an erection through his jeans. . . ” Cathy continued to talk but looking more at Ross’s face to judge his reaction… not to her hand automatically stroking his cock but more to her middle finger trying to sneak into his tight sphincter.

Ross was so absorbed in what Cathy was saying as he tried to imagine the scene…wondering if he should get Cathy to do more with his dad…that he didn’t notice anything that was going on between his legs…except that what ever was happening sure felt good.

“I then started to say things like… ‘I wonder if your dad has a big cock…I would love to see it…wouldn’t you…” Cathy was starting to feel her own cunt tingle as she recalled the events of Sunday afternoon…

“Fucking hell sis…what did he do” Ross couldn’t get the words out quick enough.

“Eventually he got the message. . .

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  that I really did want to see his cock…”

“Fuck…and did he take it out?”

“Ohh fucking yes…it is fucking huge Ross…his cock was at least the size of one of the deodorant cans I tried to get up Vicky’s cunt earlier…. but it was too big so we gave up…”

“What…you tried to get Vicky’s dad’s cock up her cunt?”

“Nooo for fuck sake…the deodorant can…he just wanked in the doorway…” Cathy gave her brother a look as if he was the stupidest person living.

“Ohh ok. ” Ross paused momentarily before realising what Cathy had just said… “You mean he tossed himself off in front of you…”

“Yessss…if you fucking let me finish telling the story” Irritation was seeping back into Cathy’s voice.

“Sorry…sorry. . . won’t interrupt again…”

“I was telling him what to do through what I was saying to Vicky…who still didn’t know her dad was there watching her. I would say…‘You want your dad to wank as he looks at your naked body don’t you…’”

Vicky would reply like… “Yes…I want him to see my wet cunt and cum all over it. . . ”

“And you want him to stick that giant cock and fuck you like a slut” Every time I said something I pulled her head away from my own flooding cunt so she could answer.

“Yesss…I want to be his slut…to fuck his little girl’s cunt and treat me like a whore…”

Cathy decided to wriggle her middle finger of her left hand and try and work it into her brothers hole…she increased the speed of her right hand to try and distract what her left was doing…Ross only seemed to raise his ass off the bed slightly to allow her easier access.

Ross couldn’t understand why he did what he did…all he knew that his sister’s finger felt so good as it probed his tight asshole.

Encouraged by what her brother did she started to apply more and more pressure until it finally popped into the tight brown orifice.

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   She didn’t try and insert it any further than her first knuckle but just stared at Ross’s face.

Ross could feel his ass tighten around the invading digit and was surprised it was not at all painful or unpleasant…

“Fuck me sis…finger my bum hole” Ross was surprised at his own words. . .

Cathy slowly started to push her small finger deeper…she could feel the slimy walls as her digit slid in…much tighter than her young friends asshole…but then again Ross had popped Vicky’s anal cherry with his cock so it was bound to have stretched slightly.

Ross closed his eyes as his sister slowly started to finger fuck his tight hole…a feeling that was quite enjoyable… “Carry on wanking me as well sis…feels good”

Cathy just smiled and started to wank and finger fuck her elder brother…

“Carry on talking as well…I wanna know what happened” Ross moaned

Cathy smiled and started to talk once again…

“You want to see his cock don’t you slut…you want to see it and suck it into your fucking mouth” Cathy wriggled her ass again as her cunt started to squeeze an imaginary cock…not that her cunt has been invaded by any foreign object…never mind even a cock.

“I want to see his cock right now…stroking it…” Cathy continued… “As Vicky was answering me I nodded at her dad to show me his cock. I had to repeat myself a couple of times before he eventually understood and slowly unzipped his flies and pulled out that fucking great big fuck stick”

“Yeah yeah…you told me…” Ross was not sure if that was a dig at his own cock being small…he didn’t think it was for a guy of his age.

“He was really excited…he looked like he may have been circumcised as I didn’t see any foreskin…but his head was fucking shining with precum or something…maybe he had already shot his load…”

“Doubt it…don’t think he could get it that hard so quickly…” Ross added …his own moans becoming louder as his sister worked on his hard erection and bum hole.

“I squeezed Vicky’s head between my thighs and reached over and pulled her ass cheeks apart…”

“Fuck…” Ross murmured

“I want to see your daddy shoot his cum right over that asshole…I didn’t release Vicky’s head to let her respond this time…but nodded to her dad to do what I asked…”

Ross was fighting the urge to cum…

“He didn’t hesitate but came forward and flexed his knees just in time…as his cock spurted a thick wad of cum over Vicky’s ass and back…he spurted and spurted…At the same time I came…. I fucking almost drowned Vicky…I was aware that my thighs were gripping her head really tight and that she was moaning and spluttering trying to get out…”

“Fuckkkkkk”. . . Ross grabbed Cathy by the hair and pulled her head towards his cock.

Cathy was taken by such a surprise that before she knew it her brother’s cock was deep in her mouth spurting its thick cream…by the time she reacted and pulled her head back away her mouth was full and the cock in her hand was spraying its slimy goo all over her face and hair.

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Ross just laid back, his cock still throbbing as it squeezed the remaining man seed out of its tube…Cathy’s finger still deeply embedded in his arsehole.

“Bastard…fucking bastard…you know I don’t like the fucking taste” Cathy screamed at her brother… for some obscure reason she swallowed the slime instead of spitting it out.

“Get used to it…” Ross smiled through his heavy breaths.

“Bastard……not going to fucking tell you what fucking happened now…” Cathy pulled her finger out of her brother’s ass making him yelp in slight discomfort. She looked at her finger coated in a thin slightly brown slime…she shuddered slightly before placing her hand just behind her as if hiding it would make it clean. She wiped it on his bedcover and smiling that would teach the bastard.

Ross smiled…. ”Ohh I think you will”

“Like fuck I will…” She could taste the acrid flavour in her mouth.

“There can be Only ONE” Ross’s smile grew even wider…

Cathy stared at her brother for a few seconds contemplating her response when she realised that there could be only one response…he held all the cards…and to be honest with herself…she liked it that way…

“Yes Master” Cathy smiled back at him… “Can I go for a shower please…and maybe I can finish of the story another time. ”

“Just tell me…did you make Vicky suck or fuck her dad…” Ross although sated was still curious…

“No…” Cathy smiled… “Not yet…I will though. . . …if master will allow me to?” She added

Ross smiled… “Maybe…maybe…ok…go for your shower…but don’t lock the door…I want a bath”

“But Dad’s home…and Susie, is isn’t she?”

Ross just gave her a look which told her everything that she needed to know.

“Yes master…” Susie laughed and jumped off the bed and scampered out of her brother’s bedroom…


Some five minutes later Ross opened his bedroom door with a bath towel wrapped around his waist…he jumped as he was not expecting Susie to be passing at that very moment… Susie also let out a small shriek at being startled with her brother’s door opening.

“Fuck…you scared me” Susie shot at the semi naked boy.

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“You scared me as well. . . what you doing…spying on me…?” Ross retorted

“Nooo…” Susie was not sure if her brother was serious but she supposed with her being so close to the door when he opened it, it may have looked like her spying on him…”Nooo…I …I was going for a bath”…which would have explained the towel wrapped over her right arm.

“You can’t…I am going…use Mum’s bathroom…”

“Why should I …you can fucking wait shrimp…” Susie was back in mean elder sister mode…

“Fine…guess I can keep myself busy on the computer…now let me see…’SusieG is your face book name isn’t it”

It took Susie a split second to realise what he meant. She swore under her breath.

Ross smiled and stepped out of his bedroom…”good, glad you see it my way…” he smirked.

Susie stepped aside and was about to turn about and head for her mother’s bathroom…

“Wait…wait…” Ross called out…

“What…. ” There was definite anger in Susie's voice.

“Lose the robe…” Ross smiled


“You heard…lose the robe…when you are up stairs I want you naked at ALL times…got it…?” Ross decided to exert his dominance on his big sister.

“But what if dad or mum…sees me…. ”

“You just hope they don’t…and besides…don’t think mum will have anything to say. . . and as for dad…who knows…he might enjoy it…”

“Fucking pervert…isn’t it bad enough you have the peeping tom seeing me naked.

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  . . and worse. ”

“You fucking loved it…and from now on…I don’t want to see your blinds shut…”

Susie blushed for since she had been made to exhibit herself earlier to the bus and peeping tom across the road she had not closed her blinds…

Ross reached out and pulled the robe apart at her waist…Susie just stared at his hand as it exposed her bare pussy…

“And lose the fuzz…. I like my cunts completely bare…” he smiled and dropped the robe back into place before turning and heading for the bathroom without waiting for a reply from his big sister.


Ross dropped his towel and opened the frosted door to the shower…his younger sister shrieked and her hands automatically flew to cover up her breasts and pussy before lowering them on seeing who it was…

“Thought you were going for a bath?” a smile across her face.

“I was…but decided that maybe you would like to wash me instead…”

Comments on or about the story very welcome and suggestions as to where you want the story line to go may be sent to my e-mail addy. Nastymann@hotmail. co. uk