There Can Be Only One Ch 21


There Can Be Only One Ch 21

Susie stopped in her tracks on seeing Ross sitting naked at his desk…not that really surprised her…it was what was on the monitor that made her hand fly to her mouth to muffle her gasp.

“Fucking arsehole…you fucking recorded it…how the fuck?”

“It doesn’t matter how…good angle though…got everything in” his eyes not leaving the action that was being screened.

“You little fucking shit…suppose you are going to fucking plaster that all over the fucking net”

“Ohh don’t tempt me”

“You fucking aren’t…please tell me you fucking aren’t” there was anguish in her voice

“Remains to be seen big sister…” he loved the way he had his sister under his control.

Susie sat on the corner of his bed and watched over his shoulder. If she wasn’t so worried that that little turd might upload it to the internet, she might have enjoyed the erotic amateur film. Her concern did not stop her cunt from reacting as she watched a recorded performance of her being seduced by the much more experienced woman.

Ross paused the film… “Going for a shower before mum and dad gets home…wanna come and wash my bollocks for me?” He laughed as he left his room jingling his balls and flaccid cock in his right hand.

Susie couldn’t believe it…as if strolling completely naked waving his privates about in front of her was totally natural. . . She turned and stared at the frozen image on the screen…an image where she was sprawled on the couch, head thrown back with Adèle, kneeling between her legs, making love to her pussy with that wonderful tongue of hers…she smiled on seeing the tip of the black cock hanging just below Adèle’s dress…the very cock that was to fill her like nothing had filled her before. She squeezed her cunt muscles as the sexual awareness shot through her like an electric bolt.

She wondered if she had time…she leapt off the bed and darted to her room. . .


Ross jumped on his bed and started to flick through Susie's diary…skipping the crap and focusing on the sexy passages…of which there were plenty.

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   They were quite graphic at times and the images that they conjured up in his mind were giving him a hard on. Ross shoved the diary under his pillow on hearing the faint knock on the door.

“Yeah…who is it?”…Ross looked at the time…it had just turned ten.

“It’s me son…can I come in?”

“Sure mum”

Alice Gorman opened the door quietly and slipped in before closing the door quickly behind her. She stood there still wearing the pale blue jacket and skirt outfit that she wore to the wedding.

“Where’s dad? Thought you were staying at Aunty Elsa’s”

“He went straight to bed…has an early start in the morning. Dad wanted to get back…” Alice lied as it was she that wanted to get back to prevent Ross and Susie being alone together any longer than she had too. She could not get the picture of Ross and Susie naked…fucking…and who knows what else, out of her mind all day. The wedding of her niece was totally ruined by her thoughts. Bill Gorman did not object to leaving early as there was a big fishing contest on Sunday which he did not have to miss now.

“Di…Did you and Susie get on ok?”

“Hardly saw her…” it was Ross’s turn to lie.

“So you and Susie…never…never…”

“Why…what did the frigid bitch say we did?” Ross chose his words carefully. There will be a time to let his mum know what he did with Susie…but now was not that time.

“Nothing…she was fast asleep when I popped my head in her door…I haven’t spoken to her”…Alice Gorman felt some relief on hearing Ross call her frigid…perhaps Susie was strong enough to say no to him.


There was a pregnant pause for a few seconds.

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“So what did you come in here for mum…just to ask if I was fucking your daughter’s cunt?”

“Ross Gorman…No I most certainly did not”…there was anger in the way she spat the words out…anger that her son seemed at ease using foul language in front of her…but also anger that she was so transparent in her reasons for entering.

“Ohh…then it must be because you want some of this?” Ross flipped back the corner of his robe exposing his erect cock.


“Lift up your skirt mum…let me see if you didn’t cheat?”

“Please Ross…I was hoping…” She was not sure what she was hoping for…

“Hoping what…that I had reformed in the 18 hours or so that you were gone…don’t think so mum…show me your cunt…and it had better be bare. . . ”

Ross’s mother’s eyes looked down at the floor as she slowly raised the hem of her skirt, past her stocking tops and the white garter belt clasps that held them up. She did not stop raising them until her pussy was fully exposed. Ross smiled on seeing that she had indeed complied with his wishes.

When Ross did not speak she lowered her skirt back into place, and turned to leave the room.

“Where you going mum…don’t you want to suck my cock before you go?”

Alice Gorman gasped as she stood frozen on the spot…she wanted nothing more than to take that magnificent cock and wrap her mouth around it. She was unsure now having seen her son’s cock if she had rushed home worried that Ross might be fucking his sister or whether her concerns were jealousy based…jealous that her own daughter was getting something that she wanted herself.

“I have to go to Safeway…they close at midnight…your dad is going fishing and I have to get bread and cold cuts to make up some sandwiches before he leaves. ”

“Ohh… hang on then…I’ll get dressed and come with you” a remark which surprised Alice Gorman


The supermarket was relatively quiet as expected for that time of night. Aisles were half blocked as a few stackers off loaded goods from the pallets onto the shelves.

Alice had agreed to her son coming although knowing that he had ulterior motives…probably to have her to suck his penis before they got home…something that she was not too adverse about.

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While parking, she proposed they do a full shopping since it was so quiet, and was even more surprised when Ross did not object…usually he refused to have anything to do with shopping. She weaved the trolley up and down the aisles avoiding the stacks with Ross either a short distance in front or behind her.

It became clear very early on why Ross had not objected to accompany her on a full shop. He wanted his mum to reach up and bend over at the waist when selecting items to put in the cart. She knew that her tight skirt would rise as she stretched, and at the very least her stocking tops would be visible.

Her objections to his requests were totally ignored. She started to do as he had insisted, showing lots of stocking whilst he took a few snaps…him and that damn camera of his…she wish she had never bought it.

After she had exposed her stocking tops a few times she actually began to get aroused and started to bend and reach even further…she silently wanted him to take pictures of the exhibitionist slut she was becoming. She could feel her pussy getting that familiar feeling that she was experiencing a lot of lately.

Then the orders became a little more demanding.

When picking from the lower shelves she was to squat with knees apart slightly so he could get glimpses of her pussy. When placing items in the cart she had to bend over the handle of the trolley and keep her legs straight…knowing that her dress would have risen to just below her arse cheeks.

She wanted to show Ross more…she wanted him to see her cunt and arse. The next few items she bent as far forward as she could and placed the items towards the front of the trolley.

It had the required effect…for when she stood back up she had to lower her skirt back into place.

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   She was careful however that when she did expose herself to Ross’s camera she tried to ensure that no employee or customer could see exhibitionist display.

Things were to change. When walking down the Aisle she heard her next instruction…

“Show that guy over there your cunt” Ross pointed with a nod of his head to a youngish looking pimply stacker.

Her objections were brushed aside with one of Ross’s commanding looks.

She had no choice and with her heart beating she walked over to the crouched lad, reaching for an item from the top shelf directly above him.

Ross smiled from behind a pallet of stacked breakfast cereal, seeing the boy’s eyes follow his mother’s legs up, visibly gulping on seeing stocking tops and sussies, and again swallowing hard when his eyes met bare cunt. He turned beet red and quickly looking the other way as if he was going straight to hell if he was caught.

Alice Gorman looked at the item before reaching up and putting it back…the gormless boy taking another quick peak at the mature woman’s pussy as the item was re shelved.

Alice quickly pushed the cart away from the youngster and darted into the next aisle…her heart pumping…but she felt as if her cunt juices were streaming down her inner thigh.

“Very good mum…like that did you?”Ross slid his hand up between her legs to have a grope of her pussy.

“Ross…for goodness sake…some one might see” her brain was controlling her mouth but her cunt was trying to suck her son’s finger up her wet passage.

Ross withdrew his hand and immediately licked the juices off his fingers.

“Fucking randy cow…this is fucking turning you on as much as it is me. Go back and give him a really good eyeful”

“He must have seen my pussy last time sweetheart…we will get arrested”

“Fucking do it mum…I will keep a watch out”

Alice just stood there for a moment looking deep into her son’s eyes…before swinging the trolley around and returning to aisle that the spotty employee was still stacking the bottom shelf. She was surprised when Ross walked by her side.

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The young stacker from his crouched position looked at the two of them expecting that he was going to get bawled at for looking up the customer’s skirt…he swallowed hard and his face grew crimson.

Alice Gorman just stood right by the boy and once again reached up to get the same item from the top shelf. The worker averted his eyes away, expecting the worst if he even so much as glanced at the fine looking pair of legs next to him.

“It’s ok mate…” Ross spoke quietly to the boy… “The slut wants you to look at her pussy…don’t you SLUT”…he emphasised the word slut.

Alice gulped. The boy eyes swung between Ross and the attractive woman still trying to avoid the long legs beside him. He couldn’t help but wonder if this was some kind of prank that was going to land him in deep shit.

“Well…answer …tell him”

“Yes…I want you to” Alice’s words were barely audible

“Ohh…come on slut you can do better than that” Ross was starting to really enjoy his mother’s acute embarrassment.

“Please…wi. . . will you look at my p. . . p.

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  . . pussy”

The boy looked up at Ross once more who just nodded giving him the green light to have a look up his mother’s skirt.

The boy swallowed and cagily let his eyes start at Alice Gorman’s knees and rise slowly, past the dark band of her stockings held up by the white garter straps…the expanse of smooth white flesh rising to meet the puffy lips of the mature woman’s cunt. He swallowed hard.

“Stay as you are slut” Ross commanded as he saw his mother start to lower her arm and with it the skirt that would automatically drop with it.

Alice stayed frozen…her eyes once more staring directly at her son’s face, as her own face beamed red.

The boy’s wide eyes were staring directly up at his first real pussy in the flesh. He had stopped taking quick glances about him to see if he was being observed himself.

“Squat down slut…” Ross’s voice was a little excited.

His mother looked at him quizzically and then did as he had ordered on realising what it was that he wanted her to do.

She squatted facing the pimply youth with her knees slightly opened. Her head spun around to look at he son…her eyes pleading…but to no avail as Ross, squatting himself, gripped her skirt either side of her hips eased it up past her buttocks and then the front to expose her lower body completely. She shivered when his hands rested on her inner thighs and eased them further apart.

The youth looked about him nervously before his eyes once more rested on the shaven cunt whose puffy outer lips were opened slightly allowing a darker pink inner wet labia to hang invitingly between them.

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   The boy wiggled in an attempt to adjust his cock which was now bent uncomfortably in his pants as it tried to spring to full erection.

“Nice huh” Ross spoke directly to the stacker who acknowledged Ross with a nod of his head…unable to speak…his mouth dry.

“Go ahead…touch…” Ross’s own hand slid around to caress the bare buttocks…a finger teasing the tight brown anal ring.

Ross’s words and actions drew a gasp from his mother and a disbelieving look from the boy.

    Nodding…Ross spoke quietly “Go ahead touch the cunt…she wants you to…don’t you slut”

    “Please touch my pussy” Alice managed to say the words that Ross wanted to hear although they did not flow smoothly from her lips.

    The boy once again starting at the mature woman’s knee and worked his hand slowly up. He openly grabbed his cock with his free hand adjusting it so it could sit more comfortably in his pants.

    The nerves in his fingertips directly linked to his cock, sent pulses on feeling the difference between nylon, the straps of the suspender belt and that soft, soft flesh. His eyes glanced up momentarily to look at the woman’s face, whose own eyes were focused on the boys hand as it was just about to touch that part of a woman’s anatomy that it had never touched before.

    He let out a low stifled moan at the same time Alice gasped when his finger slipped between the two moist wet flaps of cunt flesh. The poor virgin lost control on that first touch of female cunt and his cock immediately started to spurt his seed into his underpants. His hand flew from the wet hole and clasped the pumping tube.

    He looked up with embarrassment knowing that his premature ejaculation was noticed by the two perpetrators of his demise. Ross had a smile on his face whilst the woman just stared wide eyed.

    “Come on MUM” Ross accentuated the word mum “you have some cock to suck”

    Alice Gorman’s eyes shot open as wide as they could…she could not believe her son had said the words that he did…but said nothing, sorting her dishevelled skirt as she rose from the crouched position.

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    “Hurry up and finish the shopping…my cock is bursting”

    “RO…” Alice stopped herself in time before saying her son’s name.

    She quickly pushed the cart down the aisle, looking over her shoulder wondering what Ross was saying to the spotty youth.


    Alice could not believe it…she was naked in the back seat of the car with her son’s cock in her mouth. They had not even left the supermarkets car park. She was at least thankful that Ross had allowed her to re park the car in a darkened area of the park.

    She was nervous of stripping naked…well Ross allowed her to keep her stockings and garter belt on…but the episode in the supermarket had got her so aroused that she would probably have agreed to his requests, even if he had refused to her shifting the car. Fuck, she was so aroused, she was not sure if she would have refused him a blow job behind one of the stacks in the aisles if he had asked her to.

    She was not convinced that Ross did not know the spotty shop stacker, and her suspicions only grew when he would not say what they had briefly talked about after she was made to exhibit and be touched by the pimply youth.

    Alice yelped as Ross pulled her head of his cock by her hair.

    “Sit up and ride me” Ross voice was one of pure animalistic pitch.

    Both of them quickly moving within the confines of the back seat of the car and got into position…Alice lowering herself onto the erect cock with her back facing Ross. She started to ride the stiff member, taking it as deep as she could.

    Ross had his arms around her roughly mauling the hanging breasts…twisting and pulling the erect nipples quite severely.

    Alice, lost in her own sexual world, had her eyes closed as she spat out words of encouragement to her son…words that she knew but thought them too crude to even think about using before.

    Her eyes shot open on feeling the cool draft and let out a scream on seeing the face peer through the window that Ross had just opened.

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       She managed to cover the one exposed breast and her cunt with her hands as the spotty face peered in.

    “Say hello …MOTHER”

    Alice recognised the voyeur…the same spotty youth that she had encountered in the store.

    “Ross…” Alice could not spin her head far enough round to look at her son as he held her close to his body.

    “Say hello” Ross repeated.

    “He…hello” the croaky voice of a humiliated and embarrassed woman spoke softly.

    Ross took his hand away from the breast he was holding and with his free hand he gently prized his mother’s arm away from the tit she was protecting.

    “It’s ok mate…have a feel…be as rough as you want…the slut loves it” Ross’s voice shocked his mother but she did nothing to stop the hand of the youth creep through the window and clasp her right breast.

    Ross gripped his mother’s hips and started the motion of lifting and dropping her onto his cock, which was still embedded in her pussy. Alice realised immediately what Ross was wanting.

    Embarrassment beyond belief did not stop the brazen mother from riding her son’s cock. The hand on her right breast…gentle at first was starting to be a little more aggressive. She could not believe that she was making it easier for the spotty youth by twisting her body slightly towards the window, allowing him to get his other hand on her left tit and abuse that with equal meanness.

    Ross started whispering obscenities in her ear as she leaned her head back close to his mouth…words that spurred her own excitement on and made her ride the cock all the harder. She moaned louder and louder as her son’s whispered words were becoming more and more suggestive…until she blurted out the words that were repeated and repeated in her ears.

    Alice Gorman could not believe the words that she had shouted as she looked at the wide open mouth of the boy whose upper torso was now halfway in through the window.

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    “Go ahead…the slut said she would. ”a smile plastered across Ross’s face although the cunt that was milking his cock had stopped moving up and down.

    “Ross…Ross…” the words would not come out. . . words that were spoken in the heat of passion and not really meant. She felt her tits being released from the grasping hands that were pleasantly abusing them.

    Alice Gorman stared in disbelief as the youth withdrew his body from the car and take a step backwards. She gasped on hearing the sound of a zipper being lowered. Her jaw dropped on seeing the boy fish out his erect cock and step forward to present the hard meat through the car window.

    “Go ahead…you asked to suck his cock…now do it” Ross’s words sounded sympathetic, but she knew that she was expected to obey them…for was it not that very request she blurted out?

    Alice lowered her head towards the cock…she could smell the strong pungent odour of spent semen…knowing that it had coated the pink flesh in his underpants 30 minutes before. It did not stop her mouth from opening and taking the sticky head between her lips.

    She started to rise up and down again on the cock that was between her legs when Ross had once again placed his hands upon her hips. The cock between her lips started to fuck her mouth as if it were another cunt.


    Alice Gorman looked at her sleeping husband and gently rubbed her clit.


       She could not believe what she was turning into…it scared her…and yet she wanted it to continue.

    She did not know what her son was capable of…of what he might make her do…but all she knew that she did not want the awakening of her body to stop.

    She shivered to a silent climax at the thought of her body accepting two spurting cocks at the same time.

    She drifted off to sleep with her son’s cum seeping out of her pussy and the taste of an unknown boy’s semen on her lips.

    Comments on or about the story very welcome and suggestions as to where you want the story line to go may be sent to my e-mail addy. Nastymann@hotmail. co. uk




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