Ther Can Be Only One Ch 20


There Can Be Only One Ch 20

Susie was soaking in the bath mulling over the events of the last week. She was mad at Ross for tricking her but was even madder at herself for initially being so stupid. She was also mad at her weakness. She instinctively shrunk under the bubbles when she heard Ross enter the bathroom. She should have not been as surprised as she was, because Ross had ordered to always leave the bathroom door open when it was just the two of them in the house. She tried to say that she needed some privacy especially if she needed to do the toilet but he had insisted under no circumstances shut the door if they were alone.

“Need a piss”

Susie was shocked at Ross’s audacity as he walked to the bowl, standing square on he fished his cock out from his shorts and let a steady stream flow. Susie was memorised as she lay back in the tub within arms reach of the flaccid penis.

Ross directed the stream into the bowl…Susie had never seen a close up of a man peeing…she had heard piss hitting the bowl before but never seen it squirting out…she could not tear her eyes away.

Ross was grinning as he watched his sister stare in fascination. “Next time you can hold it for me”

His words shocked Susie out of her trance… “. . Don’t be so fucking disgusting” she turned her head in the opposite direction.

Ross was still laughing as he returned to his room.


Ross was in the hall waiting when the doorbell rang at exactly 2 minutes to 8. He opened the door and was a very pleased with what stood before him.

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   He had asked Adele to dress up as if she was going to a party and she had not disappointed him.

Adèle was dressed in a white strapless layered dress… the bodice clung to her tits and it was all trimmed with lace detailing. She had just a trace of make up on. He stood aside with a large grin on his face whilst a very gorgeous but nervous girl walked past him who he ushered upstairs to his room.

She was even more uneasy when she saw that Susie was not in there.

“Ou est Susie?”

“She is down stairs…we will join her in a sec. ” Ross pushed past her and sat at his desk.

“Just want to make sure where we stand” Ross turned and punched a key…the computer monitor changed from the screen saver and to its DVD player…he hit play.

Adèle gasped on seeing the title to the video that was going to play… “School Teacher Seduces Pupil”. Her hands flew to her cover her mouth when the film started.
She staggered backwards and just stared at the screen. It had no sound and Ross had edited the film very well…so well in fact, that it would appear that the woman in the film was seducing a young schoolboy… with the help of a long haired blond.

God, he had even edited it so well that when his cock was being sucked, there was no mistake it was Susie …but when he had his cock in pussy it could have easily been mistaken for her own cunt…although she had not even had sex with him. Throughout the 5minutes 43 second duration of the film Adèle stayed silent shaking her head letting out small gasps now and then.

When the film ended Adèle just stood there stunned leaning against the door.

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   Ross was the first to speak.

“The minute you do not do EXACTLY as I say that video will be uploaded foe everyone to see…understand?”

Adèle just nodded fully aware that Ross would not hesitate to do as he threatened.

“Good…. now suck me off”

By the time Adèle, with tears glassing her eyes, dropped to her knees in front of Ross, he had his shorts halfway down his thighs with his cock standing proud and erect.


“You were a long time …where’s Adèle?”

“She is just coming…here…suck this” Ross held two fingers out just in front of Susie's mouth.

Susie knew fine well what she was going to taste without even asking…she licked his fingers unwillingly, but she knew she had no alternative…in fact Ross had made it quite clear that he was expecting a good girl on girl show this evening.

Pulling his fingers out of his sister’s mouth he could not resist slipping his hand down the front of Susie's blouse. He could feel her nipple harden and grow in his palm through the lacy bra as he cupped the huge left boob.

Susie was totally confused…one part of her wanted to slap her brother hard across the face and the other just for him to take her there and then and fuck her like he had earlier that afternoon.

His finger and thumb closed around the erect nub and twisted it cruelly under the restraining material of her blood red blouse…it was hard enough to get a reaction from his sister.

“Fucking hell Ross…that fucking hurt” she scolded as Ross withdrew his hand…

“Good…it was just a reminder…and remember. . . you had better do as I told you”

“Ross…you know I am not into girls…why don’t you just fuck her and leave me out of it?”

“Because I want to see my big sister eating cunt…” Ross went and sat in ‘dad’s’ chair

Except for the time when Ross told Susie to show him what panties she chose to wear under her skirt, they sat in silence, just staring at each other. Her panties matched the red bra she wore.

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   Ross took out his phone and started to play with it.

Susie had never wanted to experiment with girls sexually but she could not deny when Ross was telling her what he was going to make her do to Adèle she did feel her cunt react to some of the suggestions. She put it down to the language and the manner he spoke that got her aroused…she always did get excited with Jason when he talked dirty… but… she had to admit when she was alone in the bath tub and in her room her mind did wander to Adèle…and she did actually masturbate…despite what Ross had said. …who the fuck does he think he is he anyway to tell me when I can and cannot touch my own fucking body…fucking arsehole.

Adèle came into the lounge breaking both of their thoughts…and immediately joined Susie on the sofa as told to do so by Ross sitting a short distance apart from her. Both girls looked nervous and uneasy.

Ross had realised that it would be better if he were not there to begin with if he wanted a good girlie show…so he had made plans…plans which could be changed if needed if things did not develop as he was hoping.

Initially when he joined Susie in the study he had remotely switched on the camera that he had set up and positioned on top of the bookcase above the family computer …hopefully not noticeable by either of the girls. A cable ran down to the family computer recording what might go on in the room.

He inconspicuously pressed a button on his phone making it ring…causing both girls jump slightly. Ross pretended to speak to some one

“Hi Bob”…. . What right now?. . .

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   …can’t it wait until tomorrow… … fuck sake mate… …ok be there in ten” he hung up.

“I’ll be back in a while…you can start without me…” He laughed making his way to the back door as if appearing to go get his bicycle from the garage.

Once outside he slipped around the side of the house and squatted outside of the lounge window. The gap in the curtains that he had shut earlier was perfect…at least he could see right into the lounge even if he could not hear what they were saying. Not that that bothered him though as he could pick it later when watching what the camera caught.


The girls just sat and talked for a while, until Adèle leaned forward with tears flowing down her cheeks and rested her head upon Susie’s shoulder. Susie wrapped her arm about Adèle and spoke as she gently comforted the crying girl. A few minutes later Ross cock started to stir as he saw Adèle tilt her head upwards, and kissed Susie on her cheek…the second kiss found Susie’s lips. Susie surprised, did not withdraw her mouth from the sweet tasting soft full lips that were softly pressed against hers. They kissed rather gingerly at first but soon were trying to devour each with the ferociousness of their kisses. Ross did not hesitate in taking his cock out.

Adèle was very skilled at seducing the naïve Susie, for within a couple of minutes she had the big breasted woman’s blouse open playing with her fully exposed lily white boobs…the cups of her red bra pushed aside having been unclipped effortlessly by Adèle’s nimble fingers.

Time was meaningless as Ross peered through the chink in the curtain…he kept on postponing rising from his crouched position outside the lounge window, scared that he might miss the next step of his sisters seduction. His cock throbbed…his mind swung like a pendulum. .

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Susie laid slumped back on the sofa…her ass almost hanging over the front edge…a tit cupped in each hand as she teased and tweaked her own sensitive throbbing nipples. She had not realised how she ended up in this position…but however it was she did not want the sensations that she was experiencing ever to stop.

She gazed down at the short black haired woman knelt between her widely spread legs… red panties still hanging from her left ankle where in their haste for Adèle to taste the curvaceous woman’s cunt had not fully removed them…her skirt bunched up around her waist. She threw her head back, closing her eyes and allowed the experienced tongue to once again take her to heights she had never thought possible…

Time after time she was taken to the very top…only to be tenderly denied that final release. Not that she was too upset for she really was enjoying every moment of this rollercoaster ride.

Finally Adèle gave Susie the release she craved for…she was washed away in a tidal wave of emotion…her cunt convulsed and shuddered…her climax seemed to last forever…and when she thought that it was over another wave hit her.

She finally lay there slumped …exhausted… satisfied. Her heart thumped and for some reason she was crying, caught up in the emotion of it all. Adèle was lying on top of her, whose head was gently resting between her heaving bosom.
Susie was not too concerned whenafter a few minutes, Adèle gently manoeuvred her willing body up and around, until she was kneeling, arms resting on the back of the couch supporting her upper body weight, her ass lifted and available for Adèle’s wonderful fingers and tongue.

She rested her head upon the back of the sofa, her eyes closed as hands smoothly eased her skirt up over so it lay in the small of her back…those delicate hands lovingly caressing her round soft cheeks. She was not sure if she was ready to go so soon again but she did not want to miss out on what other pleasures the skilled and talented Adèle could offer.

It did not take long for her moans of pleasure to be the only sounds drifting across room… as delicate soft fingers teased… probed …explored…

Hands that slowly wormed their way around and up past the scrunched up skirt to cup the pendulous breasts that hung freely. Her whimpers increased as practised fingers made her nipples tingle with anticipation of what was to come.

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She tensed on feeling her cunt lips being probed and prodded…she could not work out initially what was trying to gain entrance to her aching pussy. She opened her eyes and stared directly ahead as her cunt lips were prised wider apart.

On the first gentle applied pressure she recognised what was happening…her mind screamed “NOOOooo” yet her body wanted to push back onto the invading black phallus that was stretching the entrance to her cunt wider than it had ever been before.

The knowledgeable lover knew exactly what pace the fake cock was to enter…pausing every couple of centimetres allowing the cunt muscles to adapt to its new girth. She finally felt it bottom out with still an inch or so to go.

Susie was vaguely aware of the soft gentle hands that caressed and kneaded her breasts as both girls remained motionless, but she was fully conscious of the rubber phallus that appeared to be the size of a tree trunk inserted in her pussy.

Gradually Adèle started to withdraw the rubber dong until it was half out…and then just as slowly inserted it. Susie whimpered in semi pain but closed her eyes wanting her new lover to take her in anyway she wished. Soon a steady rhythm was established…Susie used to the girth, started to fuck back. Adèle’s hands were becoming more assertive as they mauled the hanging melons…quite aggressively she thought…but then again… the rough treatment was not too unpleasant.

The girls lost in their own world did not hear or see Ross enter the lounge. He did not wish to interrupt the show so sat silently on the chair watching his school teacher shaft his big sister with the big black strap-on. He was pleased that she had obeyed his instruction to strap the cock on before she came down, and, to conceal it from Susie. He adjusted his shorts to expose his still rampart cock…his right fist closing around the warm rod and continued where he left off while he was crouched outside.

As the tempo of the girl’s fucking increased, so did the noise levels within the room.

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   Each time the cock head struck her cervix Susie grunted unsure of the new sensation being pleasurable or painful. Adèle was starting to shout out in French…words that Ross could not understand but they most definitely sounded as if they were words that would not be taught in any school classroom.

Ross could wait no longer…he rose and approached the copulating couple, only to be greeted by an almighty scream from the surprised Adèle who immediately withdrew the phallus coated with a salubriousamount of Susie’s juices. Susie's eyes shot open…her face turning a deep red being caught in such an embarrassing predicament.

“Don’t let me stop you girls…” Ross’s grin returned his hand still firmly grasping his solid cock.

As a mortified Adèle stepped back pushing the fake cock under her dress, Susie turned and sat down…her tits fully exposed with nipples the size of small marbles poking out of rosy red areola…she made no attempt to close her splayed legs.

“Fucking Bastard…” Susie found that she was madder with her brother for making Adèle pull out than she was for him being there…she started to let go of her pent up feelings.

Ross raised his finger to his mouth stopping Susie's tirade of words of abuse being thrown at him and took a couple of steps towards Adèle, raising the hem of her skirt and stared at protruding dildo…it looked huge and a lot more menacing strapped around Adèle’s body. He smiled…Susie's cunt must have been stretched beyond belief to have taken that monster in her…

Adèle followed Ross’s instruction and sat next to Susie on the couch.

“Suck it…”

Susie was just about to tell the little shit where to go but stopped herself, knowing the consequences. She turned slightly to face Adèle and lowered her head to the large black knob. Her mouth struggled to get the fake phallus in …she could taste herself on the rubber schlong…a taste she was not that unaccustomed to.

Adèle just sat there, her eyes alternating between the bobbing head and Ross…who took another step closer to her. Adèle loved the romantic more than the sexual, and nine times out of ten is the absolute perfect and gentle love partner…but on that tenth time, when she straps on her dildo she takes on a completely different persona. She becomes the more dominant and aggressive partner and if it were not for Ross being there she would have let the full extent of that dominating nature show.

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Adele knew what she was expected to do when Ross stood just a few inches away from her. Her small hand grasped the hard flesh and brought it closer to her waiting mouth…her lips parting allowing the pre-cum coated cock to push right past.


Ross had managed to stagger back to the chair and collapsed exhausted…He was amazed that Adèle was able to deep throat him…and for the second time she had swallowed her pupils love seed within two hours.

The girls just sat unmoving on the sofa feeling used and defiled. They covered their breasts and genitals with the dishevelled clothing, without actually fastening any buttons. Adèle’s skirt tented with the large cock still strapped to her waist.

They were all startled when the house phone rang. . . three pairs of eyes shot to the hall at the piercing ringing tone …no one making a move to attempt to get it.

Ross eventually rose to answer it. . .

“Ohh hello mum… …everything is fine… …no I haven’t…think she is in her bedroom… …got a friend with her I think … …well… …what, tonight… … …Oh why?. .

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  . … …ok” Ross hung up.

“Mum is on her way home tonight…said she would be home in just under an hour. ”

“What…why…thought she was staying the night?”

“How the fuck should I know…just said that she is on way home and will be here shortly”

Adèle looked relieved knowing that her ordeal would soon be over. She had warned Marie to expect to see her late if not until tomorrow morning. Adèle asked if she may go to the bathroom to clean up a little and go before their parents returned.

“Sure…come on …” Susie rose rather warily offering Adèle her hand. As the walked past Ross, Adèle with the rubber dong bouncing obscenely under her skirt gave Ross a contemptuous glare.

Ross followed, cursing his mother. He was hoping to make it an all night session with two gorgeous women at his beck and call… “Fuck… fuck… fuck” muttering to himself, he made his way upstairs to his room.

No one had noticed the face that was peering through that very same chink in the curtains that Ross had observed the seduction of his sister by his French mistress.

Comments on or about the story very welcome and suggestions as to where you want the story line to go may be sent to my e-mail addy. Nastymann@hotmail. co. uk


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