Then I was Fifteen


Often, on the weekends, we didn’t bother to get dressed. There was nothing to hide between my mother and me. Most of the time we slept in the same bed, and we often took showers together. If Mom was cooking she might wear a robe or just an apron, but usually on the weekend we just didn’t bother to put on any clothes. On the Saturday morning I want to talk about I walked naked down the stairs to see what was for breakfast. As I went past the door to the living room I saw Mom bending over the coffee table looking at the TV Guide. She was wearing a silk, shorty robe; in fact, it was so short that I was staring at her bare ass. A beautiful ass it was, and still is, plump and rounded with her tiny pink sphincter peeking out at me, and, beneath that, her sexy shaved pussy with its inner lips protruding. I loved to suck those lips and stretch them open to lick inside her cunt. I slipped up behind her and reached between her legs to grasp her shaven pussy. She started to stand up, but I held her in position with my left hand on her back. “Oh shit, you scared the hell out of me. ”“Sorry Mom,” I said, “don’t you like it?” I slid a finger into her cunt and massaged her asshole with my thumb. “Mmmm, that feels good Honey. ”“Let’s see how this feels. ” I dropped to my knees and swirled my tongue around her asshole, tasting the slight tang of her butt.

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   I licked and sucked on her little butt-hole, getting it nice and juicy and loosening it up for what had in mind to do next. When she gave a little moan to show that she was ready, I probed her sphincter with my stiffened tongue. She pushed back, trying to get it inside her. I had a better idea. I had her move over so she was kneeling on the floor with her shoulders down flat and her back arched so her tiny pink asshole was winking at me. It was nice and wet, so I slid the head of my prick up and down her ass crease to lubricate it, then eased the head into her crinkled orifice. She gave a groan as my cock stretched the tight rim, then I was in. I slowly pushed, with her help, until my whole shaft was buried deep in her bowels. I pulled back and drove in again; she pushed back to meet my every thrust. Her ass was lubricating itself as I plunged my cock faster and faster. She reached back with one hand and massaged her engorged clit, moaning loudly as she approached a climax. I could feel the seed boiling up in my balls, looking for a way to escape. “I’m almost there, Mom. I’m getting ready to cum. ”“Do it, Honey, don’t wait for me.

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   Let me feel it shoot in my ass. ”I shoved my cock all the way into her bowels. She tightened up her sphincter muscles to grip my rampant prick. I could feel the sperm getting ready to blast out and fill her suctioning ass. I was right on the verge of cumming—when the doorbell rang. “Oh shit. ” I felt me dick go soft as I pulled it out of my mother’s ass. She scrambled to her feet, tying the sash on her robe as she went to the door and peeked through the little view port. “It’s an old school friend,” she whispered, “hide in the coat closet so she doesn’t see you. ”I slipped into the closet and left the door slightly open so I could look out. Mom opened the door and I saw a luscious looking woman in her mid-thirties standing there. She was dressed in a short skirt and a blouse with a plunging neckline. Her long slim legs looked fantastic in high spike heels. Her blond hair caressed her shoulders and her mouth was grinning as she saw my mother at the door. “Eve, what are you doing in a robe this time of day? Did I wake you up?” “Oh God, Joyce, it’s so good to see you again.


   No, I didn’t just get up. I wore this to make you horny. Come in so I can kiss you without the neighbors talking. ”“You do make me horny. I bet you’re not wearing anything under that robe. ”Mom grabbed Joyce and gave her a hug. Their lips met and I could tell they were working their tongues in each other’s mouths. My mother reached down and hoisted Joyce’s skirt up around her waist; she squeezed the blonde’s ass and laughed. “Why you little slut,” She said, “you aren’t wearing any panties. And you talk about me. ”“Remember in school, we never wore any undies,” said Joyce, “We were both always ready for a good fuck. ”“We were a couple of whores weren’t we? If I didn’t get some cock at least once a day I would have gone crazy. ”Joyce laughed, “I bet between us we fucked or sucked half the guys in school, and a few of the girls. ”“Come on in and sit on the couch,” Mom said, “I’ve got a surprise for you. ”“The way you’re playing with my ass, I think I’m going to like your surprise.

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  ”They went into the living room and Joyce sat on the couch. Mom shrugged out of her robe and sat beside her. They started kissing again and feeling each other up and, pretty soon, Joyce’s blouse was open and Mom was massaging a beautiful set of tits. Joyce’s skirt was up around her waist, so my mother dropped down on the floor and began planting kisses on Joyce’s plump little pussy. There was Mom, on her knees with her face buried in Joyce’s cunt, and I was in the closet stroking a raging hard on. Mom stopped what she was doing for a minute and smiled at Joyce. “Now for your surprise; Mickey, come out here and finish what you were doing before Joyce got here. ”I left the closet and went into the living room with my dick pointing at the sky. Mom and I had fucked in front of other people at a couple of swingers meets, so I wasn’t at all embarrassed. Joyce took one look at me and laughed out loud. “Oh my God, you are fucking your son,” Joyce said, “Unbelievable, you are such a slut. I love it. ”“Mickey’s my sweetie,” Mom said, “He was fucking me in the ass when you rang the door bell. Come on, Mickey baby, do your horny mama. Fill my ass like you were doing before we were interrupted.

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  ”I got down on my knees and lined my cock up with Mom’s shitter. She was still nice and loose so my prick slid right in, and I continued where I had left off. “Give it to her, Mickey. She is such a fucking whore. Ram that cock up her ass and make her scream,”My mother was rubbing her clit and moaning like crazy. She was lunging back, trying to get more cock in her shit hole. I was slamming my hips against her ass cheeks, and she still wanted more. Joyce said, “Make her scream. She always screams when she cums. Shit, I’m gonna cum too. Suck my cunt you beautiful slut. Suck my clit and make me cum with you. ”Mom was the first to cum. “OH SHIT BABY…YES, YES, YES…OH FUCK MY ASS…FUCK ME HARD…I’M CUMMING…FUCK YES…FUCK…FUCKME……AAAAAGH!!Joyce wasn’t a screamer; she just fell back with her legs flopped apart, and looked like she’d passed out. Her mouth hung open and her eyes were glazed.

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   Mom pulled off of my cock before I had a chance to cum. She turned around and pushed me down on the floor and grabbed my cock and started sucking on it. Joyce stared at her in amazement. “Jesus, he just had that cock up your ass, and now you’re sucking it. You are so fucking nasty. ”She was right about Mom being nasty. When she got turned on she would do the nastiest things she could think of. This was mild. Besides, I was shooting my load down her throat, and she was swallowing every drop of it. When I finished cumming she licked my cock clean and grinned up at me while she licked her lips. That’s my Mom. I’ll tell you how nasty she could get. A couple of times in the past two years we got a little wild and played some bathroom games. One weekend when we were walking around naked I went in the bathroom to take a leak. While I was pissing, she walked in and put her hands in the yellow stream.

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   She rubbed my warm piss all over me, then sat on the stool and had me piss on her tits and when it ran down her belly, she rubbed it into her cunt. That wasn’t crazy enough for her so she held my prick and aimed the stream of hot piss into her mouth. What didn’t run down her chin, she swallowed. Even that wasn’t nasty enough for her. One day I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom when she walked in and sat down to take a crap. She reached back and caught one of the turds in her hand and began smearing the warm shit over her tits and pussy. She took ahold of my prick in her shit covered hand and smeared crap on it. Pulling me close, she took my shit covered cock in her mouth and sucked it clean. She kept doing that until I came in her mouth. I never cared for the taste of shit, but it never seemed to bother my mom. Anyway, back to Joyce, we took her up to the bedroom and got her undressed and on the bed. That’s when the fun started. Mom had me fuck her beautiful friend, and then they took turns sucking my dick. I took a nap while they were lying in a 69 position and eating each other’s pussy. When I woke up I was lying on my side and my mother was licking my ass hole.

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   Joyce had my dick in her mouth and her sopping cunt was right in front of my face. Of course I had to eat her out. I fucked them both again; I found out Joyce liked having a hard cock in her ass as much as Mom did. We were all fucked out for a while, so we stopped for a nap. Joyce left while I was asleep but Mom was sleeping with me the next morning. Sunday was special because once a month we went to visit my grandparents. Grandpa was retired from the railroad and they lived on a couple of acres just outside of town. They had a little bungalow and a nice garden. Grandpa had a pole barn out back where he kept his garden tractor and his tools. One end was made into a stable, and they had an old riding horse in a stall; I got to ride it when I visited. As I told you before, Grandpa had made my mother into his personal sex toy when she was real young. I think Grandma had an idea what was happening, but either couldn’t or wouldn’t say a thing about it, at least not openly. She may have in private, because I did hear her present some pointed innuendos, but whatever the situation behind the scenes, Grandpa showed his affection for Mom without flaunting it. I knew what was going on in private because Mom told her father that I was fucking her. “You always were a little whore,” Grandpa said when he heard about me, “I loosened up your pussy, and you let everybody in.

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  ”“Well, that’s what you wanted, and that’s what you got. Don’t bitch about it now. ”“Who said I’m bitching? I want to watch when he pours the coals to you. ”He did get the chance to watch—a lot of times; at least once a month. So what made this Sunday any different?We sat around for a while after Grandma served us lunch. The adults were yakking about things that happened way before I was born, and I went off in a corner to read some comic books that had been my mother’s when she was my age. Grandpa dozed off for an hour while the women kept up their conversation. When Grandpa finally woke up he had a boner which he nonchalantly covered up with a newspaper, and made his way to the bathroom. When he came out he asked Mom and me if we wanted to take a walk and see the old horse. We were both ready for some adventure, so we left Grandma doing the dishes and we went out the back door. As we strolled across the back yard Grandpa, Mom, and I went arm-in-arm. I had my arm across Mom’s back, but I noticed that Grandpa’s hand was sliding down until he was cupping her ass. While we walked, their dog, Laddy, romped out of his house to greet us. When we got out of sight of the house we stopped and Grandpa turned Mom around and kissed her hard on the lips. Not to be outdone, I moved tight against her ass and reached around to massage her breasts.

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  “See, I know what you guys want,” Mom said, “You just want to take me in the barn and fuck me, don’t you?”“Now what ever gave you that idea, Mom?”She patted Laddy on the head. He gave a little whine and licked her on the leg. “See what I mean? Even the dog wants to fuck me. What is a poor girl to do?”Grandpa said, “I guess you’d better get into the barn before we change our minds. ”We all laughed and ran for the barn, Laddy leading the way. Once inside the barn we played a little game of grab-ass. Grandpa and I rubbed all over Mom, squeezing her tits and ass, and running our hands up between her legs to tweak her asshole and pussy. She, in turn, grabbed us by the ass and stroked our now hardened cocks through our pants. We took turns kissing her on the lips and probing her mouth with our tongues. Laddy joined in the frolic by bounding in circles around us and barking to show his pleasure. It didn’t take long until we were all aroused and ready for some further action. We pulled Mom’s dress up over her head and tossed it aside. She plopped down naked on a bale of straw. Grandpa and I were still pulling off our pants and shorts when Laddy ran over to Mom and started smelling of her pussy. Mom spread her legs wide so he could lick her snatch.


   She was moaning and shaking as Laddy ran his long tongue across her clit. When she couldn’t stand it any longer, she pushed him aside and dropped down to her hands and knees on the straw covered floor. “It looks like you’re both too slow. Laddy wins first prize. ”Laddy must have known what was said because he already had a boner and went right over to Mom and mounted her. His front paws were wrapped around her waist and he humped his hips trying to impale her with his cock. Mom had to reach behind and guide him into her cunt. After that Laddy took over and gave Mom the fucking she’d asked for. The longer he fucked, the larger his cock became. He was ramming her cunt so hard that she let out a groan every time he brutally drove his meat into her stretched out pussy. “Oh, shit yes. It’s so fucking big. It feels like he’s ripping my cunt apart. But I love it. God, what a huge fucking cock.

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   Cum in me, doggy, fill my cunt with dog cum!”I stood by stroking my prick and waiting my turn, and Grandpa walked over and shoved his big cock into Mom’s mouth. She took the whole thing down her throat and then let Grandpa fuck her in the mouth while the dog was fucking her pussy. It didn’t take Laddy long to shoot his load, so as soon as he pulled out I knelt down and rammed my cock into Mom’s dripping cunt. "Oh, yes, fuck me Mickey. Fuck me hard. That fucking dog shot his load up my cunt. His hot cum is running down my legs. "Her fuck-hole was filled with dog cum and more of it squirted out and ran down her legs as I pumped my dick into her. I heard Grandpa moan, and knew he was cumming down Mom’s throat. I began to fuck faster and harder, trying to make Mom cum before I did. It must have worked because she began to tremble and jerk as I rammed into her cunt. “YES…YES…YES…DO IT TO ME…FUCK ME AND MAKE ME CUM…FUCK MY CUNT…YES, THAT’S IT…RAM IT IN…FUCK, I’M CUMMING…AAAAGHH!!!”That was enough to trigger my cum. I shot load after load into her sopping cunt. The sensation of fucking my mother after she’d been fucked by a dog just blew my mind—and caused me to cum like I’d never cum before. “See, I told you,” my mom said, “you all just wanted to get me in the barn to fuck me.

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  ”When she stood up there were strings of cum running down her legs and smeared all over her thighs. “You look like you enjoyed it,” I said, “The only one who didn’t get to fuck you was the old horse. ”“Don’t give her any ideas,” said Grandpa, “when she was about your age she tried to get the horse to fuck her. She never could get her pussy stretched out enough, but she did manage to get his cock in her mouth. One time he shot his load in her mouth and almost drowned her. She had horse cum all in her hair and all over her face. She never tried that again, but she did jack him off a few times. "After telling his story, Grandpa had another hardon. He had Mom bend over and he said, “Hey, look what I found, a hole that hasn’t been fucked yet. ”He dipped two fingers into her dripping cunt and came out with a load of cum which he smeared on her asshole. Grandpa’s cock was about nine inches long and nice and fat, but he had no trouble at all when he crammed the whole thing up Mom ass. I must have loosened it up good the day before. Mom let out a whine as he shoved his meat in until his balls were tight against her twat. He pulled back till just his cock-head was in her, then drove back in again. Mom was moaning with every stroke as he rammed his big cock into her ass.


   His thrusts pushed her forward until she was bent over a bale of straw, and he kept driving into her. Finally he shoved in as far as he could and shot her ass full of hot sperm. They just stayed like that for a while, then he pulled his deflated cock out of her brutalized asshole. Mom sat up in a daze. “Shit, Dad, you almost ripped my guts apart. You always did a good job reaming out my ass. Mickey fucked it yesterday and you tore the shit out of it today. I won’t be able to sit down for a week. ”We got Mom cleaned up enough to look presentable and took her into the house for a shower. Grandma took one look at her and said, “You better get to the bathroom, Honey, there’s something running down your leg. ”Mom got real red and ran into the bathroom. When she came out, a half hour later, we said goodbye and headed for home. The next part of this story will be in a subsequent chapter. .



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