TheFour of Us - 5


The Four of Us - 5

Well most of us had a long night’s sleep. Brit was still a live wire when she and I went to bed that night. I noticed that she had brought from the living room her new vibrator, and said to me “Daddy, is there anything else that we can do with this?” All I did was smile at her, and she asked “Will you show me what else I can do, please?”

I had her lie down on her back, and spread her legs. I noticed that her legs had really started to become long as she neared her 13th birthday. Also, her boobs were finally beginning to grow, so that even when she was on her back, they now protruded just a bit. I crawled between her legs, and began stimulating her clit with my tongue, flicking it back and forth over her clit, causing her inner pussy lips to begin to protrude between her outer lips. Brit tried to watch what I was doing, but as the sensations got more intense, she gave up on watching, and laid back to enjoy.

I inserted my middle finger between her pussy lips, and noticed that she was quite wet already. I used my finger to spread her juices all over her cunt, inside and out. I stuck my finger back into her pussy once more to get it wet again, then pulled it out and moved up to her nipples. I got them both wet with her cunt juices, then rolled both nipples between my thumb and wet middle finger. I heard her say “MMMMM” as I continued playing with her nipples until they were as erect as possible. I then turned the vibrator on low, and used it to stimulate her nipples. Her moans got a little louder with the new stimulation, so I began kissing her slowly down her body, followed closely by the vibrator. When I kissed her wet pussy lips, she moaned again, and I felt her hips involuntarily begin to rise. I then stuck my tongue deep into her moist pussy, and moved it in and out like a mini-cock.

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   I soon replaced my tongue with her dildo, and fucked her with it. As the sensations caused her excitement to grow, her ass lifted off the bed, and I quickly withdrew the dildo from her pussy, and let it trial from there to her asshole. When Brit felt the vibrations on her asshole, she moaned yet again, this time loud enough that I thought she was going to attract the attention of everybody else.

I moved the dildo back to her pussy, stuck it in again for lubrication, then moved back to her asshole, lubricating it some more. When I applied some pressure with the tip, her hole seemed to open up for me, and the vibrator began slipping into her previously unexplored ass. Pussy juices were flowing freely, providing even more lubrication, and Brit couldn’t seem to resist the temptation to start diddling her clit. In seconds, she raised her ass off the bed, and her pussy juices gushed out of her as she diddled herself, and I got the vibrator at least 2 inches deep into her ass.

I picked her up and turned her over, with her dildo-impaled ass facing me, and began rubbing my fully erect cock on her drenched pussy. In no time, my cock was sliding into her pussy, and just as soon as I began moving in and out, she came for the second time, pussy juice dripping onto the bed. I reached around her and began fondling her nipples. When I gave them a quick tweak and slid my cock inward once again, another orgasm was had by my baby girl, causing her to collapse on the bed. When she did, the dildo popped out of her ass, and my cock out of her pussy, but not before I began to cum all over her pussy and ass. I spread my cum all over her ass and lower back, and brought some of it up to coat her tits also. She began to recover by then, and flipped over so that she could suck my cock clean, and lick the remaining cum off my hands.

I assumed that she was finished, but was I ever wrong.

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   Brit pushed me onto my back and quickly mounted my cock again. I watched her little tits bounce with her movements, and then noticed some other movement in the room. It was Emily--apparently someone had heard Brit’s noises a while ago, and decided to investigate. Emily said not a word, but simply crawled up, sat on my face, and reached out for Brit. Both girls began stroking each other’s tits, while I began licking deep into Emily’s cunt. Brit soon began making her grunting noises, but Emily was first to cum, and I licked up nearly every drop of her cunt juices. When Brit figured out that Emily had cum, she followed suit, and I was not more than a few seconds behind her. Brit allowed my cock to slip out of her cunt and spray cum all over both her and Emily’s bodies. Both girls moved forward to give each other hugs, which spread my cum all over their chests and tummies. They both dismounted, and lay on either side of me.

When they came off their orgasmic highs, Emily definitely wanted more, and Brit was quick to follow suit. I was in no condition to try to penetrate anything else, so I put both girls on their backs, spread their legs and pussies wide, and stuck my middle fingers inside both of their pussies at once. Both girls quickly began squirming with my digital manipulations, and quickly both fingers were soaked with their juices. I moved my mouth to Brit first, taking long licks of her clit, before moving to Emily and repeating the same movements. Switching back and forth like that seemed to enhance their pleasure, as both were beginning to lift their asses off the bed with each tongue-stroke.

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   At last, Brit began grunting, so I sucked her clit in between my lips, and squeezed it hard. She lifted her ass so hard and suddenly she almost cut my lips in the process. Her orgasm was obvious, as her cum dripped freely out of her cunt.  I repeated the same process with Emily, and when I sucked her clit between my lips, she inhaled deeply, making me think she was going to scream. But she merely began shaking with her orgasm, as her sweet juices flowed freely into my mouth.

Both girls then moved into a 69 and began oral ministrations on each other. It took only seconds before they both came into each other’s mouth. I then happily cleaned both pussies with my mouth, before exchanging long wet kisses with both. Emily then thought that she should get back to Katie before she noticed that she was missing. Brit and I were left with our limbs interlocked, and our bodies held tightly against one another’s. I rolled over at that point, and Brit fell asleep atop me, legs spread wide on either side of me. Of course, I took the opportunity to lightly fondle her cunt several times that night, taking care not to awaken her in the process.

At one point during the night, I fell asleep soundly. When I awoke near morning, I was surprised to find the head of my cock buried in Brit’s cunt. I can only assume that Brit was the culprit during the night.

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   I began moving slowly to try to remove my cock, but that proved too much stimulation for her, and Brit woke up. “Don’t take it out, Daddy. I like it inside me” she pleaded. So I pushed it a little further in, and Brit began pushing along with me. Soon, she was doing most of the work, and my cock was easily sliding 2-3” into her hot and wet cunt. It took only a couple of minutes, and Brit was cumming once again, coating my cock with her cum. That only seemed to excite me more quickly, and I shot my load into her cunt. Much of that load escaped out of her and mixed with her own cum on my cock and abdomen.

“That feels SOOOO good, Daddy. I wish we never had to stop. ” But stop was just what we had to do. We headed off to the shower, and bathed each other. When I dried her off, I paid special attention to her pussy, rubbing the rough towel between her lips. I stopped my motions just as she started to cum again, then started ’drying’ again. But I knew that we couldn’t keep this up all day--we both needed to get a rest from this.

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   And I knew that the others would be getting up soon. So Brit and I, still unclothed, went into the kitchen for some breakfast.

“Daddy, are we going to move in here with Emily and her mom?” asked Brit.

“No, I think that it’s too early for anything like that. But I think that we have made some new sexy friends, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I think so too” said her almost dreamy reply.

Shortly after that, the rest of the crew came stumbling naked into the kitchen. After all our good mornings were said, Katie said “Now that we’re all up, what shall we do today?”

“Let’s have some sex!” said Annette. Since we were in the kitchen, I was already looking in the refrigerator for something to eat, when I came across a bottle of liquid chocolate. This started my mind working, and I poured the chocolate into a bowl and stuck it in the microwave. When I pulled the bowl of now warm chocolate out, I asked “Any volunteers?”

Annette, apparently waking up horny, immediately said “Me!” She knew what I was thinking, and laid on the floor, legs spread. I then poured the warm syrup all over her body, making sure that it coated her tits and pussy completely. Katie and the girls immediately began licking the top half of her body clean, getting some chocolate on their own bodies as well, while I concentrated on her legs and pussy. She quickly began writhing under the feel of five tongues licking her body from top to bottom, so that when I got to her pussy, she was already wet and ready for me.

I spread her pussy lips with my fingers, letting the chocolate drip inside her pussy. I then sucked and licked on her outer lips first, licking up and down her slit next, then finally licking inside her pussy.

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   I have never before tasted such a sweet taste as mocha pussy juice, but I highly recommend it. I stuck my tongue deep into the folds of her wet pussy, taking long, luxurious licks to clean the chocolate from her pussy. Then I moved my tongue and lips up to her clit, and began sucking gently at first, driving her nearly insane. As the chocolate disappeared, I then began sucking her clit even harder, making her drive her pussy into my face as her clit grew to its largest and hardest yet. One final suck on her sensitive spot, and her pussy began releasing its own sweetness.

The others took the hint from me, and had already warmed up some more chocolate. They started a “chocolate fight”, and by the time all was said and done, we were all coated with the gooey substance. Emily made sure that every inch of my cock was coated thoroughly, and then the girls began sucking it like it was a chocolate lollipop. When they were through, Emily wasted no time in sitting on my cock, putting as much of it into her sweet pussy as she could get in, and Ashley quickly mounted my face. I began sucking my older daughter’s pussy hard, sticking my tongue deep into her moist pussy, and she quickly began pressing her pussy harder onto my face. In short order, I heard Ashley begin moaning as she came on my face. Emily, meantime, leaned on my chest as she raised her pussy up and down on my cock. Ashley reached out to Emily’s tits and squeezed her nipples, and Emily collapsed on my chest with a cum that nearly caused her to pass out. Finally, my cock shot its load deep into Emily’s pussy, and leaked out down my cock and onto my balls. Brit was apparently expecting this eventuality, and was poised to lick both Emily’s and my cum juice off my dick.

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While this was occurring, Annette and Katie were locked in a passionate 69, smearing chocolate all over each other’s bodies in the process. Both had lips locked on each other’s pussy lips, with Annette sticking her tongue deep into Katie’s pussy, while Katie was taking long licks in and on Annette’s pussy. Katie finally moved to her partner’s clit, and trapped it between her teeth, and Annette nearly screamed in pleasure, with her pussy leaking cum all over Katie’s face. Annette decided to return the favor by prolonging Katie’s orgasm as long as possible. Annette took quick short licks of Katie’s clit, causing her to nearly cum each time, but quite. After a couple of minutes of this torture of Katie, Annette finally sucked her clit quickly between her lips, and Katie also nearly screamed with pleasure as her pussy lips were suddenly coated with her cum.

We decided that it was cleanup time now. Showers were taken, the kitchen was cleaned up, and we all sat nude in the living room, talking about this weekend. We all decided that we liked what happened over this weekend. We also all acknowledged that this will best be kept within our little circle. Katie was the first to suggest that we get together again, and soon. I only heard complete agreement from the rest of the group. Annette and Emily even agreed to the rules of our house: no clothing inside, except when guests are present, and no undies when we are out of the house, again except for special occasions. We checked our calendars, and agreed to meet again two weekends from now, this time at our house. I think we have much to look forward to…

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