The Wonderful Divorce (Part 2)


The wonderful divorce (PART 2)
A couple days have gone by since my brother taught me how to play “poker” and I was eager for the weekend to come.   It was our weekend to go to dad’s and I knew that dad had a business meeting early Saturday morning, and although I knew it wouldn’t last long, this would be my chance to wake up Brad and see if I could get more of him.
Friday afternoon finally gets here, Brad meets me at the door when I get home from school, lucky bastard he gets out a ½ hour earlier than me.   I can’t wait till high school. Anyway, he tells me dad is going to be early we have to get ready fast, he was picking us up at 4:30.   Fine, I run upstairs grab my clothes, toss them in my duffle bag and run back downstairs and we wait for dad.
Dad picks us up and we head to our favorite restaurant, when we get there, he introduces us to his girlfriend Mona and her 2 daughters.   We know them, her ex-husband worked with my dad for years, and we have actually played together at one time or another.   I am excited to find out that dad is dating a woman with 2 girls, and 2 that I know no less. We all eat and talk and laugh and we leave, dad tells us that he really likes Mona and hopes that we can all get along.   We all say goodbye and Brad, Dad and I head back to dad’s place.   I lye in bed excitedly awaiting the early morning hours when I can wake Brad.
It must be about 5 am, I hear dad’s alarm clock going off.   He quickly showers and gets dressed, he stops in my room where I am pretending to be asleep, and tells me he should be back by 10, go back to sleep and relax this morning. He heads out the door, I look at the clock it is 5:45.   I lay there thinking of how I want to feel Brad inside my pussy where no man has been before.

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    I wait until about 6am, I slip into Brad’s room, he is snoring so I know he is still asleep.   He is lying on his side with his blanket half covering him.   I lightly touch his ribs which makes him roll onto his back.   I am pleasantly surprised to see he is already hard.   I have learned about “morning wood” from my friends but had never seen it.   Brad looks huge, I lightly pull the blanket from his hips and slide it to the end of the bed, he stirs a little but does not wake.   I tug at the elastic of his underwear and his head is already poking out.   MMMM, great I will wake him with my tongue.   I begin to flick his head, letting my saliva pool on him, he starts to move his legs, as he does I slide his elastic down farther.   I can now get most of him into my mouth.   Brad begins to moan as I pull him into my mouth and hold him and instinctively he begins to push into my mouth.   As he pushes I pull his underwear down so I can get at all of him and see his balls.   He pushes harder and harder against my wanton mouth.   I love this and can feel my clit begin to swell and my pussy is getting wet.   The sun is starting to break through the blinds more and I can see more of Brad as I slide him into my mouth.

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    He has woken and I didn’t realize it until he puts his hand on the back of my head and pushes me further into his body, he pubic hair is tickling my nose.   I climb onto the bed and he takes off his underwear and spreads his legs.   I am kneeling between his knees leaning over and sucking off my big brother.   The taste of him is almost too much to bear, my head is spinning but I want more, I want him inside of me.   I reach down between my thighs and begin to finger my hole.   He sees me and asks me if I need help.   I eagerly lift my head and nod yes to him without saying a word.   He sits up, turns me around and lays me down on the bed.   He is now laying between my thighs with a wonderful smirk on his face.
He begins to kiss my pussy and push his lips in a little harder each time, then Oh my god, I feel him slide his tongue between my lips as he tastes my clit.
      My clit begins to jump instantly and I want him more and more.   He slowly starts to suck my clit into his mouth and flicks me with his tongue.   I can stand no more and he knows it.   My clit begins to pulse and jump and I know that I am about to I let out a moan and tell him not to stop. He buries his face in my cunt and feverishly sucks my clit and juices.

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        I am now holding his head to me grinding his mouth.   This is the best feeling ever, but I still want more…. I want to feel him slide his cock in me. I ask him to stop, and being a smart brother who doesn’t want to ruin a good thing he listens, he leans up and kisses me on the mouth.   I can taste my juices as he slides his tongue in my mouth.   I break away and whisper into his ear. Brad I need you to fuck me, will you fuck your baby sister.   He silently nods and rests the head of his hard, wet dick at my opening.   He asked me if I have ever had anything “in” me before, I tell him yes, but now a man.   Now I want a man. He slowly starts to enter my hole and I eagerly greet him with a hard thrust up with my hips. I definitely caught him off guard and he repositioned his hands on either side of my shoulders.   Ohhhhh the feeling, he lies there still, inside of me.   My brother is inside of me, his dick is in my cunt and I love it.   He start to move slowly in an out, I match his pace.

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        Soon we are fucking hard, I can feel his balls slapping at my ass and he throws his head back, moaning loudly I can’t hold back, I can’t hold back.   I look up into his eyes and wrap my legs around his waist and tell him once again, FUCK YOUR BABY SISTER, FUCK HER HARD.   My own words and the look on his face throw me into an orgasm, I am bucking against him hard and flooding him with my juices, he holds on about 18 more seconds then pulls out.   He strokes his hard wet cock over my belly and shoots his seed all over me.   In just a matter of moments, he collapses on top of me and kiss.   He leans over, sets his alarm for 8 and we lay there arm in arm as we drift off to sleep.
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