The Wink


At 16yrs old, 5’ 6”, 115lbs, long brown hair, big dark brown eyes, and a body that seemed to just want to jump out of her nice neat uniform, I was amazed that I had not noticed before. As she entered the car as always she greeted everyone with that lovely smile, her innocent face seems to light up everything wherever she was. As we headed home the boys, as usual were playing up a storm in the back seat, looking over I noticed her staring out the window as she sat there in the front seat. She seemed a million miles away, wondering what she could be thinking about, what could be bothering her to make her seem so distant? I did not bother to ask, at least not yet. Later that evening after the usual things were done, dinner, baths for the boys, a little light cleaning around the house, my niece excused herself to go get changed into here night clothes for the evening. With her changing and the boys playing in there room, this provided an opportunity for my wife and I to step out in the back yard and have a quick hit or two on a nicely rolled joint that we had been saving all week. With a nice buzz, it was time to make a couple of drinks and veg on the couch and watch some TV. A little time had passed an my niece emerged from the guest bedroom with this nice two piece satin pajama outfit, the top button down the front and the matching shorts resembled a pair of male boxers with the button in the front. Now as everyone knows that pot and alcohol do not mix well with my wife and before too long it had gotten the best of her and she did like she always does and headed to the bedroom to sleep it off. I on the other hand had a great buzz going and was just as happy as I could be. Therefore, after making sure she was all set and getting the boys brushed up and ready for bed too, I made myself another drink under the watchful eye of my niece. As I sat there sipping away I noticed that she had this what about me look on her face, so without saying a word I went ahead even though it was against my better judgment and poured her a drink. Handing her the drink I could tell she understood that know one was to know that I did this, and the glare I gave her cemented it. With a great buzz going and after a couple more drinks I realized that I hadn’t heard a peep from my niece in awhile, I guess I was really caught up in the movie we were watching that I didn’t see her retrieve a blanket from the closet and curl up on the couch fast asleep. Now knowing that when the movie ended there would be one of those 30 minute passion shows that come on cable TV, I wasn’t about to call it a night just yet. Instead, I shut all the lights off in the house, lowered the volume on the TV, and settled down in my easy chair awaiting for the next 40 minutes to pass before the show would start.

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   I must have dosed off for a little bit, but as I awoken from my drunken slumber, I realized that I had missed my show and that it was late. I looked over at my niece only to find her fast asleep, she had kicked off the blanket and was lying there on her back with one leg up on the back of the couch and the other hanging off. Her arms were folded up under her head and her mouth was just perched open just a bit. I could hear her little snores as her chest rose and fell with each breath. Standing over her I was about to cover her up with the blanket when I noticed the slight raise in her shirt, her nipples weren’t fully erect but I could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra and they were pushing the material up slightly. As I gazed at them, her full C cup breast looked heavenly, a part of me wanted to reach out and touch them, but the fear of her waking up and catching me kept me at bay. By now my mine still contaminated with booze and pot was racing, and I could feel my cock stir in my shorts as I continued to stand there and stare. Would she wake up, she seem deep asleep, what harm would it be just to touch them once, feel those full young breast? Agonizing over what to do, my cock grew harder; I could feel it starting to push against my shorts, reaching down I started to rub my cock with one hand. That’s what I’ll do, I’ll just stand here and jack my cock while I look, no touching just let my mind run wild until I cum in my shorts and then leave. No harm in that, and if she wakes I’ll just pretend I was covering her up and head off to bed, no harm no foul. That’s what I thought, but then the temptation grew too strong, my cock now out off my shorts and my hand stroking it nicely, I just had to see more, reaching with my other hand I undid her top button, then the next, until there was only one left. Pulling her shirt aside out popped the first one, there it was nice and full, round, firm yet soft breast, her nipple the size of the tip of my middle finger staring back at me, calling for me to touch it. My cock hard as a steel bar as precum forming at the end of my rod, using my finger and scooping up some, I lowered it down to her nice nipple, slowly rubbing it in and amazed how hard it was getting, my cum now glistening on her beautiful hard nipple just waiting to be sucked. Slowly lowering my head down to her breast praying that I would not wake her I just had to taste my cum on her full breast, to suck in that nipple would all I would need and then I would leave. It taste great as my tongue swirls around her nipple, I can feel my load building in my ball sack wanting to escape.

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   But being careful not to press to hard and keeping an eye on the reaction on her face. Her mouth still parted and the same deep sleep sounds coming from it, no change, now for the other one or should I see what lies below that flat beautifully tanned stomach. Was I crazy to even think of going there, to slip my hand in those loose shorts in hopes of feeling her nice young snatch. Mmmm how I wanted tooo, as I continued to stroke my cock faster and harder. Reaching down I undid the button on the boxer like bottoms, slipping my hand in nice and slow and making sure there was no change in here sleep pattern, I felt it. There in the middle of the night horny as hell I had my hand in my nieces shorts and could feel the her full naked mound. With no underwear in the way, I had full access to her soft budding lips. I could feel them get wet as I slipped a finger slowly between them, not wanting to go too deep I was still able to coat my finger nicely with her juices. Enough is enough, before I was caught, I need to stop, take what I have done and enjoy it in my mine. I can’t take the chance of her waking and my cock is ready to explode with a rush of cum that no one has ever seen. Licking my fingertip and tasting her wonderful juices on it, I rubbed what was left into the tip of my cock as I made my way back to my easy chair. Sitting there and fisting my now rock hard cock as fast as I could, and staring at her laying there on the couch, I soon was shooting my load high up in the air, stream after stream as the cum was landing all over my chest and shoulders, oh how I felt knowing what I had done and worried that I may do it again. Morning came and as usual, I was the first to rise, my mind still filled with the thoughts of last nights adventure. As I headed out to the living room, there she was still asleep but now her chest was fully exposed and her soft mound of pubic hair was showing through the opening in her shorts. What was I to do, there was know way I could put everything back now, she would surly wake up and catch me.

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   Therefore, off I went to the kitchen hoping if I made enough noise, she would just wake up and think nothing of the condition of her clothes. Stirring around in the kitchen making some coffee and getting a smoke, I heard the hall bathroom door close was it one of the boys or was she up. I peeked out into the living room and noticed that she had gotten up, well so far so good, I’m sure if she thought something was wrong she would have came into the kitchen and said something. Well the boys and the wife were still in bed so there I sat at the counter with my coffee wondering what will happen next. Sitting there I heard the shower start in the guest bathroom, moving from the counter I was hoping she left the door unlocked, just maybe I could sneak in to get a peek. As I got closer to the door, I noticed a low-pitched noise coming from the other side, even though the shower was running and loud I could barely make out what it was.
    It was my niece, I could hear her moaning softly, and the sounds weren’t that loud but it was enough to know that she was doing more then just taking a shower. As I reached for the doorknob the sounds seem to quiet, turning the knob to my surprise it was open, she hadn’t locked it, opening it slowly and peering in there, she was in the shower. My cock stiffened, as I moved closer to the shower curtain that was just a little bit open, her back was to me so she did not see me come in. As the water cascaded down her tan back over her smooth heart shaped ass I noticed she had a led up on the side of the tub and was moving her arm in a back and forth motion. My god she was fingering herself, her head was pressed down her chin to her chest as she worked her hot virgin hole feverishly. As I stood there and stared at her hot ass I could see the lips of her wet dripping pussy as her finger worked in and out of her hole. My hand reached for my cock and without hesitation I started to stroke the beast as fast as I could. Knowing that I didn’t have much time, not that it mattered, before I knew it I was shooting my load into my free hand. Slowly I backed out of the bathroom and made my way back to the kitchen.

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       Later on, the wife had taken the boys out to spend a day of movies and video games, knowing that I had plenty to do around the house she left me in care of my niece for the rest of the day. Now wanting to spend the afternoon watching some sports I had enough sense to get going early and knock out the list of honeydews that the wife had for me. By the time, she left with the boys I was showered and on the couch with the remote ready to settle down for an afternoon of my favorite activity, TV. Know my niece was chatting up a storm on the phone in the other room and I was fighting to keep my eyes open knowing that I had stayed up too late last night, I was ready for my mid-afternoon cat knap. Stretching out on the couch and making myself comfortable, I had popped open the top button on my shorts and assumed the perfect napping position, one hand behind my head and the other tucked into the opening of my shorts. As I started to wake, I was startled by the presence of my niece standing over the couch; there she was with that innocent smile with her hands on her hips just staring at me. As I fallowed her eyes I noticed that I had a huge hard-on, the head of my cock had worked its way out of my waistband and with my shorts unbutton there it was in full view. I looked back up at her and knowing that my face was as red as a cherry and that I could feel the sweat starting to break out on my forehead, a million things ran through my mind, what was going to do. A smile managed to work its way out on my face as I slowly tried tucking my cock back in to my shorts, I was about to button my shorts when my niece lowered herself to the floor on her knees. Her face was just inches from my crotch, as she leaned over and moved my hand away she started working my cock out of my shorts with her soft hand. Gripping my now solid mass of flesh and without saying a word, she slowly started to work her mouth over my head, her tongue trying to wrap around my head as her eager mouth sucked like a baby sucking its bottle. Slipping my hand onto her head, I helped her ease down my pole until I was deep in her throat. She sucked my cock as if she had done this before; her rhythm of hand and mouth movements was quickly bringing me close to eruption. Working it faster and faster I could feel the swell in my balls as the cum was rushing to be released, and with out skipping a beat not even the slightness of hesitation my niece capped that gusher with her hot mouth and gulped every drop of spunk that I could unload. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder, it was my son tugging at me to wake up and see the knew toy he had got, as I sat up wiping the sleep from my eyes I wondered did I dream that my niece gave me the best blow job I have ever had, or did it really happen.

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       Looking over at her on the phone still chatting with her friend, I noticed a smile on her face as she gives me a little wink and licked her lips. .



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