The Way We Become


The Way We Become
“Pull your panties down” he took her shoulders and turned her around to face the corner of the bed.   She was hesitant, but reached up under her silk night gown bent over to get them below her knees.   He pushed his wife forward onto the high mattress and held her down with one hand between her shoulder blades and pulled the silk underwear off her left foot with the other.   It allowed her to spread around the corner of the mattress.  Then his free hand was sliding up under her silk night gown to begin preparing the pussy.
Daren had become demanding in the last three months.   He was twenty two the first time he got his cock into a woman.   She had been a friend from work and she was a much older.   She knew what she wanted.   She also understood his desperate situation and knew he was not willing to risk loosing his only partner.   He would not admit that pleasing her was not his only objective.   Four years later when he married Arlene he brought his experiences to the wedding bed.   He had spent most of the last thirteen years trying to please his wife.   He made himself available when she wanted him and controlled himself when she didn’t.   There were so many things he longed for but never had nerve to suggest.   That had all changed three months ago.

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He worked a finger into her hole and began wetting her lips while he held her chest against the bed.   Timing was critical.   Her vagina was already starting to respond.   He wanted to shove into her before she got opened up, but didn’t want the abrasion from pushing through dry lips.   He wiped his fingers on the labia and brought his cock in position.
“Please Honey” she begged.   “I’m not ready.   Please… Ah…”
Three months ago he had come home from work unexpectedly early and interrupted three young men raping his twelve year old daughter.   They had run, leaving her naked and strapped down on a restraint frame.   She was terrified and sobbing.   Years of controlled sexual lust broke free.   He had rationalized that she had already been gang raped.   One more penis inside her would make no difference to the trauma that she would remember, but a once in a lifetime opportunity to mount a really young girl would be an exquisite memory that he would relive forever.   She had been blindfolded and gagged and once he got started on her he couldn’t stop.
He slammed his shaft deep into his wife, cutting off her pleading as he tried to relive the sensation he had enjoyed with the girl.

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    He shoved in deep and then twisted his hips to get the full length up her.   He took tiny little thrusts each intended to get another millimeter into the cunt.   The head hit the end of her tunnel and she gasped and bucked under him.
“You feel so good sweetheart” he groaned as he began pumping her.   He wanted to savor every moment, but he wanted to cum too.
He did enjoy fucking his wife.   It was nothing like the ecstasy that he had experienced with Carol, but the pussy was warm and it was satisfying to fill her.   He only had to be careful not to inadvertently use is daughters name in the heat passion.
As he pumped, the woman’s vagina responded and stretched open.   In response he rubbed his index and middle fingers along side his cock coating them with the natural lubricant.   Arlene knew what it meant.
“Daren, please no honey” he ignored her, trying instead to recall his daughters pleadings before he had sodomized her.   She had had a rubber dildo in her mouth, held in place with a strap around her head.   Her sobs and words of pleading had been all but unintelligible.
“Don’t fight it” he warned.

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    “I don’t want to hurt you, but I need you to tighten your cunt. ”
Once his fingers were lubricated he pressed them against his wife’s rectal opening.   He had done this to her before and she knew she could not resist, but she would try; she always tried.   He waited until he felt the flexing of her ass muscles and then forced both fingers deep into her rectum.   Her whole body tightened as she tried to rear up, hopelessly struggling against him.   He had never butt fucked his wife.   When they were first married she had made it clear that the back door was off limits.   He was sure she still felt that way, but she no longer set the boundaries.
After he had finished raping his daughter he had left her bound and gagged and went back to work.   He had stayed away for over an hour before he came home again, this time to rescue and comfort her.   She had been terrified; terrified the boys were going to kill her, terrified they would rape her again.   Her father released her and wrapped her in a blanket.   He helped her limp into the shower where she demanded he remain with her.   She had sworn him to secrecy.   Possibly she was even more terrified of what her life would be like if anyone found out what had been done to her.

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    From that time on, a bond had developed between them.
Over the months he had coaxed her to talk about what had happened, and she had relived the experience with him, attempting to put it into perspective and make the memory fade like a bad dream.   It had only been last week that she had finally been able to describe the final events of the ordeal; the older man, with a huge penis that had fucked her pussy and then forced it into her asshole where he had ejaculated.
They went for long walks along the beach or through the woods behind their house and he would encourage her to talk about things.   She told him about school, and her friends and the boy friends that her friends were bending over for.   Carol was bright and she had skipped two grades when she was younger.   Her classmates and friends were at least two and in most cases three years older than her.   She had been a virgin before she was raped.   She had been curious about the experiences her friends had shared.   Sometimes she had even masturbated.   That had all ended now.   The idea of sex, talk of sex, even sexual jokes brought back feelings of fear and memories of pain.
Daren listened attentively, lovingly, fatherly.   He held her like a child and inspired a feeling of safety and peace.   He never let her suspect the lust that rose in him whenever he was near her, or the fire that consumed him when she relayed things that her friends had told her.

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    Melissa’s boyfriend makes her take it in her mouth during her menstrual cycle.   Annie’s friend finishes whenever she touches his penis so he sticks it in her and its over.   Dozens other stories that she shared with him that were told her in confidence.   They alone shared the secret of what happened to her, and it lead to so many others.
His wife knew only that he his sexual appetites had increased and his treatment of her had gotten rougher.   He had never begged her for sex.   Now he didn’t even ask.   He put her in the position he wanted and took her.   It had started slowly, but the more aggressive he became the more and submissive Arlene became.
“I heard you and Mom last night” Carol began.   They had come along the trail through the national preserve and found their private spot beside the stream.   They sat and tossed stones in the water.   No one ever came out this far.   “Does Mom enjoy… you know… sex?”
“Of course honey” Daren replied.   “Your mother has always been… you know… hot.

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“Has she ever refused you?” Carol asked.
“Your mother is religious” he spoke the obvious.   “She believes that it is a wife’s duty to submit to her husband.   In marriage, a couple promises fidelity to each other, and in exchange, they are required to submit to the sexual needs of their partner.   Usually that means that a woman is required to yield to her…”
“What would you do if she refused you?” Carol asked.   He finally sensed the depth of her question.   She was not concerned for her mother’s preferences.   “Would you force her?”
“I suppose that depends on the circumstances” Daren replied.   “If she were ill or if…”
“I don’t think I am ever going to be able to have sex willingly” Carol blurted out.   “I want to be married and have children someday. ”  She broke into sobs and her father put his arm around her.
“We’ve talked about this before” he said as he pressed her face against his shoulder and smoothed her hair.   “In time, the memory of what happened…”
“It’s not getting better dad” she pushed back.   “I tried to touch myself last night while you were… you know… fucking mom.   I put my hand between my legs and I was wet and I tried to rub my pussy, but then all the memories came back and I just couldn’t do it.

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    I started to cry. ”
His cock was rock hard and throbbing in his jeans.   He forced his face to remain calm.   He promised himself a special session with Arlene when they got back.   Tonight it would not be his fingers that he put up her ass.
“Give it time baby” he soothed.
“I’ve given it time” she shot back.   “I need to do something else, and don’t tell me I should find a boyfriend.   We both know that’s ridiculous.   I need someone who understands what happened to me.   I need someone who won’t think I’m a freak if I get scared.   I need someone I can trust not to go tell all his friends that…” 
She couldn’t finish.   She just buried her face against him.   He held her.   She was trembling all over and he tightened his arms around her.

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She lifted her eyes to meet his.   They were begging him to say yes.   “Will you fuck me Daddy?”  When he didn’t answer the panic erupted in her.   “Look I know I’m not much of a woman yet.   I mean, I know I don’t have much in the way of tits, and my ass is really small, but please daddy, don’t say no. ”
“You’re my daughter” he started.   He wanted to take her so badly, but it was not that simple.   If she ever told anyone he would loose everything and spend the rest of his life in jail.   His wife, his mother, everyone he knew would think he had raped his own daughter.   Jail would not be any picnic either.   People in prison knew what you were in for, and they didn’t take kindly to pedophiles.   She was young and trusted easily.   Would she tell her friends?  They had trusted her with their secrets and she had shared them with him.   Even if she didn’t tell, there were things that could go wrong.   People could find out.

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    What if she eventually got into counseling and some Freudian therapist convinced her to talk about her childhood and her relationship with her parents.   She was terrified of sex.   What was he going to do if he got her down and was about to penetrate her and she panicked.   If it didn’t go well, her love for him could shift instantly.   He would never know, he would spend all of his life in fear that the police were going to show up at his office one day.
“Please don’t say you don’t want me because I’ve been… used” she begged.   “Please, you have to help me. ”  Her eyes had hardened into determination.  He nodded and pulled her back into his arms.
“Your mother is going up to stay with your Grandma while her father goes through bypass surgery” he offered.   “We’ll be alone in the house.   We’ll see how things go. ”  They walked back to the house holding hands.
“What are you so giddy about” Arlene asked when they came through the back door into the kitchen.   Carol just grinned.

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“What’s for dinner mom?” the girl asked.

    It amazed him how she could change mental gears so quickly.   The conversation had rocked his world and she wanted dinner.   All he wanted to do was get Arlene in bed.   The conversation had filled him with fear.   He had consoled himself that he had done nothing yet, and that he would consider the pros and cons carefully before he did anything.   The rationalization had calmed the fear and left him with a raging hard on.
    His staring did not go unnoticed.   She realized that he had plans for latter and did not rush dinner despite Carol’s urging.   Her mother had warned her on her wedding day about what her husband would expect.   For fourteen years her mother had been wrong.   She had always assumed that her mother was prudish and didn’t know how to enjoy her own body.   Lately she was beginning to understand.  
    Ten or twelve weeks ago she had been awakened in the middle of the night to find her husband on top of her.   She had tried to push him away, but he had silenced her protests with a kiss.


        He had held her head with one hand, pulled the crotch panel of her panties aside with the other and forced her thighs open with his knees.   By the time she got his mouth off of hers the head was already pushing through her lips.
    For fourteen years she had told him when she wanted to make love.   She had told him when to enter her, and when she was finished and if she wanted him to ejaculate inside her or not.   Now he was telling her.   She had spent the last fourteen years barging to her mother and sisters about her kind and gentle husband.   She couldn’t talk to them about the change in his behavior.  They humiliate her with her own words for the rest of her life.  
    She was active in her church and with any other problem she would have gone to her pastor, but the scriptures were clear on the subject.   “Husbands love your wives.   Wives, be obedient to your husbands. ”  She knew exactly what that meant.   It was a commandment from God telling men to fuck their women and ordering the women to submit.  
    Before she had invited sex when she wanted it and occasionally when she felt he needed a reward.   Usually that was two to three times a month.

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        Now it was becoming part of the bedtime ritual, like brushing her teeth.   Even when he was too tired to respond naturally, he would hold her head and make her take his penis in her mouth until it was hard enough to open her cunt.
    Dinner was barely over when Carol announced that she would clear the table and load the dishwasher.   It was unheard of for her to volunteer and it dashed all hopes that Daren would be asleep by time she got to bed.   She decided that she may as well get it over with.
    “Take off your clothes and lay down on the bed” he told her.   She paced around the room trying to think of some way to get the evening off.   She heard him finishing in the bathroom and abandoned the idea.   She quickly stripped down and was just presenting herself when he emerged with a safety razor and shaving cream.
    “What are out doing?” she asked as the pressurized can erupted shaving cream onto her bush.
    “Lay still and spread your legs” he commanded.   “I don’t want to cut you. ”  She wasn’t sure whether it was a warning or a threat.   She flung open her thighs.   He was quick and careful.

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        He finished by telling her to hold her ankles and he shaved the hair between her cheeks.
    She raised her head and looked down between her breasts.   It was the first time she had seen her pussy since she was fourteen.   She stared at herself while he dropped his robe to the floor.   He was not going to need her mouth tonight.
    Carol tiptoed up the stairs and paused in front of her parent’s door.   Her mother was already groaning and she could hear the bed creaking.   Without a sound she turned the door knob and let the door swing inward enough to where she could see them on the bed.   Her mother was on her back and her father was between her thighs bending over her.  He was holding her shoulder with one hand to steady her against his thrusts and squeezing her breast with the other.   His hips were rocking back and forth and even though she could not see it, she knew her father’s penis was up in her mother.
    Carol unzipped her jeans and slid her hand down inside her underpants.   She tried to picture herself in her mother’s place, lying on the bed under her father.   She braced her self with one hand against the door sill.   She squatted slightly, enough to spread her thighs to make room for her fingers.

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    “I’m going to be alright” she whispered.   “He’s going to fuck me and fuck me and fuck until all the bad memories don’t mean anything anymore.   Don’t panic; its okay. ”
    Her father dropped down slightly changing the angle of his penis and then shoved it straight up into Arlene’s G spot.   The woman threw her head back and her screams came out with the panting.   Her legs were trembling.
    “Fuck me daddy” Carol sighed and pushed her middle finger into her tiny young hole.   She almost screamed herself.  
    The young pushed back from the door and hurried to her own bedroom to finish what she had started and her mother dropped her legs exhausted.   Daren caught up the ankles and rolled his wife over on her stomach.   She lay there exhausted.   She didn’t move when she felt the cold Vaseline being rubbed on her asshole.   She didn’t resist when she felt him pushing more of it into her.
    “Try to relax” he said.   “It won’t hurt as much if you don’t fight it.

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      ”  That was when she realized he had pulled out of her.   That was when she realized that what he was about to do to her.   By then it was too late to resist effectively.   The head of his cock was already pushing between her ass cheeks.   His hand tightened on a fist full of her hair and he forced her face down into the pillow to muffle her screams.
    It burned.   It hurt.   His cock was so much larger than his fingers, but there was nothing she could do but lay there and take it.   Slowly he penetrated deeper and deeper.
    “Please stop” she begged.  “Please, it hurts. ”
    “I’m sorry” he said as he lay down against her back pinning her in place.   “Your muscles need to be stretched open.   It will take a few sessions before you get comfortable with this.   I’ll try to be gentle until you get used to it.

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      ”  Arlene’s knuckles were turning white as she gripped the side of the pillow and waited for her husband to finish with her.
    He closed his eyes and marveled at the similarity between his wife’s and his daughter’s assholes.   They were both so tight.   Slowly he began to pump.   He made a decision.   He would talk to his daughter about the consequences that would follow if anyone ever found out.   He would tell her that if they found out about him they would find everything.   He would make her understand the seriousness, and then he would fuck her.   He would tell her it was to help her, but if she resisted; well he would fuck her.