The Vacation


The Vacation: Part One The Boardwalk:      My name is Troy and I am fifteen-years-old.   Recently my family decided to go to the seaside for our vacation.   The day we arrived my sixteen-year-old sister Candice, asked if she could go to the boardwalk to check out the area.   Mom and dad decided that if I went with her she could go and see what was happening there.   Candice thought about it for a few hours and then she came to my room to see if I would go with her.   I only took two seconds to make up my mind and off we went.   As we were going down the road Candice asked me if I knew what went on at the boardwalk.   I told her that some of the guys at school talked about the place, and that they said; the really good stuff happens under the boardwalk.      Candice said that she really wanted to see the good stuff and would I go down under with her.   I was just as eager as she was so when we arrived, we went down the stairs to get under the boardwalk.   Halfway down we found a sign that read NUDIST BEACH ahead, Candice wanted to turn around right then but I convinced her that nobody would know we were brother and sister if we didn’t say any thing.   I then promised not to tell any one back home about the beach we found.   We soon found a secluded spot where we could take off our clothes.   The only problem was that Candice was shy and didn’t want to get undressed in front of me.
     After several minutes of talk she finally turned her back to me and took off her shirt, her pants were quick to follow as well as her bra leaving her in just her panties.   Candice turned back to see me drop my under shorts and kick them off my feet.

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    As she stared at my huge boner I asked her why she left her panties on.   Candice didn’t say a word she just hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and start to lower them while she watched my hard-on bob up and down.   Candice licked her lips as she pushed her panties past her clean and almost hairless slit.       I couldn’t help myself and just stared at her slit as it became more open to my eyes.   Candice didn’t take her eyes off of my hard-on either.   When she got her panties down to her knees she just let them drop and kicked them off of her feet.   Candice then asked me how big I was and I told her that I never measured it but she could later tonight if she wanted to.   She walked over to me and asked if she could touch it.   I was quick to say yes to her.      Candice reached out and took my cock in her hand and started to rub it up and down its length.   Without asking I reached out and cupped her Pussy.   I found her lips swollen and dripping wet so I pushed my fingers into her slit and found both her clit and the opening to her vagina.   I played for a few minutes and soon found that Candice was having trouble standing up so we got down on our knees and from there we lay down next to each other, and continued our playing around.      The more I played with rubbing Candice’s slit and clit the more her legs opened.   I soon found myself wanting to get between her legs so that I could have better access to her Pussy and clit.

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        The more I played with her clit the wetter she got and the more she would rock her hips in time with my rubbing her slit and clit.   I leaned in to get a better view of her now wide open slit and fell forward with my mouth landing right on her slit and I could taste the juices that were flowing from here Pussy.   I licked and sucked her to another three orgasms with each one being more intense than the last one.   I started to kiss my way up her body sucking as I went.   When I reached her breast I latched onto her right nipple and sucked like I was trying to get milk out of it.      I carefully reached between us and took hold of my cock and started to rub it through her slit and across her clit causing her to jump a little which caused my cock to slip into her opening without any trouble.   I started to rock in and out of her at an increasing pace going deeper with each thrust.   I found that Candice was no virgin as her hymen was already broken.   Candice was soon pushing back against me and we were matched in our pace and strokes.   Candice started to climax again causing me to blow my load as well.   When I felt the first spray of semen coming to the tip I pushed in as far as I could get feeling a slight resistance and then I was spraying the inside of her womb with my potent seed, filling my sisters fertile and unprotected womb full.   When we both came down from our mutual orgasms Candice asked me if I knew what we had done, with tears starting to come from her eyes.   My response to her was that she just got my cherry and that I filled her with my load of semen.   Candice really started to cry then saying that she was just over come with lust and if she had been herself that we never would have done it right now.   I asked her why and as she cried she said that she was ovulating and she wasn’t on birth control.

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        I then realized what she was saying and crying about, and dropped my head to show that i too knew what we had done.
    More to folow in part two Tat night in the Motel Room.  .