The Twins on Vacation


I’m sitting 31000 ft. above the Atlantic Ocean and trying not to think about the Bermuda Triangle, which we of course have to fly through.   I’m guessing Florida is somewhere off to my left, but I don’t care.   If I had my way, I’d have never come home.   Maybe I should back up.   My family and I are flying back from the US Virgin Islands.   I’m Ian.   I’m 18 years old, and have two sisters: Jorden, who’s my twin sister, and Allie, who is 18  Jorden and I are sophomores in high school, and we’re just finishing spring break.   We spent it on St. John, the smallest of the three U. S. V. I.
It was a great trip.   We rented a house just outside Coral Bay.   For those of you not familiar with the island, it’s 9 miles long, and at the widest point is 5 miles.

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    It’s tiny.   There aren’t any stoplights, and only 4 stop signs.   The fasted speed limit, at least official speed limit, is 35mph.   The largest town is Cruz Bay, and it’s smaller than the town I live in.   Coral Bay is on the opposite end of the island.   It takes about 20 minutes to get there since the roads wind up and down and left and right a lot.   The house we rented was about halfway up the “mountain” that dominates the island.   Let’s just say you better have good brakes to get back down the road.
The house itself was awesome.   The islanders have a different idea of what a house should look like, if I may paraphrase Jorden.   It was divided into 3 freestanding bedrooms, as well as a kitchen/dinning room.   The house also had a pool, and each bedroom had its own little sitting area, you know, one of those couch and chairs-around-a-coffee-table-in front-of-the-TV deals.   Although, the TV was a plasma screen.   The other interesting thing about the house was that none of the windows had glass in them, and the only doorways that actually had doors were the entrance, and the bathrooms.   Instead, for the other doorways, there were these garage-door like roll-up doors to keep the weather out.

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    I had fun with those.
So, anyway, that’s where we stayed.   The view was also killer.   Since we were high-up, we could see just about every one of the British Virgin Islands, which are right next door to the USVI.   We also had a great view of the sunsets over the bay below us.
Well, we got there Sunday afternoon.   Winnie, the lady from the rental company met us at the ferry dock, and showed us our cars.   We had to rent two because we all didn’t fit in one with all our stuff.   Mom, Dad, and Allie got a Jeep Liberty, while Jorden and I, since we both have licenses, got a Jeep Wrangler.   Most of the cars on the island are small SUV’s, for obvious reasons.   Once we had all our stuff loaded, Winnie led us to the house.   She unlocked everything for us, showed us how everything worked, and where stuff was, then left, leaving us explicit instructions to call her if we needed anything at all.
After that, it was time to see who got what bedroom.   One had a king-sized bed, one had a queen, and the last had twin-beds.   Allie ran into the one with the queen shouting, “This one’s mine!”
Jorden and I looked at each other, shrugged, picked up our bags, and went to the one with the twin-beds, since Mom and Dad had the one with the king, and were taking a nap.

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    We didn’t care, hey, we were twins; we were closer to each other than to anyone else in the world, even our parents.   Well, I immediately started playing with those garage-door thingies, much to Jorden’s amusement.   “You may be older than me (I was by 18 minutes), but you sure do have some interesting ways of having fun,” she said.   I just laughed.   I knew she was gonna start making them go up and down herself.   She and I are a lot alike.
Maybe I should describe her to you.   She’s about 5’10”, tall for a girl, but I’m already 6’, and our dad’s 6’4”.   She has long, wavy brown hair, which my mom and Allie are jealous of, which frames her face.   If you’ve seen the music video for the song Collide, the girl in it looks like Jorden.   She has an athletic build, but neither one of us are good at sports, we work tech crew in theater instead, running sound and lights.   Both of us have light skin, but hers is slightly darker than mine; she tans easier, and we both have ice-blue eyes.   She has small boobs too.   I don’t know cup sizes, but I’m guessing wither A or B cup.   She calls them her “handful tits.

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So, after our parents had their nap, and I played on my laptop a bit, it was time for dinner.   It’s an all day travel to get here, so we were starved.   We’ve been to the island before, quite a few times actually, so we knew the good restaurants.  We decided to go to Fishtrap; one of my favorites.   Mom, Dad, and Allie took the Liberty, while Jorden and I went in the Wrangler, quoting movies all the way in between switching gears.
“Fesic, are there rocks ahead?”
“If there are, we’ll all be dead!”
“No more rhymes now, I mean it!”
“Does anybody want a peanut?”
Well, we ate well that night, then headed back home and went to bed.   It’d been a long day.   We spent the next day at the beach hanging out, snorkeling, and I finished the DaVinci Code, a great book.   We went out to eat again that night, then came back to the house and crashed.
The next day, Tuesday, started out the same way, but, as I would later discover, it would change my relationship with Jorden forever.
We woke up that morning, ready to go.   The plan was to spend the morning at one beach, then go to another one in the afternoon, after we had lunch of course.   We decided to spend the morning at Salt Pond Bay.   It wasn’t too far from the house, so, we piled into the cars and took off.   We parked, then walked down the path to the beach head.

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    Once we got there, Jorden and I swam off towards Ram Head, ‘cause there’s some good reefs to go snorkeling around.  
About an hour later, we headed back towards the beach.   When we got back, we took off our fins and masks, and commandeered the beach chairs from our sister.   Now, before I go on any further, let me say that I had never looked at Jorden in a sexual way before, but seeing her there in her swimsuit, the way her boobs barely filled her top, how her bikini fit around her butt, even her long wet hair, made me realize how hot she actually was, and made someone down under get a little excited.   She looked over and saw me staring at her, and gave me one of her sly smiles, as I tried to move around to get rid of my newly pitched tent.
After swimming again for a while, it was time for lunch; my stomach told me so.   One of the reasons we went to Salt Pond was that the Shipwreck (a bar/grill, not an actual wrecked ship) was just back up the road.   They have one of the best burgers on the entire island, just hope you don’t get the crabby bar-tender lady as your waitress, it’d put a damper on your day, trust me.   So, while we were sitting there, talking about Jimmy Buffett, after all, I was eating a cheeseburger in paradise, Jorden looks at me and says, “Hey, instead of hitting the beach, why don’t you and I knock around Cruz Bay?  I’d like to go in some of the shops there. ”
“Sure,” I said.   “But let’s stop at the house first, I want a new shirt, I think there’s a guppy swimming around in this one.
“Fine by me, I need to grab my purse anyway. ”
“If you two go into town, have your phones on,” Mom told us.
“If you need us, we’re headed to Trunk Bay,” Dad added.
“Can I go too?” this one from Allie.

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“No, you come with us,” Dad told her.   “There’s some good snorkeling there.   I think you’ll like it. ”
“Well, in that case,” Allie said.
We finished eating, and agreed to meet back at the house by 4, so we all could get ready for dinner, and decide where to go.   We got back to the house, and I changed shirts, and Jorden grabbed her purse.
We got back in the Jeep and headed towards Cruz Bay, with my iPod playing O. A. R. through the car’s stereo.   This time, we talked about music.   We’re both musicians, and are probably going to make a career out of sound engineering for concerts.
“Don’t you think Mick Jagger’s getting a little too old to be touring?”  Jorden asked.
“Yeah, but I love the way he smashes his walker at the end of the show.   And Keith Richards looks like he got hit by a comet.

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“Be nice,” she said.
“What about Kiss?”
“Don’t get me started. ”
We spent a few hours walking in and around the shops by the Fishtrap.   I bought a shell necklace for a friend back home.   Jorden bought this thing that I forget the name of, but it does begin with an “S”.   You wrap it around your waist to cover up your swimsuit.   I have to admit, though I had no idea what it was, she did look good in it.   We also stopped by the Cruz Bay Watersports shop.   She found a swimsuit that she liked, but couldn’t try on, since she didn’t have underwear on: we never changed out of our swimsuits.   It kinda bummed her out.
“Hey, I’m sure we’ll be back soon.   You can try it on then,” I told her.
“Yeah, you’re right.   Besides, I’d like Allie’s opinion on it. ”
Right then, my phone rang.

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    “Hello?” I said, answering.
“Where are you guys?  It’s 4:30,” Mom said on the other end of the line.  
“Oh shoot, we lost track of the time.   We’re on our way,” I told her.
“Actually, we’re going to that new restaurant by us, the one at the bottom of our street.   Meet us there by 5. ”
“Ok,” I said.   “We’re headed that way right now.   If we get there first, we’ll get a table. ”
“All right, we’ll see you then.   Bye”
“Bye,” I said, then hit end.
“’Lemme guess, Mom, right?” Jorden asked, walking up behind me.
“Yep. ”
“How much trouble are we in?”
“I have no idea, but we’re meeting them at the restaurant at 5.   We’d better get going.

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“So what’s going on tonight?  I mean, 5’s a little early for us to be eating,” Jorden said.
“Hey, we on Island Time mon,” I told her using my best Jamaican accent.   “That or Dad and Allie are worn out. ”
“Nah, you know those two can go on for hours. ”
            “True,” I said, climbing behind the wheel of the Jeep.
We drove across the island to Coral Bay with the top down, and without the doors on the jeep.  
“It’s pretty down here,” Jorden said to me, curled up in her seat.   “It’d be neat to have a house down here.   One we could come to whenever we wanted,” she said, dreamily.
“Yeah, that’d be cool.   I wonder how hard it’d be to convince Dad that we needed one. ”
“I don’t know, why don’t you ask?”
“I think you’d have better luck with that, since you are his daughter. ”
“Maybe you’re right. ”
            We made it to the restaurant with ten minutes to spare.   I got us a table for five, and told the hostess the other three were coming.

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    “Just look for a tall guy with glasses in a Hawaiian shirt with two girls,” I told her jokingly.   She took me seriously.
            “Obviously not an islander,” I told Jorden after we had sat down.
            “No,” she said giggling.   “An islander would say something like, ‘hey, no problem mon. ’”
            True to fashion, they showed up 18 minutes later.   Jorden and I were just starting in on our second sodas.
            “What time did you guys get here?” Mom asked as the three of them walked up to the table.
            “About ten to five,” Jorden told them.
            “We were a little early,” I added.
            “So, how was your little trip?” asked Dad.
            “Yeah, what’d ‘ya get?  Anything for me?” Allie asked excitedly.
            “I got a cover up thing, and Ian got a necklace for Cassie.   Oh, and I also found a great swimsuit, but I’d like your opinion on it before I buy it,” Jorden told her.
            The rest of the meal was spent talking about our various escapades during the day.


    Dad and Allie went snorkeling around a small island in the bay; saw a shark, two sting rays, and an octopus.   Mom sat on the beach and read a book.   We noticed that Jorden and I were a little underdressed for the place; it was a little fancier than I thought.   Not a burger-and-fries in your swimsuit place, like Shipwreck was.   But the Mahi-Mahi was excellent.   Just don’t ask how much the bill was.
            We got back to the house around quarter after 7.   We all went to our separate rooms: Allie went and watched a movie, Mom and Dad read, and Jorden and I went to our room to watch CSI.   When we got there, she said, I’m gonna take a shower now. ”
            “I shall alert the media,” I said, trying to act like a British butler, but I couldn’t keep a straight face.   She caught the reference and laughed.
            About 18 minutes later, all the soda I had drunk at dinner were starting to call, and when nature calls, you don’t let the answering machine get it, you answer promptly.   And lucky for me, all the bathrooms were being used.   So I knocked on the door to ours.   “Jorden, I have to use the hopper,” I called.

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            “Come on in,” she called back.   So, in I went.   Don’t have to tell me twice.
            Allow me to explain one other thing about the house; this particular one has garden showers.   You know, the ones that are technically outside, but are walled in?  To get to it, there’s another of those roll-up doors next to the toilet.   If there’s someone using the commode, they can see whoever’s in the shower.
            Being twins, Jorden and I had seen each other naked before, so letting me in wasn’t too much of a surprise.   So here I am, peeing into the toilet, and when I turn around, Jorden’s standing there in the shower, pissing.   Now that ranks among my firsts.   Kinda kinky, but sexy in a way.   She sees me looking, and says, “What?  I had to go. ”
            So, I went back to the TV, with my newly pitched tent, and finished watching CSI.   It was the one where a dead guy’s found in front of a house, turned out he had fallen out of his parachute harness and died when he hit the roof of the house.  
            I heard the shower turn off with 18 minutes left to go in the program, and out comes Jorden……in the raw.   She came over, sat next to me on the couch, and snuggled right up next to me.

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    The text has just gone up to a skyscraper, and I can’t hide it.
            CSI ended, so we started watching Without a Trace, the one where the blind girl and her teacher are kidnapped, and the blind girl, who was able to escape, leads the FBI to the cabin with the teacher.   Partway through, I looked down at Jorden; she really was really hot.   She was laying there on her side, her head on my shoulder, her little tits, with their tan-lines, and little pink nipples pressed up against my side.   Her small, curved, firm butt with its lines from her bikini bottoms.   Man, I wanted her right there, siblings be damned.
            Without A Trace ended, and I was tired, so, we decided to go to bed.   I closed the garage door thingies, and made my way to the bedroom.   “Will you help me push the beds together?” Jorden asked when I got there.   Show was standing there, hands on her hips, her little tits staring at me, and a completely bald land down under glistening with moisture.
            “Sure,” I managed to get out.   “I’m guessing you have something planned that I don’t know about. ”
            “Yep,” she answered.   “I want you to be my first.   Mom and Dad even said they don’t expect us to wait until we’re married to have sex, and I want my first to be with someone who’ll love me the rest of my life.

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            “Besides,” she added, “I had my period last week, so we won’t have to worry. ”
            She and I pushed the beds together.   Then, I lost the swimsuit I was in, and climbed in with her.   We kissed, and our tongues met.   My hands were on her tits, kneading them, playing with them.   We broke the kiss, and she whispered, “Take me, I’m all yours. ”
            I positioned myself at her opening.   “You’re sure about this?” I asked.
            “Yes, I’m sure. ”
            I pushed in and hit her cherry.   Our eyes met, and she nodded.   I pulled back, then pushed, and tore right through her hymen.   She buried her head in my shoulder and screamed.   I held her tightly until the pain eased.   No going back now.

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            “Ok, I’m better now,” she said, wiping tears from her face.
            I started thrusting, in and out, and she met ever one of my thrusts.   I reveled in the felling of her pussy around my dick.   This was both our first time.   I felt the texture of her love hole, the tightness of it, the warmth.   Small moans escaped from her lips, “Oh, oh, oh, mmm. ”  I never thought I’d hear either of my sisters make those sounds.   Then all of a sudden, I hear, “Ahh, oh my god, I’m gonna cum, oh, yeah, ohhhh,” she said as she has her first orgasm, well, at least her first with a guy.
            “Jorden,” I said, “I’m gonna cum too. ”
            “Keep it in me, please,” she said, breathlessly.
            I couldn’t hold it any longer.   I blew my load right up her virgin love tube.   Her legs were wrapped around my back, and she nearly passed out as she had another orgasm.   We went on like this late into the night, then fell asleep in each others arms.
            We woke up the next morning the same way we had fallen asleep; snuggled together, naked.

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    We looked at each other, and smiled.   Neither of us wanted what we had felt last night to end.   Jorden looked down at her mound and said, “I have my brother’s cum inside me. ”  Then she hugged me.   “We’ll have to do it again sometime soon,” she said with a devilish grin.
            “Hey, fine by me.   But first, let’s go find some breakfast. ”
            “You guys are all alike. ”
            “Nope, just hungry. ”
            We pushed the beds apart, then put some clothes on; it wouldn’t do to walk into the kitchen before God and all in the raw.   We walked in, and grabbed some muffins.
            “Good morning,” Dad said as he walked in.
            “Morning,” we said.
            “Sleep well?”
            Jorden and I just looked at each other.   “Yeah, great,” we said.

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            “So, what’s the plan for today?” Mom asked Dad.
            “I thought we could spend some time at the sugar mill, then go to the beach, or shopping in Charlotte Amalie,” he said.
            “I vote for shopping,” said Allie.   She may be a tom-boy, but she still acts like a girl sometimes.
            “I don’t care what we do, so long as food’s involved somewhere,” I said.
            “Me too,” said Jorden.
            “Ok then.   Sugar Mill in the morning, Skinny Legs for lunch, then shopping in Charlotte Amalie?  Sound good Nita?”
            “Fine by me. ”
            “Ok then.   Everyone get changed and let’s go. ”
            Jorden and I went back to our room to change.   Neither of us had too much on to begin with, so, we stripped that off, then embraced each other, kissing.   We put on our clothes, brushed our teeth, the usual.   Then we all headed out the door.
            Throughout the day, Jorden and I stayed together, which isn’t all that unusual, but if one looked hard enough, they could see something other than a brother-sister relationship, even beyond a twin relationship.

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Well there you have it.   Comments welcome, depending on the response, I may continue the series.   Thanks for reading.  



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