The Turning test


"The Turing test is a test of a machine's ability to demonstrate intelligence. It proceeds as follows: a human judge engages in a natural language conversation with one human and one machine, each of which tries to appear human. If the human judge is consistently fooled into thinking the machine is a human then the test is passed. "

I am a computer programmer and single Father of a teenage daughter. We have a happy home and normal lives. We have the usual spats over unearned freedoms and transgressions but we love each other so we work things out.

I take pride in watched my daughter grow into a young women. She dated a little but not much for a 18 year old. I thought maybe she was not ready yet as she surely was attractive enough. My daughter's room is in the finished basement so she can have some privacy and her own bathroom. I think that last part is more for me than her as she can be fairly messy.

As a hobby I have set a personal goal to write a program capable of passing the "Turing test". I use on-line chat rooms as a way to interact with real people to see if the program could consistently fool them. Of course at the beginning the program failed miserably but with tweaks and time it got to be very, very good.

Unknown to my daughter I monitored all network traffic, to detect Internet intruders and to keep tabs on my daughter's activities. I was well aware that people lurked in chat rooms who may take advantage of a teen.

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   One day my Turing program automatically switched on when my daughter attempted to enter a chat room that I had on my black list as it was oriented to sexual content.

The program rerouted her to converse with my Turing program instead of the real chat room. My program has information about the subject matter of a specific chat room and slants its interactions accordingly. It can even act as multiple people so that she would not find it odd that there was only one other person in the room.

I happened to be working on my computer when this occurred so was alerted to what was going on. I entered the fake chat room as an additional user. I could watch all the conversations she was having within the chat room. When one of the Turing entities became too overt in their chat she cut that one off.

I was pleased but wondered what a smooth talker could do so I tried an experiment. I asked her if she had a web-cam and microphone knowing full well her computer had all the extras.

She wrote yes she did and I replied if she would turn it on for me which she did. I wrote of course you may find this too forward but you are a very attractive young women. She used her "you are saying the right things" smile that I know so well.

I noticed that she had disconnected all the Turing chat client's. I asked her if she wanted to play a game with me.

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   She asked what the game was and I said if I can name your favorite color she would do a sexy dance for me. She smiled and said guess away.

I guessed and she looked a little shocked and asked do you know me? I replied no but I can see your open closet and checked the predominate color of your cloths and used that for my guess. She smiled and said you are smart so I guess you get your sexy dance.

She stood up and I realized she had on her bed cloths, a short mid-drift revealing t-shirt, no bra and tight boy-toy shorts. She grabbed a CD put it in her boom-box and music started playing. She adjusted the camera and started swaying and moving to the music. She undulated her body shaking her butt and did a sexier dance than I could ever imagine from my daughter.

I had an erection in no time as the dance assaulted my male senses. When the music stopped she came back and asked "How was that"? I wrote it was far more than I hoped or dreamed. When she was dancing I felt she was the sexiest women alive.

She replied yea, yea but her face revealed she was having fun and was eating up my praise. She said that she needed to go but would be back tomorrow so maybe we could have some more sexy fun. I wrote it was a date and she disconnected.

I was somewhat disturbed by my daughter's willingness to show off to a total stranger but also understood she felt safe in her room behind a keyboard and web-cam.

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   I was uncomfortable that I so readily had an erection caused by my daughter. Before the web-cam dance I had not even thought sexually about my daughter.

Over the next week we would chat nightly and we both seemed to have fun. She completely ignored my Turing chat surrogates and only chatted with me. One night I noticed that she must not be wearing a bra as her tits jiggled. I wrote her asking if she was wearing a bra and if not would she flash for me?

She pause, check that the door was closed then she lifted her shirt giving me a good look. When she had put her shirt back down she said that before I got to see any more that I would need to get a web-cam so we could play "I'll show you mine if you show me yours".

I teased that I had to go to find a 7/24 electronics store. She laughed and disconnected. That was the first time I masturbated to my daughter's sexy body and down the rabbit hole I went.

During the day I attached my mike to a DSP that could modulate my voice to make sure I did not sound like her Father. The next night we were both in the chat room at our usual time. I turned on my mike and web-cam which was pointed at the bulge in my underwear. She said well big boy I guess I need to show you mine. She took off her top and pushed her tits toward the camera teasing her nipples.

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   I said that I have died and have gone to heaven.

She said if you like that you will love this. She stood up, turned around and slowly pulled down her panties revealing an ass to die for and puffy pussy lips which I crave. Then she said it was my turn.

I stood up and adjusted the camera so that it showed my bulge in profile. I slowly pulled down my underwear until my hard cock sprung up and out. She gasped and said it looked yummy. I asked her if she would sit so I could see her pussy, breasts and face and we could masturbate together. She smiled and did as I asked.

I started slowly stroking my cock and she was rubbing her pussy and tweaking her nipples. I heard her start to pant and moan never taking her eyes off what I assume was the image of my cock. As things got more heated and I knew I could not last much longer, I said lets try to come at the same time.

She smiled and started to frantically thrashed her pussy I also increased my stroke. Just when she said she was going to come and started shaking. I shot my load in several spurts.

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   When she had somewhat recovered she said we must do this again as that was one of her best orgasms. I said I would love us to come together and she laughed then disconnected.

My god, this was exciting, illicit and disturbing. My daughter was showing herself off to a stranger or so she thought and even came for him. The next night I decided to try to see how far she was willing to go. When we connected I had my web-cam on and pointed at a full erection in my underwear, she laughed as she was naked and already tweaking her nipples. I asked if she wanted to go a little wild tonight maybe try a little role-play.

She said sure, I replied that as I was a total stranger I may even be her Father why not do a Daddy-daughter role play. She laughed and said it was crazy as her Dad did not recognize her as a sexy women but said he was kind of a hunk and it may be fun.

I asked what my naughty girl wanted to do for her Daddy. She replied Daddy if you show me your dick then your baby girl will come for her Daddy. I pulled my underwear off and stroked my dick. My daughter started to rub her pussy telling "Daddy" I want to suck your cock and lick it slowly.

She went on to describe a sloppy slippery blow job. She asked me to cum in her mouth so she could taste and swallow her Daddy's seed.

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   I shot my load right at the camera making a mess of my keyboard and mouse pad with that she screamed I am coming for Daddy. While panting she said that was very hot and we must do it again.

Over the next two weeks we fell into the sexy daddy-daughter roles telling each other new erotic stories that made us both orgasm many times. I could not believe how sexy my daughter was and how beautiful she looked when she came. I wondered just what would happen if she found that all this fun was with her actual Daddy. I decided that I just needed to know.

The next night I started things off in our usual way then pretended that I heard the phone ring. I said I would be back in a minute and that my naughty daughter needed to keep herself all warmed up by playing with her pretty pussy. She replied that I needed to get back very soon as the only way she could come was when she had a close look at Daddy's cock.

Nude I crept downstairs to her room. The door was slightly ajar and I opened it slowly. There was my daughter playing with herself as Daddy had told her to. I started to move to where she was sitting then I heard her say Daddy it is about time.

She spun her chair around, grabbed my cock and engorged it in her mouth. Looking in my eyes she started giving me the blow-job she had described in one of our encounters.

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   Before long I could not help it and yelled I am cumming. I shot my load in my daughter's mouth and she kept sucking and swallowing. She held my legs and kept sucking. Not since I was a teen had I gotten another hardon immediately after cumming.

My daughter took her mouth off my cock and answered the question I had not even asked by telling me I had yelled my pet name for her when I came last week. It made her come extra hard so she knew that she wanted to try out her real Daddy.

She stood and took me to her bed and said Daddy let your daughter come on your cock and I will wear you out. With that she pushed me down and mounted my like a rodeo rider. From that time on my daughter and I fuck like teenagers and she is my real Daddy's girl. .


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