The True Story of How I Banged My Sister


The True Story of How I Banged My Sister
My sister Nan is two years younger than I. She has light brown hair that falls just below her shoulders, green eyes, and a finely shaped body with breasts just right for her size--firm breasts, with small nipples.   From the time her breasts first budded from her body, I imagined how they would look, how they would feel.   I imagined kissing the small birth mark right between her two breasts, then kissing one breast, and then the other. I imagined that I would kiss down her flat stomach to the treasure below.
When I would feel the urge, I would lock myself in my room and imagine my sister at my side, her firm body beside me, her hands helping me release the tension that had been building through the day.   At other times, usually right afterward, I would reflect on the fact that she was my sister.   I could not help the feeling that there was something abnormal, something wrong with me for having erotic thoughts about my sister.   But she was, well, just so damn sexy. And after all, they were just imaginings.
When Nan was 16, and shaped into full womanhood, my parents left for several days to attend a trade show.   They owned a store in town, and occasionally traveled to weekend shows, leaving Trudy and me alone together. Usually, we saw very little of each other.   I went to parties, she went to her friends. But this trade show was in Las Vegas , and my parents decided to stay a couple extra days and enjoy the town. They left Nan and me with specific instructions.

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   I was to keep the house clean, feed the dog, take out the trash, and all of that boring household stuff.   Trudy was supposed to help.   Instead, she decided to run off to see her new boyfriend.
“You’re not supposed to use the car,” I reminded her.
“Get over it,” she retorted. “I’ll fill up the tank and wipe off the fingerprints. ”
“I don’t like this guy you are dating. ” I told her. “He’s not worth it. ”
“Get over it again,” she said, rolling her eyes. “What, are you jealous or something?” she asked, grabbing the keys from the wall and heading towards the garage.
I was jealous, but I could not admit it. I didn’t believe that she had slept with her new boyfriend yet, but if he had his way all that would change soon. I didn’t want to think of anyone touching her young body, her standing naked and helpless as they spread her smooth legs and…well, I didn’t want to think of it.
After I heard the car pull out of the driveway, I called a couple of my friends.

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   No one was home, so I took a quick shower, popped in one of my parents’ hidden porno movies, and tried to think of other women, more mature, more experienced. As I stroked my cock, however, my mind kept wandering back to the trim figure of my brown haired little sister. How I wished that were her body I was about to cum to.
Without warning, I heard the car pull into the driveway. I grabbed my robe and wrapped it around me with one hand, fumbling with the video in the other hand. Just in time, I hid the video between Armageddon and Brigadoon, and tied my robe. My sister walked in the door, slamming it behind her. She was crying.
I am in so much trouble,” she said, glancing at where my still hard cock was searching for an opening beneath my robe.
“What happened?” I asked, trying to be casual.
“I scratched the car!   Mom and Dad are going to kill me. ”
“Don’t panic,” I said scanning her body. I could see her nipples growing beneath her spaghetti strap shirt.   “Tell me what happened. ”
“I stopped on my way to get some chips.

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   I backed out of the lot at the store and scraped a post.   I am so dead. What am I going to do?”
“Let me think. I don’t suppose we could have it fixed?”
“With what, you moron?” she asked. “Have you got any money? We need a better plan. ”
“We need a better plan? You’re the one who took the car. You need a plan. ” Actually, a plan had been forming in my mind since I saw her   nipples began to play hide and seek with my cock. It was a risky plan, I admit, but I had nothing to lose.
Damn! What am I going to do?”
“Well, there is one option. ”
“What?   Tell me,” she said, crossing the room toward me.
“I could take the rap for it. I could tell mom and dad that I went out to get some groceries and wrecked the car. ”
“You would do that for me?” A lovely smile crossed her face.
“I would.

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   For a price. I want something in return. ”
“Anything. Name it. God, I can’t believe you’re going to do this for me. ”
“Okay,” I said, taking a deep breath. I was afraid to ask, I admit. But in the back of my mind all of my years of desire pushed the words from my mouth. This was my best shot. “I’ll take the rap for you if you have sex with me. ”
Nan stopped short “What? You fucking slime! You’re a pervert!”
She stormed past me and into the kitchen. I followed. “Look,” I said, “you’re asking me to take a serious fall. I want something in return. ”
“I thought you would ask me to do your chores or something.

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   God! You’re a fucking pervert. ” Nan was screaming, a look of disgust on her face.
“Maybe. But I can’t help how I feel. It’s up to you. ”
Nan stormed up the stairs without looking back. “Fucking pervert,” she said as she slammed her bedroom door.
I sat brooding for a while. Everything had backfired. My hope had been that Nan would be reluctant, but would go along with the whole thing. I had seriously misjudged her. The sun was setting, and casting a glare on the TV, so I dropped the blinds and watched television in the dark.
I was nearly asleep from boredom when my eyes opened to see Nan standing in the archway of the living room.
“I’ve been thinking this over,” she said. “I don’t like it.

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   I don’t think it’s fair. But it’s better than mom and dad taking my license. ” She moved into the dim light cast by the television. She was not wearing any clothes.
Her body was even more beautiful than I had imagined. She was perfect, a goddess. My cock became erect almost instantly. I stared at her as she stood before me.
“This is a one time thing, right?” she asked.
“Sure,” I said, noncommittally.
“This is not how I imagined losing my virginity,” she whispered. “But I have no choice, I guess.   Tell me, what do you want me to do?”
I motioned for her to sit down next to me on the sofa. She untied my robe and opened it to reveal my hard member. “You are very big,” she said.

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“How would you know?” I asked.
“Well, it’s not like I haven’t seen one before,” she said. “After all, I may be a virgin, but I’m not a prude. ”
“Show me what you have done before,” I ordered. Without a word, Nan lowered her head onto my throbbing cock, one hand on my balls, massaging gently, the other on my chest. She began slowly, her mouth gently taking in the strange task she had begun.   Soon, however, she seemed to forget that we were brother and sister.   Her mouth began to move up and down my shaft with conviction.   As she took my cock fully in her mouth, I stroked her back with one hand, and her hair with the other.
Her mouth felt incredible on my cock, and I nearly exploded as she squeezed my balls with her hands.   Stopping her, I laid her on the coffee table and pushed her legs apart. She looked into my eyes, which were filled with a mixture of fear, anger, and desire. I knew that she had tried desperately to make me cum, trying to end the incident without sacrificing her virginity to me. I was not going to fall for it. I dropped to my knees and kissed the inside of her thighs.

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     I could hear her moan between deep breaths as my mouth moved closer to her virgin mound. I could tell she was aroused—she was wet and ready for me.   My mouth moved ever closer, and her moaning got louder. As my tongue got the first taste of my sister’s pussy, she let out a squeal. I wrapped my arms around her legs and forced her closer to my mouth. My tongue began to run the length of her tight pussy, probing a bit inside and tasting her virgin sweetness.
Trudy moaned and twisted her body as my tongue began licking her wet clit. Glancing up, I could see her nipples were hard as rocks, and her face was contorted in painful pleasure. My tongue began to move faster over her pussy. I pushed my head against her, increasing the pressure. Nan moaned a deep moan. It was no longer the uncommitted moan of a young girl who was tricked into screwing her brother. It was the moan of a young woman who was fully ready to be taken and owned by a man who desired her.
As my tongue licked faster, Nan ’s breathing increased. “My God,” she cried “I’m gonna cum.

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  ”   She pushed my head into her pussy, which was dripping wet and steaming hot. “God, I don’t believe—“
Her sentence was cut off as she let out a deep moan. I felt her body shake as she came. I continued to lick and suck her clit as she squirmed in my arms, crying with pleasure. She tried to move, but I restrained her.
“No,” I said firmly. “I’m not done yet. I’m going to keep licking you until you beg me to fuck you. ”
“You’ll be licking me a long time,” she replied angrily as my face descended onto her wet pussy once again.   She moaned and cried at the same time, but it did not take long for her to shudder again in a violent orgasm that nearly broke the coffee table.
“Fuck me! Oh, God, fuck me!” she screamed as I continued to lick her pussy right through the second orgasm. At first, I put her on her hands and knees, but changed my mind.
“Turn over,” I told her. “I want to see your face when I enter you. ”
“You would,” she said, lying on her back on the floor.

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   I grabbed her legs behind the knees and pushed her legs violently apart. I looked her right in the eyes as I descended upon her. My cock was throbbing and hard as I probed the entrance to her virgin canal. Then, with a powerful thrust, I bore my weight down upon her and entered her.
Nan gasped. I felt all resistance fade as my cock ripped her hymen and drilled inside her. I released her legs, which almost instantly wrapped around me.   My hands found her breasts as I fucked her. I did not start slowly or softly. I fucked her hard and fast and looked into her eyes.
Her eyes were staring back into mine. Her mouth was slightly open and she was moaning with every thrust. I could feel her intensely tight pussy surrounding my cock, squeezing it.
“You feel incredible,” she whispered, and I felt her tense into yet another orgasm. Her already tight pussy squeezed harder and I nearly came right then.


   I pulled out, and ordered her on her hands and knees. I entered her from behind, and grabbed a handful of her hair as I began to slam into her from behind. Her head tilted back, and in the dim light I could just make out her breasts moving with the rhythm of my increasingly hard thrusts. My balls banged against her clit every time I slammed into her, and I could hear her begging for more under her breath.
I did not want it to end, but my cock was swollen and throbbing. I could hardly hold back as I swung her face around to meet my willing cock.
“I’ll do it this way if you want,” she said, taking my cock in her hand and gently stroking me, “but you can cum inside me if you want to. I’ve been on the pill for a year. ”
“I’ll give you a break and leave it up to you,” I said. “You decide. ”
Without a word, Nan pushed me back onto the carpet. I watched her stand above me, straddling my body. I watched as she impaled herself on my throbbing cock and began moving up and down on my shaft.   I pulled her close to me, and lifted my head to her hard nipples. I bit and sucked one, then the other, as she moaned and taunted me.

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   “Cum inside me, if you can,” she whispered. “I want to feel it. ”
Less than a minute later, I could feel the pressure building. I moaned deep and my breathing changed.   “Oh yes,” Nan said. “That’s it. Cum for me, big brother.   Do it. ”
She kept a steady rhythm as her hips drove down onto me, pushing my cock deep inside her. With a load moan, I came hard inside her. Without changing rhythm or stride, Nan kept moving up and down “Oh, yes” she said “that is wonderful. You sure are coming a lot. ”
When I finished, Nan kissed me on the cheek and stood up. “Well,” she said “was it everything you expected it to be?”
“More,” I said weakly.
“Get over it,” she said smiling.

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   “It was a one time thing. I fulfilled my part of the bargain. Now you fulfill yours. ”   With that, Nan turned and marched defiantly up the stairs.



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