The Tool Shed


I followed my daughter meekly out to my tool shed. She’d warned me that I was spending too much time out there and neglecting my duties in the house and now I was going to be punished for it.
She wore only a tank top, shorts, and flip-flops and she wasn’t carrying anything. Great. That meant that her discipline would be “creative”. That was always the worst. I would have preferred a good hard paddling.
Scared as I was I couldn’t help but be turned on by the swing of Christa’s hips and her incredible ass. The next hour or three would be agony but there were definitely advantages to being my daughter’s slave.
We entered the tool shed. It was very hot as usual and the smell of sawdust hung in the air. I loved that smell. Little did I know I would soon come to associate it with fear and pain.
“Undress, daddy. Hmm…let’s see what we’ve got here. ”
I folded my clothes neatly and stood waiting for her next command, trying to prepare myself for the pain to come.

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   It was useless, of course. Christa always breaks me.
She giggled. “Okay. Come here, daddy. ”
I stepped forward and she took my dick in her hand and pulled me closer to the bench. She laid my dick in the bench clamp and started slowly tightening it. I stood there trembling, knowing that my manhood was completely at my sadistic daughter’s mercy.
“Bet you never realized this was at the perfect level, huh daddy?”
“N-no Mistress. ”
She stopped tightening. My dick was mashed flat. There was no way I could wiggle loose.
“Now let‘s see…” Christa inspected the neat rows of tools on the walls and shelves.
She took down a paint stirrer. One of the big ones for the five gallon buckets.

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“Now don’t squirm too much, daddy, or you lose your dick. ”
She bent it back and let it fly. It connected with my ass with a loud slap. Holy hell that hurt!
She did it again and again, covering my ass with hot red welts. When the stirrer finally cracked she got another one and continued to assault my abused ass.
She broke three of them on my ass before she stopped and nuzzled up against me from behind. I felt her nipples poking through her shirt. We were both sweating profusely in the heat of the shed.
“Having fun, daddy?”
Before I could answer the stirrer struck me in the balls and I screamed. I had to grab the bench for support so I didn’t fall to the ground and tear my dick out.
Christa went back to inspecting the tools.
“What’s this, daddy?” She took down the big strap wrench. “Looks like a pretty good whip. ”
“I-it’s a wrench, Mistress. You put the loop around something and tighten it.

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She slipped the loop over my forearm and tightened it then started to twist. “Like this?”
“Yes Mistress. ”
She continued to apply pressure. It pinched and pulled the skin and hair on my arm and slowly twisted my arm around.
“Ahhhh! Mistress please! You’re gonna break my arm!”
She chuckled. “Yeah, you’re right. I guess it is better as a whip. ”
She pulled the rubber strap loose and started whipping my back and shoulders with it. It did make an extremely effective whip. Another tool I would never look at the same way again. The sweat bathing my bare back only increased the pain.
“That was fun. I’m starting to see why you like being out here so much, daddy. What else have you got here?”
She picked up the telescoping wand with a magnet on the end for picking up screws and nails.

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She opened it up and whipped me across the back with it.
    I screamed.
    “That one really hurts, huh daddy? Well maybe you’ll remember that the next time you think about disobeying me. ”
    She continued whipping me. I clutched the bench for support. My dick was jerked painfully as my body twitched involuntarily with every stoke. Sweat and tears ran down my face.
    Christa stopped whipping me and put the wand neatly back in place. She picked up a vise grip and started adjusting it.
    “Okay, daddy. I’m going to give you a little time alone to think about what you did. ”She took two plastic straps and secured my hands behind my back. She picked up a second vise grip and adjusted it too. She crouched down next to me.
    “And this will…help you think.

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    She attached them to both sides of my scrotum. The heavy tools pulled my balls down and made even the slightest movement painful.
    Then she went around closing the windows, shutting out most of the light. Without the doors and windows open this place becomes an oven.
    Christa came up and kissed me on the cheek. “I had fun in your tool shed, daddy. We’ll have to do more of your punishments out here. I‘m going for a swim now. I‘ll be back to check on you in a few hours. ”
    She walked out and closed the door and I stood there bound and helpless in the dark and heat. My last refuge from my daughter’s tyranny was ruined forever.
    Here are the tools in case you aren’t familiar with.



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