The Tale of Two Sister's


Jesse is a fine beautiful 35 year old model turned home business woman.   She is 5’8” and 110 pounds, 36-23-36 without one scar, wrinkle or mole on her perfectly sun kissed body.   Her long lusty blonde hair and wonderfully haunting gray-blue eyes will mesmerize you at first sight.   Her sultry sexy voice will touch you in your most intimate places and when you see her legs well, you can say you so perfection.
I know all of her beauty and charms because we are sisters.   In late August of last year I came to visit her new home ranch she bought and refurbished in the Midwest.   It is on a remote mountain and she owns all of it, the entire 55,000 acres.   She bought it with one of her stock swaps after she incorporated herself.   Posing caught up with her and she retired to run the business from her home.   She now hires others to model in her place and earns thousands a month doing it without ever leaving home.
Her mansion use to be an 8,000 sq ft lodge she converted into a home.   It has three stories above ground, a cellar and an underground shelter below that built in an old cavern and made by her into sort of a museum / dungeon.   Three patio decks two above ground and both have sheltered and unsheltered hot tubs on them as well as a sun deck.   Nineteen bedrooms and twelve bathrooms, along with two dinning rooms, a monstrous modern kitchen and a sun room breakfast nook.   A Gazebo in the back garden centered among the most beautiful flower garden ever and two water fountain decorations flank it.   Then add the fact that an entire forest surrounds the house except for the entrance way which is gaited and you have the perfect retreat and hideaway home ever.

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She has only two workers to help care for it, and mainly she does most of the work.   A woman named Elizabeth is the cook and laundry maid.   She is middle aged but very sweet and still attractive.   Pleasantly plump, she is 5’5” and 200 pounds, and 45D-38-42, light brown hair shaved flat on top and to stubble on the sides with lovely green eyes.   Some would mistake her for a man at times but if you see her naked you won’t make that mistake.
Now Arden is 25, 6’2” 180 pounds and she is an Amazon.   She is from South America originally and took the job as gardener and landscaper when it was first bid out.   She stayed on to care for her creation and with dark complexion and matching hair and eyes of brown, she is more than attractive.   She is sultry acting and very recluse but with a figure of 38-26-38 she looks marvelous.
Jesse has a master bedroom on the top floor, almost 30 by 30 with a dressing room half that size connected to it with her sexy closet.   Sexy that is for all the fashions she has in it.   She does not parade around in them, but they are for special occasions because for all her wealth she prefers a flannel shirt tied at the base of her boobs and a pair of short pants made of silk and almost nothing else at all.   Her home office connects to the master bedroom and has every modern tool available, as her entire home also does.   The one thing she doesn’t have is a man.   She has had millions of them throw themselves at her and many more propose without ever seeing her in person, but she has shied from marriage and men after her only male lover was taken from her in a car wreck just before she graduated high school.


Then her I am folks, a sharp contrast to my sexy beautiful sister.   My parents said I wasn’t adopted but you sure would have trouble finding anyone in our family like me.   I was born ugly and got worse, at least that’s what my dad use to tell me.   I was 25 when I went to visit.   My hair is a mess and always has been.   It is kinky and frizzy and sort of a red brown and blonde mixed.   My eyes were gray and dull and then they got uglier.   Since my name is June you would think I was a sun goddess but truth be known my pale white skin rarely if ever saw it.   Worst of all is that 5’2” and 89 pounds wet I was a stick figure or freaking mop head as some use to call me in college.   No one wanted to date me ever, not even the ugly boys.   I thought about an alternative lifestyle but when you are 32-26-32 with a flat butt, not many people at all will pay you any attention.
I arrived that warm afternoon by taxi, and after being insulted with “Where too buddy. ”  He charged me $120 fare from the airport to her home some 45 miles away.   I packed light at Jesse’s request and carrying only two bags as I paid and stepped out of the cab, Jesse came flying to greet me.   The driver wanted an autograph and after a two minute chat he returned my fare and apologized for insulting me.

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    I knew the vision of Jesse did it so I accepted and we went inside.
The first night we stayed up until nearly three talking and walking around the house on my guided tour.   We only got the upstairs viewed and as Jesse showed me to my suit for a room, we sat on the big plush sofa and continued talking.
“So June how is your job search going, any luck yet?” Jesse asked so kindly and sweet.
I just shrugged my shoulders and said, “Sis, I have had better luck before.   I know the right job in marketing will turn up soon.   It just has too. ”
“Now June, I want you to think about something.   You don’t have to answer now, wait a few days and think it over,” Jesse said as her left hand patted my right hand.
“What’s that Jess?” I asked with an increasing amount of curiosity.
Still the picture of beauty Jesse smiled and calmly said, “I need someone to help market my new line up of models.   I need someone I can trust to do the job and maybe if they want to, to do some traveling around the globe.   Of course the right person could do it from here.   There is a spare office on the second floor that needs someone to rule over it.   Now I was just wandering if you would be available for that position?”
I started to answer right away, but her finger lightly touched my lips and she said, “Wait sweet pea, wait a few days.

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  ”  I think she knew I was going to say know right then, so I nodded I would wait and tell her before my visit ended.
She showed me how to call for help if I should need anything and then she kissed my cheek and headed to bed.   I crawled into that fabulous bed with a cloud for a mattress and silk sheets and comforter and as the clock said 3:30 I closed my eyes and fell sound asleep.
The next day I was awoken by Jesse who was clad in her normal wear.   I sat up and smiled in my oversized cartoon t-shirt and as I did breakfast was served by Elisabeth.   While I ate Jesse sat beside me and said, “You know we need to have some fun today.   Miss Angelique has two sessions open this afternoon, what do you say to the two of us going to spa for a massage and a make over?”
“Well anything would improve me, but Jesse you couldn’t get any more beautiful than you already are!” I said with honesty.  
She blushed and looked down and then touched my shoulder as she said, “That’s my wonderful little sister.   I love you so much doll. ”
With that she kissed my cheek and forehead and then as she stood up her boobs just about flew out of the flannel shirt.   I stared at them intently and with envy as she stood up.   She smiled at me seeing that I was spying her cleavage and said, “After breakfast we’ll get ready and go to the spa. ”
I looked at the clock which read 1:08 PM and I almost passed out, I had never slept that late since middle school.   I couldn’t believe the day was almost half over.   I ate all my food and then as Jesse led me to the walk in dressing room and closet in my suit and she said, “See if any of these fit you and pick one you like and we’ll go.

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    All I need to do is get my keys. ”
She went over to the love seat on the far side as I gawked at the clothes she had in there.   They were mainly my size and all were out of this world.   I found a hot pink jumper suit made of the shiniest lightest material I ever felt and as I stripped off my night shirt I stood naked.   I had no fear of Jesse seeing me as she had countless times before.   I looked for a bra and panties to match it as Jesse said, “Sweetheart you don’t need to wear anything under that. ”
So I slid it on and found some sexy matching pumps and off we went.   I admit that when I stood there naked I noticed her examining me and wondered if she felt shame at me for being so ugly.
As we flew down the roadway she slid her hand on my thigh and patted it and said, “Baby you look good. I mean you look very good.   That dress really helps bring your body out. ”
“What body?  I am as ugly as can be,” I replied in an honest manner.
“No you are not sweetie,” Jesse said rounding the curve, and then added, “if only you knew. ”
“I do know, I am ugly as a mud fence,” I said turning my head and looking the other way.
The car slid to a stop in the middle of the mountain road to town.

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    Jesse slowly drew my attention as she touched my shoulder and took my neck slowly causing my face to turn to hers.   Her eyes twinkled as she leaned into my face less than an inch from it she said, “June I love you. ”
“I love you too,” I replied as our mouths met.   Her left hand simply flew to my right breast and she began to fondle it with a sexual petting as her lips opened in from her kiss her tongue appeared and entered my mouth.   I felt it swirl and as she did it I wanted to repel her advance but her hand now teasing my nipples allowed her mouth a few seconds to explore mine which sent a shivering tingle through my body.
I looked in her eyes as we stopped kissing a second and she said, “I really love you June.   I want you so very badly. ”
“Want me?  Why?  I am…” I tried to reason as best I could but her lips returned to mine and after a deep passionate French kiss in which I actually returned her advance, I found myself swept into her arms and my body being adorned by her hands.   The jump suit was now being pulled away and her soft gentle hands caressed my bare flesh for the first time ever, by someone other than myself.   It was almost poetic that as I sat being stripped naked that a car would come roaring up from behind us.   We had to stop and redress me and to some extend Jesse and then proceed down the mountain.   After a few seconds Jesse slid her hand to my thigh and gently caressing it said, “June I mean what I said and did back there.   I have wanted to for so long.   I have dreamed of that for so many years.   I just want to show you how I do love you for more than a sister.

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“Jesse I never felt anything like that before and you know it.   I wish I could say how I feel about it, but I really don’t know,” I said as a tear slid down my right cheek.   I was confused by what I had allowed and even did with her.  
Then as we arrived at the spa, Jesse pulled to the back.   The alley way where she parked was hidden by a concrete wall and the solid back wall of the spa.   I sat there panicking over what I should do next as she lifted up her body and exited the car.   When she came around to open my door, I stepped out holding her hand and landed in her arms of my own desires.   I too hid how I felt about her for so many years.   Her mouth met mine once more and we kissed so tenderly that I began to tingle all over.   Her hands slowly caressed my flat bottom and then slid up to attack the sides of my breasts.   Her lips gently skidded down my neck and back up stopping at my ear she whispered, “Take anything you want of mine as long as you stay with me forever.   I need you June, I love you.   I don’t want to be without you ever again. ”
Now after she showed me some affection I released my inner craving for her.   She accepted my kiss and returned it and then as my hands lit upon her large breast, as hers caressed my shoulders and slid down my jumpsuit to my ankles in a swift motion with my help.

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    I stepped out of my outfit and shoes as she untied and released her cleavage to my adoring eyes.   She led me barefoot to concrete bench out back of the spa and there she sat me down as her shorts fell to the ground.   Her lovely shaven pussy inches from my body called to me.   As she swayed forward and backwards I wanted her and then suddenly she offered it to me.   I looked up as her hands caressed my hair and slowly slid my fingers over it.   She slid a hand to linger around my right breast and nipple and then without influence I kissed her warm flesh with my lips.   She allowed me to do as much as I wanted and anything I did sent a cooing sound from her.   I petted her soft inner folds like they were gold and then I began to kiss and lick the soft inner part of her folds.   Surprisingly enough I was bold enough to recline myself and help her straddle my wanting mouth.   I peppered her with my kisses and nibbling until felt her warm juices and saw and heard her reaction.   She was in a state of ecstasy as I fondled her inner hole with my tongue and her boobs and ass with my hands.   I brought her to another long erotic swelling before she pulled off my mouth and then made her way to my nipples and began to kiss them as her fingers toyed in my hairy region.   Her mouth worked miracles on me and for the first time in weeks I came.   This all before she ever sank to kiss my flower, and when she did I screamed in pleasure at her mouths working over of my pussy.   She was devouring me fully as the back door of the spa opened and out popped a very lovely woman named Angela.

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    She was a vision of beauty and smiling at us she said, “Well if you have time I would love to give you both the full treatment today. ”
We stopped our love making and proudly both of us walked into the spa naked.   The woman led us to a private room and placed us face down side by side on the table as she coated us with hot oils.   Her hands were like magic working over our calves and feet first.   Jesse kissed me as she caressed and massaged us and after a few minutes she moved to my thighs and I just sank my face on my arm and cooed between kisses.   When she moved to our butts I was tingling madly from Jesse and Angela knew it so she skipped straight up to our backs.   When the massage was finished I was a puddle of mud, and that’s where she led us to, a big pool of dark mud and in we slid.   Jesse settled beside me and we held hands and relaxed as a facial was applied.   We touched each other and fondled one another but also we released our fears and enjoyed the time there.   When we came out and were hand bathed by two young Mexican women.   Jesse asked Angela, “How much would they want to please my sister completely?”
She smiled and replied, “Maybe later Jesse, right now I need to have her come over to my stylist chair and let’s see if we can’t give her a masterful makeover. ”
I lumbered over as Jesse sprawled naked on the padded bench and showed her body to me.   She was dangling her fingers along her breast as she smiled at me with lust and desire in her eyes.   I had never seen that before in her, but it was easy to pick out now.  Her pouting lips blew kisses to me regularly and occasionally she would lick her bottom lip.

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Angela started to change my appearance immediately.   She worked over my hair and then cut it and trimmed it until it was just below my ears flat to my scalp and died a dark crimson red with a purple like tint.    Then she styled it to look boyish and it made me appear prettier even to me. The make up she used changed my face from faded white to a semi tan and after a few strokes and plucks I had two perfectly even jet back eyebrows and purple hued shadow that made me look good.   The lipstick she used was light and crimson and glossy and she matched it nail polish as the two young Mexican women did my nails and then my toes.   Then she told me, “I need you to follow me. ”
She led me to the table on the other side of the room and had me lay back on my elbows while she called in to play one the other helper.   A young thin blonde carrying shears and a razor appeared and took one look at me and started shearing me.   She trimmed down and then shaved off my muff and using some oily cream afterwards made it as slick as it could be.   Then she used a heavy sticky cloth that looked like a kind of hot wax treatment only no heat.   The results were a hairless bald shinny silky smooth pussy for sister who was drooling looking at it.
Then she worked the same kind of magic on my legs, and soon they were silky smooth and shinning.   Then the pair of them did my underarms and I am shamed to say it, but my nipples had several long black hairs on them and the treatment removed them as well.   They could tell I was on fire from all of the attention and when they led me to a tanning table and closed it on me; they inserted a small vibrating plug in my ass and my pussy to help me release myself.   I surprised them fifteen minutes later by almost crowing out in my expended orgasmic state.


Then I was taken out of the booth and washed with some fine soapy bath oils scent with lilacs and roses.   Towel dried by the two Mexican women I was led to Angela who supervised my next event.   A double lesbian work out by the young Latin women.   Seeing the two of them gnaw on my boobs made me so hot that I yelled out for more.   Jesse couldn’t wait any longer and quickly joined them and devoured my freshly smoothed pussy like candy.   When they prompted me to a highly explosive climax, Jesse then took me naked out to the car and hurriedly wearing virtually nothing but her flannel shirt we raced back home.
We arrived and she carried me from the car like a man does his wife on a honeymoon.   She kissed me ever step of the way and on entering into the house she asked me, “Will stay and be my lover and my sister?”
I nodded yes and then cried softly, “Oh my word yes Jesse.   I have loved you so long and would love to belong to you. ”
Smiling at me she kissed my lips and said, “I will take you and keep you June. ”
I think we made it to the dinning room table and then we melded into a heap of flesh and lust.   Her mouth devoured me with all inside her and my mouth tried ever so hard to please her as much. Streams of juices raced from our bodies and screams and cries of passion filled the air and as we made love fully and completely then and there, I knew I was hers forever.
I have since been tattooed with her name across the top of my pussy and the words, “Lover, Sister and Husband” on my ass.   She had me start a program to enhance my boobs with some herbal pills and now after the past eight months I have enlarged to a 34C cup and more importantly my nipples are erect and firm at one inch extended.

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    She adores me to be bare and so I please her walking around naked daily.   I also took the job working for her and on occasion I jet off to Paris or Rome for a model and if they please me I bring them home to her.   She has the right to test anyone I choose and she loves to test them with me in the bed at the same time.