The Storm


The next day, our parents finally made it home, and after hugs and making sure there was no damage to the trees in our yard, we all had lunch together, then all wrapped up and went outside to begin the task of shoveling the snow and ice from the front porch, walk, and driveway. While battling the elements, my mother hurt her back lifting too much ice at once, and had to retire from our task earlier than the rest of us. A little later, Dad got called in to work, since a lot of folks still couldn’t make it out. Mom was in quite a bit of pain, and changed into her night clothes early--one of Dad‘s old T-shirts and a pair of panties.
Kara had an idea. “Mom” she began. “Would you like a rubdown since you’re so sore?”
Mom thought about that for a second, then said “I think that would be great, honey. Let’s move onto my bed where we have more room. ” Kara followed Mom toward her bedroom, and motioned for me to join them. When Mom noticed me there, she seemed a little surprised, but didn’t ask me to leave. She laid on her chest with her arms under her head, which slightly exposed her light blue bikini panties.
Kara then said “Kevin, why don’t you take one leg, and I’ll do the other. Mom, you just relax, and we’ll do the rest. ” Kara started massaging one calf, and I followed suit, imitating Kara’s movements. We worked up her calves to her knees, then slowly we worked up her thighs, at first concentrating on the backs of her thighs, then moving to the insides. I was glad that Mom couldn’t see my crotch, as I had a huge erection already.

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As we worked on the tops of her thighs, we kept “accidentally” brushing against her crotch. I glanced at her light blue panties, and could see her pussy lips outlined inside them. She was also beginning to develop a wet spot that slowly got bigger and bigger the more often we brushed against her crotch. We then moved upward, massaging her ass just barely covered by her panties. As we did this, we moved her shirt further upward, further exposing her light blue rear end. Finally, we began massaging her back, which elicited some moans from Mom as we hit her strained muscles.
As we moved up her back, the shirt also moved up higher and higher, and though I wasn’t sure, I thought that Mom was helping us along by lifting her upper body off the bed a bit when the shirt encountered some resistance. Just a few minutes later, her shirt was bunched around Mom’s neck and shoulders, and we could see nearly her entire backside, except for her ass. Mom said “This feels so nice! Can you move back down again for me?”
Kara and I looked at each other, and Kara said “We’d be happy to!” So we reversed course, and worked our way down her back again. When we got to her ass, Kara’s hands moved under the leg band of Mom’s panties. When I saw that Mom had no problem with that, I followed suit, moving my own hands under the other leg band, massaging her beautiful ass. I took the opportunity to look at her legs, and they seemed to be spread out further than before, giving me an excellent view of her crotch. Her wet spot had definitely gotten much bigger than just a few minutes ago, and I wanted a closer look. So I began massaging further down her ass toward her pussy, which started pulling her panties further down her ass. When Kara noticed what I was doing, she started the same movements, and gradually the waistband of her panties began moving down, exposing more and more of her ass.

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   I stretched her panties down further, and finally, Mom’s beautiful pussy was exposed to Kara and me, and I was surprised to see how excited she was.
Her inner pussy lips were swollen, and pussy juice was seeping out of her. Kara became more aggressive then, and rubbed up and down Mom’s pussy, causing her to moan. I moved her panties completely off her ass and part way down her thighs, so we had clear access to her ass and pussy. Kara inserted a finger slowly in Mom’s pussy, and slowly withdrew it, eliciting another moan from Mom. I reached inside my PJ bottoms and began stroking my cock; Kara decided to remove her own nightshirt, exposing her upper body. She then inserted her finger into Mom’s pussy again and again, and Mom’s groans became louder and more frequent. Then I was surprised by Kara asking Mom a question: “Are you ready now?”
Mom responded with “Mmm hmm, I’m ready, honey. ” At that, Kara pulled Mom’s panties the rest of the way down, fully exposing her ass and pussy to both of us.
“Kevin, Mom wants you to fuck her now. Can you do it?” I gulped at the prospect of fucking my own mother, but just then she rolled over, pulling her shirt over her head, and exposing herself to both of us completely. I had no more fear.
Her boobs were small but cute, just a 34B size, with large and very sensitive nipples, light brown in color. She was in fine shape, with a 24-inch tummy. Just below, there was light brown pussy hair, the same color pussy hair on her mons that Kara has, but a little thicker.

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   And her pussy lips were shaved as bald as a little girl’s.
“I want you to eat me first” instructed Mom. “Kevin, please lick my pussy for me. And Kara, I’d like for you to suck my nipples, suck them like you’re getting milk from them again. ” I got between my mother’s slim legs, spreading them wide apart, and began licking between her pussy lips, tasting her sweet juices. Hers was not quite the same taste as Kara’s, but enjoyable nevertheless. Kara began sucking her tits at the same time, and I heard another long moan from our mother. I looked up, and noticed that Mom’s hand was between Kara’s legs, rubbing her pussy back and forth. When I moved up to Mom’s clit, her pussy juices began flowing even faster as she had her first cum from her son. When she came down a bit, Mom said “Now, Kevin. Fuck me now!”
I sat up and aimed my cock at her hole. She reached between us and directed my cock straight into her pussy, and I was in to the hilt with my first stroke. Kara climbed on to Mom’s face, and I could hear her licking and slurping Kara’s wet pussy. I began stroking my cock in and out of her pussy, and quickly, I could see my mother having another orgasm, this time cumming all over my cock. Just the thought of this made me cum, and she pulled my cock out just as I began shooting my cum, spraying it all over her pussy and tummy.

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   When Kara saw this, she began cumming herself, and shortly, Mom’s face was soaked with Kara’s juices. Kara fell forward, and began licking my cum off our mother’s body, while Mom continued to suck Kara’s juices from her pussy.
After we had all recovered, the questions started. It seems that Mom and Kara had been licking each other for some time now, but both wanted a willing (and safe) male partner. Mom didn‘t bring the subject up with Dad (she didn‘t think he would be willing to be seen naked by his daughter), so they pulled me into their little web. I was more than willing, but they didn’t think that trying to talk me into it would be the best way, so they kind of guided me where they wanted me.
The next thing I knew, we were all ready for action again. This time, Mom laid me on my back, put my cock in her mouth, and began giving me a blowjob. Kara took the cue and positioned her pussy over my face, and I began licking her sweet pussy. When Mom changed positions, never letting my cock out of her mouth, Kara stuck two fingers inside Mom’s pussy and began in and out motions. It was no time before Kara’s juices began flowing freely from her pussy, and she groaned as she came all over my face. My cock took a cue from Kara, and I shot stream after stream of cum into my mother’s mouth, which she greedily gulped down. Finally, Mom’s pussy began cumming also, soaking Kara’s fingers. She then rolled over onto her back, and Kara licked and sucked her pussy juices until she was sated.
It was then that Kara decided to reveal our little plan regarding Celeste to our mother.

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   We talked about how to do it, then Kara wasted no time calling her best friend, Celeste, and inviting her over for the night. Celeste said she’d love to come over, and Kara advised her to be ready for some fun times. When Celeste pushed Kara on that point, Kara just repeated “Just be here Friday. ”
At 5:30, Celeste arrived with an overnight bag in hand. She and I exchanged greetings, then the two girls ran to Kara’s room and shut the door, after acknowledging our parents. Mom and I gave each other a quick knowing glance before we headed our separate ways.
Dad ended up having to work a double shift the day before, so he went to bed right after Celeste arrived. Soon, Kara and Celeste headed for the kitchen, and our plan went into motion. I snuck into Kara’s room and hid in the closet, while Mom stayed in the living room. The two girls soon came back into the room from the kitchen, and had a quick snack and a little gossip before the action began. Celeste was definitely the aggressor, and quickly had Kara nude from the waist up. Kara was facing me as Celeste pulled Kara’s shirt over her head, then moved behind her to undo the clasp of her bra. Kara’s boobs fell free, bouncing lightly as they did. She began sucking Kara’s 32As, pulling her nipples with her lips until I thought they would pop off. This caused Kara’s eyes to roll back in her head as she began to softly moan.

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Kara then turned to Celeste, and removed her shirt, followed quickly by her nearly see-through bra. Celeste was only a little smaller than Kara, and had 30A boobs on her 18-year-old chest. Her hair was long and straight, dark brown, parted perfectly in the middle. Kara then became more aggressive, quickly pulling her friend’s pants and panties to her ankles. Being a little younger than Kara, Celeste didn’t have as much pussy hair as my sister, but the dark hairs she did have were pretty obvious. Celeste began showing off to Kara, doing a slow turn, then rubbing her slim but cute ass against Kara’s pussy.
Celeste then removed Kara’s pants, revealing that Kara was wearing no panties. “OOOH, did you forget something, Kara?” Celeste teased.
“No, I just thought it would be sexier if I didn’t wear them. What do you think?”
“I think it’s great, Kara. Maybe we should both start doing that all the time” replied Celeste. “Of course, except during our periods. ”
They quickly began French-kissing, and soon their boobs were mashing against each other’s. Celeste reached between them, and started fondling Kara’s boobs and nipples just like she had before, and Kara quickly began moaning again. One of Celeste’s hands moved down to Kara’s pussy hair, and played there for a moment before moving to her pussy lips.

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   Her middle finger slid between Kara’s lips, then Celeste pulled her finger out and tasted Kara’s juices.
“MMMM, you taste SO good, Kara. Lie down, and let me eat you now” commanded Celeste. Kara laid on her back and spread her legs wide, exposing her pussy to Celeste and to me. Celeste moved her a little further back on the bed, then spread her pussy lips wide with her fingers, before licking Kara’s outer lips, then moving to her inner lips and sticking her tongue deep into my sister’s pussy. She then licked up slowly until she reached Kara’s clit, which she circled with her tongue, never quite hitting her love button directly. This about drove Kara crazy, and the moans from her became louder and longer. Celeste then stuck a finger deep into Kara’s pussy and began in and out movements. Finally, Celeste sucked directly on her clit, and Kara gripped the sheets like she wanted to become part of them. Celeste’s slurping noises left no doubt that Kara was in the midst of a spectactular orgasm, and when she pulled her face away from Kara’s pussy, her mouth and lower face were covered with Kara’s pussy juices.
Kara eventually came down, and Celeste climbed atop her. Kara began licking her own juices off of Celeste’s face, and they began exchanging French kisses again. Celeste spread her legs on either side of Kara’s, and it was obvious that her own pussy was wet and willing. It was then that Kara said “Celeste, I have a question for you. Do you really think my brother is cute?”
“No” replied Celeste, and I could feel my heart sink.

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   “I think he’s HOT!”
“Would you like me to get him so you could fool around with him? I’m sure he thinks you’re hot, too!”
“But what about him seeing us naked?” asked Celeste.
“He’s seen me before, so it’s up to you” replied Kara.
“Then go get him--I’m ready” said Celeste excitedly.
Kara walked over to her closet door, opened it, and said “Surprise!” as I walked into the bedroom. After her initial shock, Celeste broke into a big smile, and walked over to me. I couldn’t help but start at her beautiful naked body. Her nipples were already at attention, and her dark sparse pubic hairs just added to her beauty.
“Celeste, your body is sexier than I have even imagined” I gushed.
“Thank you” she said politely. “Now let me see all of you!” And with that, she grabbed the waistband of my pajamas and quickly ripped them down, and we were all naked with each other for the first time. Celeste reached out and began stroking my already erect cock. “I’ve only touched my daddy’s cock before, and he’s almost too big for me to get my hand around. I like the size of yours a lot more” she said to me. I reached out to feel her boobs, then moved one hand down to her pussy. I could tell her lips were swollen and ready for action, as I began sliding my finger back and forth between them.

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   Her juices quickly coated my finger, and I soon began moving it in and out of her pussy, occasionally hitting her clit as she moved toward her first orgasm.
I glanced over at Kara, but she was too busy to notice, as she had a finger buried deep in her own pussy. Kara began to apply pressure directly on her clit, and suddenly she groaned loudly as she began to cum all over her own hand. Once again, I concentrated on Celeste, moving my finger to her clit, and applying direct pressure to her sensitive button. Celeste had to stop stroking my cock as her orgasm took over. She grabbed my body like a vise, and I could feel her cum as it dripped all over my hand. I quickly grabbed her ass with my other hand to support her, and she came again and again, breathing so hard that I thought she was going to faint.
Kara moved to us and we helped Celeste onto the bed. Kara spread Celeste’s legs wide apart, and Celeste reached out for my cock again, guiding it to her pussy lips, and slowly inserting it. I pushed it in gently, while Kara moved up to Celeste’s boobs, and began sucking on her nipples. This began driving her crazy, and she quickly came again. I continued my movement in and out of her velvety vise, and within seconds pulled out and shot my cum all over Celeste’s abdomen and pussy. Kara lost no time in scooping some onto her fingers and slowly feeding it to her friend, who greedily lapped it all up. “MMMM, your cum tastes so good, Kevin!” she exclaimed. “Quit hogging it all and let me have some more, Kara!” Celeste gathered some more cum for herself, while Kara began licking it out of Celeste’s pussy hair.

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   When they had finished ‘cleaning’ me, we all laid down and gathered ourselves.
In just a moment, though, I heard the door open, and we all looked up to see my mother standing in the doorway. As we all scrambled to get covered up, Mom said “What is going on here, kids?” We all stammered and stuttered, trying to find something to say, as she walked over to the bed and jerked all the covers onto the floor. “It looks to me like you three have been having the wrong kind of fun, or am I mistaken?”
Celeste spoke up first and said “No, you’re right. We’ve been having sex together. Please don‘t tell my parents…”
Mom sharply inhaled, then said “I’m afraid I’m going to have to tell them, Celeste. You kids are just too young for this. “ Mom seemed to think for a few seconds, then said “I know what I need to do about this. ”
Again Celeste, apparently quite worried now, said “What’s that?”
Mom then dropped her robe, revealing nothing on underneath, saying “Well, join you guys, what else?”
For a few moments, Celeste couldn’t figure out what was going on, then asked excitedly “Really? Are you serious?”
Then just as she did before, Kara said “Surprise, Celeste! We planned this all along. Mom’s been waiting just outside the door until she felt the time was right to ‘catch’ us. ”
“I thought I was going to burst in while you three were locked together having sex, but I wouldn’t want that done to me, so I waited until you took a break. I hope we didn’t scare you too badly. ”
“For a while, I was sure we would be grounded till I was 25” said Celeste. When we all finished laughing, she asked the obvious question. “Have you had sex with each other before?” We all told her how we started together, then Mom said “I’m getting tired of all this talk.


   Let’s get some action going. ”
Mom climbed on the bed and crawled over to Celeste, who immediately spread her legs wide. Kara and I just watched for a little while, while Mom quickly started going down on our friend’s pussy, licking and slurping all of her juices. Just minutes after, they got to a 69 position, with Mom on the bottom, and both were leaking juices on their way to a cum. Celeste was the first to cum, as her pussy drooled all over Mom’s face. Mom kept licking inside her pussy, and another cum was seen, causing Celeste to momentarily fall face-first on Mom’s pussy hairs. But within moments, she was ready again, and attacked Mom’s clit with a vengeance. Mom began to cum herself now, with juices that escaped Celeste’s mouth slipping out of her pussy, between her ass cheeks, and over her ass hole to create a large wet spot on the sheets.
Kara took the opportunity to sit on Mom’s face, and Mom began licking her pussy lips in much the same manner as she did Celeste’s. Kara leaned forward and reached around Celeste to play with her boobs, paying special attention to her nipples which were already erect. I took that as a sign, and moved in behind Kara to stick my cock into her pussy.
It was already hot and wet, and after just a few strokes, Kara was cumming all over my cock. Her juices ran down my dick and over my balls, where Mom quickly licked them up. Her licks, plus the ins and outs in Kara’s pussy, soon brought me to a numbing orgasm. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and shot cum all over her back and ass.

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   Celeste pulled away from Kara’s grip, and she and Mom took care of licking up my cum. I moved in front of Kara, and she took my cock into her mouth, licking her juices and mine off the shaft and balls.
Once again, I began to get hard with Kara’s stimulations, and we switched positions again. I was on my back, and Celeste sat on my face, ass toward my face, with her pussy lips hanging down like that was their normal position. I quickly stuck my tongue as far into her pussy as it would go, while I reached around her to pinch her nipples with both hands. Her juices again began running out of her pussy, and she began grinding her pussy harder against my face. When I used my lips and sucked her clit in between them, the dam broke again, and cum began flowing into my mouth and all over my face. My mother then sat upon my erect cock, stuffing it all the way into her cunt, and riding it like she was on a wild horse. Celeste scooted forward and pulled Mom’s nipples, giving Kara the opportunity to sit on my face herself. When Mom began to cum, she fell forward against Celeste, their boobs mashing against one another’s in the sexiest way. Kara could only hold her cum for seconds longer, before she also erupted, soaking my face again and mingling her juices with Celeste’s. I reached out and pulled on her nipples as she kept moving on my face and tongue, and Kara quickly had another cum. Once again, we all fell on the bed to gain a little rest.
While we laid there, Celeste’s mind began turning again. “Guys, this has been a lot of fun, but I couldn’t help noticing that someone is missing.

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   Where is your dad, Kara?”
Mom jumped in, saying “He was too tired to join us, but I think that we might be able to change his mind. What do you guys think of that idea?”
Kara replied for the group. “Just tell us what you want us to do, Mom. I don’t think he’ll turn us down for long, do you?”
“No, I’m pretty sure he won’t” replied my mother, as she hatched another plan.



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