The Storm - 3


Mom, Kara (my sister), her friend Celeste and I had just finished a vey sexy encounter, but Celeste wanted to bring one more person into the mix--my dad, who was sleeping in his bedroom.  
All four of us crept quietly into Mom and Dad’s bedroom. Dad was sleeping on his back, with only a sheet to cover him, and it was partially kicked off. Mom lifted the sheet, and pulled it off his body, revealing him to be completely naked (apparently the way he liked to sleep). She signaled for Kara to start playing with Dad’s cock, and she was more than willing. Dad began to stir, but because he kept the bedroom pitch dark, he couldn’t tell who was fooling around with him.
“Hi, honey! I’d thought I’d surprise you” said Mom. She was standing right next to Kara, so that it sounded like my mother was the only one in the room. Kara kept stroking Dad’s cock, slowly bringing it to a full erection.
“MMMM, this is the way to wake up, that’s for sure. Can you go down on me now?” he asked.
“Only if you’ll do me at the same time” she replied.
“You are so wicked--but that’s why I married you. A 69 it is. ” And with that, Kara moved around so that her pussy was right in Dad’s face, and he immediately began sucking and licking for all he was worth. Kara kept on sucking her father’s cock, apparently having no trouble with its larger size.

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Then Dad stopped and asked Mom “Have you done something different, ‘cause your pussy tastes a little funny tonight. ”
Mom quickly asked “Is it a bad funny or a good funny, hon?”
“No, it’s not bad, just different” replied Dad. “I kind of like it. ”
“Just enjoy it then, and I’ll tell you later” said Mom, and Dad went back to sucking Kara’s pussy. Soon, Dad said “Honey, I’m about to cum. ”
“Well why don’t you cum in my pussy then?” asked Mom.
“OK, you’re the boss” replied Dad, not knowing the surprise he was about to get. On my mother’s signal, Kara sat up on Dad’s face, and Mom climbed on top of his cock and slowly sat down. Somehow, it took him a second to realize that there were now two pussies on him, and then he said “What’s going on here? Who’s in here with me?”
Mom said “Turn on the light, Mark. I have a surprise for you. ”
Dad reached out for the lamp on the nightstand, and we all broke into smiles at his shocked reaction. “Kara, Kevin…what are you all doing in here naked? Natalie, what gives?”
Mom said “We wanted to have a party, and thought you’d like to join us. How about it?”
Dad looked at Kara, then Mom, then finally noticed Celeste standing in the background playing with my cock, and me with a finger buried in her cunt, and said “It looks like I’ve already joined. ” He pondered this for a moment, then said “Well what are we waiting for?”
With that, Kara planted her wet pussy on Dad’s face again, while Mom began moving her cunt up and down Dad’s cock, soaking it with her juices. Celeste and I climbed on the bed, and she spread her legs wide open so that Dad could see.

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   I moved between her legs, and quickly inserted my cock deep into her with one thrust, and began in and out movements that were accompanied by squishing noises with each movement. Celeste reached out and grabbed one of Dad’s legs with one hand, the bed with the other, and matched me thrust for thrust as she began cumming all over my cock. Her cum dripped out of her pussy and started a wet spot on my parent’s bed.
All the while, Mom’s pussy began its own dripping, and she quickly came all over Dad’s cock. “OH, GOD, Mark, keep pumping my pussy!!” she said. Dad increased the speed of his pumping, and soon, he said “Natalie, I’m cumming, too!!” Mom quickly pulled off his cock, and cum spurted everywhere. It landed on his chest and abdomen, and even hit Mom’s boobs. When Kara saw this, she immediately soaked Dad’s face with her own cum. Dad sucked and licked as much as he could, and I quickly joined him in licking my sister’s juices off her pussy and legs. Celeste wasn’t about to be left out of the action, and joined my mother in licking Dad’s cum off his chest, then moved to Mom’s boobs, licking them clean as well, and sucking her nipples at the same time. That move excited my mother once again, and the two of them paired off in a sexy 69 of their own.
Kara began licking Celeste’s and my juices off my cock, and I quickly became hard once again. I stroked my dad’s cock until it was as erect as before, then Kara got into a doggie position. I moved to her head so that she could suck my dick, while Dad got into position behind her and slowly inserted his cock into her pussy. She was tight at first, but as her juices began to flow more freely, Dad was able to get deeper and deeper, until about four of his six inches were stroking in and out.

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   Kara began moving her hand over the shaft of my cock, and her lips over the head, until I felt my next cum rising. I reached out and stroked her nipples, causing her to moan slowly. Dad began to move his cock faster inside her pussy, and soon he pulled out, shooting cum all over her back and ass. He replaced his cock with two fingers, and continued the in and out movement. Kara’s juices were flowing freely, dripping all over his hand, when suddenly she threw her head back and began gasping for air. The timing was perfect, as my cock became shooting cum all over her hanging boobs, as well as her hand.
Kara collapsed against me, and we could see Mom and Celeste next to us, going at it hot and heavy. Both pussies were covered by a mouth, and the slurping noises they made would have made a dead man horny. Mom then reached out to the nightstand, pulled out a slim dildo, and began inserting it into Celeste’s pussy. When she pulled it out, you could easily see that the dildo was covered with her juices. Mom slipped it in again, and began short in and out movements that drove Celeste crazy. As her breathing became faster and faster, Mom’s movements also increased in speed. Finally, Celeste pulled her legs back and wrapped them around Mom’s shoulders, just as cum began pouring out of her pussy. Mom pulled the dildo out of Celeste, and you could easily see her cum leaking out of her and onto the bed. As Mom licked her juices off the dildo like a candy cane, I moved to Celeste’s pussy and began my own licking and sucking, tasting her sweet juices.

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Celeste then attacked Mom’s pussy with renewed vigor. She started licking deep within Mom’s love canal, then replaced her tongue with her fingers as she sucked hard on Mom’s clit. This finally put Mom over the edge, and her juices cascaded out of her pussy and onto Celeste’s face. Dad had the best vantage point for this, and licked Mom’s juices off her legs and off Celeste’s face. This quickly led to the two of them being locked in a passionate French kiss, while Mom climbed off to allow Dad free access.
Dad took the cue, and put his half-erect cock at the entrance to Celeste’s pussy. He began rubbing himself up and down, keeping Celeste excited all the while, and causing his cock to become harder. Celeste helped herself out a bit by pulling and twisting her nipples so they stood erect. Dad then positioned his nearly erect cock right on Celeste’s clit, and rubbed it all around. She inhaled sharply, not letting her breath out until he finally inserted his dick into her wet pussy. Only a few long strokes later, Celeste was breathing hard, and again her pussy juices were flowing as she had yet another cum. She reached around Dad as she came, and wrapped her legs around his back to try to pull him in even further. Dad’s strokes became faster, and quickly he sat up, pulled out of her pussy, and shot his load all over Celeste’s boobs and abdomen. His first couple of shots were mainly in her pussy hair, the next few were all over her boobs and stomach. When they finally released each other, they were pretty well spent.

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   He climbed off her, and Mom and Kara enjoyed themselves as they licked Celeste clean, even sharing some of Dad’s cum with her.
As we all caught our breath, Dad finally said “That was the best sex I’ve ever had. Oh, no offense, Natalie. ”
“None taken, honey, ‘cause I know what you mean. ” As Mom reassured Dad, we all chimed in with our approval, too.
“You will have to excuse me now” said Dad “but I have to go to the bathroom. ”
Celeste quickly asked “Can I watch? I’ve never seen a man pee. ”“That’s kind of weird, but I guess there’s no harm in watching me” replied Dad.
“You can even watch me, cause I have to go too” echoed Celeste. The two of them started off to the bathroom, then Kara quickly joined them.
When they got to the bathroom, Dad said “It’s easier for you to watch me than for me to watch you when you’re on the toilet. Why don’t we all do it in the tub, and we can see each other that way?”
The girls said “That sounds great!” and all climbed into the tub at once. Mark grabbed his cock, aimed it at the two girls in front of him, and peed all over them.
“Ooohh, Daddy. That feels so warm.

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   I love it!” exclaimed Kara.
Celeste added “Turn around, Kara. Let him spray our backs and butts too!”
“Cool! I wish I could do this all day” said Kara. Both girls turned around while Mark’s pee cascaded down their backs and asses until hid urine was exhausted. After he was finished, Mark said “Your turn, girls. ”
“I’ll go first” said Kara. “I’m about to bust now. ” Jack laid down in the tub, and Kara squatted over his midsection. The floodgates opened then, and Jack felt his daughter’s pee flowing freely over him. It was a very warm flow, and indeed very sexy to feel. He rolled over and let her pee on his back. He could feel her urine flow down his back and over his sides at his belt line. Finally Kara was finished, and Celeste was next. He remained on his chest, and felt her piss flowing right over his ass. Her stream felt almost sexy as it ran between his ass cheeks and over his balls to the tub.

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       He quickly rolled over so that her piss was now flowing over his cock and balls directly. And he could feel an erection developing as a result of this golden shower.
    When Celeste was finished, Jack stood in the shower with two sexy naked teenagers, wondering what had happened this evening. “I think we need to take a shower now, cause this will become pretty rank after a while. ” So he turned the water on, and the three of them shared the shower together.
    “Daddy, will you wash me off please?” asked Kara in her sweetest voice.
    “Sure, sweetie, I’d be glad to” responded Jack. He squirted some liquid soap first down Kara’s back, and she squealed.
    “That’s cold, Daddy. Can you warm me up?” Jack spread it around, working it into a lather on her back and ass, while Celeste got a handful and began washing Kara’s front side. Both worked from shoulders to bottom, with Jack paying special attention to Kara’s ass, and Celeste giving her boobs and nipples the best cleaning they had ever gotten. Jack then moved his hand between Kara’s legs and began massaging her pussy lips, quickly sliding between them. He stuck one finger into her pussy hole, and began in and out movements, noticing that Kara had quickly become very wet already. Celeste continued massaging and rubbing Kara’s nipples with one hand, then moved the other to attack her clit. Kara, upon feeling two different hands working on her pussy, rapidly became aroused, then had a crashing orgasm, spilling her juices all over her father’s finger and hand.

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       Celeste then put direct pressure on Kara’s clit, and she came so hard that Jack had to support her with his free hand, as she nearly passed out.
    After she recovered, Kara soaped her hand up, and began cleaning her friend, along with her father. Kara worked on Celeste’s back and ass, even pausing to insert a fingertip into her asshole. Jack decided that a little stimulation of her nipples were in order, then moved over her tummy to her lightly haired pussy. Just like with his daughter, his finger slipped immediately into Celeste’s pussy, and he moved it in and out and all around her insides, feeling every inch of her innermost areas.
    “GOD, this feels SUPER!” exclaimed Celeste as Jack brought her nearer to her own orgasm. “Kara, put your finger in my butt again. ” Kara responded by inserting her fingertip into Celeste’s asshole again. Jack continued moving his finger inside her pussy, stopping only long enough to rub on her clit, then move back into her fuck hole again. Celeste felt her knees began to shiver, and then she came almost before she knew what was happening. Jack put his head between Celeste’s legs, and began sucking directly on her clit as he put his thumb into her hole again. In no time, she had cum again, and Jack had to put his hands under her ass to keep her from falling. When he pulled his mouth away from her clit, it looked like a miniature marble.
    Then it was his turn to be “cleaned. ” Both girls got soap on their hands, then went to work on him.

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       They both started on his chest, soaping his chest hairs, then concentrating on his nipples, getting them as erect as possible. Then they moved down his torso to his stomach and lower. Both bypassed his cock, deciding to work on his legs first. As they moved up his thighs, he noticed that they kept brushing against his balls, and also noticed that his cock was getting harder by the second. When they saw this, they giggled and started cleaning his cock. It felt so sexy to have two pairs of hands slipping and sliding over his cock, and he knew that it would only be a short time before his cum began shooting out of his cock. Mark looked at the two naked female bodies in the shower with him, with their little tits jiggling with their movements, and seconds later his cum was shooting all over both girls’ hands. Celeste aimed his cock head at her chest, and let some cum shoot on her, then did the same for Kara. Both girls spread his cum all over each other’s bodies, then retrieved the soap to clean them all up at last.
    As they dried off, Mark wondered aloud “I wonder what the other two have been doing all this time?” The three of them walked down the hall toward the bedroom, only to find Kevin and Natalie having some fun of their own. Kevin was getting his cock sucked off by his mother, and judging by the look on his face, was not far from cumming himself. Natalie had all of Kevin’s cock buried in her mouth, and her head was bobbing up and down over its entire length. For his part, Kevin had three fingers buried deep in his mother’s pussy, and the squishing sounds made each time he moved in and out could be heard clearly. Immediately, Kevin began shooting his cum in his mother’s mouth, and when she pulled it out, all over her hand, and she lapped all of it up quickly. He then increased the speed of his motions with his hand, and Natalie caught her breath as she began cumming all over Kevin’s hand.

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       Kevin licked and sucked as much of her cum from her pussy as he could, and then licked it from his fingers and hand as well.
    “Wow, that was sexy, you guys!” said Celeste. “I could get hot again just by watching you two. ”
    “Maybe so” said Natalie, “but I think we both need a break right now. ”
    We all agreed that we all needed to sleep for a while now, so the five of us decided to give it a rest for the night. Besides, there will be plenty of time for more fun after we all got a good night’s sleep.