The Recollections of a Father


Like I had said earlier, I was in one of those dry spells having to do with incest, I mean I really didn't think about it that much. That was all to change one eventful night. All the kids had grown up. Kylie was 15, Kaylee was 18 and Jason was 12, we obviously wanted to keep them close in age. One night, I want to say Friday or Saturday, I was up by myself watching TV. My wife was out of town on business, and Jason was at a friends house, so it only left myself and my two daughters. Since my wife was gone for about 3 days now I was getting a little horny, so I went to the local video store to rent some nasty forbidden porno, something out of the ordinary, I like to switch it up a little bit, I wasn't really satisfied with the standard pornos anymore. This had a littl bit of everything, preggo sex, dominatrix, lesbians, a little something for everyone. It was late that evening when I popped the tape in my VCR in my bedroom. I was sure that the girls were asleep so I could masturbate in peace. This movie was great, I was totally into it, so much so that I could not hear my bedroom door open. Unfortunately when you opened our bedroom door the TV was facing you, and our bed was up against the wall. I couldn't hear the door open and I didn't really notice since i was so engulfed with this new video that I had just rented. I did, however, hear the door practically slam shut. I was startled and frightened at the same time. I couldn't believe I had just been caught masturbating to a porno by one of my own daughters.

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   I never thought that would happen to me. I quickly turned the TV off and put on some clothes. I sat on my bed wondering if I should just let this go or if I should go talk to my daughter. I decided I had to go talk to her and walked out of my room down the hallway and looked into both girls' rooms. First I looked into Kaylee's but you could tell she had been hard asleep for hours. So I ruled out that it had to by Kylie. I slowly opened the door and heard some rustling in the bed. I had picked the right room indeed. I slowly walked in, carefully, not really knowing what was going to happen. As I approached her bed I could sense she was breathing hard, I asked if she was alright but received no answer. "Kylie, I know you were just in my room. I think we should talk if it's alright with you. ""What makes you think I want to talk with you after seeing that disgusting stuff on your TV?""I'm sorry, you shouldn't have seen that, and I really shouldn't have been watching it. Please can we talk?""Why were you watching it? What was it?""Well, daddy wanted to do some things by himself, because mommy wasn't here. It was a type of movie some people watch when they want to.

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  . . . uhhhh. . . . . . pleasure themselves. "She turned over onto her side, facing me. I could barely look into her eyes I was so ashamed of myself. "What do you mean pleasure yourself?" she asked, "wouldn't mommy get mad if you were doing that?""Well, actually, mommy helps me do that a lot of times, without those movies, but I wanted to watch those movies because mommy wasn't here tonight. "I really couldn't believe what I was saying, I was actually telling my 18 year old daughter what her parents do when they're alone. I was telling her about pleasuring myself.

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  "I saw you naked and doing something with your penis. " She said, "what were you doing with it?""I was playing with it. It's called masturbating. Everyone does it, even girls, but they don't have penises so they do it other ways. ""Oh you mean like when I touch myself down here" as she moved a hand and placed it over her panties covering her budding vagina. "Is it like the same thing?" She asked. "Yeah it is the same thing. It's called masturbating, like I said, it makes that person feel better inside when they do it. Doesn't it make you feel better inside after you do it?""Oh yes. I love it. Me and Kaylee did it too eachother before and we both loved it. "I was beginning to get so turned on by this conversation. My cock began to swell up and get rock hard right infront of my daughter. It wasn't too hard to see under the soft fabric of my pajamas that I had been wearing. I could tell she noticed my cock right away with a dead on look right at it.

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  "Daddy. You wouldn't be mad if I asked you if I could see how you masturbate would you? I only got to see a little when I walked into your room because I left so quickly. "Was this actually happening? My teenage fantasies, were they coming true? I didn't want to give in to quickly, but I would eventually give her what she wanted. "Well I don't know if that's such a good idea Kylie. I mean you shouldn't have seen me masturbating in the first place in my room, I don't know if it would be a good idea to show you now. ""Please I'll do anything daddy. I just want to see how you do it. ""Well maybe just a little but you have to promise not to tell anyone, not even Kaylee. ""Ok I promise. "So with that I removed my pajamas just past my erect penis. I'm not going to lie and say it was a monstrous 18 in. It was of average length, about 6 1/2in. but just a little thicker than normal. I put my hand around my cock and started moving it up and down slowly, looking at Kylie's face the whole time. She was in aww.

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   Mouth open and eyes wide, she couldn't stop staring. "Hey baby, why don't you pull down those panties of yours and you can do the same thing as daddy with yourself. "She didn't say anything. She just lay back and slipped off her white cotton panties and put a hand over her cunt and started massaging her clit. We both layed back down onto her bed, side by side. I asked if she would like to switch and do it to eachother and she complied. As I slowly reached over with my right hand she did the same with her left and grabbed my cock. I gently placed my hand over her entire cunt and then slowly worked into messaging her clit. Low moans came out of her mouth and I knew I was having an effect on her. Her little hand felt so good around my cock just moving up and down slowly. Her hands were already moist from her own juices and not too rough when she stroked me, it was heavenly. I built up the courage to ask her if she wanted to get completely naked and take off her shirt. That way I could suck on her nipples and make her feel even better. She was willing and pulled her shirt off, as I did too. I moved my head over and gently blowed on her nipples.

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   It sent a shiver into her body as she giggled. I then moved my tongue down to her left nipple and encircled it ever so slowly. She arched her back from the pleasure it gave her and smiled with content. "Can you do that same thing to me down there daddy? I want to see how it feels. ""Of course I will honey, whatever makes you feel good. "I moved down to her clit and took it in my mouth sucking on it and lashing it with my tongue. I nibbled on it for a few seconds and then went down to her vagina opening. I protruded with my tongue with made her shake and arch her back again. She moaned louder this time with pleasure. I worked my tongue in a little farther and then pulled out. I started darting my tongue back and forth into her vagina, all the while with finger caressing her clit. "Baby I'm going to put a finger into your vagina to make it feel better if it's ok with you. " She just nodded her head affirmation. I stopped the tongue thwarting and removed my finger from off of her clit. I slowly pressed my middle finger up to her vagina and began to press in.

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   She just layed there, eyes closed and enjoying every second of it. I pushed my finger in all the way it could go, and took it back out again, and then pushed it in a little harder. With each thrust she moaned. "God that feels good daddy. Is this what you and mommy do with each other?""Yes honey. This and a lot more. ""What else do you do together?" she asked. "Well a lot of times I put my penis into her where my finger is in you right now. ""Does that make her feel good too?""Yes, it makes her feel real good baby" I replied. "Can we do that daddy? Please. I want to feel good like mommy. ""Alright, but it might hurt you for just a little bit, but after that it will feel really good, ok?""Ok, just don't make it too bad. "With that I raised myself so I was over her. I grabbed my cock and placed it at her opening. I slowly pushed my head in a little further and a little further.

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   She moaned and whimpered at the same time. I assured her it would be ok, she would just have to stand it until my whole penis was in. After a minute or two half of my cock was in her vagina, and I could see tears rolling down her cheek. "Are you ok babe do you want me to stop?""No keep going it feels good already daddy. "I kept on, and pushed my whole cock through her hymen and into her cunt as far as it would go. She moaned loudly, I thought Kaylee was going to wake up, but didn't really care at this point. I pulled my cock out to about half way and then thrust it back in, and then out again, and in. My balls were slapping up against her ass and she was rocking back and forth to my fluid motions. I just kept going faster and faster, harder and harder. She was moaning continuouslly. Sweat was forming around my forehead. I wrapped my arms under her arms and grabbed her shoulders and started pounding my cock harder into her tight virgin pussy. I was getting closer to climax and she was also. I could tell because her moans got louder and faster. Everytime I looked at her face she had a big smile on it, it made me feel great and love her even more.


  "Are you ok honey is this alright?""Yes daddy, I'm almost ready to cum though. ""Me too baby, I'm going to cum in your vagina right as you do. "A half of a minute went by and I could feel my cum flowing down my penis, "ok baby I'm cumming here it goes. " "Me too daddy, ohh god yes. "I released into her cunt what had filled my wife's to make my baby girl and felt to damn good about it. Her climax was just as powerful as mine, she rocked back and for hard and arched her back high as I pumped her full of my cum, it was wonderful and a beautiful moment I will never forget. After that one great night my daughter and I have shared many more encounters. We have done this for over 2 years now and done seem to want it to stop. It will go on as long as we can make it and maybe something even more special will come out of it. But until then it's perfect, I couldn't ask for anything more. .