The Plan to Mail My Sister


I began stroking my hard dick, thinking how great it would be to just go downstairs and fuck Sam right there next to the pool. Of course this was impossible, Sam would never dream of fucking her own brother. Or would she. . . . Anyway, I simply took the opportunity to stare at her amazing body and jerk my cock while thinking about doing the most lurid things to my sister that I could think of. As I got into it, I began moaning my sister's name, really getting into the fantasy. " Sean, what the hell are you doing?" My fantasy was shattered with that question, and as I looked away from the window, I saw that Sam's best friend, Michelle was standing in my doorway. "Michelle! Uh. . . . What are you doing here?!" I stammered as I struggled to hide my raging hardon. "I came over to sunbathe with Samantha, and I had to use the bathroom. While Im in there, I hear you moaning out, Sam, Oh Samantha! like you two were in here fucking or something.

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  " Michelle came inside my room, and looked out the window, and she saw what I was looking at. "So, you have the hots for your own sister huh? I wonder what she would say if she knew you were up here playing with yourself while peeping at her?" She cocked an eyebrow at me. "Look, Michelle, you cant tell her about this, please. She'd hate me if she knew about it. " I knew I was up shit creek if Michelle were to tell Samantha about my spying on her every time she sunbathed. Michelle looked at me for a minute, then looked back out the window. "Well, she is a hottie isnt she? I guess I cant really hold it against you, all the guys at school stare at her too. Tell you what," Michelle moved her hand down to my unbuttoned jeans and reached inside, grasping my cock. "You give me what I want, and I wont tell Sam about what I saw here. In fact, I might even be able to help you with your sick little fantasy, if you have the balls to go through with it. What do you say?" "W. . . what do you want from me?" I stammered, Michelle's hand firmly gripping my hard cock. "I want you to make me cum.

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   Fuck me right now, make me cum, and make it fast. Sam is going to wonder if I drowned or something. " I couldnt believe this. Michelle was pretty good looking, and I had thought about fucking her on more than one occaision, and now here she was, demanding that I give her a quickie or she will tell Sam about my secret. On top of that, what the hell did she mean by "she might be able to help me with my fantasy??" "Okay Michelle, Ill do you. Then you promise not to tell Sam about this Ok?" "I said that was the deal didnt I, now come here. Time's a wasting. " Michelle bent over the bed, and slid her bikini bottom to the side, and guided my stiff cock into her wet pussy. I began to slide in and out of her as fast and as hard as I could, while reaching around in front of her to play with her clit. "Mmm, your cock is nice. It feels soo good in my pussy. Yeah, yeah, fuck me, fuck me harder! Harder!! Oh God that feels good!" Michelle stuck her face into my pillows to muffle her cries of ecstacy so that Sam wouldnt hear us. I continued slamming my cock into her cunt until I felt her body begin to shudder, and the muffled screams got louder as she orgasmed all over my cock. The feel of her pussy contracting on my cock was more than I could take and I announced that I was going to come. "Give me your cum Sean, I want to swallow everything youve got!" Michelle quickly spun around and slid my cock into her mouth as I blew my load.

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   She swallowed every drop and then licked the shaft clean. "Mmmm. God that was good Sean, we'll have to do this again, when we have more time" she laughed. Then we heard the patio door open, and Michelle quickly adjusted her clothes, and bolted into the bathroom once again. "You better keep quiet. You dont want Sam to know youre here Sean. " she said as she quietly closed my bedroom door. Sam came upstairs, and I could hear her knock on the bathroom door. "Michelle? Are you ok? Youve been in there an awfully long time. " "Im ok Sam, Im just feeling a little sick to my stomach, that's all. Ill be down in a minute or two. " Satisfied that Michelle was ok, Sam went back downstairs. I cracked open my door to see that Sam had not even bothered to put on a towel or anything when she came in. God she was hot. I wanted to fuck her more than ever, especially after what Michelle had said.

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   Then the bathroom door opened, and Michelle stepped out. "You better get out of here, and come back a little later. I will talk to you soon alright? I wont tell Sam about what happened, like I said. " I made my way downstairs behind Michelle, and as she went out the back, I left the house undetected by my sister. About an hour later, I came back to find Sam and Michelle in the living room watching tv. "Hey Sean, have fun at Dave's?" Sam asked as I came through the door. "Uh, yeah. We just hung out and watched a couple movies" I said, as I noticed Michelle smirking at me. She was loving this. Having something to hold over me. Id known Michelle for about 5 years, as long as she and Sam had been friends. At first, we hated each other and took every opportunity to irritate the other. We were only fourteen at the time, and now that we were older things had changed over those 5 years. We got along better, but Michelle still loved being able to stick it to me when she had the chance. Later on, Sam and Michelle went back to Michelle's house for the night, and I was left to wonder, what could they possibly be talking about? I was hoping that Michelle wouldnt stab me in the back after she promised not to tell Sam what she had seen, and I was curious about what she was doing that could possibly help me to get Sam to have sex with her older brother.

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   Frustrated with no way to get any answers, I went to sleep. A couple days later, Michelle came over to the house while Sam was out at the mall. Michelle came upstairs and knocked on my door. "Okay Sean, you still wanna bang Sam? I have the way to do it if you want to go through with it. " "What!? How the hell did you ever convince her to sleep with her own brother?" "Well, I didnt. Not exactly. She wont even know that it is you who is doing her. " "What the hell are you talking about , Michelle? How could she possibly not know it is me fucking her?" "Well, we were talking about sex, and I told her what a turnon it was to wear a blindfold, and not know who it is that is doing you. I told her that I did it with a blindfold on, and I had my sister Sherry get the guy for me. I knew that Sherry wouldnt set me up with a sleazeball, so I was all for it. And I told her that since we have the same taste in guys, that she could let me pick the guy for her. " "And you mean to tell me that she went for that?" "Well, not at first, but I convinced her to do it. I told her that I would be in the room with her, and that nothing would happen to her because she wouldnt be alone. I told her that it was really kinky, and it was really great to wonder about who it was that was screwing me. I still dont know who did me, thats the best part about it.

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   The only difference is, is that the guy I was with was wearing a blindfold too, so he didnt know who he was fucking either. " "And when did she want to do this?" "Tomorrow night, at my house. My parents are going to be gone for the weekend, and we will have the house to ourself. Trust me Sean, she will never know it was you that fucked her. Trust me. The only catch is, I get to watch. Sound like a deal? Or are you going to puss out? This is your big chance, maybe your only chance to get Samantha's pussy. You dont want to miss that, TRUST ME. " She giggled. "What do you mean by that?" I asked. "What do you think I mean Sean? Sam's a little kinkier than you think. I know Im not supposed to say anything, but given your situation, I think its safe to tell you, because you arent going to tell anyone. Sam and I have had sex with each other on a few occaisions. Sam's not a lesbian by any means, but we get each other off when we need it. Trust me Sean, you do not want to miss an opportunity to get some of her pussy. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

  " "Ok, just tell me what to do. " "Alright. Be at my house at eight o'clock tomorrow night. Sam is spending the night with me, and I will have her ready for you by then. All you have to do is come over, and fuck her. As long as you keep your mouth shut, she will never know it was you. " So Samantha left with Michelle that night, and I could barely sleep with thoughts of fucking my sister running through my mind all night. I wanted to do her so bad, but I was also torn with the fact that she wouldnt know that it was me, and if she knew that it was me, she would probably never do it in a thousand years. I loved Sam, and I wanted to screw her silly, but this seemed out of line. What bothered me still, was the fact that her best friend would help her brother to have sex with her, without her knowing about it. It made me question just what manner of friend Michelle really was to Sam. But, Michelle knew I would never hurt Samantha, but sex with her own brother without her having a say was going a bit far I thought. If she never found out about it though, what was the harm. . .

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  . . . . Eight o clock came the next night, and I went to Michelle's as planned. Michelle was waiting on the doorstep for me so I didnt have to knock. Michelle took me down the hall and into her room, which was dark save for the light of several candles that were lit throughout the room. When I entered, what I saw made my breath catch in my throat. There she was, Samantha was completely naked, lying on her back on Michelle's bed, a jet black blindfold over her eyes, and her arms were above her head, each one tied with a silk strap to keep her from removing the blindfold. "Are you ready Sam?" Michelle asked, as she helped me out of my clothes, and for some reason, was removing her own as well. "Yes, bring that stud over here, Im dying for some cock. " I had to put my hand over my mouth to keep from saying something in shock of hearing my gorgeous sister talking dirty like that. I went over to the bed, and positioned myself over Sam, as Michelle began running her hands over Sam's big breasts, and pinching her nipples. "Oooh Michelle, that feels so good. " "Oh yeah, well how about this?" She said as she took my cock and guided it into her already dripping pussy.

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   "Oooooohhh yeah, yeah, slide that cock into my pussy! Oh fuck me, fuck me baby. Oh God its so big, it feels so fucking good!" I had to bite down on the inside of my cheek to keep from making any noise to give away that it was me sliding my cock in and out of her cunt. Her pussy was so hot and tight, just as I imagined it would be all those times I watched her through my window. Michelle was kissing her now, and squeezing Sam's big breasts and driving her wild. Her hips were bucking against my cock, driving it in to the very hilt, and I could hear her moans of pleasure being muffled by Michelle's deep kiss. I began to fuck Sam faster now, leaning down and taking one of her nipples into my mouth while I shafted her slick pussy. Michelle sucked on her other nipple, and reached down and began playing with Sam's clit while I fucked her for all I was worth. Sam was going crazy now, moaning and screaming louder and louder with all of the sensations Michelle and I were giving her. Michelle motioned for me to stop for a moment, and I slid my steel hard prick from her pussy, which resulted in a disappointed sigh from Samantha. "Just a minute Sam, I want you to open your pretty mouth for me. I want to watch you suck this gorgeous cock. " "Ooooh, give it to me. I want to suck on his hard cock right now. " I moved forward, sitting lightly on top of Sam, and slid my prick into her mouth. Once again, I found myself biting the hell out of my cheek to keep from making any noise as her hot mouth engulfed my cock.

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   She bobbed her head on my dick, and swirled her tongue around the head, and I had to fight like hell not to come down her throat right then. Sam gave incredible head, this was the best blowjob Id ever had, and this was with her hands restrained. God knows what she could do while using her hands. I let Sam suck my cock for a while longer, revelling in the greates blowjob Id ever had, then Michelle initiated another phase. "Ok Sam, time to switch positions. One hand at a time, and remember, No taking off the blindfold. " Michelle undid one hand at a time, and Sam turned over, and was on her knees. Michelle re-fastened the restraints, and then guided my cock into Samanthas hot pussy once again. "Ooooh Yes!! Fuck me!! Give it to me, Give it all to me! Ooooh slap my ass!" Michelle and I indulged her, alternating smacks on each of her gorgeous ass cheeks. I took hold of Sam's hips, and began to piston in and out of her as fast as I could. Samantha began to come, and her entire body shook with a massive orgasm. I felt her juices flood over my shaft, and her screams of pleasure and the feel of her tight pussy was more than I could take. Michelle knew that I couldnt take anymore and just as I pulled out of Samantha, she kissed me hard, and muffled and distorted the sound of my voice as I shot stream after stream of hot cum all over Samantha's gorgeous ass. Michelle leaned down, and as she had done a few days before, licked my cock clean of cum, taking it all the way down her throat. Michelle helped Sam lie back down on her back, and then before I could react, quickly removed the blindfold from over Samantha's eyes.


   Samantha's eyes got wide as she saw me, completely naked on the bed with her. "SEAN?!?" " Oh, shit. . . . . Samantha I. . . " Samantha looked over at Michelle, "How did you convince him to have sex with me?!" she said with a huge, shocked look on her face. It took me a moment to realise what was happening. Sam wasnt angry, she appeared to be happy about what had just happened. There was only one person who really knew what the hell was going on here, and her name was Michelle. "I know you both are probably wondering what is going on here. I can explain.

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   Sam, you and I have talked about everything for as long as Ive known you, including your secret desire to have sex with Sean, but you were afraid to act on it for fear of being outcast and looked on as being sick. I never forgot about that, and it just so happened that a few days ago, I found out that Sean shared the same feelings towards you, when I saw him looking down on you from his window while you were sunbathing. I was in the bathroom, and happened to find him masturbating while moaning your name. So, I just kept both of your feelings about each other to myself, and set this up. You thought I was going to get some anonymous guy to give you a good time, and Sean thought that we were going to hide his identity from you, because he feared you would hate him. So I took advantage of the situation to get some myself, as well as be a part of this nasty little fling here tonight. Now you both know how the other feels, and can fuck each other whenever you feel like it. " I was in a state of total shock. All this time, Sam carried the same feelings for me that I did for her. Then I realised that Michelle had gotten a fuck out of me, basicly for nothing. "So then, when you threatened to tell her, it wouldnt have been a bad thing for me at all then would it? You made me screw you for nothing?" "Oh come on Sean, tell me you didnt like fucking me up in your bedroom. Are you saying you dont want to fuck me again?" Sam chimed in then. "Yeah really Sean, Michelle is a hottie, how could you not want to fuck her? I know I do every chance I get!" Michelle spoke up again, "So Sean, do you think you can handle being our boytoy, or do we need to find someone else?" Sam smiled and said, "Oh I think he can handle it, cant you big brother? Why dont you come over here and give me some more of that big cock? I want to be able to touch you this time. " My cock was already stiffening with the realisation that my sister and her best friend wanted to use me as their fucktoy for God knows how long. I moved closer to Sam, and slid my cock into her hot pussy, while Michelle straddled her face, and Sam's tongue played hell with her clit.

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   As I fucked Sam, and listened to her and Michelle moaning, I knew I had to be one of the luckiest SOB's ever to walk the face of the earth. Can I handle it?You bet your ass I can. Thanks for reading, Until next time. . . . . . . . . . . . .

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