The Perls of Parenting


All my life my older brother Mark had been the rock of the family. He was successful at everything he did. Both in athletics and business. While I (Eric) was still trying to find myself at the ripe old age of twenty-five.

The adage "It's better to be lucky than good" was a truth I was soon to discover. Mark and his lovely wife were taking a second honeymoon when their single prop plane went down during a sight seeing flight. Their bodies were found days later.

I received a call, from the authorities, at three in the morning. Groggy I answered the phone, "Mr. Stanton, Eric Stanton"? I replied "Yes I am Eric". "I regret to inform you that your brother Mark and sister in-law have met with a fatal accident. We need you to be at Dulles airport at ten tomorrow morning to take possession of the caskets".

To say the least I was stunned. After a long pause, I wrote down the details for the pick-up. When I had the required information I hung up and went to make some coffee. My head was reeling at this tragic news.

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My brother was twenty years older than me and was already in collage when I was born. We never were very close. As you could image my mother's pregnancy so late in their marriage was a real surprise. Sadly they have also passed.

I knew Mark was a little disappointed that I was not a go getter like him. At least he invited my over to his place for the holidays and family dinners.

I think I was mainly invited due to my nieces insistence. Considering I was only ten when they were born I was considered more an older brother than an Uncle. Ever since they were little my nieces called me "Eric" not "Uncle Eric".

Recently I have suspected they had a crush on me. This was not surprising considering my age and how different I was than their staunch controlling Father.

He sent them to an exclusive all girls school. I enjoyed their enthusiasm when they asked my opinion on new cloths or how they reacted when we liked the same music. To them I was the "cool" relative.

It then hit me that my twin nieces may not even know the fate of their parents.

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   I busied myself figuring out what I needed to do so was ready in the morning. At the beginning of office hours, my first call was to my brother's family lawyer, Mr Thedford. I got his secretary who had him call me.

When we made contact he told me that my brother had already left instructions in such an eventuality. Mr Thedford said we would talk further at the airport.

When we met I mentioned the twins and he said that they where at the boarding school. He had arranged for a limo to take us directly to the school so that I could break the bad news.

Even though they were only caskets seeing them add a level of reality to the situation that my mind had not yet grasped. Soon I was sitting in a stretch limo trying to come to terms with my own loss while figuring out how to break the news to my nieces.

When we got to the school the twins were brought right to the limo. Mr Thedford got out telling me that he was going to take a separate vehicle back and would call me later that evening to go over the funeral details.

As soon as the twins got in the limo my nieces Clara and Bell knew something bad had happened. I asked them to sit beside me and put an arm around them. It was at that moment I started to cry while explained what had happened to their parents.

Not going into great detail, I will only say that it was the saddest collective moments of our lives.

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   During the trip the girls seemed to cling to me. It was as if they feared I would suddenly disappear just as their parents had, vanishing from their lives forever.

Due to my grief and focus on the twins the next few days flashed by. There had been a large number of people at the funeral most I had never met. The wake was at the country club. I gave the eulogy with the twins standing on either side of me.

A few days later the three of us were back in a limo heading for the reading of the will. We were the sole heirs as his wife had been an orphan. I expected the twins to get everything, in that I was wrong.

When Mr Thedford finished reading the will I found out that my brother had been far wealthier than I had imagined. In assets he was worth over a hundred million with an additional annual income of ten million from investments.

As long as I agreed to become the legal guardian of the twins and actively parent them until they were twenty-five, I would receive thirty million free and clear. The rest was to be put into a trust to be split between the girls on their twenty first birthday. The annual income would cover all of our expenses.

Basically I never needed to work another day in my life.

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   Assuming you do not count being a parent to two fifteen year old teens. I signed the guardian papers before we left the lawyers office. Even though they were grieving both girls seemed very happy that I wanted to be their parent. Their enthusiasm even made Mr Thedford smile.

To let me get my bearings as a parent it had been arranged for a tutor to visit the family home until summer break began. I needed to deal with my apartment and move my possessions. A few days before I was to move the girls came with me to help pack. That was a fateful trip for that event would significantly change our parental relationship.

In the weeks that followed I broke up with my girlfriend because I knew she was a gold digger. Twice she had cheated on me with a rich guy, only coming back when they dumped her for their next piece of ass. She was not too pissed as she had no idea I was now wealthier then the jerks she had fucked around with.

In some ways I was uncomfortable with my new found wealth and feared that I would blow it all like so many lottery winners. This made me focus on the twins. I needed to be a proper parent so I used that goal to help me keep an even keel.

I let slip that I had broken up with my girlfriend and the twins pestered me until I told them why.

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   Once explained they snuggled up and said good, now we have you all to ourselves.

It is one thing to dump your girlfriend it is another to deal with your sexual desires. When the twins were taking their lessons or studying I often surfed for porn. I already had a modest DVD porn collection.

Heck I had very little else to do as a regular maid came in to clean the house and a landscaping crew kept the grounds in tip-top shape. There was even a mechanic who picked up and returned the cars according to a prearranged schedule.

Luckily I liked to cook so that became my regular job. The girls had grown up rich so had never learned to do anything remotely domestic. It was a real bonding experience to teach them the pleasures of the culinary arts. In a way that shared experience was a catharsis for our grief.

It was while we were preparing supper that I mentioned that my birthday coincided with their last day of school. Clara said "It'll be difficult finding a present for the man that has everything".

When I laughed the twins put hands on hips not looking too amused. I asked what was wrong Bell replied "Well you have us. What more could you want"? Then they broke up and we laughed together.

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I noticed over the next few weeks the girls would stop talking when I got near. Something conspiratorial was going on. As my birthday approached I told them "I've made reservations for us to go to a fancy restaurant to celebrate". Bell replied "Cancel them as we have the night planned but dressing up will still be required".

On my birthday I was greeted with breakfast in bed. The two imps wore french maid costumes. I laughed and said the costumes looked great I needed to hide my body's reaction with the tray.

Even though they were just fifteen the twins were very good looking, taking after their departed mother. The costumes had shown me more than their usual conservative outfits every had. On the spot I decided to get the pool reopened right away.

After I had eaten they returned, removed the tray, jumped into bed and gave me birthday hugs and kisses. I was getting very uncomfortable. Without the tray my erection was much harder to hide especially with a twin on either side of me.

I ended up shoeing them out of my bedroom so I could shower and dress. I suspect they saw my aroused condition as Clara smirked as she left, closing the door.

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The rest of the day I puttered around with strict instructions to stay well away from the kitchen. A few times I would catch a whiff of the tantalizing aromas of their cooking. A little before supper time Bell found me and said she picked out what I needed to wear for supper.

I was a little suspicious but when we got to my room I saw a new suit, tie, shoes and even silk boxers with hearts. Bell and I laughed when she showed me the boxers. She whispered in my ear that she loved the feel of silk next to her skin.

I was not sure if she meant her PJs or not but nothing on her face indicated anything nefarious. Before she left I was handed a bottle of cologne but warned to use sparingly.

A was dressed and ready by the time I was suppose to be in the dinning room. I entered to see a table set with lit candles, plates covered with silver covers, wine filled glasses but no one was there. It was then that I heard Bell call my name. I went to the main hall and to see my nieces making their entrance down the second floor stairs.

I gasped they were both dressed to the nines. Their outfits were different from each other but revealed them as elegant sexy creatures. Skin tight evening dresses cut to reveal every curve and their long slender legs.

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   Just the right amount of cleavage with a hint of more but hiding enough, heals and light make up.

When they got to where I stood each girl turned slowly as I clapped my approval. All I could say was "Stunning". It seemed to be enough as they beamed the brightest smiles I had seen since the family tragedy. I received a light kiss on the lips from each of them.

Naturally I hooked an arm to escort my ladies to the table pulling their chairs like the gentleman I pretended to be. They had made my favorite, lasagna. We ate, talked, laughed and drank. On this special occasion I let them have a full glass of wine while I drank three one more than my usual.

Later they presented the cake and sang happy birthday. I blew out all but two candles and winked at them. Of course they knew the old adage that every missed candle represented a girlfriend I was sweet on. The significance was not missed as they beamed those radiant smiles again.

We continued to talk long after we had our fill of ice cream and cake. Finally Bell said "Well on to part two of your special evening".

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   The twins lead me to the party room and started some slow dance music. I was dancing with Clara when I heard a cork pop and looked around to see Bell opening a bottle of champagne.

Clara was soon leaning into me. The smell of her hair and feel of her warm body was intoxicating. When the song ended they toasted my health and thanked me for being there for them. They sipped their drinks but I knocked mine back and poured another. I only drank half that glass when Bell grabbed my hand when a new song started.

She also pressed into my appreciative body. I danced, drank and danced some more. The two young women were too much for my self control and my pecker decided to make a stand.

As soon as Clara felt my stiffy she shamelessly ground herself into it. Bell was no different. This was the horniest birthday I ever had. Little did I know what was to come and come again.

Eventually the music ended and the girls took my hand and lead me to my room.

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   The girls took off my diner jacket, tie and shoes saying I needed to be comfortable for my present. After the cloths were removed they sat me on a chair positioned opposite the bed.

I was a little confused but felt so good that I waited to see what they twins were up to. Bell had something behind her back which she handed to me. I tore off the wrapping to reveal a lesbian porn DVD. I instantly recognized it from my collection. One that I had thought was lost during the move.

I looked up at the twins with a puzzled expression. Bell said we noticed this when we helped you move. We realize that you could already have anything material you desire so maybe something personal would be appreciated.

She turned to Clara and they kissed. As I watched they started to make out slowly stripping while touching and caressing each others bodies. To say this made me hot would have been an understatement.

Sure I should have stopped them but three things stopped me. I was a little drunk, I could obviously see they had sex with each long before this display and last but not least I was so turned on it was all I could do not to join in.


   Any moral concerns were eroded by the shear fact that so far I was only watching and we were safe in the privacy of our home.

Soon their dresses lay pooled around their ankles. It revealed that rich girls can afford very sexy lingerie. Bell liked silk as her bra and matching french cut panties would attest.

Clara wore a thong with no hint of jiggle from those exquisite orbs. Her bra was a shear black see through number revealingerect nipples perched on perfect dollar coin size areola.

I remove my shirt as if someone had put the room temperature on high. The girls continued to slowly strip each other with long languid licks and wet kisses over each others body. It was as if I was not even present. They never even notice as I was soon stripped down to my silk boxers barely hiding the hardest erection I every had.

As heals, bra and panties were removed I thought that their bodies must be modeled after angels as the twins were heavenly delights. The most erotic motion so far was when Clara removed Bell's stocking by getting to her knees and kissing her sisters inner thighs while slowly rolling the shear stocking off her sister. That action was soon repeated to Bell's other leg.

    When both stockings were removed she kissed up Bell's thighs and gave only one quick bald pussy lick as she worked her way to Bell's breasts bathing them with her tongue. Soft moans and ahs stated her approval.

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    Once Clara finished Bell returned the favour. As soon as Bell had completely stripped her sister the two tumbled onto bed. Their bodies merged into a serpentine embrace. Licking, rubbing, kissing, caressing the two lovers tantalized each others bodies climbing higher to a peak I could not see but intensely sensed.

    Clara pushed her thigh between her sister's legs. Bell undulated her body rubbing her pussy up and down that shaved smooth thigh. Slowly Bell increased the speed of her motion. As her panting made kissing difficult Clara turned her attention to her sister's breasts licking, sucking, pulling and pinching her erect nipples.

    Bell was panting out a continuous string of "ahs" increasing in volume until she tensed and cried out a final "Oh god". Clutching the bed spread pulling it over the two lovers.

    They were kissing again when I noticed that Clara's thigh was all slick with Bell's come. Bell broke the kiss and worked her mouth and hands down Clara's body taking her sweet time getting to the lower triangle. Before Bell got there her fingers were working Clara pussy at a fever pitch.

    In the end it took only one long slit lick and clit suck for Clara to cry out a load "Ooooooooooooooooh" and shake out an intense climax. Even at that Bell looked up with slick smiling lips.

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    In a minute or two the twins looked at me and Bell said "We can see you liked our present". I was absently mindedly stroking the hardon I had pulled out of my boxers. They asked me to join them on the bed.

    I was there in a shot, soon with a naked nubile niece cuddled up under each arm. I asked "How long have you been lovers"? Clara said "We started experimenting when we were eleven. We go to an all girl school you know. The only men we even see are the gardeners and the janitor. We heard one was fired for given some girls 'special lessons'. The teachers watch us like hawks and the men stay as far away from the girls as possible".

    "Eric, that brings us to a request. We do not know if we are lesbians or not because we have only been intimate with girls" stated Bell. "We like it well enough but wonder if we might like men better" added Clara. I asked "Well I felt both if you grind into me when we were dancing, did that make you aroused"?

    Both girls smiled and said "Oh ya"! "Well then it is likely you like men" I concluded. Bell said "Well that was only touching maybe intercourse would be an issue". Clara laid it on the line when she asked "Eric will you make love to us so we can find out which we like better, men or women"?

    I sucked in my breath and replied "You girls do know that would be incest"? Bell responded "What do you think people would call what we just did? Even your cuddling us right now could be deemed as incest".

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       I replied "You have a point I need a bit of time to think about this as it would effect us for the rest of our lives".

    The girls had other ideas as Bell reached into my boxers to grab my cock and Clara french kissed me. This was an assault on my senses I could not resist. These girls would not take a no for an answer.

    Clara had my boxers off when we all started touching, kissing, licking and rubbing our bodies into a fur ball of erotic motion. I was being stroked, sucked and played with by both girls. My hands caressed breasts, tushies and fingered their wet pussies.

    After a while Bell moved to ride my face while I felt my nob rubbed on a young tight twat. Clara slowly worked me into her virgin love box. Her grunts and groans add to my cock's impression that I was a being squeezed into a real tight teen. I heard Bell say "Take that big thing sis. Take it all".

    Clara pushed down hard and hilted my love lance grunting out a "Oh god so big"! Bell added "Fuck that pole sis, fuck him good". Clara started moving back and forth, up and down, all around. I added quick upward thrusts.

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    Bell was aroused by her sister's coupling and began to work her slit harder on my probing tongue. It was like patting your head while circling your stomach but I managed to get Bell to come minutes before Clara shuddered and squealed a long "oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK"!

    Bell fell to one side and I pushed Clara to the other. I got up and pulled Bell to the edge of the bed, turned her over and entered her from behind. She was already very slippery so even though she was being stretched she managed to moan "Oh ya, do me Eric, fuck me good"!

    I worked my stroke long and deep into this willing teen. Quickly she was meeting my thrusts. I wanted to keep her off kilter so pulled her tight to my groin and stirred my cock around eliciting moans and "Fuck me"s.

    Changing again I thrust hard into Bell then gave her five fast short strokes. She could only pant out repeated "ah"s. I leaned over her so the angle made my down stroke rub directly onto her g-spot forcing the girl to scream out a climatic yell and shake. This was no time to stop as I changed to fast hard long strokes then returned to g-spot thrusts to elicit another climax.

    After this second orgasm I pulled out and grabbed Clara positioning her flat on her stomach. I entered her letting my cock head rests against Clara's g-spot with the ridge around the head rubbing directly against it. Grabbed her hips as I penetrate just two or three inches and started a series of rhythmic, short, shallow strokes.

    Then I gave her a sudden, single, deep thrust. Pulled back and resume shallow strokes.

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       Clara was screaming "Fuck me, Fuck me" as the inconsistent rhythms drove her to extremes of breathless anticipation.

    To push the young vixen over the edge when I stroked her very slowly, then suddenly switched to a series of quick, shallow jabs. I never let her know what's coming next. Suddenly she explodedscreaming "IIIIII'MMMMMMM CCCCCCUUUUUUMMMMMMIIIIINNNNNGGGG".

    My balls tingled as I pulled out. Bell's was waiting and pounced on my cock with her mouth enveloped the head. She rapidly moved her tongue under my glans. That was too much for me and I pushed her head deeper down the shaft spurting rope after rope into her sucking mouth. At the end, I was shaking when pulled out and fell onto the bed exhausted.

    Bell moved to Clara and gave her a cum swapping tongue laden kiss. After they swallowed the insatiable twins moved to the 69 position eating each other to one last orgasm. It was as if they needed to verify which type of orgasmic stimulation was better.

    We all got under the covers snuggling up. Clara spoke first "Eric thanks for your help. I love what you can do to me and would like to do it again".

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       Bell added "For sure. In fact I now know that I want both types of sex. I want climatic variety to be the spice in my sex life". "I guess we are bisexuals" stated Clara with Bell agreeing.

    From that time until they turned twenty-five I became their only male lover with the girls having flings with various "girlfriends with benefits". That was the only times they used their old bed rooms as they usually slept with me. .



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