The Night Me And My Sister . . .


I am a 18 year old boy, growing up I never really grew close to my older sister, mainly because of the age difference.
Until one night.
I was home alone, dad was in North Carolina for the weekend, and Mom was babysitting for her bestfriends while they were away, and my sister was out clubbing every night and during the day she slept. Soo you could imagine how bored I was. I would wake up and play some xbox, then I would jerk off.
Before I would jerkoff though, I would check on my sister to make sure she was still breathing. But one time when I did this, I peeked through her door, she was knocked out, soo I opend it more. I look at her and she doesn't have a bra or shirt on ! My first reaction was run, but I am a teenager soo I went closer. I wanted to touch her soo badly. I became instantly hard, I wusnt sure if I was a creep from getting hard from my sisters 34C tits or not. I wanted to explore more, soo quietly and carefully I pulled her blanket down to her ankles. And what do I see, her almost glowing, swollen lipped pussy. I wondered if she was dreaming about being fucked. I already had my shirt off because it was hot out and I began to pull my shorts down, and I started to Jack off. It felt soo good. Then she moaned " ohhh John ".

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   She was dreaming about fucking. Soo I had an idea. I climbed onto her bed, and ontop of her with My throbbing hard dick, and I started to finger her swollen, wet pussy lips. She started to moan louder," John, Ohh John". I started fingering her harder and harder and faster until she started squirting out juices all over her bed on my hand, she let out a huge moan. And I looked up and she was still asleep. Soo I decided to try my dick. Soo I stood up on her bed and walks over to her, she slept with her mouth opend. Soo I put my 7 inch cock in her mouth, and nothing was happening until . . . . . . .

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   . . I looked down and her eyes were opend !!! She was awake bilut sucking my dick, and I wanted to run but it was soo good. Then she stopped and i thought she wuld yell at me but she told me to lay down. Soo I did, my cock was still rock hard. And she put her mouth over it, and started to suck it again. She would tounge the head, and rub the base with her hands, then she would go all the way down and gag and the come up using her hand and go back down, I was heaven, I closed my eyes and then she stopped. I didn't open them yet and I felt something heavy on me, I look up and she's about to sit on top of my dick. She sits down facing me, and she uses her legs to pump up and down on me. It felt soo goood, now she wasn't moaning John, she was moaning my name " Zachh, Ohhhhhhh Zach. Fuck me harder, fuck me harder"I started to rub her tits and I was about to cum when she got off. She's said " you can't do that in there" soo she got off her bed and bent over. I thought to myself, does she want me to put it on her ass. She does ! I would always check out my sisters ass, it was perfect. Very big, round and just the right amount of jiggle.


   Soo I slide it into her asshole and I started fucking her, I started out slow and began to go faster,and faster she started to scream. Then she reached under her covers and pulled put a silver bullet dildo, I didn't think too much about it. I kept fucking her ass hard, I was just pounding on it, I closed my eyes again and then . . . . . . . . . There's a dildo in my ass, I screamed Ouch! And I said take it out but she wouldn't, she was reaching behind her holding it in place and everytime I thrusted my dick into her ass the dildo went in mine, after a minute of this it started to feel really really really good. I felt myself about to cum, soo I pulled out of my sister and shot cum all over her back, she pulled the dildo out as I jizzed on her, I shot soo far, it her on the back of the head a few times. Soo there we stood, younger brother and older sister, just had a kinky fuck, she then said "I have to shower, wanna join me" I immediatly got bard again and she said I'll take that as a yes. .

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