The night I discovered


Topic: The night I discoveredI had been walking in the door of my home when I realised that the rest of my family was not home.   It was strange at this time of day, but it did not worry me; I was used to the unpredictable nature of my family.   It was one of the things I had grown up with.  It made me smile.   I had been at work for a long time today - ten hours - and I needed relief.   Plagued with the sex drive of a young, single woman, I had been raiding my father's porn for a long time, masturbating when no one else was home.   I had gone for the hard stuff recently, needing to see the brutal sex that made the couples on the screen scream and groan.   It made my pussy wet, and my mind buzz.   The excitement, the feeling of being used purely for animalistic purposes exhilarated me.   I wished every time I watched them that the woman would be me.   That I could be used in such a way.  So I ran into my parent's room and grabbed my favorite dvd and retreated into my room to watch it.   My pussy was already soaking wet, and I needed the release the tapes promised.   It was the only thing on my mind.   I needed it like a dying man needed water.  So I played it, and shoved my hand into my jeans, playing with my snatch, delving one finger deep into my pussy until I could go no further.

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    In and out I drove, trying to reach orgasm.   My breathing sped up as I watched the man on the television pump harder into his bitch, shoving her harder into the bed with each thrust he made.   I was mesmerised.   My mind focused solely on the plunge and withdrawal of his cock into her waiting pussy.  As I got closer to climax, I wished that I was the woman he was fucking.   I wanted to be the bitch that was getting a tough pounding.  I never even heard the door open.  I was just about to orgasm when a voice snapped, "You horny bitch.   What are you doing?" Snatching my hand out of my pants, I felt my cheeks blush as I looked at my brother.   Tall and well built, he had moved out a year ago, and barely saw him these days.   His moving out had signalled an end to one of my more adventurous fantasies where he fucked me senseless while the rest of my family watched.   But that fantasy was far from my mind as he watched me with an angry expression.  Striding into my bedroom like a predator that owned the land, he kept his gaze on me.   "Well?" he asked.  I looked away, not wanting to own up to my embarrassment.

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    It was too much.   No one was supposed to know about my need for porn.   Not even him.  When a heavy weight pressed on the edge of my bed, I looked up into his face, my eyes wide.   This close, he was thoroughly menacing.   A chill ran down my spine.   And it wasn't the chill of fear either.   It was the return of my favorite fantasy.  My eyes flicked down to his trousers.   It was hard to NOT make my eyes go there.   What I found was something so surprising I felt my heart jolt and my blood fire.  He was aroused.   POWERFULLY aroused.   He wanted me.   He wanted a fucking.

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   I licked my lips, and saw his eyes heat at the same time.   "I wasn't doing anything wrong," I told him, hoping he would have enough courage to carry this through like I wished it would.   His large, strong hand caught my chin and lifted my gaze to his.   "I should punish you," he said, as if to himself.   My body hummed at the thought.   Already highly aroused, my pussy responded with a fresh wave of juice.   I was like an animal waiting for her stallion to mount her.  Before I realised it, he had pushed me face-down on to the bed.   I let out a cry, but stopped when I felt his weight on my back.   I shivered.  "Stop screaming, bitch," he said.   "You only get to make a noise when you get to orgasm. " I was only too happy to comply.  My trousers and panties disappeared in a second as he tore into my clothes, trying to get at my body.   Then I felt something touching my thigh.

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    Something hot and hard.  His cock had come out to play.  My pussy throbbed with need.   I needed him so badly I thought I might die if he did not penetrate me soon.   "Please. . . "  I begged.   "Please what?" he demanded, shoving his cock inside me a small way.   I whimpered at the wondrous feeling.  "Fuck me," I whispered.  I could hear the smile in his voice when he said, "With pleasure.
    " Then his cock drove all the way into me, his hips pushing me down into the bed, making me cry out at the small spark of pain the action elicited.   But the pain was soon forgotten when my pussy clenched around his cock as it rammed in and out of me.   He grunted with effort, and perhaps pleasure, as he thrust.

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        My pussy was already soaking wet before he had come into my room.   It was positively SOAKING now.  "I'm going to fuck you so hard you won't even want to go back to those movies," he told me, slapping his hips against my ass.   His words barely registered - I had already forgotten about the porn on my television.   My brother was all that I wanted and desired from now on.   His cock was huge - 9 inches long - and reached into my pussy so far I thought I would live in the land of orgasm if he just hit me the right way.  The sounds of flesh slapping flesh flled my room, and I could smell my juices and his sweat.   It was intoxicating.   His hands grabbed hold of my hips, holding me still so he could pound into my pussy.   His hips worked furiously, pounding, slamming and thrusting.   I thought his cock was going to come out of my throat, he was pushing so far into me.  Another orgasm began to build up in me, and I felt my whole world rise.   My flesh around his cock became more sensitised, and my breaths became more laboured.   I was almost there. .

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      .  "I'm going to make you scream so hard your voice won't work for a week!" he grunted as he thrust into me, trying to reach his own orgasm.  Then the orgasm burst upon me.   I screamed loud and long.   The shudders in my body stretched for minutes.   It was the most powerful climax I had ever experienced.   My channels clutched at his cock, and I heard him groan in response.   With a last thrust of his hips, he orgasmed.  I could feel his hot load pump into me.   It lasted for so long.   So long that I actually climaxed again, my voice breaking at my scream.   He filled me up with cum as he came, filling me so full I thought I would burst.   It began to seep out of my pussy as he kept thrusting, working off his hardness.   I felt it run down my thigh and on to the bed.   I didn't care.

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        My brother had just given me the best two orgasms of my life.  As he relaxed, he lay on top of me, his weight pushing me into the bed.   I could feel his sweat coating my back.   He groaned.   "God you are a good fuck.   Where did you learn?" I smiled with satisfaction.   I had been able to please my brother.   "In my fantasies," I told him.  .