The Neghibors Part 1 : First Meeting


My children scurried into their rooms and got ready while I went into the kitchen and took a loaf of freshly baked bread and some cookies from the pantry to bring to our new neighbors. We walked over there shielding our faces from the cold. I knocked on the door. A man about my age opened it. "Howdy!" I said "I'm Jim and these are my kids, we live across the street. " "Hi Jim" the man said "I'm Mike and these are my four kids Megan age fifteen, Marty age thirteen, Missy age eleven, and Martin age nine. " I introduced my kids and Mike invited us all in. The kids made fast friendships and they went off to play. Mike and I talked over coffee and we realized we had much in common. We were both widowed, both home schooled our kids, both worked from home in the computer industry. "Those are lovely girls. " Mike said to me a gleam in his eye. "Are you at them?""At them?" I was a bit confused. "Yeah at them. You know. You must be awfully horny in that house all by yourself just you and those kids.

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   Do those pretty girls of yours take care of your cock?" I was a bit shocked. I can't say I haven't thought about it but actually do it. Oh I just couldn't. At that point in the conversation Megan Mike's eldest child walked in. "Come here baby" He said to her beckoning her with a finger. "Sit on daddy's lap. " I watched wide eyed at the hot fifteen year old body rubbed her tight ass on her daddy's clothed cock. He reached around and fondled her firm, beautiful breasts. "Spread those legs wide and let our new neighbor see that pussy. " Mike whispered in her ear. Megan obliged and I stared into the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. Not too much hair. Lips puffy, clitty standing out from its hood. My cock was rock hard as I watched my neighbor remove his daughter's shirt exposing her smallish pert titties, nipples standing up as stiff as my cock. With one hand Mike fondled Megan's tits and the other hand fingered her pussy.

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   She was moaning and rubbing her tight ass against his crotch. "Yes daddy, oh, oh, give it to me daddy. " She moanedI couldn't help it. I began to rub my stiff cock through my pants. I was wildly aroused. I wanted a turn at that horny little girl. Mike looked at me as if reading my mind. "Come on over here and have a go at her. " I almost tripped over my own feet trying to get to that girl. I leaned in and kissed her full on the lips sliding my tongue deep into her mouth. She kissed me back with a sexual intensity no fifteen year old should have. I cupped her firm titties in my hands my thumbs rubbing her hard little nipples. Mike was still fingering her and she was moaning and groaning. "Honey" Mike said. "My cock needs a little sucking.

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   Jim why don't you lay on your back and Meggie dear sit on his face and let our nice neighbor lick your pussy while you wrap that hot little mouth on my horny cock. " That sounded good to me. I laid down on the ground and she positioned that beautiful pussy over my face. I started off by taking my index finger and rubbing her clit. I heard her slurping and sucking her daddy's cock. I unleashed my cock from its clothing prison and began rubbing it furiously while I dove my tongue into her tight fuck hole. "Oh yes mister!" Megan moaned "Eat my horny pussy until I cum!" I did as requested and suckled her clit and slid a finger tight, hot little cunt hole of hers. She bucked up against my finger while my lips remained tightly sealed suckling her clitty. "Oh" Mike moaned. "Suck daddy's cock. Work that tongue. Oh yes! Oh yes! Daddy's gonna cum in his sweet Meggie's mouth. MMMMM baby! Oh! Oh! Swallow daddy's cum!" Mike grunted one last time and shot his load into his baby's sweet little mouth. At that instant I rubbed Megan's G-spot and she exploded in orgasm all over my face. Megan stood up her daddy's cum on her chin and her cum dribbling down her sexy young thighs.


   "Daddy" She moaned. "Meggie's still horny. Why don't you fuck me?" "Oh no baby. " Mike said patting his soft cock. "Daddy is done for a while. But Jim has a nice hard cock. Why don't you show him how hot and tight my little Meggie's fuck hole is?" That was all the prompting I needed. I pulled that hot fifteen year old body down on top of me and slowly inserted my nine inches of hard meat into her tiny pussy. "Oh yes mister!" She moaned. "Fuck me! Fuck me!"I grasped her hips and thrust my cock deep into her. "Oh Megan!" I gasped. "Fuck me with your that pussy! Work it girl! Work it!"Megan went wild on my cock. Jumping up and down screaming wildly. I lapped and sucked at her tits which made her go even crazier. "Grab her ass.

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  " Mike instructed. "She loves that. " I grabbed her firm ass and she went to town, bucking and moaning. I felt the familiar boiling and jumping in my balls. "Get ready little girl I'm gonna cum!" I screamed. "Oh yes mister! Cum into my baby pussy!" That was all the prompting I needed. I emptied my balls deep into that girl's pussy. "Mmmm mister you are a good lay. " Megan said as she stood up my cum dripping down her legs. "Thanks honey. So are you. Oh and baby. " I added as am afterthought. "Call me Jim. "I cleaned up, gathered my kids and we left.


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