The Making of a Harem - Ch1 - Stories told


"The first chapter of this story has limited sex but the second chapter sizzles" - writethis69

My name is Michael. I certainly cannot tell anyone about what happened with my family but I can at least write the events in my diary.

My Dad was killed by a drunk driver a year and a half ago leaving behind Mom (Cathy) and three girls Sheila 16, Linda 18 and me, Michael 18 Dad's double indemnity insurance benefits fully paid for our home with a nice pool and provided a steady income. This meant we were not left destitute even though Mom was only a receptionist.

They say money does not buy happiness and I believe that because Dad's empty chair at the supper table was a constant reminder of our family's loss. A great sadness had befallen us that would not lift. Well not until Mom invited him to supper. For good or bad I am not sure but he changed everything.

The new school year had just begun and Sheila came home one Saturday very excited. Apparently she met the coolest guy at a girl-boy get together. I suspected better know as a "spin-the-bottle, suck-face, grope and more".

It was unusual for Sheila to talk about these things especially in front of Mom but she must have been too excited. Sheila said this boy told each girl a very short romantic story created especially for her which ended with him asking for a kiss.

My Mom asked how old this boy was and Sheila said seventeen just one year older than herself. Mom said sarcastically "Sure he is, I would love to meet him". Sheila said great as she had already ask him over for dinner tentative on Mom's approval.

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Apparently Sheila who had skipped a grade sat in front of him in history class. Mom suspected she had been set up but said it was OK for next Saturday's dinner.

Before I go any further let me tell you about the family females. Mom straight through to myself are all short. Mom is the tallest at 5'3" and it did not look like any of use would get any taller than that.

We also shared along with our height, small bodies, firm medium sized breasts, blond wavy hair, blue eyes, cute faces and a butt that draws men's eyes like a magnet. I was not that developed but it seemed likely as I had all the other physical attributes but the breasts and butt being only thirteen.

What was it about short women and their need to compensate with the tallest guy they could attract? I noticed both Sheila and Linda seemed to only like the tallest guys when there was plenty of other nice ones around. Even Mom had married Dad who was six foot.

When Saturday came Sheila was all in a tizzy driving us nuts as if even being seen would ruin her life forever. For goodness sakes her was only a boy and Sheila had already had several. Most of which she had dumped for some reason or another.

At 4PM right on time the door bell rang and Sheila opened the door to let him in. Both Linda and I hung around to see if he was worth meeting or run to our shared bedroom until we had to come to supper.

In walked this guy who seemed to block out the sun.

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   He was 6'3" if he was an inch with wide shoulders. I watched as Sheila introduced him to Mom and he shook her hand that by comparison looked as small as a doll's.

Sheila proudly introduce Derek as the captain of the junior football team. Derek asking her if that was the only reason she had invited him to meet her family. He said that being captain was not important and that he held that position to best serve his team not for the false status it brought.

Sheila acted like a little girl scolded by her Daddy. Mom, Linda and I could not contain our smirks as Sheila sometimes had a weakness for status. I think he scored a touch down with Mom as I had not seen such a bright smile on her face in a long time.

He asked if he could meet all the women in the house. Linda was faster than me as he got down on one knee shaking each of our hands. Then corralled us with his long arms. In a loud conspiratorial whisper saying he needed to talk with use later to find the best way to woo Sheila.

Sheila looked like she was going to have a heart attack while Mom, Linda and I laughed especially with the look on Sheila's face. I said you had come to the right girls as we had plenty of dirt we were ready to spill. Mom told me to hush up but gave me a wink.

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As supper would be at 6PM we had time to have a swim and Derek had brought his trunks. While we were changing Linda and I realized that Derek would be changing in our bathroom. There was a peep hole through a chipped tile in the back of our walk-in closet. We made a beeline to the peep hole.

Linda pushed me out of the way and I was mad but could not raise a stink or we could alert Derek. In a few minutes Linda slid down the wall with her hand down her panties rubbing furiously. I stuck my eye to the peep hole and there was a muscular male butt. Just before he pulled on his trunks he turned towards me.

No wonder Linda had almost passed out Derek was living proof that big feet meant big cock. Even soft it suggested amazing things once stimulated. The show was over as the trunks were pulled up. I gave Linda a kick to break her daze and signalled her to get changed. Soon we were rushing to the pool with our towels.

Once again Linda was faster and the brazen hussy asked Derek to put sunscreen on her. Derek said I thought we were all going to swim why would she need sunscreen right before swimming?

All Linda could say was aah, aah, aah, I was asking for you to do that after the swim.

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   Derek replied then ask me after swimming and he gave me a wink.

I loved this guy he was a hunk and smart. Supper table may be the most interesting we have had in a long time. At that Derek with two big steps launch himself high in the air and cannon balled, into the pool. My sister and I were soaked by his splash. He stood up and said seeing as you two are all wet get your cute butts in the pool and you can team up trying to dunk me.

His grin was infectious, I ran and jumped making my own cannon ball. Of course my splash was a cup in volume versus his multiple buckets worth. Linda made her splash seconds later. We were soon at the side of the pool whispering how were were going to dunk this man monster.

Linda suggested that I attack him straight-on as a diversion while she dove and pulled his feat from under him. I could swim well so I went hell bent for leather straight at Derek. Before I knew what was happening a giant hand had grabbed me and I was thrown over his shoulder out of commission.

When I began to struggled his big hand moved to my butt holding me firmly and his thumb pressed under my bikini bottoms into my pussy, wiggling wildly. I looked at his face and got that wink again.

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   Then he told me not to struggle but I could not help it as his thumb was making my body dance around like a marionette puppet.

I hoped Linda would have better luck, well after I came anyways. I looked into the water and saw Linda but she was not going for his feet she was trying to pull his trunks down.

There was way to much oestrogen in the air. We had met Derek less than an hour ago and she was trying to get into his pants. It only goes to show you how a big dick can effect a teenage girl.

Derek lowered himself a little and swept a long arm into the water and scooped up Linda putting her over his other shoulder. From the way she squealed and danced about I was certain she was thumbing her own orgasmic ride. Both of us huffed, puffed, moaned and struggled for more.

Mom popped her head through the sliding doors and looked at her girl' happy faces on Derek's shoulders jerking and struggling to "get off". Derek asked where the "Queen of Sheila" was as she had promised to wear a skimpy bathing suit.

We all roared in laughter as Sheila was the oldest and often left in charge when Mom had to go out. This guy was going to turn the Queen's world up side down. Derek threw both Linda and I into the water and swam away getting out of the pool.

Just then Sheila appeared trying to look nonchalant and Derek gave her a wolf whistle.

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   Sheila stopped dead because Mom was standing right there. Derek asked if something was wrong as he thought boys were suppose to compliment a girl and he was too far away to pick her up to give her the hot kiss that outfit inspired.

He turns to us and like he was asking if we agreed with his opinion. We howled poor Sheila was so out matched by this guy it was not even funny. Mom seemed a little stunned herself, as she watched Derek dry off his broad shoulders, big pecks and six pack stomach.

In truth we were all watching our private Chippendales man. When he bent over to dry his legs Mom had a back side view and you could see that tight end was doing a dance on her libido. She stared until he got up and turned around.

Derek walked over to Sheila and said I think you need to get wet. I whispered to Linda I thought Mom and Sheila were that way already. He literally swept Sheila off her feet and carried her to the pool. She loudly protest that she did not want to get her hair wet.

Derek held her over the water and asked so you are telling me you made yourself mostly naked just to get a rise out of me? Then he turned to Linda and I asking if Sheila was a bit dirty and needed to get clean.

Sheila was panicking as we shouted dunk her and turned our thumbs down like the ancient Roman's decide the fate of a fallen gladiator. Derek ignored us and gave her a huge kiss instead.

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   It made me weak at the knees to watch.

Mom was also watching and I am sure had already decided Sheila needed to be put on the pill first thing Monday. Derek put Sheila down and said I will volunteer to apply suntan lotion to your whole body then turned to Mom and said he was just kidding.

With a wicked smirk Mom said do what you like as she had been a pest all day and needs a strong hand to make her come around. I think Sheila was going to need therapy as she was the only one not screaming in laughter.

Things got back to some level of sanity when Mom said we needed to change as supper would be ready soon. Linda and I gave each other a look and scrambled out of the pool to get to an early seat at the peep hole.

This time I was first as I did not spend as much time drying. I figure I soon be wet again anyways. I was already taking my swim suite off as I was got to our bedroom door.

I was naked and rubbing my pussy waiting for Derek to put on a show for me. Linda soon joined me having discarded her bikini. By pressing our heads together we both could mostly see at the same time.

Finally Derek made his entrance and we both started to rub faster. He did not hesitate and dropped his trunk right away.

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   He turned away for a second then got a towel and turned back. Derek started drying his member and big balls and then stretch his cock with the towel.

Linda pulled my hand to her pussy and put her's on mine and both started mutually molesting each other. Much to our delight his cock started to react to the towels stimulation. It was thickening before our eyes.

For the first time my inner slut was drawn to a man's body in a way that told me that if I was in that bathroom I would be sucking his cock. That thingy was a work of meaty art.

Derek turned towards the door and suddenly Sheila appeared. She pulled down her bikini bottoms and got on her knees. Derek put a hand on the back of her head and pushed her face into his cock and balls.

Sheila was licking, kissing and then sucking his cock. My guess was sis was an experienced cock-sucker from how quick she got him hard. Soon she pulled her mouth off his cock and said we have to hurry.

Sheila stood up, turned around and bent over the counter giving Derek an easy target. I kind of wondered how she could take such a big dick.

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   Derek had to lift her by the hips to get an angle. She is so short that he feet dangled above the floor.

It took some time but he slowly worked into her. Sheila grunted with every tight inch. When Derek was mostly in he started long slow strokes. Sheila's head was already tousling around and I could see sweat trickling down her temple, it had been a stretch. In a minute she started moaning and bit her lip to stifle the noise.

It did not look like Derek was even sweating but it sure looked strange him holding her up moving in and out of the little doll impaled on his shaft. Sheila came, thrashing and shaking like I wish I could experience.

Derek took Sheila off his cock and she sunk to her knees to suck her pussy come off his cock. He had not cum and looked a little board if you ask me.

Linda must have been in a trance seeing our sister in a live porno for when I stuck two fingers into her and she came with a load moan. Sheila did not seem to hear given her state but Derek was alerted. I got out of that closet ASAP pulling shaky legs with me.

I was pissed as I had not come but took consolation that I would have something wonderful to think about while masturbating tonight.

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I told Linda to hurry up and get changed. We were just heading out of our room when Derek came out of the bathroom. He looked down at me and raised an eyebrow. I suspected we were busted big time but he did not say anything. Sheila must have already left for the her room to change.

We sat down at our usual places Derek went to the kitchen and helped Mom bring out the food. I looked and could not believe my eyes Mom had put on eyeliner, lipstick and I thought I smelled perfume. Good god she never did that at home.

The whole house was filled with horny females including me. Sheila was the only one that seemed uncomfortable. I suspected that Derek had changed everything she had planned. Sheila was too used to bossing us around and flaunting how smart she was. It sure was good that she was getting her comeuppance

Mom told Derek to sit in the empty chair. Linda froze, a single tear formed and ran down her face and she got up heading to our bedroom. Derek moved to head her off, while putting a hand out as a stop sign to Mom, he scooped up Linda turned to us and shook his head silently saying "do not follow".



Derek took Linda out of view into the family room. We heard some voices which we could not make out and then a giant sob and some of the most soulfully crying I have every heard. All of us at the table had tears streaming down our faces in empathy.

After about 18 minutes the two of them walked in with Derek's arm around Linda's shoulders. Derek took the empty seat and placed it beside Linda's chair and sat down. She looked at him and smiled. Derek giving her a big hug and kissed the top of her head. He suggested we dig in before everything gets cold.

There was no talking just eating for several minutes then Derek reach into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet, then a lamented card giving it to Mom. She took a look and then started to laugh.

Mom said so you really are seventeen, I guess they grow them big where you comes from. Linda and I glanced at each other as Mom did not know how right she was.

The mood lightened up as we all had a great time even Sheila who Derek complemented at every turn. It was strange as it felt like he was complimenting all of us.

After we were finishing the last of our desert, moved to the family room, Mom turned to Derek asking about the romantic stories that Sheila had told her about.

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   Derek turned to a sheepish Sheila and shook his head.

Derek said it was true. He told us that he came from a long line of story tellers not writers but oral specialists. Every female in the room wiggled and squirmed and Derek went on as if he had not said anything special.

Derek said that from the time he was little he had been incouraged to make up improv stories usually for humour and fun. Derek said that he could sometimes turn that ability into sexy or romantic stories. The stories were not always original but if the girl had an imagination they could make her feel special.

The stories he had told were to demonstrate that the sexiest part of our bodies was our mind. Mom asked if her could do it now? He smiled and said he was willing to try but that at the end he would ask each women for a kiss, which they could decline. He said there would be no groping, gross or rude comments.

Mom said it would be OK as she would supervise. Derek look right at Mom and asked if she would be a participant. Mom looked embarrassed loosing her authoritative position with one question then recovered saying sure why not.

I decided to accept the offered kiss even if his story was about cleaning out stables. A kiss from this guy would be one to measure all the others in my life.

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Derek excused himself from the room and got the bag he had when he arrived. He handed to each of us a single rose. He said that he would tell his stories based on the flower and the women herself.

I was first and could not help but squirm. I was excited and wet for that matter. Derek took my rose and knelt right close to my seat. He said look at your rose and tell me how it differs from the others. I looked at the theirs and said that mine was a closed bud just showing signs that it was about to bloom.

Derek smiled and said that the flower represented where I was in the journey through womanhood. He said that my position in time gave me great power as I was still young enough to observe the mistakes made by my sisters in how they interacted with men. If I used my powers wisely I would likely find the best man for the "unique women" Michael.

Then he asked me if I wanted my first sexy kiss. I could only nod as no one had every talked to me that way. Derek leaned over, raised my head and gave me a kiss that seemed as if he was caressing my whole body. My nipples went hard and my pussy started to flow girly come.

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   When he was done I only whispered thank you and my head swam with very naughty thoughts.

Derek moved to Linda, gave her an immediate quick kiss on the lips and winked. I swear she went red from head to toe. I started to wonder if he was reading her naughty thoughts.

Derek took Linda's rose, knelt beside her where she sat saying you have already started on the journey of love, laughter, heart ache and exhilaration of body and sole. It is all so new that you can easily get lost.

Please remember to think for yourself even when your body is telling you to do things your conscience is not ready to deal with. Your goal in life should be, above all, to seek happiness.

He then asked Linda if he could kiss her. In her state she cannot be blamed as she initiated the kiss wrapping her arms around his head kissing with all the passion she could muster. His arms wrapped around he pulling her close to his chest.

When their kiss broke Linda had one tear trickle down her cheek. Derek touched her face transferring the tear to his finger tip saying "From the mists of the mind emotion's dew drops form". Then he licked it off his finger and said Linda tastes like happiness. Giggles could be heard around the table.

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Derek looked at Mom and she gave no sign he should stop. In fact she seemed as entranced as the rest of us. Sheila was next and he picked up her rose which was mostly in bloom and said well my smart girl I am going to give you a sexiness test.

He told Sheila to close her eyes and imagine herself in a room on a bed naked. There were no sheets on the bed or cloths to grab for a quick cover up. In this fantasy she was to imagine hands from all the men she found desirable. They were caressing her body in the way Sheila would find exciting.

When those feelings were about to crest she was to transfer all that sexual energy into a kiss that would allow Derek to see into that room and share her passion. He would be waiting with eyes closed and lips ready so she should take control of him with her kiss.

Sheila closed her eyes and Derek softly talked her into the mood and then said take over lets see how sexy your imagination can be. Derek closed his eyes and waited. Sheila's bottom started to squirm and I swear her nipples could be seen through her top after a while her eyes flew open and she grabbed the back of Derek's head and kissed him like she was possessed. There is no doubt tongue action ensued.

When their kiss broke Derek smiled and asked if any one had something for chapped lips as his were burning. He looked into Sheila's eyes and said sexy women I saw into that fantasy room and you are lucky I do not kiss and tell.

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   That seemed to break the tension and we all laughed.

There was only one women left and Derek asked Mom to stand up. He turned her so she was facing away from us. Then he took her flower and showed it to us saying this flower is in full bloom. It is what every artist thinks of as perfection when creating a masterpiece. He was holding the flower but we all knew he was talking about Mom.

Derek told a story of two lovers that had a bad fight. The man stormed out, as he hurriedly walked away he start cooling down and realized that his anger was more about his ego than anything real.

He considered what she meant to him and what a hole he would have in his life if he lost her. Soon he turned around and frantically ran back hoping he could repair the damage done. He found her standing, facing away from him crying.

In his role as that man, Derek got behind Mom and started to apologize for his stupidity. He touched her shoulders and leaned down kissing her neck from shoulders to her ear lobe and then said "I can not live without you please forgive this fool". Then he turned Mom around and lifter her by the waist so that her face was slightly higher than his own and wrapped his arms around holding her close.

He asked if he could kiss her.

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   Mom put her hand on the back of his head and they kissed so passionately that all of us had tears well in our eyes. His story and the interplay was a live chick-flick at its most emotional.

The kiss broke and he put Mom down. Derek thanked us and said he hoped we had fun. The room was quite, we were overpowered by this man's sexy imagination. I wondered what women on earth could satisfy him, maybe one was just not enough. .