The Love I Found : Chapter1


The day my ‘little girl’ became a woman, was one of the happiest day of my life. We are still making love daily. Let me not get ahead of myself here. It started out very innocently, when she was about 15, with little ‘accidents. ’ For example, we had been outside playing in the snow, and when we went back into the house, she went to pull off her sweater, and pulled her top up with it, exposing her young succulent breasts. "OOPS, Sorry". She said, as she pulled down her top. Like a digital camera, the image was burned into my mind. The look of those beautiful breasts, was all I could think of that night. When it happened, all I could do was just say, "OooKay," and laugh. I saw my wife looking at me, but I just turned away. I heard my wife say something about free show, but the wheel was turning.

After that, I realized that my ‘little girl’ was growing up, in a ‘big’ way. Now, don’t get me wrong. At the time, I was a double D person. My wife was a size 44.

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   Usually, small breasts didn’t interest me that much, but strangely enough, in a week or two, I found myself starting to enjoy pictures of small breasts on young girls on the Internet-my daughter is a size 36B-and I found myself comparing them to my daughter.
I guess it was about a week later, I came home a little earlier than usually, I knew that my daughter would be home, but my wife didn’t get home till about Twenty minutes after I did. When I walked in, I could hear the shower running. (We lived in a small apartment. ) I knew Karen was taking a shower. I went about doing what I usually did when I got home, I filled a bowl, (no idiot, I smoke a pipe) and was about to lite it. I knew Karen was finished with her shower, because I heard her shut it off. I had just sat down, and started to lite it, when the bathroom door opened, and she stepped out, on her way to her room, which was across the hall, with nothing on. Not even a towel. I was stunned, to say the least. At 15, she was already developed into a very beautiful young woman. Then, she did something I never expected; she bent over, to pick something up off the floor, and looked back between her legs and saw me sitting there staring at the most beautiful piece of womanhood, I had ever say. "Oh, hi Daddy. I didn’t know you were home. " She said, standing up, and trying to cover up everything that was exposed.

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   Too late. The cat was out of the bag, and if I had been standing, so would have my manhood have been also. "Hi Angel. " I stammered, as she turned and walked into her room. The thought of that beautiful flower, and her gorgeous caboose was already burned into my memory.
That night, my wife wondered what had got me started, as I climaxed, shooting twice the amount I usually deposited in her. "What got you going?" Asked Tera, my wife, as we lay together afterward. "That was amazing. " I just smiled. There was no way I could tell her, that what had gotten me going was the fantasy that it had been my daughter whose legs I was between.
OK, before I go any further, let me tell you about my Angel. She stands 5’3". A Redhead, whose hair is down to the middle of her back, and yes, like her mother, and myself, she is a little heavy. No, not fat, chunky. I have never been a man to go for stick figures.

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   I am about 245 lbs, stand 5’7" and my manhood is average size. About 61/2, to 7 inches.
Anyway, nothing happened, other than a friendly pat on the rump now and then. I didn’t want to do anything that would alienate her. Our relationship was good, but she was a normal teenager, and, as most her age, daddy was and old fart. As for her mother and me, well, that’s another story. We had been having troubles off and on, and she clamed that my snoring was keeping her awake. So, I moved to the day bed, in the living room. During this time, my daughter continued to develop, looking more sexy every day.
By the time my Angel turned nineteen, her mother and I were separated. I had moved about 50 miles away, and found my own place. She started comming over, and would spend a few days with me. I came home from work one evening, and found her wondering around the house in just her bra, and panties, which were a little smaller than I remembered. I think they called them ‘Hipsters. ’ Anyway, after dinner, which I don’t even remember, because she was still half nude, she said she was going to go take a shower.

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   I loaded the dishwasher, and wondered down the hall. I could hear the shower running, but as I passed by the door, I heard something else. Moaning. I froze. My daughter was masturbating? I couldn’t belive it. I stood frozen outside the door, and realized, that I had the hardest erection I had ever had. After a minute, I heard a loud moan, and I realized that most likely, she had reached her climax. I went into my room, and made love to Grammy Thumb, and her four daughters.
I decided it was time to make my move, so I started talking to her a little more about sex. Saying little things in passing. About a week before Christmas, she was spending the holidays with me, because her mother was working. My neighbor had invited us over for a few drinks to celebrate the season. Well, after a few drinks, we went back to the apartment. I could tell she was felling the couple drinks she had had, so I started making jokes about oral sex, and after a few minutes of joking around, I asked her if she had every tried it. I knew she hadn’t, because I knew she didn’t even have a boyfriend.

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   She said no, but she had often wondered about it. "Here’s my chance. " I thought, and asked her if she would like me to show her what it was like. She hesitated for a couple minutes, then said okay. I told her I would have to take her panties off, and asked if that was OK, she said yes. I removed her panties, and she lay back on the couch, and just watched me. I couldn’t believe I was final going to get to see Angel’s flower, and as I knelt down in front of her, and gently spread her legs.
    "Just relax Sweetheart. I think you will enjoy this. " I said, and leaned forward, and ran my tongue up the outside of her right labia, and down the outside of the left. I felt her jerk a little, when my tongue came in contact with the inside of her labia, as I ran my tongue down the middle between them. I raised my head up, and looked up at her. She was lying with her head against the arm of the couch, and her eyes were closed. I decided them, that it was time to go for the gold. I then took my tongue, and licked from her little puckered bum hole, up to the top of womanly flower, paying special attention to her flower stem.

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       After a few seconds, I repeated what I had just done. When my tongue hit her little nub, she gasped, and I felt her body stiffen for a minute. Drawing her nub into my mouth, I started sucking on it, and flicking it with my tongue. Suddenly, I felt her hand on the back of my head, pushing my mouth down farther down on her nub. I started humming deep in my throat, as I danced my tongue over her nub. I felt, more than heard, her moan, as I sucked on her nub a little harder. I then moved down a little, and buried my tongue deep in her love tunnel. That was all it took. She started moaning, and arching her back, as her love juice gushed out of her love tunnel, and I lapped it up like a thirsty dog lapping water on an August day. Oh, it was so sweet. After a minute, I raised my head, and looked at her. She still had her eyes closed. "You can breathe now. " I said, rubbing my hand over stomach, and down over her naked mound. "Daddy, that was incredible.

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       I never felt anything like that. " "Even when you were masturbating?" I asked, grinning broadly, happy knowing that I had made her feel so good, but also thinking about hearing her in the bathroom the few weeks before. "How did you know I did that?" She asked, turning red. I told her about hearing her in the shower, and then told her not to be embarrassed, everyone doses it. "Well, maybe not nuns, but mostly everyone else. " I said, putting her at ease. "Do you do it, Daddy?" She asked me, looking me in the eye. "Yes, I do, and lately, a lot more than usually. Especially now that your mom and I are split up. " "Oh, poor Daddy. " She said, leaning over and kissing me on the lips. I figure it to be one of our usually kisses, but suddenly, I felt her tongue seeking entrance into the confined space of my mouth. As our tongues met, my manhood immediately became engorged to its fullest extent, ready to bust through my pants, seeking freedom. As I broke the kiss to get air, I almost fainted when I heard my beautiful daughter say, "Make love to me daddy. " "Are you sure baby?" I asked.

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       Without saying anything, she started rising up from the couch. She reached out and took my hand, and tugged on it till I stood up. She then started leading me into the bedroom. I could only follow, watching her sweet rump sway as she walked, looking back over her shoulder, and smiled the sexiest ‘come fuck me’ smile I had ever seen.



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