The Lessons Part 2


Part 2 – Girl Time
Debra and her daughter had a very close relationship, some would say closer than normal. Ever since Lisa had started puberty Debra had been preparing her for her introduction to sex and love making. She and her husband had been planning this for their children for many years and the fact that they were so close to realizing their dream had had her excited for some time. Her husband Ken and son Mike would be having their little conversation while her and Lisa were shopping. Hopefully, if everything went according to plan, the years of planning would come to a halt. God she was already hot just thinking about it. She good feel the heat between her legs and know she would start feeling the moisture pretty soon.
“Honey,” she said to her beautiful young daughter Lisa, “I thought we would go to a specialty lingerie shop today. You’re boobs are bigger again and it’s going be harder and harder for you to by decent bras off the shelf. I know a place that will fix us up. ”
“God mom, you don’t have to do that, I can get by with what I have right now. Besides, half the time I don’t even wear a bra so what does it matter,” Lisa responded. She knew her tits were big, but she wondered why her mom always seemed so interested in them. Somethimes she liked the way her boobs looked when they were packed into a bra that was too small. The way the flesh squeezed out of the cups and pushed her tits up was cool, especially if she was wearing one of her nice lacy bras. She loved going braless too, the way her tits bounced and swayed under her top was cool too.

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   What she liked most about her tits though was the way everyone paid attention when she entered the room, especially if she had a good bounce going. When her nipples got hard they would show right through the fabric, even if she was wearing a bra.
“Going braless won’t be an option for much longer Lisa, although I know why you like to,” her mom responded, remembering when she was young and how she like to feel her tits bouncing around free. “Besides, there is no reason why you should not be comfortable when you do wear one, and I know you will find lots of nice lingerie in the store we are going to. ” Just as she said that she pulled into a small parking lot in a part of town Lisa had never been in before. They got out of the car and went down as narrow alley between two buildings to an entrance of a store you could bnot even see from the sidewalk.
A bell tinkled as the opened and Lisa followed her mother in. There were two ladies behind the counter and they both seemed to know her mother. “Good day Mrs. White one of them said as she came from behind the counter and walked towards them, “it is so good to see you again. ” The women walking towards them was older than her mom, probably in her forties, thought Lisa. She was stunningly beautiful and walked with an elegance you seldom seen. The other came out from behind the counter also and although she was considerably younger, she too was beautiful and it was obvious she was related to the older lady. The older lady hugged her mom and kissed her on both cheeks in a European fashion.
“Sophia, please call me Debra, I don’t know how many times I’ve told you that over the years.

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   This is my daughter Lisa, she is in desperate need of some new items. I just know you will have what she needs. ”
“Of course we will,” Sophia replied, “this is my niece Grace she will be helping us today. I find that she is very good at helping out the younger ladies. It is very nice to meet you Lisa. ” She said holding out her hand for Lisa to shake. “What about yourself Debra, will you be needing anything today also?” Sophia asked.
“Yes, I am looking for something for a special occasion I have planned, but lets get Lisa going first. She will need some bras, with matching panties of course, and anything else you can think of. ” Debra was talking while she walked into the store proper and looked around at some of the displays.
“First we will need to size properly,” Sophia said, “Grace why don’t you take Lisa into the back and get the necessary measurements. ” Grace was as beautiful as her aunt, but seemed a little less formal. She was dressed in a white blouse, open at the front showing a great deal of cleavage. She had on a short black skirt that went to mid thigh. It appeared like she had no stocking on, and a simple pair of  loafers which made sense for someone working in a store.

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   Although the outfit was simple, the girl looked stunning in it, like she would if she was wearing flannel pyjamas and had just gotten out of bed.
“Come with me,” Grace said grabbing Lisa by the hand and directing her towards a current on one of the walls. If a lot of the girls her own age at school had grabbed her by the hand like this she would have felt weird. But Grace was different for some reason and Lisa immediately liked her. She figured she was in her early twenties, definitely a lot older than she was. It was nice that she just didn’t treat me like a little girl. They went through the current and found several dressing rooms for trying on things. The went through a door into a larger room with several plush chairs and softer lighting. There were several full length mirrors on the walls.
“What size of bra are you wearing now?” Grace asked as she went over to a table and picked up a clipboard and pen.
“I’m not sure, I think it’s a 36, C or D, but it’s too small so I think I probably need a bigger cup or something. ” Lisa responded.
Grace wrote the size on the paper and smiling up at Lisa relied, “believe me, by the time you leave here today you will know exactly what size you are and be feeling significantly more comfortable, and more sexy too. Now take your top and bra off so I can measure you. ” Grace walked back over to the table and turned her back and reached down to pick up a tape measure.

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Although Lisa was surprised at Grace asking her this so nonchalantly she accepted the fact that if she needed to be measured there was no sense doing it with your clothes on. Lisa looked at Grace and saw her back towards her and figured she was just being polite. She took her jacket of and laid it on a chair and started to pull her tee shirt top over her head. When she pulled her head through and shook her hair out she threw it on the chair and when she looked back up Grace had turned around and was standing there smiling at her. Almost instinctively Lisa put her arms up to hide her bra covered melons. She was always a little shy about undressing in front of others because they did stare and in high school this often meant some of the girls making snotty comments about her over-sized breasts. It definitely wasn’t the same sexy feeling she got when the people, mostly boys and men, stared at her because they couldn’t see her tits and they wanted to. Funny how that worked.
“Don’t be shy Lisa, I’ve seen lots of breasts since I started working for my aunt. You shouldn’t be ashamed of what you have anyway. ” Grace said. She walked closer to Lisa and instructed her to turn around so she could unclasp her bra for her. “Geez Lisa, this is way to tight,” she commented while trying to pull it a bit tighter so she could get the hooks separated. “You really do need something that fits better, now turn around so I can get some measurements. ” Lisa turned slowly but her arms were still holding her bra on.

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   Grace took a hold of her hands and lowered them causing the bra to pull away from the young breasts. She took the old bra and threw it towards a trash can in the corner commenting about how her aunt would never let Lisa put it back down.
Lisa stood there while Grace looked her up and down. “You have beautiful breasts Lisa, no need to be embarrassed. Now I need you to put your arms straight over your head so I can measure. ” Lisa did as she was instructed and Grace started taking measurements and noting them on the clipboard. First her waist, then around her torso just beneath her boobs, then around and across her boobs, right at the nipple. Grace’s hands lightly brushed across her nipples as she brought the tape around. They immediately reacted by puckering a bit and pushing out. Lisa turned red a little from embarrassment but Grace didn’t even seem to noticed. “Okay, that’s good for the basics, you can lower your arms now and turn around. ” Again Lisa did as she was told and Grace took even more measurements. Across the back of her shoulders, down her spine from the base of her neck to her tailbone, her outstretched arms from the middle of her back to her wrists. Grace moved back to the front and measured across her shoulders there also, then from her shoulder to her nipple on each side. This again made her nipples harden, even more this time and it seemed that Grace lingered just a bit longer.

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   Finally she measured around her breasts right at her chest and then out from the chest to her nipples.
Grace had made notes as she went and after the last measurement Lisa asked “I’ve never had anyone take so many measurements before, I just figured I needed a bigger cup size that’s all. What size am I now anyway” she asked?” Grace looked up smiling and said that she was now officially a D-cup, and should have a 37 inch band size which would have to be made specially. “Now could you take your jeans off for a minute we need your hips measured also. ” Lisa had not expected this but was feeling more comfortable now with Grace so she quickly undid her belt and pants and slid them down to the floor. She wasn’t sure if grace had meant for her to lower her panties also and had decided she would leave them on until Grace glanced at her and she knew they had to come off too.
Grace measured her hips at three different spots, and her legs from hip to ankle. She then asked Lisa to spread her legs a bit so she could measure her inseam. Lisa, again trying to act natural did as she was told. She was nervous and jumped a little as Grace’s hand came up into her crotch and next to her pussy. Grace loved the feeling of someone’s hand there, no one had ever been this close. She could feel herself reacting and wanted to pull her legs tightly together so she could feel Grace’s hand there, unable to escape. Grace must have noticed something because she didn’t remove her hand after she measured. She just rotated it to the opposite thigh. Lisa was certain that the hand, which was kind of balled up in a fist, pressed up even more than before and she reacted by opening her legs alittle allowing better access.

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   Grace did linger for a moment but was soon on her feet again.
She walked back over to the table and turned towards Lisa, openly staring at her perfect young body. “You should get dressed now Lisa, I have all the measurements and my aunt will be wondering where we are. I have to tell you though that you have one of the most beautiful bodies I have ever measured. I wish we had more time. ” Grace was almost whispering when she said this, and although Lisa was used to getting complements and attention over her looks, she was not sure she had clearly heard what Grace was saying, especially the last part. She was about to ask Grace to repeat it but she was already headed towards the door and Lisa kind of knew the moment was now lost. She could not however get the incredible feeling Grace had caused when she rubbed her hand on the inside of her thigh, That memory would stay with her for a long time.
When she was dressed again she walked back out into the store. Grace was helping another customer and her mother and Grace’s aunt Sophia were talking at the counter. She walked towards them and when she got there she noticed they had picked out a number of items, way more than she had expected. Not only were there new bras, they all had matching panties or thongs, plus several camisoles, some stockings and some very revealing night wear. What really caught her attention was the type of lingerie that they had picked out. Up to now most of her undergarments had been much the same as other girls her age, somewhat juvenile, and cute as opposed to sexy. This batch was definitely more on the sexy side, and as she picked up one of the bras, she looked at her mother, and wondering if these were for her or for her mother.

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“These are all yours darling,” her mother said before the question was asked. “Sophia will be making up some custom fitted ones also, but until then, and until you stop growing, we will be coming back here to make sure what you are wearing not only feels comfortable, but also makes you feel like a woman, not a child. Now go and try that one on and we will be going, we have lots to do still. ”
Lisa did as she was told and took the pink bra that was in her hand and went into the fitting room to try it on. Both Sophia and her mother came in to check on the fit, and she had to admit, she did feel different wearing something so blatantly sexy. She noticed a big difference when she put her tee-shirt top back on and saw how different her form was, and how her breasts seemed to fill out her shirt even more than before. When she walked out into the store she could feel the now bounce in her tits as she walked back and noticed her reflection in one of the mirrors. When her and her mother left she also noticed that people seemed to pay a little bit more attention to her, and her new look.
Once they were in the car and driving her mother asked if she was hungry as it was near lunch time. They agreed to go to the club for lunch, mainly because they knew they would be seated immediately, and could enjoy a little more privacy. The club was somewhat exclusive, and the whole family was known to the staff and management. Besides the golf and tennis, there were a ton of other activities that the family had taken advantage of over the years. Her mother asked for a little privacy for lunch and they were seated in one of the many tables set aside in an alcove off the main dining area. The room was not crowded either as they were a bit early for the main lunch crowd.
“I can’t believe you bought me all that sexy stuff mom, I thought you and dad wanted to keep young and innocent for the rest of my life.

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  ” Lisa told her mom openly. They had always enjoyed the ability to talk openly and Lisa was somewhat confused over her mother’s sudden change in attitude.
Debra paused for a minute, wanting to be very careful in her approach. “It’s just time for this dear,” she started, “you are growing up even faster than either you father and I had ever thought possible. We’ve have worked very hard at making sure you didn’t grow up too fast though. Remember how we had many discussions about your body and the changes it was going through when you first had you period and you breast started to grow? And we’ve discussed the things you have been learning in sex education in school. I’ve always tried to be as open and as honest with you as I could. Both your father and I agreed however that we wanted to be very careful about how we would introduce you and your brother to the next part of you learning about life.

    Their food arrived and while the waiter was serving them and such, the conversation stopped. Debra could see that her daughter was digesting what she had just said, and figured there would soon be questions. Before that happened though she wanted to get to the real point. “Now it is time for the real lessons to start. You know the mechanics, and I am positive you have started to experience some of the feelings inside that go along with the physical changes you’ve gone through. Next we are going to discuss sex from the other side. I want you to know about fucking, and giving blow-jobs, and most importantly, about orgasm, my darling.

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       Your father and I have planned for a long time about how we would teach both you and your brother about the more exciting and intimate aspects of sex. Just knowing that a man can shove his penis into your vagina is not enough. There is a lot more to it then that, and looking and feeling sexy like that lingerie makes you feel is just the beginning. ”
    Lisa was shocked, she had never heard her mother say fuck before, and never thought that she would know what a blow job even was. Of course she had heard about all this with her friends and such, but never imagined her parents doing it. As she thought this, her mind went back to the feeling she had this morning when Grace had brushed her hand on the inside of her thigh. This was what mom was talking about she guessed. She had to admit that she wanted more of that feeling. It was better than the feeling she had felt when she rubbed her own pussy, or even the dreams of some of the boys in school she was attracted to. She did want to find out more and she trusted her mother to be honest and open with her.
    As they finished their lunch and ordered tea, Debra opened up the conversation again. “Are you still a virgin dear?” she asked deliberately, although she suspected her daughter was.
    “Mom,” Lisa said, surprised at the question, “you know I am. I’ve never even had a date, and the only guys at school that ask me out are the senior jocks, and you know how much I don’t like them. ” Debra knew that her daughter’s good looks and womanly body had actually stopped all the young boys her own age from asking her out.


       She had always worried about older men taking advantage of her also.
    “You know dear, your father and I have always wanted the best for you. We wanted to make sure your transition into adulthood was smoother and more real than ours was. Our parents were very straight, and they tended to leave the finer details of our upbringing to the nanny, or the private school. There’s no way my mother would have ever taken me on a shopping trip for lingerie. ” Debra couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought of her mother talking about anything to do with sex, even sexy clothing. “We promised each other that we would help our kids a lot more than we were ever helped. We were pretty naïve when we first met, and almost lost each other because of our inexperience with sex. Neither of us want you or your brother to experience that. To accomplish that we have determined that the best method would be to teach you more directly about the finer aspects of making love. We could give you a book, which may help, but nothing can replace the feelings and physical reactions you enjoy as you learn things first hand. ” Debra paused waiting for her daughter to react. It was hard to approach the subject in the first place but now that it was out she felt much better.
    After a few minutes Lisa responded. “You know mom, I’ve had some pretty strong feelings lately and I don’t know what they mean.

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      ” She proceeded to tell her mom about her experience with Grace in the fitting room at the store. Just telling her mom was making her hot again and she finished the conversation with that.   “DO you think this means I’m a lesbian mom? Just telling you about it has made me hot in my pussy again, and I think I would of loved it if we had not run out of time and I could actually of felt her fingers on my pussy. ” Lisa had never said anything like this to her mom before and along with being sexually aroused she was very much embarrassed.
    “Don’t worry my dear, I doubt you are a lesbian. Even if you are, so what, it’s just another approach to channelling the sexual feelings we all have. I’ve had a few experiences with other women also, it is definitely something you shold be afraid of, lesbian or not. Your father and I have some activities planned over this weekend that should help you find out if you are heterosexual or not. The only thing we ask of you is to trust us. You always have to remember that neither of us would never do anything to harm you or your brother. ”
    Lisa thought about what her mother was saying, about her experience with Grace, and about the feeling in her pussy that was only getting stronger as the conversation progressed. If she was alone in her room right now she would be rubbing herself until she had an orgasm. She intuitively knew what her mom was saying, but thought she better ask before she jumped ahead too far. “Do you mean that you and dad will be showing us how you make love, like we can watch or something like that?” The thought was one thing, saying it was making her panties all wet and she was sure she could smell the secretions oozing out of her cunt.
    Her mom was smiling, “Well that’s kind of what we had in mind.

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       Actually, we were going to show you a little more directly. I am going to show your brother and your father will be instructing you, if you get my drift that is. It’s a long weekend and we have lots of time to work all this out. I’ve already told you more than we had planned so you must not let onto your father that I’ve told you about our plan. When we get back home the two of us will get ready together. You brother and I will leave and head out to the country house later this afternoon. We’ve been planning a mom and son weekend for months now. You and your father will be alone tonight after the staff leaves. Really that’s all you need to know. Now, you have to decide now if you want to go through with this or not. We are not going to make you do anything you are not comfortable with. However, it won’t be fair if you change your mind too late. So how about it dear, any questions of objections?”
    Lisa was not sure what to think. She loved her parents and brother a lot, and trusted them in everything. Her mother had never given bad advice or guidance.

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       She’d read about incest before, and she guessed this is what they were talking about. She thought about her father and how handsome he was, and so strong. She thought about sex, and imagined what it would be like having someone close to her in a sexual fashion, just like Grace this morning. She thought about the warm feeling in her pussy, which was still active, and in some ways more active. She looked at her mom and saw that whatever they had planned it was what they thought was best, and as far as she was concerned they had not screwed up too many things so far as parents. She nodded and smiled at her mom, and as soon as she did she felt relieved, and excited. It was like a damn burst and she was getting caught up in the rushing wall of water.
    Debra knew that her daughter had agreed to the plan by the look on her face. “Come on dear, lets go home now. I’m sure you have a lot of questions and we don’t have much time. Remember I want this to seem to your dad like you didn’t have any forewarning. We want it to seem completely spontaneous and natural. And I have an idea of how you can do that. ”
    This concludes Part Two. Part Three will have all four of the family back at the house making preparations for the rest of the weekend.

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