The Kiss Part #3


It has been a few weeks of what had happened on the couch that night, of me and my young daughter rubbing and kissing each other into an orgasm. I noticed at any opportunity she can get she would try to see me naked, coming out of the shower, getting dressed in the bedroom, changing to go swimming etc. I knew I had to talk to her about what happened, and to tell her that it was just a heat of the moment thing and that it should never happen again. I just kept remembering of that hot sensual kiss we had and find myself with a hard-on thinking of it. I knew I had to tell her now before it went any further.

The time was finally right, Sammy gave me a kiss and said she had to go to the store she needed to pick up a few things she had forgotten for supper. I kissed her back and she headed torward's the back door and yelled to the kids if they wanted to go along. They all said no we are fine and went back to what ever they were doing. Sammy left and now I thought this would be time to talk to Kelly. I went to the back door and saw they were kicking a soccer ball back and forht between Cindy and Kelly, and that Jack was in the center trying to block it.

I called to Kelly and asked her to come here that I needed some help. She yelled back and said: "Ok dad I'll be right up. " Jack and Cindy yelled up asking if I needed them too. I said: "No I just need Kelly for a moment she'll be right back out. Jack and Cindy started to kick the ball back and forth while Kelly came into the house. Kelly came in the door and looked at me and said: " So.

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   What's up? and where's Sammy?"I told her that she went to the store and she would be back shortly. I looked into her green eyes and her soft rosy red lips, those same soft lips that I got to feel against my own lips. I could feel my cock twitching in my pants at the thought of those lips caressing mine again. I shook the thought out of my mind and went back to reality of talking to Kelly on what had happened that night on the couch.

I took her two hands into mine and we sat down on the couch facing each other. I look at her and say: " Kelly what we did the other night was wrong, and that it was mainly my fault that it went as far as it did. I wanted to talk to you and say that we can't do this ever again. I love Sammy, and I love you, and Jack and Cindy also. I want us going to be back being as dad and daughter again and not as lovers. Do you understand?" Kelly looks into my eyes and says: " Oh daddy. I am just as much at falt as you are. I let myself explore further than just the kiss. I started to feel things in my belly and an itch down below, and I just needed to release the tension that had built up in my body and mind. I understand and we'll never do this again. " She leans up and kisses me on the cheek.

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   We hold each other for a moment and then we hear the car pulling up I tell her to go back out and play, and that I'll call you and the other kids when it is time to eat.

Weeks went by and everything seemed to be fine. Kelly wasn't try to see me naked anymore, and we were back to being daughter and father again. Jack had a game out of town and I had reserved a motel for us so we didn't have such a long trip back that night. The game went good, Jack scored three of the five touchdowns and Cindy worked it good as a cheerleader too. ( Man! Was she ever starting to look good) Our team won and we stopped at a restaurant to celebrate. We left from there and headed to the motel. ( The hotel was just across the street) We went into the motel to the front desk to check in. I told her we had a reservation for us and she looked it up and said; " Oh sir. I 'm sorry I see you have a reservation but somehow your room got rented to someone else for the night. " I asked her if she had anything else available, and she looked down and said no, she did not have anymore single or double rooms available, and because of the game there was no more rooms available in the town anywhere. Sammy and I had reserved a suite that gave us a kitchenet, two bedrooms, and a small living room. We had decided that the boys got one room and the girls got the other room and that I and Sammy would share the pull out couch/bed in the main room. (We had looked up the room on line. )

Sammy and myself had just downed a few drinks just before we went to the motel that was only across the street.

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   We had drank a few and to loosen up for some love makin on the couch in the room. I asked the front desk lady if there was anything at all available. She checked her computer and her face blushing said; " The only thing we have is the bridal suite. "I told her we would take that and she credited my card and she gave us the room for free. We head up to the room and when we go inside the room is all red and white with congratulation signs everywhere a bottle of champaign (not chilled) and huge super king size bed. This bed had to be custom made it was 10'X10' in dimension.

We took turns going to the bathroom and changing into our night clothes. I was wearing my usual pajamas bottoms with a tank top, and Sammy wearing pajama top and bottom, and Kelly and Cindy were wearing a long shirt tops that went down to just above the knees and undies, and Jack had on just about the same as me. We had all decided that there was nothing we could do but to climb into bed together. I got in the left side and Sammy got in next beside me, then Kelly got in on my other side, then it was Cindy snuggling into her mom on the opposite side, then it was Jack last, up against Cindy.

The drinks kicked in and I and Sammy was out in about 18 to 20 minutes. We were sleeping and I started dreaming about Kelly and Cindy. I looked at Cindy when she had came out of the bathroom with her long dark hair and grey eyes,just budding tiny nipples sticking out under her shirt. and her white cotton underwear with little red hearts on them. Kelly came out with her favorite white almost see through shirt, with her very pink nipples poking against the fabric, and wearing a blue tiny thong.

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   ( Man! Did she look good!)

I started dreaming of our kiss and how my cock had almost entered my daughter's virgin young pussy but instead in my dreams now I had taken my girl's shirt off and was sucking on her pink young blossoming nipples, feeling her body twitch, and hearing her moan as I do so. I pull the panties off of her and slide my swollen member into her, tearing her hymen away, and plunging as deep into her once virgin snatch as I could go, and blow a huge load of my love juice into her.

I also start to dream about Cindy too I dreamt of her laying on the bed, with her legs pulled up to her shoulders, showing me her virgin pussy, with just black peach fuzz at the top of her snatchI dream of licking her tiny just budding tan nipples and to feel her even younger pussy taking my cock into her and blowing my baby batter into her waiting fertile pussy also. I'm still dreaming of my cock buried in Cindy when I start to wake up to a new sensation.

I first thought it was Sammy when I realized that I had rolled over to my right side and it was Kelly that was giving the head of my throbbing member the sensation. I realized that she had slid her panties off to the side and that the head of my dick was sitting inside the tight walls of my young hot daughter's very wet pussy. I froze and whispered; " Kelly. Are you awake? " She nodded yes. I told her:" I thought we talked about this" and I started to move backwards and realized that Sammy was up against me. I whispered into Kelly ear: " You need to stop and move forward. " Kelly turned her head and said:" I'm not moving forward until i have an orgasm. I wanna cum and to feel you cum in me. You can cum in me. I wanna feel your cum. "

I whisper back to her saying:" Kelly.

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   You really need to stop!" She whispers back: "NO! You don't wanna keep whispering you'll wake up Sammy and she'll find your dick buried in my pussy. how's that gonna look? Just lay there and enjoy it. I'm not going to tell. " I had no choice but to lay there with her hot wet pussy lips wrapped around the head of my dick like a tight ring. (God! Did it feel good!) She put her leg up on my side and would rub her clit and then rub down the length of my cock to my balls, coating it with her sweet pussy juice from her fingers. I was going crazy from the feeling I was getting, her pussy muscles pulsing on my head, juice flowing out of her young hole. I was loving it and at the same time I felt like I was being forced into this. I tried to make it go down, but it was just too wonderful of a feeling for it to go down.

I felt her hand move up to her clit and she started frigging it faster and faster, until I felther pussy muscles tense up, gripping my cock hard as she came. She let out a subdued whine as she came, and I feel her pussy pulsing, and gushing her hot juice onto my throbbing cock. The feeling was just overwhelming. I grab the side of her hip hard, and softly bite into the back of her shoulder, as I blow what felt like the biggest load of baby batter right into her honey hole. I wanted to take and shove my cock deep into her, tearing her hymen away, and coat her insides with my hot love seed. I was able to keep my mind knowing that would leave a blood stain on me and the sheets, and I know I would wind up losing Sammy and possibly going to jail over this.

Kelly pulls her very satisfied cum filled pussy from the head of my dick and pulls her thong pantie back over her hole keeping my spunk inside her.

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   She turns her head around and says:" Thanks daddy I needed that. " I didn't know what to think. My daughter had just coerced me into filling her hole with my spunk and could I have even possibly made her pregnant with the huge load I had dumped into her, and how I could keep her from doing this again

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