The Kiss Part # 2


My wife Sammy heads upstairs and I go around and lock the doors and put a few things away in the kitchen. I go up the stairs and head into the bedroom. I open the door and there is little scented candles lit around the room and the shower is running in the bathroom. I know my wife is cleaning up from today’s travel, and preparing for some love making by the candles lit in the room. I climb up on the bed, waiting for my sweetheart to enter.

The water stops, and a few minutes later my wife enters, wearing a blue teddy and silky blue panties on. She walks slowly and sexy towards me, stopping at the bottom edge of the bed, moving up slowly onto it. She kisses the inside edge of my leg moving up slowly kissing and using her tongue as she moves forward onto me. (My dick is so hard knowing what I was in for. )She stops at my swollen member, and grabs it with her hands, looking up, and takes me into her mouth. She rolls her tongue around the top, and down the sides of my stiff member.

I move my hands down caressing my fingers through her hair, as her head moves slowly up and down the length of my engorged cock. She stops and moves up until she is sitting on my hard swollen dick, with her hot panty covered pussy resting on my dick. She leans down, putting her hands on my shoulders, and starts kissing me real slowly. Our tongues entwine with each others and she starts moving her hips up and down the length of my steel hardened rod. I put my hands up inside her teddy, caressing her tiny nipples and cupping her small breast, moving slowly over them, as we kiss.

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I keep kissing Sammy and started to think of Kelly. I kept thinking how we just did this earlier, her young tender lips against mine, her tiny hot panty covered virgin pussy rubbing up and down my manhood. I kept thinking how we had climaxed together, and how her body shook, and how the head of my cock was almost in her, stopped only by the thin member of her little panties. I was making love to my wife, but I was thinking of how, now for the first time in my life, that I wanted to make love to my daughter instead!

I lifted Sammy's teddy off, and took her breast into my mouth, feeling her hard nipple resting on my tongue. I keep licking her small nipples and thinking that Kelly's nipples were about the same size as Sammy's. I lick her nipples around in circles and holding her other breast with my hand. I just kept trying to make love to Sammy, but the thought of Kelly kept coming back. I rolled Sammy onto her back and headed down her tiny flat belly, kissing her with my lips, and stopping just above her panties. I take my fingers and slowly pull her panties down over her legs. Sammy puts her feet flat on the bed, with her knees arched up. and her legs spread, showing me her bald waiting wet pussy.

I moved in between her legs with my head, taking my fingers and separating her wet swollen pussy lips. She gasps as I touch her. I caress the outside of her vagina with my tongue, slowly move up to her clit and back down and start licking her inside her honey hole. I keep licking up and down her slit, and kissing her clit, and licking her more, until I feel her tense up.

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   andI move my tongue right up and suck her clit into my mouth and put a finger into her juicy little hole. (It always got real tight as she cums!)Sammy's body shakes as she cums and she screams: " OH GOD YES! YES! OH GOD HONEY! I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING! EENNGGHHH AAWWGGH!UUGGHH! "

The whole time I am licking her and making her cum, I am still thinking about Kelly. How her pussy might be bald like this or maybe just a little hint of hair on it. I just can't get her out of my mind. I can't believe that a kiss could change how I thought of my daughter, of how I wanted to make love to her also. Sammy grabs my head and pulls on me saying: " Fuck me! Please! Fuck me now! "I move up on top of Sammy, She grabs onto my shoulders, as my stiff member slides into her. She gasps as she feels me slide into her hot little love tunnel. She is so hot and wet as I feel her pussy muscles gripping my swollen member, and her cervix kissing the head of my dick.

I keep sliding in and out of her slowly, holding myself up with my elbows, while my arms are under her shoulders. I kiss her, my tongue tracing the outside of her lips, and her tongue doing the same to mine. I lean down and kiss her nipples moving in circles over her areolas and then back on her nipples again. Sammy's legs are moving up and down my sides, and her hips are pushing up to meet my thrusting swollen penis, as I slide back into her. Sammy looks up at me and says: " Let me on top!I want to cum on top of you! "

We roll over together with my dick still buried in her, and moves her knees up to my sides. She puts her hands on my shoulders, and starts grinding her pussy into my pelvis as hard as she can. I look up to see her eyes closed and her mouth opens as her body tenses up as she cums hard on my swollen member.

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  She lets go of my shoulders and leans back holding herself up by my knees with her hands as I feel the hot gush ofher passion onto my cock. I love the feel of her hot pussy juice, flowing down my dick. I feel her pussy walls gripping and letting go and gripping again again, until I can't hold out anymore. I push my hips up hard and dump a huge load of baby batter right into her hot waiting pulsing pussy. She feels my cum inside her still sensitive orgasmed pussy and sends her over the edge too. She cums again milking anything that might be left in my shaft right into her womb.

I grab her by the sides of the hips and move them, back and forth, and back and forth, faster and faster, till I feel my balls tense up once more, and dump another huge load into her already cum filled pussy. I let go of her hips and laid there as Sammy fell down on my shoulders. We start to recover. Sammy kisses me and says: " Wow! What got into you?! That was really really good! " I look at her kissing back and say: " I just missed you. I just kept thinking of making love to you all day. " She smiles back and says: "well just keep thinking about me like that more often big boy! "(giggles)

She pulls my softening dick out of her as we heard a slurp as it came out. She climbs off, and heads to the bathroom, while I laid there waiting for my turn. The whole time I am making love to her, I was thinking instead of my daughter Kelly instead. I kept thinking of my cock was sliding into Kelly's lovely little love tunnel, instead of Sammy's.

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  I kept thinking what it would be like to sink my throbbing member deep into her little virgin tunnel, and dump a huge load of mybaby batter right into her waiting fertile womb. What it would feel like to have her young tender pussy gripping my swollen cock and have her yelling; " Daddy! Daddy! I'm cumming! I'm Cumming! as she has her first climax on her father's dick.

Sammy came out of the bathroom and I went in and cleaned up. I came back to bed and we cuddled up and kissed once more and she said: " Night darling sweet dreams. "