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Pop ambled down the hall heading toward the room of his daughter Missy. Along the way he stopped briefly to kick some of the kids clothes out of the way as they most often ended up laying where they fell. His family consisted of his wife Pam, a peroxide bottle blonde with broad hips, more than ample breasts with thick rubbery nipples and a pussy that could draw like a milking machine when she put her mind to it. The oldest of the kids was Jasper or Junior as Pop often called him. Jasper was a lean wiry youth with sandy hair and freckles over his face and shoulders, a perverted little shit who had a mean temper when he didn't get his way. Jasper had just turned 18 two weeks ago and for a boy his age was gifted with having a cock that was nearly nine inches in length already. Jasper also had a penchant for going both ways when the mood hit and wasn't shy about taking his pleasure from some of the farm animals if he really got hard up. Missy was the youngest, being only 18 she was a small girl but with a huge appetite when it came to sex. Her hair was as black as a raven's wing and ran midway to her back. Eyes that were a light shade of violet that could hypnotize by just a glance. Her breasts had just begun to swell, puffy and cone shaped with nipples growing a rosy pink. Pop often wondered if Missy was his own daughter as she didn't favor him all that much but when it came to fuckin he didn't much give a good God damn. Pop had just come to Missy's door and was ready to enter the room when he heard the bed scrapping against the floor and the old springs creaking with a fury. Slipping into the room he saw his son Junior hunching away at his little sister, his cock driving deep in her, sawing it in an out as she clung to his shoulders. "God damn, little bastard's beat me to it again. " Pop Grumbled.

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   The kids were going at it like hell, both of them grunting and groaning, racing each other to cum off. Pop grabbed his thick root and began jacking it as he watched the pair. He began pumping his fist up and down stretching the wrinkled skin up to the enormous head and down to his heavy balls with each stroke. Pop suffered from what the folks round those parts call cabbage disease, where the head is way bigger than the stalk. The head of his tool was huge, meaty and shaped like a large apple, the piss slit always wide and flaring, dripping wet with either piss or pre-cum. As Pop banged his fuck stick he would wrap his fist around the head cupping it and pulling it till he'd squeezed heavy drops of pre-cum into his palm slicking up the tip good and wet. He saw Junior's butt rising up and down as he fucked into his sister. Biting at her nipples till she'd draw blood in crimson trails down his shoulders from her acid green painted up nails. "Fuck me Jasper, fuck hell out of my pussy. " Missy squealed. "Give me them hot boy seeds, shoot it up me. " Jasper was nearing his climax as he stretched the sloppy ring of his sister's slick hole. The juices were flowing hot and thick between the pair soaking into the dirty sheets as they panted and thrust at each other. "I'm shootin it sis, cummin right in your slut hole. " Milk it girl, wring my nuts dry.

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  " He screeched. Pop watched as his son's back arched and his ass cheeks clinched knowing he was filling the girl full to leaking with his flow. Cum rocketed out of the boy's jerking prick, splashing hot and thick into his sister's cunt. Missy screamed as her own cum took her and her ass lifted from the bed, her feet locking over her brother firm ass. Pop saw her toes curl showing the same green nail polish as she flinched and flexed them knowing she was soaking Juniors cock with her sticky young cream. He felt the rise of cum in his own balls building up and was pinching the base of his prick to stem the tide waiting to burst free. "God damn it Junior, hurry the fuck up, I'm gonna pop here waitin to get in her. " He bellowed at his son. Jasper slumped forward knowing he was done for now and knowing even if he wasn't his dad was going to pull him out and take over. He slid his slowly wilting cock out of Missy with a thick slurping sound as it sprung free. Missy giggled as a gush of air rushed out making her pussy fart with a wet squirt. "Come on daddy, get it while it's still good and wet in there. " She teased. As Japer rolled off the bed Pop knelt over to take his place leaning in to snake his tongue into Missy's mouth. Father and daughter were lapping greedily at each others tongues as they kissed one another.

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   Pop began tracing the thick head of his prick up and down Missy's cum slick folds using his son's hot cream to slick the tip. Missy's pussy was dilated and thick streams of her brother's cum load was drooling out over her butt. Pop groaned as he felt the hot sticky cream coat his member and worked the head inside. "Oh fuck daddy, mix it up good in there, shoot your load right on top of Jaspers. " Cooed Missy. Pop gripped his daughters ass and plunged deep. He could feel the inside of her flooded with his son's own heavy load as it washed over him like foamy syrup. Thick Semen clinging to his prick in ribbons he began driving into Missy's well fucked hole. "God baby girl, Junior really churned his nut in there. " "Feels so good washin daddy's dick in it. " He groaned. Junior was standing by the bed watching as his dad and sister were going at it like wild dogs in heat. His own dick was throbbing back to life as he jerked it up and down getting ready for another massive explosion of boy juice. Pop was wheezing and panting as he plowed into Missy's wet hole. His daughter's eye's rolling back like that of a shark showing only the whites as she her pushed her cunt upward for every stroke her father pitched into her.

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   Pop shouted to his son his voice choking with lust. "Get over here boy, finger fuck my ass, hurry. " Junior leapt onto the bed behind his father spreading his ass cheeks wide so he could work his long fingers up his rear. Licking two fingers he traced the slick digits over the puckered ring of his father's ass sending shivers down the old man's legs. Pop was over the edge now, having given up to the fire raging within his swollen balls. Jasper shoved two fingers into his father's shit ring massaging them down over his prostate. Pressing down and moving steadily back and forth he milked at the old man's gland. "Yeah boy, fuck yeah, make me juice in her, wanna fill her up good. " Bellowed Pop. Jasper kept fingering the old man deep and hard his other hand pumping his own prick bringing up another nice load of juice to spit out. He was reeling to feel his load spill out, overcome with watching the pair and taking part in the filthy act. "Dad, I gotta fuck somethin, let me do your ass again. " He pleaded. Pop didn't give a shit now, he'd done that many times before and plenty more so this was nothing new to him. "Fuck my ass boy, screw it up me and shoot off.

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  " "Soak my ass guts in your boy cum. " Raged the old man. Japer slipped his fingers free of his father's sucking ass muscles and spit on the head of his dick. He worked it over the greasy opening and felt the head plop in as the contractions began pulling him deeper. "Oh man, oh pop it's fuckin good in there. " Jasper moaned. Missy was grabbing at both her father and her brother's legs trying to pull them both deep as the trio fucked in a growing rhythm of motion. Leaning over her father's shoulder she opened her mouth for Jasper to shove his tongue into. Knowing just what she lusted after, his prick still buried in Pop's ass he kissed Missy roughly. Grabbing her hair as he rammed his tongue deep into her sucking mouth. Jasper's young thick meat speared into his father raking the man's prostate. Battering his rectum with the girth and thrusts of his penis Jasper knew he was going to have a massive ejaculation spew out within moments. Just as all three were at the peak of a blistering climax they heard Pam as she began to urge them on. "Fuck her daddy, fuck our baby girl good. " "Screw the old bastards ass Junior, make him fill Missy up with his ball juice.

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  " She hissed. Pam was nude, her cunt frothy from watching the members of her family all fucking with such sheer abandon. She fought her way on to the bed gripping her daughter's ankles as she held up her legs giving her husband even deeper access to the girls sloppy fuck crease. Licking the dirty soles of Missy's feet she cupped and massaged her son's balls now tight with his seed and ready to erupt. Pam heard the old man roar as she knew he was spilling Missy full of a his broiling load. Pop felt his cock head swell and looked down as it plunged in and out of his daughter, the bell-shaped head a brilliant purple with rushing blood. Missy felt the tip batter her womb and the first gush of sperm fly out coating her inner walls. Each heavy rope of semen jetting deep and mixing with the still warm seed of her brother within her. Her cunt muscles milked and gripped tight about her father's shaft as her own cream clung in trails along his spewing prick. Both father and daughter were hammering into each other seeking to drain the other of their familial lust. Pam was holding her husband's ass down forcing him even further into Missy. Jacking her son's cock as it continued ramming into the old man. Pop was biting at Missy's swollen nipples as his root spurt time and again each being wrung from his prostate by Junior's prick banging. Missy thrashed and bucked at her father, clawing his ass wide apart as she pleaded for more of his thick sap to drown her womb. "I'm cummin more daddy, don't stop, don't stop spittin that stuff out.

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  " She sobbed. Pam reached over to an old wooden crate that acted as Missy's bed table scooping up a jar of hair jell. Her other hand still wrapped tight over her son's cock she wrenched it free from Pop's ass. Pam shoved her way onto the bed taking Junior's meat in both hands, swabbing the length of it with her tongue. She breathed deeply and could smell the pungent aroma of her husband's ass still heady on it clinging to the stalk and balls. Jasper was moaning and bucking ready and ripe to bursting wanting to erupt and shower his mother in his potent juices. Pam sucked as much of her son's cock into her mouth as she could hold. She squeezed the base of his shaft stanching the flow, wanting to prolong it till she was ready. She opened the jar of jell Missy would often use to tease her hair and scooped out a thick gob. Smearing it over her pulsing ass ring and between her cheeks she continued to nurse and suck on Junior's prick. She gagged as the head punched into her throat and dribbled his sweet juices over the back of her tongue. Missy and her father were laying spent on the bed shaking as they began to recede from their own orgasms. Missy kissed and clung to her father as her bladder let loose and voided warm streams of her urine over the bed and her father's cock still wedged deep inside her. Pop's breath was hitching as he lay atop Missy, lapping her tender breasts as she continued to pee over the both of them. "Oh sweet fuckin hell, so warm baby, piss it all out for daddy.

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  " Pam was insane with perverse lust, she felt her daughter's hot stinging urine wash over her legs and knew she couldn't wait any longer. Removing Juniors prick from her mouth she smeared the remainder of the hair gel over it. Fisting it up, coating the head thickly and then massaging his balls with it. She shoved at her husband making way for herself to lay amid the fouled sheets. Holding her legs up she lay on her back between her daughters open thighs waiting for Junior to fuck her ass hard and deep. "Now son, ram my ass full of that big bastard prick of yours. " "Shoot up Momma's ass till it won't hold another drop. " Jasper didn't need any further urging he was past waiting to release his torrent of cum now. Grabbing the head of his thick shaft he jammed into her, spearing Pam wide open as her ass shuddered to accept it all. She felt her belly rise as her son's cock tore into her ass sinking to the balls. Hunching toward him she drove herself over it urging him further. Pam felt the warmth and wetness of the sheets beneath her body and reached out to grip them pulling them to her mouth. She smelled the tangy scent of cum and the acrid taste of Missy's piss as she chewed and licked at them. She knew that on these sheets were the sweat, the semen both her husband and her son had spilled in Missy and her daughter's piss all mixing in a slick wet miasma of pure filth. Pam didn't care, she was filthy, she was wallowing in her own depravity and lost to all but the pleasure of sin itself.

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   She grasped her son's waist holding tight as his cock continued to corkscrew into her burning asshole. Pam was howling like an animal born of no earthly creature. She pleaded with Junior to ream every inch of her ass guts, to wash her with gouts of his sticky young seed. Pop was standing near the bed watching his wife and son fucking with pure lust and wantonness. "Fuck the bitch Junior, fuck your whore mother boy. " He raged. Junior hit his point of no return, it was all too much, the overload blinding him. He grabbed Pam's shoulders and pulled her to him stabbing into her as he erupted. Pop sprung to the bed beside the pair gripping his son's cock and began milking it, beating the boy's scalding load into his wife. Junior was like a hose having just been uncapped, a huge rush of sperm burst deep into Pam's gripping rectum. "Mom, oh gawwwwwwwd Mom, take it, shootin it all out. " "Jack me dad, beat my dick in her. " Pam could feel each burst splatter her inside, coating the membranes of her ass as he thundered again and again. Pop continued milking and pulling at his son's shaft as he pushed down on his ass holding him deep into his wife. Junior trembled and shook with the might of his orgasm but Pop held steady.

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   With his free hand he wormed two fingers into Junior's ass massaging the boy's prostate to drain him of his ropey spurts. Missy was kissing her mother's face and lips as she tugged at the woman's thick nipples. Twisting them till she gasped and tears ran down her cheeks. Junior collapsed on his mother's chest his cock still glued tight within her ass. Spent, his load bubbling slowly into her he lapped at her tits as Missy held the nipples for him to suckle. Pop slowly stroked the boy's wilting penis wringing the last ebb of his juices out then leaned down to kiss his shoulders and neck. The old man swept all of them up within his arms huddling them close as he knelt on the edge of the bed. "That's just what we all needed, no better way to start out the day. " "Who's ready for some breakfast?" He laughed. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.



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