The Interruption


The Interruption
A Purvversion

This is called A Purvversion simply because the author took bits of two different stories and worked them into a story that hopefully has more cohesion. It is further hoped that the original authors will realize that with a bit more work, their thoughts could be made into nicer stories. The intent here is to encourage those anonymous authors to pay a bit more attention to detail. The stories that were borrowed from were 'Daddy catches me making out with my boyfriend and teaches me a lesson' and 'Shake your money maker' both by anonymous authors here on Sex Stories Post.

My mom had died when I was ten. Fortunately for me, my Aunt Anna lived only a few houses away, so even though Daddy brought me up, I had some female grown up help when necessary. Still, because of the situation, I think I had a lot more leeway with my dad than if my mom had still been alive. I guess that I was a little more up on sex stuff than the kids in my school because my aunt answered my questions a lot more openly than I think most parents would.

I think I knew all there was to know about sex by the time I was 12, although of course I had never done anything. What with what I had learned in school, seen on the internet and had confirmed by my aunt, I was more than aware about the 'birds and the bees'. Heck, I was even jilling off before I turned thirteen. Strangely, when I did that, most of the time my 'fantasy man' was my own dad. Even though he'd never made any kind of a move on me, when I began developing, I always had a feeling when he looked at my body that he had some sort of thoughts about me, as I did about him.

I began dating when I was thirteen and by the time I turned fourteen, I had started seeing this guy named Donny from college, who was 22.

Friday nights were always Dad's night out; I always imagined that he went out to bars to find women, but he never brought any home. He always stayed out past midnight, and often stayed out all night.

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Well, on this Friday Donny came over as he had for the last month. The week before I had given him my cherry, and I'm sure that he was planning on us doing it again. We had settled in on the couch, watching a movie as he drank a beer, when we started making out. Before I knew it, Donny's hand was rubbing my leg as our mouths worked hotly against one another. This turned me on so quickly, I was really surprised at myself. We continued kissing and I was getting so turned on, I began moaning into his mouth. My panties were so wet with my pussy juices, I thought I could smell myself. Breaking the kiss and looking at Donny, I couldn't help but to see the bulge in his pants.

"Let's go to my room," I panted, and he eagerly nodded.

We didn't even bother to close the door of my room as we hurried over to the bed, where we quickly lay down together. Turning to me, Donny kissed me on the lips, our tongues rubbing together. We were both breathing heavily when he broke off the kiss and started moving his mouth down my neck, kissing and tonguing, while at the same time, he started to unbutton my shirt and remove it, along with my bra. Eager to repeat what we had done the week before, hoping that the second time wouldn't be so 'slam bam', I willingly cooperated.

Then I was naked from the waist up, revealing my B-cup tits to my college boyfriend. My nipples were so hard, they were actually painful.

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   Donny started sucking them and moving his hand to my wet panties and rubbing my pussy. I was hotter than a furnace. He then moved towards removing my skirt and panties. I quickly pushed off my skirt and hurriedly shimmied out of my wet panties. With all this excitement, we didn't hear anything until it was too late. Daddy had come home and was standing in my doorway.

Donny jumped up and began blubbering.

Trying to distract my father, I asked in a panic, "Daddy what are you doing home?"

He had already told Donny to get the hell out and to me he quickly said, "I'll ask the questions. " I don't think that I'd ever seen him so mad.

I was actually trembling and I was hardly aware of hearing the door close behind Donny as he left the house.

Daddy was then standing by the side of the bed looking down at me. We both froze and locked eyes. For the first time in my life I knew that my earlier suspicions about my father's suppressed thoughts about me were true. Of course I should have scrambled to get dressed, but I felt heat in my loins as Daddy's eyes looked down between my parted legs.

Then to my shock, he lowered himself onto the side of my bed, and reached out his arm.

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   Then his fingertips were actually abutting my pussy slit. I began breathing heavily, my heart began pounding.

His voice, barely a whisper, murmured, "You're wet. "

I guess I was still sexually wound up after being left high and dry by Donny, and now having my own father look at me and touch me down there had me as hot as I'd ever been. Maybe other fathers and daughters would have had enough willpower to try and stop a moving train, but I certainly didn't, and from the look in Daddy's eyes, I guessed he didn't either.

"I-it's not from anything we did," I informed him.

"But you were going to?"

"Y-yes," I nodded, nervously, not knowing what his reaction was going to be. Looking down, I suddenly realized that Daddy had a hard on!!! I was reacting automatically then as my horniness took over. Wantonly, I pushed my pussy into his fingers and moaned.

"And now you're sexually frustrated?"

Omigod, is he. . . ? "Uh huh, yeah," I murmured.

He said, "Do you want me to help you finish what you two started?"

Horniness defeated common sense and I watched Daddy feast his eyes on what I had to offer. "Yes Daddy.

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  . . please," I managed to whisper, my throat dry.

"Get up on your knees, sweetums," he told me, and as I scurried into position, he said, "That's a girl, like that, yeah. Get down on your elbows, pumpkin. "

Daddy started to massage my ass and moved his face down. I could feel his breath on my pussy as he whispered, "So pretty. " He then proceeded to plant a big wet kiss on my pussy. The fire was racing through me. I stuck my ass out to invite some more of Daddy's kitty kisses. He started massaging my clit and then, after wetting two fingers, he pushed them into my pussy. I guessed that he had been thinking about doing this with me for a long time.

Daddy massaged my inner channel and started rapidly pumping his fingers in and out of me. Then I was pushing back to his rhythm and moaning. He rubbed my clit harder and pumped his fingers faster.

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   Soon, I could not contain myself any longer. I lost it totally, crying out loudly as I came, shaking from my head to my toes. Daddy's oral and finger talents had me shaking on the spot, coming like only a Daddy can make a horny daughter do. Donny had never made me feel that way.

"Wow Dad. You must have magic fingers. I couldn't even do that to myself," I said, before realizing that I had just admitted to my own father that I masturbated.

"Tonight wasn't your first time, was it sweetie?"

I nervously shook my head, telling him, "We didn't do it all the way tonight, but we did last week. That was the first time. "

"I guess you liked it a lot to be doing it again?"

"No, not really," I admitted. "But I thought I'd try it again to see if maybe it got better. "

"You didn't like it at all?"

I shrugged, then openly confessed. "He seemed to just want to put it in me and finish without doing hardly anything. I liked when he did it real hard at the end, but he finished real quick after that and he stopped right away. "

He smiled knowingly, and I saw desire all over his face.

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   "You want more than my fingers, don't you pumpkin?" I didn't answer.
    "You want me to me to show you how much fun fucking can be?"

    I looked at Daddy's sweat pants and again noticed the large tent. I then looked at him and said, "Yes. Please Daddy. "

    "Okay sweetie. Move off the bed and get down on the floor, just like you are, on your hands and knees and stick your pretty little butt out. "

    Moments later, as I poised on all fours on the floor, Daddy got on his knees behind me and started to lick my pussy again. This was great but not what I expected. Soon, he had me working towards another orgasm when he stopped and stood up behind me. He took his cock and rubbed it up and down my slit and slapped my clit with the tip. This started to drive me crazy and made me very impatient. I told Daddy I wanted him inside me but he just kept teasing. I was going insane and thrusting my butt to try to get him to enter me.

    I squealed, "Please Daddy, please fuck your princess. "

    He said, "Princess, do you want Daddy to fuck you hard?"

    I could feel Daddy's hard cock push against my opening.

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       He began to enter me slowly. It hurt a lot but I wanted it more than anything, so I just gasped and swallowed. I panted, "Yes Daddy. Fuck your baby girl hard; please Daddy do it NOW!"

    In an instant, Daddy hilted my pussy, knocking the wind out of me. He pushed with force inside of me until all of his swollen flesh was completely inside me. He held me by the hips hard, and it was a good thing, as I was being stretched so much I would have pulled away.

    "How does this feel, baby?"

    "It hurts daddy but I want it. "

    Daddy started pushing in and out, going slow at first. Soon, it wasn't hurting as much anymore it started feeling really good. Daddy must have known because he started moving in and out harder and faster. I was then moaning for pain and joy all at the same time. .

    Daddy said, "Princess just relax and focus on the feeling of Daddy's cock inside your pussy's walls. " With that Daddy reached around and started playing with my clit. He slowly loosened his grip on my hips.

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       I found myself moving back and forth on his cock.
    "That's it baby doll. Just tell Daddy when you are ready for him to take over and give you the kind of fucking you were made for. Just like your mom used to like. "

    As I moved a little faster the sensation of Daddy's cock stretching my pussy felt better and better. I started to go faster still, drawing out and then slamming back into him. My pussy seemed to scream, 'NO, NO, NO' when I was pulling away and 'YES, YES, YES' when I thrust back. I yelled, "Oh god Daddy, I don't want to be fucking Donny anymore. I'm your girl now. Fuck me hard Daddy. "

    With that order, my father grabbed my hips and thrust fiercely into me. As he continued slamming me faster and faster, the room echoed with a sound like my ass was being spanked. I have never felt so overpowered before, and the feeling was oh so good.

    I said, "Daddy fuck me harder!" over and over, and my father did his daughter proud.

    I heard him say, "Princess come as many times as you can, Daddy will not stop.

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    I was already close but the promise of more sent me over the top and I yelled, "Daddy I am coming for you. "

    Good to his word, Daddy kept pounding me and may have even picked up the pace a little. He was thrusting so hard that my butt rippled and I could feel the vibration go right to my clit. That vibration and the feeling of Daddy fucking the daylights out of me had me coming again even though I had not come down from my last orgasm. He still pounded away at me.

    Just then he slapped my ass real hard and told me to come, I could not resist. Fucking my own father was better than I could have imagined. That glorious sound of my ass slapping into Daddy was like music to my ears. He laughed and told me that it seemed his princess liked it rough and I panted and moaned, "Daddy your baby girl loves it!"

    He said, "Okay baby girl Daddy is going to come in you, get ready and come with me. "

    At that Daddy turned it up another notch, making my temples pound and throb. I was screaming and moaning nothing intelligible. Daddy pulled my hair and said he was going to cum, thrusting into me deeper then I thought possible. An animal-like groan came from his throat and then I felt his cock lurch within my clinging channel and I knew that was his first spurt of cum. For the first time since it all began I realized that he didn't have on a condom like Donny did. Could Daddy be making me pregnant? At that thought, I came too and screamed, "Daaaaddddeee!!!" at the top of my lungs.

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    "OHH baby girl you're making daddy cum!" Daddy squirt load after load of hot cum several more times and I was in heaven, actually hoping that he was impregnating me. I already knew that I was going to blame Donny.

    Daddy was still savoring his ejaculation, all the while buried deep inside me.




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