The Incest Diaries Chapter 4


I'm a 19 year old only child and I work at a package deliverycompany. My dad is a 42 year old truck driver and my mom is a 48year old housewife who usually goes out during lunchtime to playpachinko.

The first time I really came to know about sex I was in fourthgrade. Dad usually leaves for work at 5 a. m. , but on Fridays, he andmom have sex with each other at 4 a. m. When I was in seventh gradeand about to head to the bathroom one morning, I heard strangenoises coming from mom. "They're at it  again," I said to myself anddidn't give it a second thought.

On Fridays, though, she wouldn't get up. I would go to her room andsee her sleeping. "Sorry sweety, but I'm tired, Let me sleep alittle longer. Go help yourself to something in the fridge before yougo off to school. "

I lost my virginity late, when I was in 12th grade. It was with somelocal slut a buddy of mine introduced me to. It felt really good,just as I thought it would.

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   A week later, I managed to get agirlfriend and we fucked like rabbits. However, just beforeChristmas of last year, she dumped me and I was confined tomasturbating for a month after that. I wanted to fuck really bad asa result and the first Friday of this February, dad went to work. Itwas obvious that they were still having sex and she was sleepingdeeply. The heater was also on and the room was really warm. Becauseof that, she had the blanket off to one side and she was totallynaked. Even at her age, though, she still had a pretty nice body.

I wanted to look at her pussy and lifted her legs and opened them. She didn't appear to be waking up and I could see that she was stillwet. Amid her black pubic hair was her pink pussy and her clit wasred and swollen. It was still erect. I shed my underwear, grabbed mycock and positioned it at her opening. "Wow, a second time! That'srare for you!" she said drowsily. She didn't move and thought it wasmy dad doing this. I prodded her on to her stomach and i lifted herass up and slipped it into her doggy style.

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   Mom's pussy was stilltight. I buried my face into her back as I fucked her while I usedmy righthand to fondle her breast. "Ahhhh, oh yes, fuck me deeper!"she moaned. I was so excited that I didn't last long and blew myload into her. But I was still hard and kept fucking her. Her moansgot a lot louder. "I'm going to cum! Oh, I'm cumming!" shewhimpered. Geez, she was so tight that I uncorked a second load intoher. I withdrew my dick from her sopping, sloppy cunt and my cumdripped out of her. She reached through her legs and felt her pussy. "You didn't cum this much last time. It's been a long time sinceyou've cum like that!" she enthused.

I returned to my senses and wondered what I should do now after Ijust screwed my mom. "Mom, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. How can I makeit up to you?" I pleaded.

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   "Oh, it was you Tsukasa? To be honest,your cock was so hard and you came so much!" "But I came inside you. Are you going to get pregnant?" "Don't worry about it. I've been cumin so much by your father and never got knocked up. The way you didme felt better than what your dad did. So I'm good. We can do itwhenever you're in the mood. " "I can't mom. I regret it. I'm sorry. ""You dork! Don't regret it! Let's do it again!"

She grabbed my flaccid cock and sucked me. "Oh look! You're  hardagain. Let me do the work this time!" She straddled me and sunk mycock into her pussy. "How does my pussy feel? It's been 20 yearssince I've done it with anyone other than your father. Oh, do youhave to leave for work soon?" "We have a three day holiday rightnow. " "Good, we can take our time, then.

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   As punishment for what youdid, you have to make me cum ten times. Well, the absolute minimumI'll accept will be six. " We did it until noon.

"Look, if you're horny and don't have anywhere to shoot your cum,come see me anytime. " So now except for Saturdays and Sundays, whendad leaves for work, I fuck mom. Even if I get a girlfriend I'llprobably keep doing it with my mom.


This happened just after I had gotten a new job and when my sisterwas 21.

On a day off, I was laying around in my bedroom reading a magazine. I was the only one home because my parents were at work and mysister was out shopping with friends. I  got tired of reading,though, and snuck into my sister's bedroom. She had left a pair ofpanties, a bra and her pajamas scattered on her bed. I picked up thesoiled panties and sniffed them. Then I decided to check out herother panties and went over to her dresser and rifled through thedrawers. A lot of the panties were the pink lacy kind. I put a pairof them on and imagined her wearing them and began stroking myselfthrough them.

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   Then she came home.

I was startled and quickly went to take them off. My cock was hardand I hid it with my hands as she stood there. She looked down at mypenis and said, "show it to me. " I did as she asked and pulled myhands away from it. "Hmmm, bigger than I expected. Can I touch it?"She got down on her knees and put it right in front of her face asshe stroked it slowly. But then she began to rub it faster and Iwarned her I was going to cum because I couldn't hold off anylonger. I splattered her face with my cum. She licked some of it. "Mmm, tasty!" she said. She put it in her mouth and squeezed thelast of my cum out of it.

I apologized to her for invading her space and was going to leave,but she stopped me and had me lay on the bed. She stroked me againand then took her panties off. She got on top of me and buried mycock inside of her.

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   She rocked her body and was moaning up a stormwhile I felt up her soft boobs. I had just cum, but I was about tounload again and told her I was going to cum. She vigorously shookher hips and told me to cum. I shot it upward into her. When shefelt the cum inside of her, she stopped and had a trance likeexpression on her face. She slowly got off of me and my semen andher wetness dripped out of her.

She took her clothes off and shepherded me into the bathroom and washed mycock and I washed her pussy.

That was the start of a three year run where,  on her safe day, whenour parents weren't  home or it was late at night and they wereasleep, we would have sex where I would cum inside of her.


My old man runs a restaurant and a sake wholesaling outfit. He isalso a womanizer. He has never really shown any love toward me and he isapparently just using my mom as another piece of ass. A few times everymonth he comes to the condo mom and I live in and that he is payingfor.

The following happened when I was in seventh grade. He showed up and,after a few beers, he said, "hey Kazu, you want to experience it now atyour age, right?" I didn't know what he was referring to and I didn'tanswer him.

"Well, okay, it's time," he muttered.

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   Mom was bathing at the time and didn't hear any of this.

Fast forward to my birthday, August 6th. I came home from school aftermandatory club activities. He was there waiting for me. "Kazu, happybirthday. I'm going to give you your present now. " He led me to my mom'sbedroom and pulled the door open. She was standing there naked. My mindwent blank. "I thought about you now being in junior high. It took mesix months to persuade your mother to do this, so go for it," he said,pushing me into the room and closing the door behind me. Mom was 36 atthe time and I was 18

Because she was his lover, she worked for his company and also got asupplementary amount besides, so our circumstance as a single motherhousehold was probably better than a lot of others. Yeah, it wasn'tpleasant having a dad with his dubious character, but seeing my mom'smature body caused all the blood in my body to rush to my dick. "If youdon't want to do this, I won't force you," she said. "If this alldisgusts you, I can look for another job and I'll never see him again.

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While I thought that over, I was hard as a rock. My mom noticed that andpulled my shorts and underwear off of me and had me sit on the edge ofthe bed. She pulled my foreskin down my shaft and then slid my cock intoher mouth. It was warm and soft and felt so good. I played with herbreasts, which were also soft, and felt her nipples under my palms.

"I can't hold out any longer," I blurted as I heard a slurping sound andthen I blasted my load into her mouth. She sucked it all up and evenlicked up the last few drops coming out of my cockhead and swallowed itall. She kept sucking me, though, and I was soon hard again. Somethinginside me snapped and as I tried to push my mom down on the floor, myelbow hit her head. "Owww!" she yelped. "Be gentle," she urged.


I'm one of three kids in our family. I have an older brother and ayounger one. When I was in high school and my brother was in eighthgrade, I saw him masturbating, except it was in my room while he chantedmy name over and over. I had caught my older brother jacking off, too,but fuck, my younger one was imagining me when he was doing it? Yuck!

Then I noticed that a pair of my panties had disappeared from ourwashing machine and my underwear drawer had been gone through.

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Then one night, I woke up and had to go to the bathroom. I saw  himstroking himself with a pair of panties while he called my name. I wassurprised, but I didn't hate him for it. Even though I didn't reallytrust him that much, I found myself getting excited watching him. "He'sbecoming a man," I thought to myself. After that, I sometimes imaginedwhat I had seen my brother doing while I played with myself.

Several years later, he had graduated high school and it was springbreak. My parents were on a trip and my older brother was over at hisgirlfriends's. That left me alone with my little brother for three days. By that time, I had completely forgotten about his masturbatory habits,but the first night of that weekend I saw him doing it again and he didit for a second time not long after, too.

The next day, I had to get something from the building where we hard ourbaths and my brother had just gone in there to bathe, which is when Iran into him there. He was stark naked. In his hand was a pair of mypanties. I acted like I didn't see it. Around midnight, I couldn't sleepand so went out on to the veranda fronting my bedroom.

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       I heard mybrother uttering my name. "Jesus, is he still jacking off while thinkingof me?" I thought to myself as I went to have a look. He was sitting onhis bed in his room facing the veranda with the curtains open andstroking himself. From my part of the veranda to his is about seven feetand I was seeing him do this with his now manly dick much from a muchcloser viewpoint than I ever expected to get. I had never seen an adultmale masturbating, so I watched intently. After a bit, he strokedhimself faster and repeatedly recited my name until he blew his load.

    Then he saw me as he reached for tissues to wipe his mess up with. Hefrantically pulled the curtain closed. "Did I just do something Ishouldn't have?" I asked myself and felt kinda awkward about it.

    I fell asleep later on, but in the early morning hours, I sensedsomething wasn't right and that there was someone in my room. My youngerbrother was sitting in bed cuddling me. I thought maybe he was going totry to explain away what had happened earlier. "Sorry I was watchingyou earlier," I apologized. "You're a man now and what you did wascompletely normal. " "Older sister, it was your fault.


       Even though I'm aman, you walk around the house braless and wearing provocativeunderwear. " He hugged me tighter and then kissed me.

    I was surprised by his response to what I said to him and by what he wasdoing with me. He straddled me, pinned my arms to the bed and kissed medeeply. "Wait? What's up with this?" I questioned. But he ignored meand buried his face in my cleavage and then managed to open my pajamatop with his teeth. "Don't do this! What are you thinking?" I objected. He acted deaf and started sucking on my nipples.

    He came up for air and said, "older sister, I've wanted to do this forages. I'm your younger brother, but I'm also a man and I just can't takeit any longer. I love you!" He kissed me again. While I ponderedwhether this was not on or endearing, I felt how he had become a man inthe strength he was using to restrain me. I acted like I was trying toresist, but my heart wasn't really in it.

    "Your breasts are amazing! They're beautiful and sexy and make me moreexcited than any porn video could," he said as he released my arms andfondled my breasts. When he sucked my nipples, I felt a charge runningthrough my body.

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       One hand crept down my body and into my panties. "Woah,are you turned on? Man, you're wet!" he remarked, pulling a moistenedfinger out and showing it to me. He stuck his hand back into my pantiesand rubbed my clit, which gave me jolts of pleasure. He looked at mewith a very pleased expression on his face as he kept rubbing me beforehe shoved his fingers into my pussy. "Ohhhhhhh," I moaned and I kept onmoaning uncontrollably as he fingerfucked me and then made me cum.

    "Now it's your turn to do that for me," he explained as he removed hisclothes, his stiff cock wavering as he did so. It was big and engorgedwith blood and I silently slid my mouth over it. As I bobbed my head upand down, I slithered my tongue on it and sucked it. "Ohhhhh God, you'reso good at this," he sighed. I was on fire with lust now and the littlebrother who I thought was cute had now turned into a man seemingly inthe blink of an eye and he was having his way with me. His breathingbecame quite rough and he said that he couldn't wait any longer andwanted to fuck me, promising to make it feel really good for me.

    He immediately thereafter pulled out of my mouth and jammed his dickinto my pussy. "Oh my God,  you're so big," I moaned and I was lost inwhat he was doing to me. I wrapped my arms around him tightly and mylegs were stationed on his back in an embarrassing position while hemade me cum over and over. Then he asked me if he could cum and saidthat he couldn't hold back anymore.

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       He pulled out and shot his semen allover my stomach and some on my breasts.

    "I'm sorry to have been so rough with you. I just couldn't containmyself any longer," he explained. "I've loved you for so long andthought of you all the time when I masturbated, though in my imaginationI dreamed of really giving it to you good. " I looked up at him afterhearing his cute confession and kissed him. "I know," I informed him. "I've seen you. I've also fingered myself while thinking of you fuckingme. " After that little coming out party, we fell asleep.

    Until my parents returned, we made out and groped each other and hadsex, too. Even now, when everyone in the house is asleep, we go to eachother's bedrooms and get it on bigtime. I think my older brother mighthave found out, but I'm not sure. Screw it. Whatever happens is going tohappen.


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