The Incest Diaries Chapter 3


The following is translated from a Japanese incest bulletin board. The stories are represented as true, but whether they actually areor not will be left for you to judge.
I live with my parents and this happened a year ago.

Before I left to attend a farewell party for a retiring coworker, mydad said that I should try to get home early so that I could makedinner since mom was going to be out that night, too. However, theparty was so much fun that  got pretty tipsy and didn't get homeuntil eight. So when I finally got home, my dad was watching rv andremarked about how late it was and wondered what was I going to doabout dinner. I was drunk, though, and feeling a little lightheaded,so I told him to just make do with what we had on hand and I went tobed, where I fell pretty much unconscious.

I have no idea how much time passed, but I dreamed about having sexand a guy was fucking me and making me cum. I don't know if I moanedin my sleep or not when I finally awoke with a start. When I lookeddown I saw my dad licking my pussy! "Dad, what the hell are youdoing?" I scolded. When he noticed that I had woken up,  he actedflustered. "Satoko, because you were drunk, I thought that you mighthave cotton mouth and so brought you some water. But when I saw yourpanties exposed, I was overtaken by bad thoughts. "

"When I was doing it to you, though, you said it felt good and youwanted more. " I told him that people would think he was a pervertand to just let me sleep because my head hurt. I asked for thewater, drank it, and then went back to sleep.

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   He climbed on top ofme and kissed me. I resisted as much as I could, but because I wasdrunk my strength soon gave out.

"I want to hear the noises you were making before. " he said.   I saidno to sex and then went back to sleep. Then I felt something wasweird and, when I opened my eyes, dad was tit fucking me. "Dad, stopit!" "It's okay because we're not having sex," he answered. "HereSatoko, take this and rub it," he desired. He was talking about hiscock and I couldn't resist his overtures. I grabbed it and I wassurprised by how thick it was. I could barely get my fingers aroundit. Without thinking, I told dad his dick was big and thick. He'sprobably bigger than my current boyfriend. I started getting workedup and my dad noticed instantly and went back to licking my pussy. He said I was getting wetter and that he was going to stick histongue inside me.

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   Dad's technique was amazing and I was moaning andthen had an orgasm.

"Did you enjoy that Satoko? This is just the beginning. " He forcedthree fingers inside me while he also stimulated my clitoris and Icame again. "I'm not going to stop, Satoko. I'm going to make youcum a lot," he stated. A few minutes later, he slid his cock into meand I thought he would split me open. He made me cum and from therewe switched positions several times and he made me orgasm again andagain. He came inside me. It was a day I wasn't supposed to befertile, so I didn't get pregnant. I do remember his cum against mycervix and there was a lot of it. I don't remember anything afterthat.

I woke up the next day after noon. Dad acted like nothing hadhappened. My pussy was aching, though, from when he fucked me. Nowsex with my boyfriend seems dull by comparison  I nonetheless giveit to him.

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   Two months passed and still dad acted like nothing hadoccurred between us. However, I couldn't forget how thick his cockwas and how many times he made me cum. Finally, when we wentshopping together, I asked him to fuck me again at a love hotel andhe made me cum again and again. At 23, I'm still doing it with him,but I am afraid he has spoiled me for other men.


My name is Megumi and I'm  a 18 year old housewife. I have a oneyear old daughter and my father is her dad.

When I was in ninth grade, my mom died and so it was just my fatherand me. That summer, I was sleeping when dad pulled my pajamabottoms off and licked my pussy.   I told him to stop it, but heforced himself on me and slid his cock into me. I was still avirgin. He came inside me. Every night, he had sex with me and Ibecame pregnant by him. I said I wanted to have daddy's baby and hesaid that because he loved me he wanted me to give birth to it. I amso happy. I'm currently pregnant with our second child.

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   We are nowholding off sex because my doctor advised we should do so for now,but his cum is tasty.


I went to a love hotel with my dad. When we entered the room, hetold me to take my stockings off and get on all fours on the bed. Iopened my legs and stuck my ass out as he also directed. He pushedmy mini skirt up and exposed my panties. He had a wicked grin on hisface as he violated me with his eyes.

After he had a good look at my panties, he nuzzled my inner thighswith his fingers. I'm really sensitive there and it startled me. Hesoftly ran his fingers down my legs and ass before returning to myinner thighs, which made me very wet. Then he used his tongue on mylegs and inner thighs. When he licked me along the area near the topof my panties, my back and ass, I felt sexual electricity and mybody writhed. He licked both side of my crotch. I couldn't stand theteasing anymore and asked him to lick my pussy. He still had yet totouch it. I was sopping wet and wanted to touch myself, but I heldoff.

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Dad ignored my plea. I felt his face approaching and he sniffed mypussy. "It's so warm and with a nice strong sexy scent," he said. Ihadn't taken a shower before we went to bed and I was embarrassed byhis smelling me. "Dad, stop it! It's perverted!" I protested as Itried to cover that area with my hand. He groped my panties and felthow wet I was. There was a big wet spot on them. I didn't want himto see me like that, so I changed the direction I faced on the bed.

I took his pants and underwear off and sucked his already hard cock. Precum was leaking out of it and I licked it up. He suggested thatwe get in a 69 position and I knew he would be able to see mypanties again, but even though I didn't really want him to, I did ashe asked anyway. He sniffed my pussy again and while I thought tomyself, "what a dirty old man," I also wanted him to put his cockinside me. I bobbed my head as I sucked him and was getting hornier. I couldn't stand it anymore and put a condom on it. I laid on myback still fully clothed, pulling my legs up toward my body.

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   andinvited dad to fuck me. He pushed my legs open wide and pushed thecrotch of my panties aside to expose my pussy. He pushed his cockinto me and, as soon as I did, I let out a moan and told him that itfelt really good. I felt like I was going to explode I was so workedup as he leisurely thrust it in and out of me. It felt weird tostill have my clothes on while being fucked. This was also the firsttime I had sex with my panties still on and it was strangelyprovocative. Dad stirred his cock inside me and alternated fast andslow thrusts. There were lascivious sounds coming from my pussy ashe fucked me. "I'm going to cum dad! I whimpered and he startedpounding it into me. I held on to him as tightly as I could andorgasmed, yelling, "I'm cumming!" God only knows how many times. Hekept that up until he shot his wad into the rubber.

On the way back home, he bought me a new pair of panties.


I love my older brother so much I can't even begin to describe it. Iwent out into the adult workforce this year, but I don't have enoughmoney to live on my own yet. My brother is three years older thanme, is single and lives by himself.

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   Occasionally, he comes home tovisit. He had recently broken up with his girlfriend, which was badfor him but really lucky for me.

I acted all cute in comforting him in the wake of the breakup. However, he thought of me as not much more than his little sister,which bummed me out because I love him so much.

Last week, though, I went and stayed with him. I had him help mewith cooking dinner, which had a kind of newlywed couple flavor toit in my mind. I had plans, though and it started with when we tookour nightly baths. I said he should go first and then I would batheafterward. I then went into the bathroom naked asking if he wouldlike me to wash his back. While I told him, "don;t stare at me likethat!" in my mind, I wanted him to see me as a regular woman and nothis little sister. I was tense this first time he had seen me nakedafter I had become an adult (note: in Japan, that comes at 20 yearsold). I couldn't look him in the eye. He was astonished but Ithought that his reaction was cute.

I rinsed his back off and he washed me and was also covering himselfbecause his cock had risen to attention. "I bet it's a big one!" Ismiled, as I pulled his hands away from it.

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   I didn't do anymore thanthat, but I was happy that night.

The truth is, though, that I wish we had touched each other more andgone beyond that, too, but that happening just out of the blue wouldhave seemed unnatural and was the first time we had encountered eachother that way besides. It ended up having a pleasant tension to it.

This coming weekend, I'm going over to his house again (I halfforced him to let me) and I want to get closer to him as man andwoman. And, if its possible, I would like to sleep in the same bedwith him, too, with him cuddling me.


My older brother is a nice guy and a gentleman. But he has thedamnedest luck with women. He's been married twice, once to a womanwho had her eyes set on our money and the other on his connectionswithin the music industry. Both marriages ended after just twoyears. So he is now a two time divorcee in his 40's.

I'm four years younger than he is and I was blessed with a goodhusband and we had a very happy life, but he died suddenly and I wasinconsolable. My brother was very concerned about me and helped meout of my tailspin. He ran a music school and hired me as anElectone (note: this is an organ like computerized keyboard that cansimulate all the instruments of a rock band. See You Tube) teacher.

One day, he came to me with a proposal to move in with him so thatwe could pool our resources.

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   Plus living separately was a waste ofmoney. So I moved into his condo  Our neighbors though, thought wewere man and wife and explaining to everybody that we were siblingswas a pain in the ass. Nothing ever went on between us sexually. .

One rainy day, though, I was raped by my brother, who came homedrunk. As if he was totally nuts, he held me down He tore my clothesand panties off. He was crying. Maybe he didn't feel he had anyoutlet to express his frustrations. It was heart rending. Initially,I vigorously resisted, but his sucking of my nipples and rubbing ofmy clit turned my initial outrage into a state where I couldn'tcontrol my reactions. It had also been three years since the lasttime I had sex, so it wasn't necessarily like I would have beenexpected to hold out. I had only ever been with my ex-husband, butthe electricity I felt from what my brother was doing was likeanything I had felt before and I wrapped my body around him and hadearthshaking orgasms. I couldn't believe how loudly I was screamingwhen I came!

The next morning, he apologized to me and said he was moving out. Hewas afraid that he would do what had done to me again. "You can fuckme as much as you want," I told him.

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   "I'm not embarrassed about whathappened last night. " We are still living together and sometimes wego to each other for sex. There is nobody I trust as much as mybrother and I am proud of what we do for each other.