The Incest Diaries Chapter 2


The following stories are represented as true. Whether they actually are or not will be left up to you.

 My wife divorced me after I was laid off by the company I was workingfor when they restructured their operations. Feeling sorry for myself, Imoved back in with my mom, who was living alone back in my smallhometown. She welcomed me warmly . One night, we were drinking togetherlate into the night and then I suddenly found myself in a futon with mymom cuddling me as we slept. I have no memory of how this happened. Herbreasts were right in front of me, which revived memories of her breastfeeding me when I was an infant. So I started sucking her nipples andshe moaned. As I sucked on them, they swelled and stiffened and that putme in touch with the fact that my mom was a regular woman. My handwent  into her panties and groped her soft pussy before sliding a fingerinto it. She moaned and her head tilted back. I moved my finger insideof her and her pussy became wetter and wetter. Her breasts jiggled andshe was really moaning up a storm now. She had to be awake, but she putup no resistance at all.

I couldn't resist any longer and I pulled her panties off and got naked.

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  I spread her legs open and slid my hard cock into her and beganthrusting. She finally acted like she had noticed, asking me, "what thehell are you doing?" It was too late, though, and I was pounding it hardinto her and shot my cum into her.


My aunt is 41 years old and lives near me. She is a dignified, stylishbeauty. Once a week, she comes to visit me at my place. One day, I hadrelatives over and we ate and drank into the early morning hours. Ihelped her drunken self upstairs because she wanted to change clothes,but when I saw her body, I couldn't resist any longer and jumped on topand pulled her clothes off of her. "Who are you and what are you doing?"she muttered, seeming half asleep. Then she noticed she was naked andsaid, "wait, what are you doing? Knock it off!"

However, the alcohol had undermined her ability to resist my advancesand I gagged her with a towel and tied her hands behind her. I felt herboobs up and then sucked on her nipples. Now she was moaning and herbody writhed under me. When I inserted my fingers inside of her, shestarted moaning more intensely. I ultimately came inside of her twiceand took pictures of her with my cellphone.

When I untied her, she seemed calm and got dressed and quietly went backdownstairs. I staggered over to her again while she was talking to mymom.

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   My aunt was hiding the burns from when I had tied her wrists withthe towel. When she was leaving, I told her to let me do her againbecause if she didn't I would send the pictures I took to everyone. Shenodded silently and and left.


This happened the day before I was going to get married. Me and mygirlfriend had already been living together, but that day we spent atboth of our parents house. My mom prepared a futon for me to sleep onand drew me a bath. It wasn't even noon yet when she did this, which Ifound odd. "Let's bathe together!" she said. I picked her up and sheheld on to my neck as we entered the bathroom. I put her down and helpedher out of her clothes and she did the same for me. My penis started tostiffen. She sat in  my lap with my penis under her ass while I washedher before we got into the tub. I was now as hard as a rock.

We stepped into the tub and lots of water spilled over on to the floor. We started kissing, which became deep kissing, while I held her tight.

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  This went on for a long while. I picked her up and exited the tub andtoweled her off. She did the same for me. I picked her up again and weheaded to my bedroom naked and I laid her down on the futon. I slippedin next to her and she let me suck on her nipples. "Take your time,baby. Today will probably be the last time we can do this," she said. Isucked both of her nipples for all I was worth and, after we sharedanother long deep kiss, we got into a 69 position and licked and suckedeach other. She then straddled my face and sat on it, pushing her pussyagainst my mouth. I reached up and fondled her breasts while I ate herand she emitted really cute moans. "God, this feels so amazing, ah ah ahah, yes, fuck me hard, don't stop, God, this is soooo goood. . . . "

She moved down my body and was on top of me as I jabbed my cock into hercervix, it was that deep inside of her, and she was moaningeuphorically.

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   We shifted positions so that she was now in my lap and wedeep kissed as she rocked her hips before she got on all fours and askedme to fuck her hard. "Fuck me hard and deep! Ah ah ah ah ah. " "GodYoshimi, your pussy is so tight. I love you. " "Don't stop baby, ah ah ahah. . . . "

I rolled her over on to her back and she pulled me to her and I kissedher while drilling her hard, her moans more intense. "I want to makethis day special, ohhhhhhhhh. . . . " "I'm going to cum! Cum inside me baby!Give me lots of your  cum," she demanded. I pounded her hard and shot ahuge wad into her.

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We took a break with me still inside of her. I got hard again and we went at it again in missionary position.

Sometime in the afternoon, I bathed with mom again and then, when we hitthe futon, she had me suck her nipples. I sucked them like a baby. "You're so cute. You sucked them so often in the past. I don't have anymilk for you even though you're sucking like that. You're a big baby,aren't you? Suck them a lot today," she said tenderly. I sucked themlike my life depended on it for quite a while and then I fucked heragain missionary style while we held each other.

We stood up and mom turned around and put her hands on an alcove pillar. I grasped her hips and I slammed my cock into her pussy and fucked herhard. "Ohhhhhh, it feels so amazing. . . .

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  fuck me harder, ahhh, ahhh, soooogood," she moaned in a really sweet voice, which made me more aroused. Igroped her tits. We fucked like rabbits into the evening, bathed againand had an early dinner. We ended up in the futon again, I sucked hernipples and we did the wild thing until just before midnight. We fellasleep naked and, when I woke up early in the morning, I sucked hernipples and, just before we left for the wedding, I sucked them yetagain.

This happened 35 years ago and remains a fond memory.


I have a special relationship with my mom. She is my humiliation slave.

It all started ten years ago when I found SM gear and a video tape in acloset under the floor (note: many Japanese homes have underfloorstorage spaces). The footage was of mom being bound and bossed around bya guy I didn't know. He put a collar on her and walked her around thehouse like an animal before he had her give a blowjob where she wasn'tallowed to use her hands.

He came in her mouth and she swallowed it. Then she wagged her ass and said, "please fuck my pussy with your cock. "He put it inside her and, while she moaned, she bucked her pussy on itand had an orgasm.

In the last half of the tape was a scene in which he slapped mom on thecheek and ass and ordered her to piss and shit while she was tied up.

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  Her face was flushed and she was loving it. Several men surrounded herand shot their cum on to her face. In the final scene, they were pissingon mom's face and she was drinking it.

I was shocked, but also so turned on it felt as if my cock would burst. Imade a copy of it and often masturbated while watching it. No matterhow many times I watched it I never got tired of it. It was around thattime I got to be interested in dominating girls and I bought SM gear,magazines and videos.

One day during high, school, mom caught me jacking off to the video. When she saw herself on the tv screen, she sunk to her knees mutteringsomething incoherently. I instantly got my own rope out, stripped herand tied her up. I groped her on the ass and tits and came for the firsttime. I shed my clothes and forced my cock into her and shot my wadsoon after. I couldn't stop, though, and unloaded into her over andover.

Mom said that she wanted just the two of us to engage in SM play butthat I could no longer cum inside of her without protection because wewere mother and child. Other than that, I could do anything I wantedwith her.

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   I promised I would no longer cum inside of her without acondom and I untied her. We took a bath together and washed each otherbefore I tied her up again.  

Since then I have cum countless times playing with mom's body. Our play,though, mostly consists of me ordering her around. The first order Igave her had to do with telling me how she lost her virginity. The firstguy she was with was into SM and she became interested in beingdominated and trained as a slave. Hearing her talk about it got mearoused. I then asked her how many men she had been with, how manymasters she had after she married my father, why she was a submissiveand all that crap. She said that because dad was into vanilla sex, shewasn't satisfied with him. She carried on as if they had a normalmarriage, but her need to be dominated never abated.

Because I like humiliation play and bullying, I'm always making mom doembarrassing stuff. The first one was making her masturbate in front ofme. I watched her until she came and then when I came, I splattered theoutside of her pussy with my cum. I made her expose her asshole forclose examination. I also made her take a piss and shit in front of me.

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   Inever thought I would ever see my mom doing stuff like this, so it'sleft a deep impression on me. Her blowjobs and handjobs are excellentand make me cum quickly. I've had her suck me for up to two hours. Evenafter I cum, she plays with my ass and gets me back up quickly tocontinue sucking me.

When dad isn't there, she always comes to my side and plays with mycock. She is also good at stroking me right to the edge and then backingoff and she has done that for hours and I love it. I kiss her and playwith her boobs and make her moan.

She told me that she lost her anal virginity to another man shortlyafter she married my father and she did it in their bedroom. Beforethat, she had received training in anal expansion. Doing it in theirbedroom was also a demand by the guy who did her.

She likes being obedient and seeing men in the throes of experiencing pleasure.

By the way,  I have a girlfriend, but I don't feel any inclination totalk to her about any of this. We only have vanilla sex and I'm happywith that. My mom wants my SM activity to be limited to her and is happythat I'm her master.


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