The Incest Diaries Chapter 1


The following stories are translated by me from a Japanese website. These are represented as actual incidents, but whether that is true orsomebody's fantasies will be left to you to decide.

I'm a 43 year old housewife who is married to a 46 year old companyworker. My son is in 11th grade and is 18 It is just the three of us inour household. My son doesn't really converse much with my husband atall, but he and I can talk to each other about anything and he's reallycute. He had three girlfriends in junior high and messed around withthem as junior high kids do. I know he had sex with at least one ofthem.

This past July, he broke up with his latest girlfriend and couldn't findhimself another one by the time summer vacation (in Japan) rolledaround. It also didn't help that he had a part time job and his chancesof meeting anyone were limited by his working even through his school'ssummer break.

Last Saturday, it was just he and I alone. My husband was at work. Forthe purpose of this confession, I'll call my son Ryo. At a little after10 a. m. , he finally got up and was on his way to go take a bath. He sawme in the living room watching tv and, totally naked, he walked into theliving room.

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   I hadn't seen him naked since he was little. My eyesreflexively drifted down to his cock and I couldn't take my eyes off ofit until he was right in front of me. As he walked toward me, his penisslowly swung back and forth. It was a big one! 

"At least put on some underwear!" I scolded him.

"Mom, what do you think of my cock? I need a woman's opinion. "

I was speechless. "Mom, why are you being so quiet," he wondered. "Issomething wrong?" "Is there something wrong? I'm your mother! This isembarrassing!"

It was obvious that he had spent the money he earned at his job ongetting circumcised and I remarked on it. "Yeah, I had it done lastmonth. Yesterday was when the doctor said I could start having sex againbut I don't have anyone to do it with. " "Why are you saying this to me?You're freaking me out!" I blurted to him. "Okay, having said that,what do you think?"

"Okay, I won't give you my opinion as your mother,  but as a regulargirl. You have a nice big cock. As your mother, I'm surprised you havesuch a big one. " "Yeah, the doctor said that as long as I was beingcircumcised that I might as well have my girth enhanced, too.

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   He gave mean injection into the head for free. " "Didn't it hurt? Are you okay?There aren't any abnormalities, are there?" I fretted. "No, it didn'thurt, but the head is a lot more sensitive. The doctor said I would getused to it.

"Where did he cut it? Are there any scars?" He explained to me where thedoctor made the incision. But while he was doing that, I wanted to seehow big it would get now. "Ryo, I want to see what will happen if Itouch it. " "Touch it as much as you want, mom," he permitted. I reachedout and touched the tip of it. It was soft, but I knew that as soon as Iwould hold it it it would become stiff. "Are you okay? It's so hard. Does it feel good?" "If you handle it anymore than that I'll lose it. because I probably have a lot of cum stored up right now. " "If that'strue then do you want me do get you off?" Oh my God, mom, that wouldrock! Please do me!" "Okay, sweety. I'll make it feel all better.

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  " Istarted to stroke it and it got big and hard. In fact, a lot bigger thanmy husband's. Precum began to drip out of it and I licked it up. "Godmom, that feels amazing. " I put his cock in my mouth. I was giving myson a blowjob! I could feel it growing in my mouth and he warned me thathe was about to cum. I kept sucking him and his cockhead swelled andthen he expelled a large, warm load of his semen into my mouth. Ithought it would overflow my mouth's ability to contain it, he came somuch. But I held it in and finished him off. I then swallowed it all inone gulp.

"Mom, that's the first time anyone has swallowed my cum. Usually, theyspit it out. " "You're definitely not a virgin anymore because you cameso much. It was delicious, honey. " "It felt so good mom.

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   Thanks. " "What,do you think I would be fine with just that?" I asked. "You can put itin here, too," I explained, pointing to the area between my legs. "Youwant me to put it in your pussy?" "Yes. I want to see what it would feellike. But let's keep this a secret. " "God, I want to do that so much Ican't stand it!" "No problem. I'm super wet right now. "

"But at the moment, I want to see your pussy, mom, and eat it. " "I'mglad you want to lick me, but please don't be disappointed by it. It's been well used and won't be as nice as that of the young girls you'reused to. " "Stop being so modest, mom, and let me see it. " "What about mytits?" "I want to see those, too. " "It will be so embarrassing exposingmyself to you like this. " With that, I removed all of my clothes andstood in front of him naked.

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   "Nice body mom!" He hugged me and thentoppled me on to the sofa. He fondled my breasts and started sucking onmy nipples and, for the first time in a long while, I started to feelsexual pleasure. "Wow Ryo, you're really good. Squeeze my breasts somemore. "

I took his cock into my hand as my moans became more heated, my legsswinging open. "Just as I thought. You have a hot pussy, mom. " He dovein face first, licking my clit. "Oh God, that feels so good! Don'tstop!" I moaned. As he did that, he began fingering me and I thought Iwould die from the pleasure. After a few minutes of that, I begged himto stick his cock into me. "Mom, I don't have any condoms on me, so I'llprobably cum inside you. " "Don't worry about it. Cum as much as youlike inside me. Slide it in now!" "Okay, you got it," he notified me.

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   Ifelt the head of his cock at the opening of my pussy. He slowly pushedit into me. I didn't think size mattered before, but I could feel moreintensely that he was inside me than I do when my husband is. It alsofelt different because it was in so deep and it was heavenly. "God, thisis good! So good! Fuck me some more! Fuck me hard!" I cried. "Yourpussy feels so good mom. It's really tight. " I sensed how hard he wasflexing his hips and I thought I was going to die from the pleasure. "I'm going to cum! God, Ryo, I'm cumming!" Just as I came, I felt hiscum being shot into me.

"Mom, I just came inside you. You're okay, right? "Yes, your mother'sfine, Ryo. God, that felt amazing. Thanks for using your cock on me. Ifeel so refreshed. " "That definitely felt good, mom.

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   Your tightnessfeels incredible. " "Thanks, honey. I feel really happy right now. Use mypussy whenever you want, if it's good enough for you. " "Let's take abreak because I want to do this again," he said. "That's fine with me. One time or any number of times, whatever. "

We did it so much that day that I was a wreck by the end of it. Myhusband will be out tomorrow and I promised my son we could do it againthen. I'm looking forward to it so much that just thinking about itmakes me wet. I'm worried, though, that if he finds a girlfriend he willlose interest in me.


One Saturday night three months ago when my mom went out drinking withher friends, as I always did, I exited the bathroom after a bath with atowel wrapped around me and headed up to my second floor bedroom. All ofa sudden, my dad opened my door. "What do you want, dad?" I asked. "Arisa, what were doing last Saturday and where were you doing it?" Thatday, I had gone over to my classmate Kaori's and returned at 18 p.

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  m. Ireminded him that I had told him I was going over there to study withher. "I think you were lying. Come on, tell me the truth," he said,pushing me on to my back on the bed.

    It was true that I did go over to Kaori's to study, but when we decidedto take a break, Kaori abruptly hugged and kissed me. Then she fondledmy breasts and pulled my panties off. I resisted, but she was too strongfor me and she rubbed my clit, sucked my nipples and fingered me until Icame. Then she told me to do the same for her and I did, making herorgasm.

    I had only just begun masturbating in 10th grade and had orgasms fromit, but that was the first time another person had made me climax.

    "Dad, it wasn't a lie. Knock it off!" "I guess I had better interrogateyou," he said. He grabbed my legs and lifted and opened them. He openedthe entrance of my pussy and nuzzled it with his fingers. "Your hymen isstill there, but it was so easy to open you up. " He inserted twofingers inside me and rubbed my insides and my clit simultaneously.

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       OhGod, that felt good! "It doesn't seem like any guy's cock has been inthere. " Meanwhile, I was telling him to stop, but also moaning. "Wow,you're pussy is wet to overflowing!" When I finished cumming and theconvulsions from my dad's manual stimulation stopped, he kissed me.

    "It doesn't appear that your cock has accepted any cocks into it, butyou've been masturbating," he said, as he rubbed my tits and sucked onmy nipples. God, that felt even better than what Kaori did to me! As Imoaned more and more, dad's mouth trailed down my body. He spread mylegs wide and lifted my thighs and licked my pussy and clit. It feltincredible! "Oh God, oh yes, oooohhhhhh! It feels so good!" I whmpered.

    Then I felt the head of his cock at the opening of my pussy and it sliddeep into me. It was so thick that I could really feel the friction evenat the opening. This was the first time I had felt anything this good!"You're so tight Arisa. Your pussy just sucks my cock right down. " "OhGod daddy! Fuck!" "Does it hurt?" "No, it feels good! Oh! Oh God, I'mgoing to cum! Cumming!" "God, your pussy is sucking hard on my cock. I'mgoing to cum in a second here!" Out of the head of his cock camevolleys of hot cum and it felt like it was going into my stomach. Thepleasure raced through my entire body and I nearly lost consciousness!


    This happened when I was a ninth grader. I came home from school aftermandatory club activities and discovered my sister, who was an eighthgrader then, sleeping on the couch in the living room.

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       I don't know ifit was because she was exhausted, but she lay there on her back still inher school uniform and with her legs open. Her panties were clearlyvisible.

    As soon as I saw this, I became hard. But just all of a sudden jumpingon her would be no fun. I decided to take my time having some fun withher. I pulled her shoes off and smelled her feet, the odor having both asweet and sour quality to it. I started sucking on her toes and, afterfive minutes of that, rubbed my cock against her inner thighs. That waswhen she woke up and fled to her bedroom. I hurriedly followed her andshe asked me what I was doing with my dick out.

    I couldn't stand it any longer and walked toward her while strokingmyself. She tried to escape by slinking off into a corner, but Imasturbated right in front of her face. She blushed and then said,"older brother, I want to suck you. " I stopped stroking myself and sheheld my cock with both of her hands. "Your cock is so big I wonder if Ican get it into my mouth," she questioned in a sweet voice. I don't meanto brag, but even though I was only a ninth grader at the time, my cockwas already as big as some porn stars.



    She earnestly engulfed my cock with her mouth. She looked up at me whileshe sucked it, which made me even harder, and I eventually shot my wadinto her mouth and she swallowed it all in one gulp. I was surprised,but she smiled and said, "your semen is a little bitter, but stilltastes good. "

    Since then, whether it's at home, at school or anywhere really, she sucks me.