The House To My Self


this storie is fiction
one day i wake up in the morning and i see every one has there bags packed like they was going on a trip or some thing so i asked mom where are yall going ,then she said to disney land for the weekend didn't your sister tell you,NO! my sister was always was doing things like this to me ,so mom said that i had to stay home because i wasn't packed, but i didn't care know body like disney land any ways but i didn't want to be at home all weekend.
well i was so bored i didn't have anything to do but then i thought about  that porno movie that my friend let me barrow so i went to the living room to watch the porno so i put  it in the dvd player and started watching it and all i could think about was my hot aunt rose she is so fine she has the hottest body that i ever seen . when i was thinking about her my dick was super hard so ipulled down my basket ball shorts and underware and started to jerking off i shut my eyes for a few min and when i opened them i seen my aunt i was so shocked that that i didn't  even notice her hand  going in to her pants i was about to pull up my pants whan shesaid just till she cum so i did i kept jerking off too her she started moaning like she was about to cum and i just started cuming all over the place so did she.After that came and sat down right next to me and i thought that this was my chance to fuck her so i asked her i could fuck her and sshe said no the olny reason she wanted to watch me jerk off  is because her husband left her two years ago in she haven't had sex since she told me two just forget about what happend i told her okay but who could for get about something like that.
I asked her what was she doing here she said my mom called her and told her to watch me i was so mad im 18 about to be 19 next week and shes treating me like i 9
so my aunt rose said was going to sleep in my sisters room for the weekend then she got up and said she was going to the store and when she got back that porno better be off the screen so i said okay then and when she left i got in the shower then she came back and got out the shower and decided to tease my aunt so i went in to the kitchen and asked what she got from the store still in my towel she looked at me for a little while then she said nothing much then i pertened to act like i dropped my towel on  accident she was staring at my dick the whole time and didn't say a thing when i warpped the towel around me then she said that dinner will be ready in a little while so i went to go change and i then herd my aunt rose yelling come and eat
i went to the kitchen and sat down at the table  and asked what we was eating she said chicken so we ate and then my aunt rose said that she was going to sleep so she went to bed i was up watching tv when a porno came on and couldn' stop thinking about my aunt rose sexy tits and what happend earlier today i was about to start jerking off when i thought why jerk off when i could have the real thing so i went in my sisters room where my aunt was sleeping .
came by the bed then i notice that my aunt didn't have a bra on my dick got hard i seconds i got bold and started  playing  her tits and sucking them she was still sleep then i got even bolder and slide my hand down her panties rubbing her pussy lips she started breathing a little harder then i stuck my middle finger in finger fucking her so i said what the hell i didn't even care if she woke up i pulled my dick out of my pants and shoved it in to her mouth then she woke up a little shocked but didn't stop sucking she was lovin every min of it i thought i was about to cum so i pulled out she said we shoudn't be doing this but while she was saying that she was stroking my dick .then she said fuck her then i pulled her panties to the side and stuck my dick in her wet pussy she was moaning like crazy then she YELLED FUCK ME HARDER AND CALL ME YOUR BITCH, i was shocked that my aunt was a freak the whole she was yelling FUCK ME YES FUCK YOUR AUNT ROSE PUSSY GOOD. then she said that she wanted to get fucked in the ass . she was yelling even louder then before
then i started to yell I CUMMING then she turn around and put my dick in her mouth and icame i her mouth she sucked my dick dry and after that we just laid there and went to sleep
in the morning i woke up and i seen my sister in the door way looking at me and aunt rose laying there naked togather with an evil look on her face
to be continued



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