The Four of Us, Chapters 1-3


The Four of Us - Chapter 1

“GOD, that was intense” my wife, Katie, said. “I haven’t come like that in a long time!”

“I don’t know what was different this time” I panted, “…but you brought out the best in me, too” I replied.

Then Katie confessed “Well maybe I know why mine was so intense--I think we had some company peering through the opening in the door. ” Obviously, she was talking about our two daughters, Ashley (who was 14) and Brittany (Brit for short, who was 13). “I looked toward the door, wondering if I had closed it, and I thought I saw some movement. But rather than wanting to cover up, I just decided that I would let them look. I mean, they have been talking with us about sex for some time now, and I know they have covered it in school to some degree, so I don’t see anything wrong with a little bit of voyeurism on their part. ”

“Yes, I agree” I replied. “It had to happen eventually. But I think we probably need to talk with them again about what they saw, don’t you think?” I asked.

“Probably so” Katie replied, “but not this late at night. They probably won’t hear a thing we’re saying to them at this hour. ” Katie got up to use the bathroom, and I went down the hall to check on our little spies.

When I got to their room, I could hear them talking. Their door was halfway open, so I looked in, and then got the shock of my life. Ashley and Brit were playing with each other’s pussy, each with a finger inside of the other.

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   Their nighties and undies were in a pile beside the bed. I hadn’t seen either girl in the nude for a while, and was a little surprised by what I saw. Ashley had begun to sprout her boobs, and had healthy nipples to go along with her AA-cup boobs. If there was any hair on her bottom, it was very sparse and impossible to see from where I was standing. Brit also had boobs beginning to grow, but not as large as Ashley’s. I was certain that her bottom was still as naked as the day she was born. Both girls were fair and blonde, just like their mother, so any pussy hair would be difficult to see anyway. After the initial shock, I stood there watching them, wondering if I should interrupt, wondering if this was something that needed to be stopped. But after seeing my two preteen daughters touching each other’s pussy, I was mesmerized. I just couldn’t pull myself away, even after I heard Katie flush the toilet.

Brit had two fingers buried in her older sister’s pussy, and Ashley had one finger in her sister’s. Both were pumping their fingers in and out, making the other squirm. I noticed that the fingers were going only a little way in, making me pretty sure that their cherries were still intact. Then Ashley laid down on the bed, apparently nearing orgasm. Her finger almost popped when she pulled it out of Brit’s pussy.

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   Brit then increased the rate of her in and out motions, causing Ashley to moan and wiggle around. Then Ashley’s ass rose off the bed, and I heard her whisper “I’m coming, Brit!”. Suddenly, Brit’s hand was soaking wet as her sister finally came with a long moan. Ashley’s ass fell back to the bed, and when she came down from her orgasm, Brit said “My turn now, Ashley. ”

Katie came down the hall then, and I put one finger to my lips to make sure that she didn’t make any noise. She came to me with a puzzled look on her face. She was only wearing panties and a cutoff shirt. I let her look at the show that our girls were putting on, and almost laughed out loud at the expression on her face. She was about to put a stop to their show when I touched her arm and shook my head. She gave me a quizzical look, then turned back to the girls.

Ashley turned her ass to us, and let her sister scoot back on the bed to allow Ashley access to her pussy. Ashley’s ass was already beginning to look like a teenager’s, round and firm. Brit then spread her legs wide, and allowed her sister to insert a finger between her lips again. Brit then moaned as Ashley put the tip of her finger into her pussy, and began in and out movements. We could hear squishing sounds as her finger continued moving like a mini-dick, exciting Brit more with each movement.

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   Brit then said through clenched teeth “Keep going Ashley! I’m about to…. !” She couldn’t finish her sentence once her orgasm began. Brit stiffened like she was having a seizure. Her ass raised off the bed like her sister’s did, and Ashley soon pulled a glistening finger out of Brit’s pussy, causing Brit to go “MMMMM” as Ashley pulled out.

“That felt great!” Brit whispered to Ashley.

“Yea, me too!” responded Ashley. “When can we do it again?”

“Whenever you want” replied Brit, as she played with Ashley‘s nipples. “We just have to make sure Mom and Dad are asleep. ”

“That should be easy enough” said Ashley. “Just give them a few minutes after they go to bed and that should be plenty of time. ”

“I love being able to watch them when they have sex” said Brit. “Does that make us weird?”

“I don’t know” said Ashley after contemplating her answer. “But I just hope we can see them more too.

Katie and I both left then. It looked like the show was over, though, so we quietly headed to our own room.

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   “What do you think we need to do, Jim?” asked Katie.

“We definitely need to talk to them” I replied. “They shouldn’t be peeping toms when we’re having sex, though we need to keep the door closed, too. ”

Then Katie hit me with the bombshell. “Or should we? I don’t see anything particularly wrong with them seeing us make love. After all, it is a very tender and passionate act between two consenting adults. And what better way to show them what lovemaking is than to let them watch?” The shock on my face must have been obvious. Then she went further. “In fact, why don’t we just let them watch us when we know they’re there? Since they’ve already seen us making love who knows how many times, why don’t we just plan for it?”

Part of me wanted to have Katie’s head examined; the other part of me was kind of turned on by the thought of having our daughters in the room with us when we made love. Who knows what this could lead to? So I decided to call her bluff.

“OK, I’m game. How are we going to do this?”

“I think that we should just leave our door open a little the next time we have sex, then when one of us sees the girls peeking in, just call them in. ”

The next night, we started our plan in motion. We put the girls to bed, leaving their door open. Then we immediately went to our room, leaving our door open as well.

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   Katie began by sucking my 6 inch cock into her mouth, and quickly I had a raging hard-on. We then switched positions, and I had my mouth on Katie’s pussy, licking her pussy, sucking on her clit, and getting her as wet as I’ve seen her in a while. Katie then mounted my cock, with her ass pointing right toward my face. I reached around her and felt her 36B tits, then began playing with her nipples. This turned her on almost as much as clitoral stimulation. Then she began her up and down movements on my cock. It was such a turn-on to see my cock disappearing deep into her pussy, then reappearing as she raised up. She got to the point that my cock was just barely in her, then slowly slid down again, giving me the greatest stimulation. I reached around her waist, and went for her clit, massaging it with my finger, and I could feel her getting wetter as her pussy kept up and down movements on my cock.

At that moment, Katie said “Who’s at the door?” Then we heard two pairs of feet scampering down the hall. Katie said “Let’s go get them now” and we had to disconnect. Neither of us bothered to put any clothing on, and when we went in to the girls’ room, the first thing we heard was Ashley saying “M-O-M! D-A-D! What are you doing?”