The First time


My aunt is very pretty , blonde hair big tits, perfect to fuck.
this story all starts out when i was visiting her last summer. I had always admired her very sexy body, but i never thought that i could actually do something sexual with her.
The time is Mardi Gras, Me and my aunt get home. Her husband and her kids are out of the house for the night, only me and her. i get on the internet and talk to my friends meanwhile my aunt is watching tv. . . .
while i was talking on the intertnet to my friends, i got curious, i opend the internet and looked at anyporn i could, meanwhile my aunt came into her room where i was looking at porn on the internet. She snuck up on me.
''what are you doing'' she said
''uh, it was a pop-up'' i said nervous.

 she then hugged me and told me how much she was going to miss me when i leave. Then she took her hand and started rubbing me all over my stomach and my chest. I returned the favor. She then started to rub right on my cock, instantly it became hard.

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   I started to feel her nipples which were hard as a rock. She took of my shirt,  (while i was still sitting on the computer chair) , i took off hers, and started to feel her large tits and gave them an ocasional suck or two.
She grabbed my hair then dragged me onto her enourmous bed, we kissed and while we did, she unzipped my pants releasing my cock. She started to stroke it as i reached my hand down her pants to feel her pussy (which was becoming damp) i rubbed it and i heard a small moan. she then took my cock into her mouth and sucked it. I was in a sexual high.
''relax, i know what to do, im on the pill too'' my aunt said.
She then climbed on top of me, rubbing her titties on my face. I turned over and leaned down and started to lick her damp pussy. I was so excited to suck on a wet clit for the first time, she moaned and moaned as i licked her wet clit very fast.
I then slowly stuck my young cock in her aged pussy, we fucked for atleast ten minutes when i heard her moan very loudly and she told me to take it out. I then took it out and she stroked my cock slowly, i was about to cum. She openend her mouth and i cumed all over her face. She swallowed my cum as i rubbed my cock all over her face.
''wow i needed that'' she said.

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''thanks''. .
''no problem'' i said, ''Anytime just tell me''