the first time


It was a warm summers day and nothing to do.   Me and my sisters were just hanging around the house, while my parents were at work.   At the time I was about 18 years old and my older sister was 18 and my oldest sister was 16.  
My sister said that she found a movie in my parents closet and thought that we would like to watch it with her.   We both said sure and sat down to watch it.  
She popped it into the VCR and it began to play I saw three girls naked in a triagle shap all eaing eachother out.   I really wasn't sure what it was at the time, I was only a kid.   But I think my oldest sister knew.   And she let it play.  
I was so into what I saw on the TV I didn't notice that my sisters both had there hands down there shorts playing with them selves.   But when I looked around that's what I saw and I started to do the same.   To my surprise I was all wet down there.   But sticking my fingers in my self make me feel good.

  I started to finger my self, but was quite about it.   As I didn't want the others to know what I was doing.  
Before I knew it one of my sister ran out of the room.


    I followed to make sure she was ok.   That's when I saw her laying face down on the bed.   I quitly entered the room with out her knowing I was there.   I saw the strangest thing, she put a pillow in her crouch and started to hump away at it.   Now I see this once before with my dogs.   They were both male and I saw one jump on the others back and hump away.
I sat quitly in the room and wathced my sister hump her pillow, until she started to moan and scream with joy.   When she was done she started to get up and saw me watching her.  
That's when it happened.   She came over to me and put her hand on my pussy and started to rub it.
      I wanted to stop her, but it felt so good, I just sat there and let her.   Then she took my hand and put it on her pussy and I started to rub it the same way.  
    Then she got up and closed the bedroom door.   Then she started to take her clothes off and I did the same.   She asked me to lay down and I did as I was told.

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        Then she bent down and put her mouth on my pussy and licked like we saw eariler in the movie we watched.   I thought it was great and before too long I felt my orgasm come.   I told her to stop, because I though I was going to pee.   She just kept going and before long I came in to her mouth.
    When I was done she told me I needed to do the same to her, so I did.   I really like to taste of her pussy and ate it with everything I had and finally she was screaming telling me not to stop.   So I did it harder and faster.