This is a very true story of how me and my little sister became lovers. I had just turned 18 and got a car for my birthday. she was 18 at the time and pretty good looking not the hottest girl at our high school but i would say top 50 out of like 600 or so. Our father worked as a pilot for the airline so he would be gone for a a couple days sometimes more sometimes less. he was flying England round trip so he was staying four day. Our mother worked at a local business and was front desk person, she always worked from 9am to 6:30pm. On day i was just sitting in my room playing some video games and reading a guitar magazine, when she came bursting in asking if we could go to the cabin before mom and dad got home since i had a car now. i called mom she said it would be alright, but to drive safe. i said alright and we packed up and left around 9:30 and got up there around 11:30. Their was seemingly no one there it was a private resort but as soon as we got o the pool it was packed, so we decided   to go down to a small swimming section of the lake but hat was packed to, so we tried our final option, a very unknown and wooded swimming hole about 10miles from our cabin. Unfortunately we didn't change into our swimming suits at the pool so we had to change, we both went behind a couple tree and changed at the same time, but she wasn't well covered ,i think she thought she was but i could see almost everything and i couldn't turn away. now i was horny as hell she had a perfect body really curvy and tight. WE swam for about an hour and i decided to be brave and ask if she wanted a drink, she asked if i had any 7up i said no but im making a quick trip to the cabin, she said yeah grab me a couple sodas. I drove back t the cabin and grabed a 12pack of bud and one 7up for her. i drove back to the swimming hole and was surprised when i came back she was just laying on the sandy area in her bikini and sunning herself  with one hand in her bottoms and it looked ike a finger or two was missing. i slowly crept up behind her, "thinking about me?$" (as a joke) she repiled, "what the fuck you couldnt just tell me that you were back instead of scarring the living shit of me you perverted asshole, besides no bitch with eyesight is ever gonna fuck your ass.

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  "$, "and why the fuck is that im a pretty desiredable man especially after ashely" Ashely was my exgirlriend who i had only slept with once and she spread the word that i was the biggest in the hole damn town, but she moved away at the start of the school year. "bullsit you payed her o spread that rumor and everyone knows it don't let your LITTLE lie go to your head" afet all this talk on this subject i was horny as hell and felt like dropping my suit and raping my sister but i just couldnt i wanted her to want it to. so i said, "either way im more desirable then your virgin fatass", "fatass? im to damn skinny for my hight im not fat you piece of shit and i bet ive fucke more guys than you ave even had girlfriend" we had never really fought like this so intesly before so i decided to end it "so what-you can lie about my size and being a virgin, but i cant li about you being a fatass" she stood up and charged me got up in my face and said "alright lets see whos relling the truth. " with that she dropped she bikini bottoms and stuck her middle finger all the way up her shaved pussy with a bit of a flinch, "wow i saw that flinch that only happens if it's neworyou just it your cherry bitch", "oh yeah!"she grabed my hand and pulled my middle finger up and "Put it in". "Your my sister no!", "yeah cause i really fucking care about that just do it pussy. " i slowly stuck my middle finger in and didnt feel her cherry but even for a finger it was tight. I told her, "fine you win that round but as long as we are on this topic" i dropped my swimming shorts and revealed my 8. 5 inch hardon. she just stood there and looked at it until i said,"looks like its one to one", "please a four year old could handle that", "YOu wish you could get something like this, but you coulnd fit it anywhere ever, not in a million years", She replied, "what is this  challenge? i coud handle that pussy cock, but i see your idea make me think i cant so you can get lucky with your sister, you sick fuck! im gonna tell mom and dad you pervert. "i said, "see in told you, your to afraid cause it is to big specailly for alittle firl like you!" with that she agin charged me this time actually hitting he on to the ground, i landed on a small brach cutting my back acouple times. "Fuck i hate you but i aint gonna let you win this one you sick pervert" she kelt on t my stomach and backed-up over my dick "well i see your not rejecting your little sisters action", I had nothing to say  this. The took my dick in her hand and lined it up with her opening and teasd me by rubbing the head o my cock agaisnt it, "see i knew ou were afraid. " with that she slammed herself down on me, only taking about half of it in  her "feel a cherry huh pervert? "no but you are very tight, wat alota small dicks?" "After i said this she gave me a hella evi look but i figured i was far enough so  grabbed her ass and picked up the forced the rest of my dick into her pussy until i did hit something, but itwasnt a hymen it was her cervix,she started screaming an i thought she was having an orgams at frist,but after she stopped screaming she said noone had gone that far in yet. "Thats why ashely said i was the biggest" but again i had figured i had come far enough so i picked her up again and started to slide my dick out of her, but before it came out i shoved to back in and heard a good whimoer from her before she asked, "what the helL are you doing?", "well considering im aready inside you i might as well finish besides you already did", "I told you that wasnt an orgams, that was a surprize! just get out of me we are related the kids would be fucked up", "then i wont blow my load inside f your pussy that'll take care of that", "no it wont, we are still related you pervert" she then tried to get off of me but i pushed her back down and held her arms, she started to move more and more only giving me more pleasure. "Stop fucking me you pervert we are related! this is so wrong," "Who cares, heres how this going to go, first im gonna finsh wht you started then, your going to suck me  offf before i fuck you in the ass last off all and if you dont do what i tell you to i will blow a huge fucking load inside your pussy and get you dumbass pregnant got!!!", "you wish pervert  cause i  get pregnant guess who will tell mom an dad who raped me! so get out of me", "Guess whos going through child birth in about 9 months bitch oh! and guess whos getting close!", "Fuck alright! just dont cum in me ill suck you off but you cant uck my ass ive never done that before!", "Well your about to learn!"With that i released her arms and riped off he bikini top and tolder her to stand on her knees over me.

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  she did reluctantly i started fondeling and licking her tits, i reentered her and fucked like there was no tomarrow. I didnt have much energy after about 5min i couldnt cum so  told her to ride me, she again reluctantly did. After another 5 or so minutes i became close to blowing me load to i grabbed her and rolled over putting her on her back and began to slam her over and over, "AHH fuck im gonna cum hers the plan im gonna pull out and im gonna give you 2sec to have my dick in your mouth before this gets mean"$, fuck that cum somewhere else cum on my stomach not in me anywhere, with that i pulled and used m hand to keeo things alive, "choose a hole mouth or pussy" she got on all fours facing me and started suck me after about 2sex i came wave after wave, so much that, that when she opened her mouth t spit it out she lost alittle just pouring out before i told her, "swallow every drop or lick it off the ground!", she did swallow it with a nasty grin. I pushed her back on to her back again and climbed over her starting o fuck her againe with a different purpose this time i help back and made her cum all over my cock. I told her to suck her juice off, she did, she was becomeing less and less reluctant. after she finished cleaning my cock, we layed there for about a half hour out of breath just resting, "You know im still gonna fuck your ass right?", "Hell no im not turning a half inch hole into a three inch hole" I told her fine, but get on,all fours so you can suck me off one more time, but as she started to suck my cock i reached around and started to finger her pussy she came close to cumming, but i was teasing her so i told her to spin around she did willingly now. I pumped my cock in and out of her pussy three or four times, then pulled out completely and started rubbing her asshole with the head of my cock, "I told you i dont want you in my ass youve been everywhere else leave that one tight!" with that i pushed the first inch into her ass, she started to moan and whimper softly, "DO you want it slow and long or fast an short", "niether get out of there", "I thinks that same as slow", I slowly started to push in more and more, after i was bout four inches in she screamed, "just gt it over with" I released everything i was holding back and pushed all the way in, in one swift motion. She screamed load enough for it to be heard miles away it sounded like it anyway. I pulled out sharply and trush back in over and over, each time it went back in she kept screaming,i yelled to her "I going to cum", She replied, "Get out i dont want that in me", i didn listen, but as soon as i started spraying inside of her she came back against me and pushed hard tring to get it more inside of her. I pulled out of her and we both fel back on to out backs to catch our breaths again, after laying there for a while i told her he to clean me off on last time and she said, "Yeah i really wanna eat my own shit, maybe next time if i have any energy. " we went back to the cabin to find mom crying when she calmed down she said dad had "joined the mil high club with his co-pilot jamie. "This is a mainly true story that happened about three years ago there are some things i embelished alittle, but for da most part its true, it was the 2nd best experience of my life the next story will be the best!  the only part that wasnt true. . me getting to fuck her in the ass. .

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   sorry about the bad typing t damn lazy gotta paper due for 2marow.



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