The First Night


“Oh my God!” I cried, “I can’t believe I’m doing this. ”

“Don’t chicken out, Casey,” Shay pleaded.

“I’m not,” I assured her, “I just can’t believe I’m doing this. ”

“It’ll be totally fun,” Shay squealed, “You’re gonna love it. ”

The other people on the bus were looking at us. We weren’t totally slutted-out, but we looked sexy. We were both wearing mini-skirts and Shay had on her Uggs.

“I’m totally buying a pair tomorrow,” I said with an envious look at her boots.

“Oh my God!” she squealed, “We are going to have so much fun shopping tomorrow. ”

The bus pulled up to our stop and we scrambled to our feet. All eyes followed us to the door and we hopped to the curb leaving behind a trail of giggles and bubblegum scented body-spray.

“They’re on the twenty-first floor,” Shay said, checking her new i-Phone as we pushed through the huge rotating door of the office building. There was a man sitting at a desk in the lobby and he looked at us like we were there to toilette paper the place, or something juvenile like that.

“We’re supposed to go up to the twenty-first floor,” Shay stated confidently, unconcerned with the man’s suspicious gaze, “My Dad’s office is up there. ” I couldn’t help but giggle at that and the man’s harsh eyes swept over me. I avoided them and ducked behind Shay.

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“Merry Christmas,” the man muttered, though he didn’t sound very merry at all. He pressed a button on his desk and a bell chimed.

“Merry Christmas!” Shay beamed back, and she grabbed me buy the arm and pulled me to the elevator.

“Oh my God, he totally knows,” I cried as soon as the doors closed.

“No he doesn’t,” Shay said, rolling her eyes and clicking keys on her phone. The elevator lurched and we shot upwards.

“Did he send a picture of his friend, yet?” I asked, trying to read what she was typing.

“No, he doesn’t have one,” she said, pulling the phone away.

“What if he’s all old and gross?” I worried out loud for the hundredth time, “I’m not doing it if he’s all old and gross. ”

“He’s not,” Shay sighed, “Greg promised. He said we’d like him. Besides, I think Greg likes you. ”

“Shut up!” I cried, “Are you serious? You didn’t tell me that. ”

“Here, look…” Shay said, and she poked her i-Phone at me. The text on the screen read, “I can’t wait to meet your hot little friend;)”

“Oh my God!” I gushed, blushing and bouncing up and down.

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“You’re such a dork,” Shay laughed, “You have to be cool, okay?”

“I will,” I told her, doing my best to settle down. The elevator chimed. I looked up and saw the number 21 in red lights above the doors. They slid open and my heart almost stopped beating. “Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!” I squealed.

“Shut up!” Shay giggled, grabbing my arm, “Don’t be a spaz. ”

“I’m not,” I lied, trying to catch my breath. Shay pulled me from the elevator into a dimly lit lobby with an empty desk where a receptionist would normally sit. “This way,” Shay said, dragging me past the desk and down a dark hallway. “Here,” she said, and around the corner a light glowed from an open door.

“Knock, knock,” Shay beamed, poking her head around the corner.

“Well, it’s about time,” came a friendly voice form inside the office. I bit my lip and tried to calm myself. Shay tugged at my arm and my rubbery legs carried me into the room.

“Hey, Gorgeous,” Greg smiled, crossing the room to meet Shay.

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“Hey,” she grinned back, and she was up on tiptoes kissing him while his hands groped her round ass.

“So who’s your shy friend here?” Greg asked, pulling away from Shay and turning his attention to me. His hand was still on her ass.

“Greg, this is Casey; Casey, this is Greg,” Shay smiled, enjoying her part as hostess. Greg held out his hand and I took it, but instead of shaking he lifted my arm and looked me up and down.

“Oh my God, you are a sexy little thing, aren’t you?” he said. I blushed. I had no idea how to respond.

“I told you,” Shay declared proudly, as if she were responsible for my looks.

“You didn’t lie,” Greg grinned, “You two must have caused a riot in those skirts. ” Shay laughed and I blushed again. “Make yourselves comfortable,” he said, helping me off with my coat and devouring my small breasts with his eyes. I was wearing a clingy pink top without a bra.

“Where’s your friend?” Shay asked, looking around the room.

“Oh, he’s working down the hall,” Greg said, “Why don’t you go introduce yourself while Casey and I get to know each other?”

“Alright,” Shay grinned, giving me a knowing look.

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   I tried to return the look without showing how nervous I was. Shay and Greg kissed again and this time his hand went under her skirt.

“Don’t stay away too long,” he winked, and she squeezed my hand before leaving us alone in his office. “So, Shay tells me you like to party,” Greg said, turning to his desk and opening a small wooden box sitting there.

“Ya,” I muttered, watching him pull a glass pipe from the box and stuff the bowl with weed. I took a second to look him over while he was focused on the pipe. Shay had shown me his picture but he was actually better looking in person. He was tall with dark hair and he looked like he used to play basketball. On his desk was a picture of a pretty blond and two kids about my age, a boy and a girl. When he picked up the glass pipe the light caught the gold band on his finger.

“Have a seat,” he said, motioning to a sofa in the corner of the office. I sat on the edge of the cushion at the end of the sofa with my knees pressed together. “You’ll like this,” he said, offering me the pipe, “It’s a real mellow blend. ” He handed me his lighter and pulled a chair up in front of the sofa. He sat down facing me, his hands covering and caressing my knees.

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   I lit the pipe and inhaled. He laughed when I coughed up most of the smoke.

“So you and Shay go to school together?” he asked, his eyes devouring me. He took the pipe and drew in a lungful of smoke.

“Ya,” I nodded, still coughing slightly while my headed floated a few inches above my neck.

“Ninth grade?” he hissed, trying to keep the smoke in.

“Ya, were off for Christmas break,” I told him. He set the pipe aside and brought his hands back to my knees.

“You like school?” he smiled.

“I guess,” I answered with a shrug of my shoulders.

“What’s your favorite subject?” he wondered, his hands roaming from my knees up my thighs.

“Um, English, I guess,” I said, and I could feel the pot massaging and relaxing me from the inside.

“English,” he repeated, as if he suddenly understood something about me. His hands moved to the outsides of my thighs and his fingers brushed against my miniskirt. “You’ve got gorgeous legs, Sweetie,” he said, staring down at my lap.

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“Thanks,” I muttered, blushing slightly and feeling my pulse jump.

“You don’t mind of I call you Sweetie, do you?” he asked.

“Huh-uh,” I said, shaking my head no. Sweetie was what my Dad called me, but I didn’t tell him that.

“Did Shay tell you how we met?” he asked, gently pulling my thighs apart.

“Um, she said you were a friend of her Mom’s,” I answered. He laughed.

“I guess you could say that,” he grinned. He reached for the pipe and we both took another hit. I did a better job of holding it in but still coughed up most of it. “I like you,” he smiled, putting the pipe down and brushing my dark hair behind my ear.

“Thanks,” I blushed, my words barely audible.

“You think you wanna have some fun tonight?” he asked with one hand caressing my check and the other pulling gently and opening my thighs.

“Ya,” I told him, looking him in the eye. My heart was thumping but the weed had relaxed me.

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“I can’t believe how gorgeous you are,” he said, and then he was kissing me. His breath was sweet and his tongue slid over mine making my pussy tingle. “Mmm,” he sighed, pulling back. His hand was at my cheek and his thumb slipped over my lower lip. I caught it with my tongue and sucked it into my mouth. “Your friend Shay tells me you love to suck cock,” he said, his voice heavy and deep. I nodded shyly, my breath catching in my chest. “Why don’t you show me, Sweetie,” he said, and he stood up in front of me.  

“Oh my God,” a voice inside my head whispered, “You’re actually doing it. ” And I was. My fingers trembled, but I managed to unhook the belt and then the top button. The zipper made a loud grinding noise that I liked, and then I simply pulled the pants down from his hips. He wore white boxers and I pulled those down too while he loosened his tie and the top three buttons of his shirt and pull them up over his head.

“You like it?” he asked. He had slipped his shoes and sox off and kicked the pants and boxers to the side and was standing naked in front of me.

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   I was just staring at it, and I could tell by the sound of his voice that he knew I was impressed. At that point I’d had four different cocks in my mouth. They all belonged to boys, two I knew from school and two I met at the mall with Shay. Greg wasn’t a boy. He was an adult – a man. His cock was still soft, but it was long and thick. It dangled between his thighs like an elephant’s trunk, and it was shaved and hairless and looked silky to the touch.

“Uh-huh,” I nodded, swallowing and wetting my lips.

“Show me, Sweetie,” he said, and he shifted forward so it brushed my cheek.

I didn’t use my hands, but caught the tip between my lips and bounced it up and down on my tongue. “Mmmm, ya,” he sighed, liking my playfulness. I ran my hands up his thighs and around to his ass, and then I pulled him to me, opening my mouth and pushing my lips to the base of his dick. His soft flesh filled my mouth and I sucked and licked until it swelled and the tip pushed against the back of my throat and forced my lips back up the lengthening shaft. “Fucking Christ,” he groaned above me, and I felt his body tremble.

“You like that?” I purred, looking up at him as my lips brushed the tip of his cock.

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“Oh fuck, you’re gonna be good, aren’t you Sweetie?” he gasped, his eyes wide and bright.

“Uh-huh,” I grinned, and pushing his cock aside I pressed my lips to the smooth skin at the root, licking and kissing, and then dipping down to lap and suck his hairless balls.

“Oh my God, we’re gonna have so much fun, you and me,” he panted.

“Mmmm,” I hummed in agreement. My mouth was stuffed with his fleshy sack and his heavy prick was draped across my face. I kissed and licked and worked my way back to the tip, and with a string of obscene compliments to cheer me on, I got down to some serious cock sucking.

“Oh fuck, Little Girl,” he cried, as I pumped him deep into my mouth. His hands found the back of my head and I relaxed my jaw and let him fuck my face. His heavy balls slapped my chin and my pulse raced. My pussy was on fire under my skirt when his hips locked and I felt the first hot gush scald the back of my throat.

“Aaaaagh!” he gasped, and his cock spit and throbbed and filled my hungry mouth. “Show me, Sweetie,” he growled, tipping my head back. His cock slipped from my mouth and I held out my cream-coated tongue for him to see. “Fuck,” he moaned, and then he was on his knees in front of me, kissing me hard.

“Yes,” I gasped as he broke the kiss and moved his lips to me neck.

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   His hands moved up in one fluid motion and my top was gone. He mauled my breasts, pinching and licking my nipples until they were stiff. Then he lifted me and I was on my knees, bent over the back of the couch. He tugged my skirt up around my hips.

“Mmm, where are you panties, Little Girl?” he teased, running his hands over my bare bottom, “You are a nasty little slut, aren’t you?” The words stung and excited me, but before I could respond he was kissing my ass, literally. His hungry mouth scooped up my firm flesh and he sucked and teased my cheeks with his tongue.

“Nnngh,” I cried, my body rushing with adrenaline. No one had ever kissed my ass and I started to get excited thinking about the things this grown man was going to teach me.

“Oh, fuck,” he sighed, and I gasped when his mouth found my wet pussy between my legs. His lips kissed and his tongue pried open my tight little slit. I looked back over my shoulder and saw his face buried in my ass. His eyes were closed and he looked like he was dreaming. His strong hands pulled apart my cheeks and his head bobbed up and down.

“Oh, Sweetie,” he moaned, and dipped two thick fingers inside me, stirring my honey pot, “You have got to taste how good your pussy is. ” I groaned when he pulled his fingers free, then he climbed up over me and pressed them to my lips, feeding me my own juices.


   Fuck, I did taste good! And while I sucked at one hand, his other was back at my pussy.

“Fuck, Little Girl,” he hissed in my ear, “You’ve got a tight little pussy. How many cocks have you had inside you, Sweetie?”

“One,” I lied, gasping to catch my breath. The truth was actually two, the boys Shay and I met at the mall, but Shay had already told Greg that I had only had sex with one boy and that we’d only done it once. She said it would turn Greg on more if he thought I was practically a virgin.

“Mmm, Sweetie,” he sighed, obviously liking my answer. His fingers dipped in and out of my cunny and he kissed my neck and shoulders. “Are you ready to feel Daddy’s cock inside you?” he asked, lifting himself over me and rubbing his hard prick against my ass.

“Uh-huh,” I stammered nervously. Shay had told me that Greg liked her to call him Daddy when they fucked. She giggled about it like it was a silly game, and so I wasn’t completely shocked to hear the words. Still, it was strange, and not just because he was old enough to be my Dad, in fact he was almost the same age as my Dad, but also because, as much as I tried not to, I couldn’t help but think about my Dad when he said it, and despite the weed, my body tensed a bit.

“You want Daddy to fuck you, Sweetie?” he whispered in my ear, his large body hunched over me and his cock wedged between the cheeks of my ass, grinding against my pussy. The feeling was intense and the anticipation was driving me crazy, but I was still trying to drive thoughts of my Dad from my head.

“Yes,” I muttered, pushing my ass back against him.

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   I closed my eyes and I could see my Dad frowning at me. It was a not so long ago memory form the time I got caught smoking pot and watching porn. It was at my friend Jenny’s house. The pot we stole from her brother’s stash and the porn we found on the computer. Jenny’s Dad was a Baptist minister, though, and clueless to the fact that his kids were anything but perfect, virginal Jesus worshipers. He blamed me for bringing “The Devil” into their home and told my parents everything.

Dad thought Jenny’s Dad was an asshole, but he still gave me that look. It wasn’t anger, it was worse, it was disappointment, and it filled me with shame and embarrassment. And that was the look I saw while I was leaning over the back of a couch about to get fucked by a grown man I just met who wanted me to call him Daddy.

“Tell Daddy, Sweetie,” Greg pleaded, “Tell Daddy what you want. ” His hands moved under me cupping and squeezing my small breasts, and he wiggled his cock against my pussy. Electricity surged through my young body sending messages to my stupid brain to stop freaking out. “Come on, Sweetie,” Greg chanted, “Don’t be afraid. Tell Daddy…” And he pinched my nipples, and suddenly my brain listened.

I closed my eyes again, wiggling my ass and arching my back, and this time the image I saw was from a more recent memory.

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   It was a memory I found recorded on my Dad’s computer; a home video of my Dad and Sherry. Sherry was my Mom’s receptionist. She was lying on Mom and Dad’s bed at our old house, and Dad was kneeling between her legs fucking her. The shock hit me first followed quickly by the anger. My Dad was cheating on my Mom. He was fucking her secretary.

Tears welled up in my eyes, but before they could spill over, I got a second, even bigger shock – my Mom. She stepped out from behind the camera. She was naked and she climbed up on the bed, straddling Sherry’s face and taking my Dad’s cock from Sherry’s cunt and sucking it.

It took an entire viewing of the hour long video before the shock wore off, but then I watched it again… and again… and again. I masturbated so many times to that video that I started to blush every time I was alone with my parents. And the thing about my parents is that, even though they are both pushing forty, they are both still really hot. All my friends have crushes on my Dad, even Shay, despite the fact that she’s never met him.

“When am I going to get to meet your Dad?” she always teased me. My family and I had just moved here, so I’ve only known Shay for a little over a month.

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   We were at her house checking out porn on her computer when I foolishly told her about my parents’ video and she foolishly told me she fucked Mary Bailey’s Dad. “Never,” was my favorite response to her question. But that night I watched the video again, and the next day, with some encouragement from Shay, I lost my virginity to a boy I met at the mall.

“…tell Daddy,” Greg groaned in my ear, and the image of my Dad, naked on his bed, his lean, muscular body swaying as he fucked my Mom and her secretary, was clear in my head, and I kept it there, playing the video over and over again in my brain, except this time it wasn’t Mom and Dad and Sherry, it was Mom and Dad and me.

“Fuck me, Daddy,” I cried, “Fuck me. ”

“Yes,” Greg moaned, and I felt his thick cock pushing into my tight pussy from behind.

“Yes, Daddy,” I gasped, “Yes, fuck me. ” I arched my back and he pushed deeper inside me, filling me up. “Fuck me, Daddy,” I begged, “Fuck me. ” And he did.

“Oh my God,” he panted, finally pulling his cock from my cum-stuffed cunt. I felt like a ragdoll lying limp on the carpet. My body was loose and sore and I could feel the rug burn on my knees, elbows and back. He fucked me in every position he could contort my small body into and I had cum so many times I lost count.

“I’ve never cum so much in my life,” he groaned, sitting back against the couch, his thoughts obviously the same as mine.

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   He had cum on my tits and face at some point and simply rubbed his lotion into my hot flesh so I smelled like I’d been doused in jizz perfume. He grabbed the glass pipe and lit a bowl, inhaling deeply. I lifted myself up and crawled to his side. I took a toke, not coughing at all this time, and curled up under his arm.

“Did my Little Girl had fun tonight?” he smiled, running his hand over my hip to my ass.

“Yes, Daddy,” I giggled, gently taking his tired, limp penis in my hand.

“That really turned you on, didn’t it?” he asked, his voice full of wonder. My head was on his chest and I stared down at my hand as it explored his soft flesh. I was blushing and shy now that we were done and simply answered the question with a shrug. It had turned me on, though, and he knew it. I gave myself away by singing, “Yes, Daddy, yes!” and “Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me!” like a girl possessed the whole time we fucked.

“Have you ever thought about fucking your real Dad?” he asked, and a tremor ran though my body.

“No,” I answered too quickly. Had he asked me that same question while he was driving his cock into me I would have said, “Yes! Fuck yes!” I knew it was true and it embarrassed me that he knew it too.

“I’d pay anything to see that,” he said, absentmindedly running his hands through my hair.

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“See what?” I asked, trying to pretend I was naive.

“See you fuck your real Dad,” he stated boldly.

“Oh my God, shut up,” I laughed, acting shocked.

“You would love it, and you know it,” he teased.

“That’s gross,” I shot back, sitting up from under his arm.

“It didn’t sound like you thought it was gross when I was fucking you?” he grinned, raising his eyebrows at me. “Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me!” he said, mimicking my high girly voice.

“Shut up,” I blushed, “That was just playing. ”

“You’re pretty convincing when you play,” he said, pulling me into his lap so I straddled his hips.

“Shut up,” I giggled, and then I saw the photo of the pretty blonde girl on his desk, “What if I said I wanted to watch you do it with your real daughter?” I challenged him, pointing at the picture.

“Oh, fuck yes,” he gasped, squeezing my tits together. I actually felt his cock swell and jump between my legs.

“You’re such a liar,” I said anxiously, feeling like we had crossed a line that we shouldn’t have. He just stared into my eyes for a long, drawn out moment, like he was studying me, and then he smiled.

“Ya, I am,” he said, “This is all just fantasies and games.

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  ” I smiled nervously back at him and he kissed me. “Fuck, I can’t believe your making Daddy hard again,” he said, looking down between us at his growing cock. I giggled and he kissed me again. “You can be my little girl and I’ll be your Daddy,” he whispered, his hands gripping my ass and rocking me against his hard cock.

“Okay, Daddy,” I grinned, kissing him.

“We’re going to do this a lot, Sweetie,” he sighed.

“Yes, Daddy,” I assured him, “I have to go pee first, though. ”

“Bathroom is right down the hall,” he said, and I stood up from his lap. He grabbed my hips though before I could get away, and sitting on the floor between my legs, he gave my pussy a kiss.

“Daddy will need to give his Little Girl a shave, is the only thing,” he said, tickling the neatly trimmed patch of hair on my mound.

“How come?” I asked, wrinkling my nose.

“Daddy likes his Little Girl to be smooth,” he grinned up at me.

“Okay,” I shrugged, and headed off down the hall for the bathroom. The air seemed cooler outside his office and I could feel where my naked body was still wet with cum. Around the corner I saw a light on in another office and from the open door I heard the distinct sounds of my friend getting fucked.

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   I had almost forgot about her and that she had gone to introduce herself to Greg’s friend. The introduction must have gone well.

I tiptoed to the open door and peeked inside. The room was mostly dark except for a light on in the corner behind Shay and her new friend. His back was to me and all I could see of Shay were here feet sticking up over his shoulders. She was lying on his desk and he was fucking her hard and fast. Her cries were breathless and I felt my pulse jump watching his hips crack like a whip between her legs.

Shay was right. He wasn’t old and gross. He had a broad muscular back and a lean, muscular body, and as amazing as fucking Greg had been, I suddenly found myself envying Shay. An impulse struck me to interrupt them, to join them, but my bladder was screaming at me, loud enough that I could hear over Shay’s cries of ecstasy.

I found the bathroom just down the hall and I had my pee. Then I stood in front of the sink looking at myself in the mirror. I had “Just Been Fucked” hair and the liner around my eyes had run slightly. My lips were red and puffy from kissing and sucking cock, and there was a hickey on my left breast and a streak of jizz drying at the nape of my neck.

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   I looked fucking hot. I wished I had my phone with me so I could take a picture.

I reached for the door to the bathroom, ready for more sex but still unsure whether I was going to go back to Greg or maybe see if I could work up the courage to try and steal Shay’s man. But when I pulled open the door I nearly screamed. I would have screamed if there had been any air in my lungs.

Shay’s man was standing there naked in the hallway, his still hard cock jutting out from his gorgeous body. His handsome, rugged face had gone white, and staring at me standing there naked in the doorway to the bathroom, he looked as though he might scream too if he could find the air in his lungs.

“Casey?” he finally gasped, and I slammed the bathroom door in my Dad’s face, my real Dad’s face.

“Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!” I cried. I literally cried with tears running down my face. I waited for the door to come smashing down, for the screaming and yelling to start, for my father to kill me. But the door didn’t open. I couldn’t figure out what was happening. I couldn’t understand what my Dad was doing there in that building. He didn’t work in that office.

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   He didn’t work in any office. He was a construction worker. None of it made any sense.

I waited there in the bathroom for something to happen, trying to calm myself. Nothing happened though. Nobody came to tell me what was going on, and after a while I started to think maybe I imagined the whole thing. It had been a strange night. I had been thinking about my Dad while getting fucked by a man I called Daddy. My emotions were more than a bit confused and I had smoked a lot of pot.

I slowly pulled open the door. The hallway was empty. The office where the light had been on in the corner was empty and dark. I found my way back to Greg’s office. He was leaning back against his desk. Shay was on her knees in front of him, sucking his cock.

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   She didn’t see me enter and he just smiled and nodded. It all felt like a dream.

I went to the table in front of the sofa and lit the glass pipe drawing the smoke deep into my lungs. Then I went to Greg and he pulled me to him, kissing me. Shay made room for me and I knelt beside her. Together we sucked Greg’s cock, and then Shay and I were on the floor in the middle of the room. Her mouth covered my pussy and mine covered hers. We had kissed before, to impress the boys at the mall, but that was the first time either of us had ever done anything with a girl. I liked her soft, silky body and I could taste cum in her pussy, man’s cum. I devoured her like a delicacy.

Greg had produced a bottle of shaving cream and a razor from a gym bag in the cupboard, and I lay on top of his desk while Shay shaved my pussy smooth. We spent the rest of the night taking turns with Greg’s cock and calling him Daddy, and by the time we got on the elevator to leave I felt as experienced as any girl I’d seen doing porn on the Internet.

“Oh my God, that was amazing,” Shay cried, folding up her money and stuffing it in her bag. Greg gave us each three one hundred dollar bills and we had a date to see him the following week.

“Ya,” I muttered in response, my head still wrapped in a cloud of weed and confusion about the night.



“I can’t believe you didn’t get to meet Jake,” she suddenly cried with excitement, “Oh my God! He was so hot, and oh my God, he was soooo good. His cock was, like, perfect and he…. ” she went on to describe in perfect detail what Jake had done to her with his amazing cock while I trembled and listened silently. Jake was my Dad’s name.

“…but he had to go right after cause he said he had to meet someone. He was kind of nervous about doing it. I guess he’s just, like, building a house for Greg and he was there to go over, like, plans for the house, or something, and Greg told him he invited us over but didn’t, like, tell him how old we were, so it was kind of weird at first…”

“But he still did it,” I interrupted her, my voice flat and emotionless.

“Oh my God!” Shay cried, and again she told me in detail how great a fuck my Dad was.

I got off the bus a block away from my house. I texted my Mom to see if I could sleep at Shay’s, but I stayed there the night before and Mom wanted me home. I considered just disobeying her, but Shay couldn’t stop talking about my Dad and I couldn’t take a whole night of that.

“Where’s Dad?” I asked nervously, keeping my distance from my Mom in case I still smelled like pot and sex. I already knew he wasn’t home. His truck wasn’t in the driveway.

“He had to work late, and then I think he was going out for a drink,” she said, her attention focused on the TV.

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“I’m going to bed,” I told her, climbing the stairs on rubbery legs. I took a shower first, and cried under the hot water. I was scared and confused. I didn’t know what was going to happen and I couldn’t imagine facing my Dad again. He had really cheated on my Mom this time by fucking my best friend, a girl the same age as his own daughter. And he knew that I knew, and he also knew what I had done. He knew I fucked Greg and he probably knew I had done it for money.

I crawled naked under my covers and curled up in a ball. I wanted to sleep. I wanted my brain to just turn off so I could forget everything that happened and when I woke up it would have all been a dream. But my brain didn’t just turn off, and my sleep was fitful and restless, and when I woke up it was still dark outside and I was shivering. It took me a moment to realize my covers were gone, and another moment before I realized someone was in my room with me.

My body felt heavy and sluggish from the pot and so I didn’t move when my bed shifted. My brain was sluggish too and I couldn’t really tell if I was awake or dreaming. Then I felt his fingers brush through my hair.

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   I knew it was him. He stroked my hair softly like he did when I was a little girl and for a moment I was his little girl again. Then his hand slipped from my hair to my bare shoulder and my breath caught in my chest.

The room was dark and my eyes were closed, but in my fuzzy, half-conscious brain it was as if I was able to see with his eyes, and I saw my own naked body stretched out in front him on white cotton sheets. I saw his fingertips trace a line, feeling them run from my shoulder, down my side, to my hip. I saw him hesitate before I felt his large hands slide over my round ass, squeezing gently.

I was breathing again, and my leg shifted forward. He accepted the invitation and his thick fingers slipped into the crevice between my legs. My head was spinning and my pussy wept at his touch. The bed shifted and I hugged my pillow beneath me. His lips were on my ass, his fingers were prying me open, and then he was kissing me, pushing his tongue into my pink slit. I rolled onto my belly and he lifted my hips, devouring me like a delicacy.

The shivers from the cold were gone now and I was trembling and trying to catch my breath. Then his large, warm body covered mine, and his hard flesh was prying me open and pushing inside of me. His heavy breath smelled like liquor and pussy and he pushed deeper and deeper into me until his hips cupped my ass.

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   His hands moved under me, holding my breasts, and for what felt like hours, we just lay there, motionless, with his cock inside me.

And then he moved. And then he shifted, And then he rolled, and his cock pulled back and slid forward again. I breathed and he sighed, and he was fucking me, at last. He rocked his hips into my ass and drove his cock in and out of my cunt, his face buried in my dark hair, his lips nuzzling my neck. He muttered soft words I couldn’t make out and he fucked me.

“Nnngh,” I moaned, arching my back and wiggling my hips beneath him. He fucked me with a slow, steady rhythm that was driving me mad. I lifted his hand from my tit and sucked his finger into my mouth, humming my pleasure around his warm flesh. He lifted up, grabbing my hips and lifting me with him until I was on my knees and elbows. He gripped my neck and bounced his hips off my ass.

“Yes,” I sighed.

“Sweetie,” he whispered.

It was dark but the blue light from my stereo and the green light form my computer glowed, filling the room like nightlights. I turned my head and reflected in the black window was my father, naked, his hips swaying as he fucked his own daughter, as he fucked me.

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   I rested my head on the pillow and watched him. His face was a confused mixture of pleasure and pain. It matched perfectly the struggle I knew I would feel in the morning. But at that moment, with my father’s cock fucking me better than anything Shay could describe, I felt no struggle. I knew what I wanted.

“Yes, Daddy,” I pleaded, “Fuck me. ”

He gripped my ass and drove his cock harder and faster into my dripping cunt. I bucked and moaned and he road me, grabbing a fist full of my hair and fucking me with abandon. The confusion on his face was gone and his every move was fueled by his lust for me. And then he broke. His hips shot forward and his heavy body pushed mine into the mattress. I felt his cock swell and burst inside of me, filling me up and mixing with my cum.

“Daddy,” I gasped, pulling his arms around me.

“Sweetie,” he panted, holding me tight and slowly grinding his hard flesh against my tight walls. We lay there like that until I drifted off to sleep with his cock still inside me.

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   I woke up the next morning alone in my bed. My pussy was sore and dried cum stained my inner thighs, and the confused struggle I feared surged through me. I pulled my covers around me and tried not to think about what might happen next.