The first indication (part 3)


As my sister slid my cock between her pussy lips, i began to wonder whether or not life would ever be the same again. I was totally blinded by the sheer lust which i felt towards her. She was a goddess in my eyes, a thing of beauty with a perfect body. I hadn't even fucked her yet and already i knew the sex would be amazing, as had everything up to that point. My cock slipped between the folds of her pussy again and again, not actually entering her. She moaned slightly as we humped together, "mmmmmm". I knew she was still a virgin and that i had to take it slow. Then suddenly she lamced my cock up into the air and aimed it at her hole, then she plunged downwards impaling herself on the tip of my cock. I heard her gasp as she felt herself sliding along the shaft. I knew that she wasn\'t ready and i took hold of her hips to slow her down. Also i knew that if she went any further i was going to come straight away. "Oooh" she said loudly, "It feels so fucking big". I looked into her eyes and she tried a weak smile, "let yourself adjust" i said, "everyone needs time".
"I don\'t want time, I want you. I want to feel you inside me. I\'ve waited too long now, I just want to fuck my brother as hard as I can".


   With that last comment she slid up and down the edge of my cock, sinking lower every time. By this point she was moaning so loudly I could swear that the next-door neighbours could have heard, and i wasn\'t usually so vocal but on this night I was groaning in ecstacy. I didn\'t care if anyone heard us, I just wanted to fuck my sister as hard as possible. Suddenly i felt her slide all the way down my cock. We rested there at that moment for a full minute, she kissed me deeply and i returned the effort her tongue was making. Then i grabbed my sisters arse and slowly but firmly pulled my cock in and out of her pussy, I heard the resounding slap of my hips hitting her arse as i fucked her. I suddenly didn\'t care that this was my sister and she was younger than me, i just wanted to fuck her and cum inside her or all over her perfect tits. "Oh fuck yeah, fuck your dirty young little sister, mmmm" she screamed, as i pounded her pussy with my rampant cock. Slap, slap, slap, my balls slapped her arse as i reached around to stick a finger in her little arsehole. "Mmmmm, oh yes babe, stick it all the way in" she said, and responded physically by grinding her pussy into my cock harder than i thought possible by someone who was a virgin. It was too much for me. "Ahh baby im gonna cum" i shouted.  "Cum inside me please", she begged. And before i knew it, i was duly obliging her request. Shooting load after load of cum into her dripping wet pussy.

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   It was absolute heaven for me, i knew that my sister felt that hot cum smashing into her, and heard her groaning as I came into her pussy. Then she jumped off my cock as i was finishing, and sucked my cock, tasting the last few drops.  After which she put her hand between her legs and scooped the cum into her hands, licking it off and saying "mmmm" even though i knew that she probably thought it was horrible. It was at that point that i realised that the condom i had grabbed earlier had been forgotten about in the heat of the moment. "Fuck" I said, "we will probably have to get you the morning after pill now, to be sure". She looked at me and said "ok then, don\'t worry though it\'s just to be sure". Then she looked at me and said "I haven\'t cum yet". so i turned her round so i could lick her pussy from behind.  
I rubbed her pussy from behind sliding a finger in and out whilst licking her clit. She was moaning deeply by now, and when i slipped a finger into her arse she squeeled in pleasure.  It took maybe five minutes before she was bucking against my face, and screaming loadly "ohh yeahhh, suck your sisters pussy yeah, oohhh, yeah im gonna, oooh, yeahh, uhhhhhh mmmmm". Then she came on my face, while i was still licking her.  I know some girls you cant see when they come, but my sister nearly squirted i tell you. My finger was still in her arse, and by this point i had grown rock hard again. So i decided that as she relaxed i would try my luck.

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   I placed the tip of my cock at the entrance to her arsehole. She turned slightly and looked at me smiling, "fuck my arse, please baby fuck your little sisters arse". So i i thought \'fuck it, i will\'. And I pushed my cock into her arse.  
It was the tightest hole i had ever experienced, and although that wasn\'t a lot, i knew that this was tight. My sister was like a pro, and she used her spit to lube up my cock as i slid it in. Then i noticed that she was also frantically rubbing her pussy at the same time to relax her.  As i slid my entire length into her cute litlle arse, and pumped slowly back and forth i could feel my balls tighten and knew i was ready to blow any second. The excitment of the moment, and the fact that this was the first arse i had ever fucked, with the added bonus that it was my sisters. Had made me so fucking horny i could barely contain it. "I\'m gonna cum baby", i moaned. "Not yet" she replied. Then just like in the movies, she took my cock from her arse with a slight \'pop\', and started sucking on it, tasting her own arse juices. I blew right then and there.  Plastering her tongue and throat with my cum.

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   She swallowed a lot of it, but this time also she rubbed some of it on her tits, using my cock like a paintbrush. "Mmm. . . . yummy" she said. Then we kissed for a long time on the couch, before moving upstairs. We had a shower together, rubbing and caressing each other before enjoying a slower more contained fuck in the shower. Then we shared her bed for our final kiss, and settled down with a movie and drink, before falling asleep naked together. Cuddled up, brother and sister.
As we lay together in bed asleep, i dreamt about the sex we had had together, and knew that there was many more nights just like the one we had had, to come. My sister and i would obviously have to have many more nights just like the one we had just experienced, and i hoped that they were sooner rather than later.  
As always all comments are greatly appreciated, and if you liked what you read please please comment, because that is what keeps me writing more stuff. The next story will be slightly different from this. But will still feature an incestuous relationship between a brother and sister.

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   It will be called, "Our favorite game" and will probably be posted within the next couple of weeks. Thanks.