The first indication (part 2)


My sister and I didn't share that part of the tent, so we had to sleep apart for the rest of the holiday and had no chance to be alone. Although we sometimes stole a quick glance, which told me that my sister liked what had happened, I still felt incredibly guilty over what had happened. I had, of course, fantasised about my sister for a while. However I thought that all boys did, and always felt ashamed after wanking over her. This was something altogether different though, we had actually performed a sexual act. And although this made me feel strange, i knew that if I had the chance I would go much further. The chance did not materialise on the holiday. In fact the chance did not come for quite a while.
 My sister tried on several occasions when we got back to talk with me about normal things, but the conversation (if we were alone) would always turn to what had happened. We even had several arguments about it, but this was all part of the guilt we felt.
My parents then announced that our great-aunt was ill, and that they would be going up there to spend some time with her. I was excited. I thought maybe, just maybe, something could happen between my sister and I. We helped my mum and dad pack, and the next day they went off, my dad leaving some money with strict instructions on how to use it. As we waved goodbye my sister and I shared a tentative look, then she turned and went into the house. I again could not stop thinking about the perfect way in which her arse framed the jeans she wore, her hips swaying with an almost divine grace.

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   I knew I was infatuated with her.
As I went back inside i decided to have a chat with her about how to spend the money dad had left, so i went up to her room and knocked on the door. "Come in" she answered. I went in and sat on the edge of the bed, "what shall we do with the money?" I asked. She shrugged and said "whatever". "Thats helpful" I laughed, "are you sure you dont have any suggestions, what about ice cream, chocolate, booze, that sort of thing". She looked at me and said with an absolutely straight face and said, "and condoms".  I was so shocked i couldn\'t reply, she leaned forward and kissed me tentatively. Not a brother, sister kiss, but a full on mouth to mouth. I of course was instantly hard, and tried to play it cool as she broke off. "Sure, why not?" I replied. "And get my favorite wine" she said, "you know the pink one mum gets". "Ok", I said getting up to leave for the shops. "Hey!" she said, "aren\'t you forgetting something", sticking her lips out at me. "Oh, shit, sorry" I said giving her a kiss goodbye.

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   "Don\'t be long" she breathed into my ear as I pulled away.
I was by now hard as a rock, and I stayed that way all the way to the local shop, where I bought wine, crisps, chocolate, beer and ice-cream. I got to the counter and had to ask for a pack of condoms, which was incredibly embarrasing, and brought a wry smile from the guy behind the counter. Also the lady behind me thought it was prudent at that moment to cough, which just made me go even redder. Anyway.  I half ran back home with my plunder, getting more excited by the minute. As i put the key in the lock and pushed the door open, I was assaulted by the beautifully pungent odour of my sisters perfume.   "It\'s me" i said, "I\'m in here" came the reply from the living room. I went into the living room, and noticed my sister had changed into her night robe. "Mum rang" she said, "where are they?" I asked. "Hundreds of miles away" she smiled "don\'t worry we are all alone. ". I looked into her eyes and she looked straight back, my eyes strayed down to her cleavage, which was now exposed a little due to the slight opening of her robe. I looked up at her and noticed that her eyes had strayed down to my crotch, which now closeted a raging hard-on. "Did you get them?" she asked.

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   I had no illusions about what items she was talking about, and quickly reached into the bag to fish out the condoms. Holding them up for her to see, she suddenly laughed and said "multipack?" questioningly. I just laughed and said "sorry was it a bit presumptuous?", she looked at me with her smoldering eyes and said "not at all". If i could have got harder i would of, but instead i said "c\'mon let\'s get pissed".
We drank and watched a film for about and hour, then she suggested we watch some of dad\'s porn to get some ideas. I readily agreed.
We were watching the porn and cuddling up together, it was so fantastic. Her hair smelt lovely, and her perfume was making me want her even more. I couldn\'t believe i was probably about to fuck my little sister. She then stood up and kissed me slowly while bending over, giving me a full view of her ample breasts. Then she smiled at me and said "I have a treat for you". She then opened her robe and i was struck by the most beatiful sight i had ever seen. She was standing there in a beatiful black lingerie set. Push up bra, thong, corset, stockings and suspenders, the works. She looked so hot standing there biting her bottom lip.

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   "Do you like it?" she asked, smiling devilishly. I just grabbed her and pulled her on top of me, kissing her all over. I kissed her neck, and her tits, whilst all the time she was rubbing her crotch into me harder and harder. I couldn\'t take it and i had to have her. I Ripped my trousers off and pulled out my cock. She went straight down and started sucking it. I moaned in ectasy as I watched the sexiest creature alive lick my balls, while staring straight into my eyes. She turned around into the 69 position, and I plunged my tongue into her. I sucked on her thong making sure i got all the juices before pulling them to one side. Then I attacked her arse with my tongue, I also pushed my finger into her tight pussy. In and out I pushed with my finger as she moaned louder and louder. Finally i couldnt take it anymore, and i blew my load right into her mouth. Cum dribbled all over my legs and she just kept on sucking. She swallowed a good deal of cum, and kept rubbing my cock while i sucked her tiny button and kept finger fucking her gorgeous pussy. She then ground down on my face and rubbed her clit against me franticly.

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   She then reached around and stuck her finger in her own arse and began moaning louder and louder. "Ohhh, baby don\'t stop. I\'m gonna cum. Oohhhh yeahhhhhh, I, i\'m. . . cumming, ahhhh mmmm yeahhh, yes, yes. Oh, oh, oh, baby yeah, oh" She turned around then and kissed me, she then looked me dead in the eye took her finger out of her arse and sucked it right in front of my face. "See" she said "you learn loads from dad\'s porn". I looked over towards the pack of condoms, and grabbed it. "You wanna try it?" I said. "Definately" she replied. "Have you ever fucked before?" I said. "No, im still a virgin. But i\'m all yours tonight, i\'m going to make sure that I fuck my brother good".

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   She unclasped her bra and let her perfect breasts fall out. I grabbed them and started sucking on each nipple. She pushed them together against my cheeks, then she started to hump my cock. I could feel her wet juices as my cock slipped and slid between her pussy lips. It felt amazing. And i knew i was in for a good night.
As always if you want to hear more please comment. If i keep receiving good comments i will continue the story. All comments are much appreciated.