The Finest Faux Pas


22/01/2010 17:44:05 PM

The Finest Faux Pas

By: Wolf Man ReX

The author would appreciate any comments - both positive (naturally) And negative - as long as they are logical and constructive. Those who decide to waste their time writing "flames" will find that they have succeeded in doing just that and that alone as they will receive no response. I hope that you find that my work is provocative enough to be worthy of your comments. I would also appreciate it greatly if you would E-mail your comments directly to me (wolf_man_rex@yahoo. com) rather than posting them on the newsgroup if that is not too much trouble and it would be really helpful if you mentioned the name of the story and which website you got it from as well. Here's hoping that most of the mistakes you find are merely typographical in nature.

The Story- It was a cold winter day. I was on my way back from school, which at this point seemed to be a sort of punishment. The snow kept getting into my large boots as I walked. I hated going to school especially in the winter. Today I was walking a little bit faster than I usually did and I had good reason to do so.

It took me about forty-five minutes to cover the two-kilometer distance between my school and my house. When I finally reached my house, I noticed that the car was not there, my parents worked at the same brokerage firm so they traveled to and from work together. And as usual, they were not home. I walked towards the door shaking the snow off my shoulders. I got the key out of my pocket and opened the door.

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   I took off my jacket, my boots and my scarf and threw them on the floor by the doormat. I felt much better as the warm A/C air surrounded me.

“Greg! Is that you?” my sister Stephanie screamed from her room.

“Yeah. It’s me. ” I shouted back.

Stephanie is my younger sister. At that time, Stephanie was only fifteen years old, only two years younger than I was. We looks amazingly alike each other, almost like twins. She was 5’7 and I was 5’10. She had long black hair and I had short black hair. We both had brown eyes, which we inherited from our father. Looks were where the similarities ended. Though we looked alike, we did not act alike at all not even remotely. She was the quite, innocent and polite one where as I was the exact opposite.

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I made my way upstairs grabbing my bag with me. I heard Stephanie talking on the phone.

“Hey Steph. ” I greeted her as I walked past her room.

I saw Steph sleeping on her stomach on the bed. She had the phone attached to her head as usual.

“Hey Greg. ” She said and then quickly went back to her phone conversation.

I quickly ran into my room and locked the door behind me. I had mentioned earlier that I was in a hurry to get home and the reason was I had gotten a special video from a friend. This was not the regular kind of porn, this was something more particular. I walked towards the window and pulled down the shades. I walked back towards the bed threw my backpack on it. I turned on television and ran back towards the bed to get the video. I turned the stereo on to hide the noises.

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   I checked around the room again, for what reason I do not know. I slowly put the DVD inside and sat back on the bed.

I grabbed the remote off from under the bed sheet and sat back. I pressed play and took a deep breath. As I had hoped for this was the good kind. This was not the regular mindless fuck; this was something more to my liking. About a minute into the video, a scene started where a man and woman were sitting on a bed, naked of course. The man was about six feet tall more or less. He had a completely shaven head and a couple of tattoos of something on his arms. He was just regular guy you know. The woman was, well she was a scorcher. She was about my height if not shorter, she had long black hair going down to almost her ass. She had these deep big blue eyes, which I found extremely attractive in women.

Things progressed as in any porno but what I was waiting for was the chocolate syrup play. The man and woman applied chocolate syrup onto each other’s naked bodies.

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   Almost as soon as they were done with the applying the got to the removing part. They slowly licked off the chocolate syrup using their mouths. After about ten minutes of tongue cleaning, the woman took the bottle of choco syrup and squirted in onto the man's cock. A huge gob of sticky and dark chocolate landed on the head of his cock. Slowly she ran her hands over the man. After a little bit of hand play she stuck her tongue out like a snake, licking only the tip of his cock. Watching this nearly made me cum. She worked on that cock so beautifully that it amazed me. After about five minutes of slow licking and teasing, she started to really go at it. Bobbing her head down fast and even deep throating had started now. She reached for the choco once again and applied it as she sucked his cock off. For nearly fifteen minutes, she sucked on his cock. How the man held out for so long astonished me.

The man lifted the woman up and laid her on the bed after that long-drawn-out suck session. She lay on her back spreading her legs and immediately I knew what was going to come next.

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   The man stuck the index finger of his right hand inside of the already wet hole. He grabbed the choco syrup and squirted a massive blob of it over her pussy. Her pussy was completely clean-shaven and smooth. He parted her pussy lips and stuck the nozzle of the chocolate syrup bottle into her pussy. A loud gasp escaped her mouth as the big and pointy nozzle penetrated her pussy. He man gave a really big squeeze and I quickly heard a loud groan escape the mouth of the tall brunette. She grabbed the sheets from under her and tugged hard on it. As she tugged on the sheets, I saw a massive blob of syrup escape out of her vagina. Guess it could not take anymore. The man stuck his tongue at the bottom of the woman’s vagina lapping and licking all that escaped out.

This was amazing. I pulled my socks off and threw them aside as I made myself more comfortable. I undid my zip and belt and pulled my pants off. I could feel the stress underneath my boxer shorts. I pulled off my boxers and let my cock go free.

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   It felt so good having it out of its denim prison. I started so slowly stroke my erect cock, as the couple on TV were still busy going at it.

He took the bottle out and stuck his mouth in its place. He licked and slurped up both the insides and outsides of her now chocolaty pussy. For almost five or ten minutes, the man fingered and licked the woman slurping and swallowing all that oozed out of her sweet pussy.

I don’t know if she was faking it or not but by the looks and sounds of it she was having an orgasm, a good one. She jumped up on the bed slightly rubbing her pussy against the mans face. She shivered, quivered for a minute or so and then slowly settled down. She lay flat on the bed and the man released his mouth off her. They both lay next to each other trying to catch their breath for a few seconds.

It took them only thirty seconds but they were soon on top of each other kissing wildly. Their chocolate covered lips with smears of choco all over their faces made it look so amazing. Their tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths like pistons. They made out wildly for five minutes tasting each other’s mouths and juices.

As they were kissing, the woman positioned herself directly on top of the man.

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   She rubbed herself on his cock a couple of times and then the man moved his hand down and positioned his cock to enter her wet and waiting vagina. She made a few adjustments and then she had the cock buried inside her. She slowly lowered herself onto his crotch. After she had the whole thing inside her, she lifted herself up again and dropped herself down. She gradually quickened the pace and was now jumping on the man violently. All the while, she still had her mouth attached to his. She gasped loudly and let her mouth go free off the mans. She started to moan loudly and move faster. I turned the stereo up louder just to make sure my sister didn’t hear anything. I returned to watching the scene on TV and then started to stroke my meat again. This time I was stroking it a little harder and faster.

Her long black hair jumped up and down as she did. Jumping violently she screamed and moaned. The man grabbed her by the waist and dropped her down, positioning her under him. The fucking got faster and louder as they changed positions.

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   He reached down and played with her large heaving breasts as he fucked her senselessly.

The couple went through at least half a dozen positions within the next twenty minutes. The man was pumping the woman violently and the woman could barely stay on the bed. Every thrust from the man nearly shot her long slim figure off the bed.

After what seemed like an eternity, the man jumped off the bed suddenly as they were fucking in doggie style and stood up on the bed. She jumped almost as soon as he did and positioned her mouth right in front of this cock. He gave his cock a few hard tugs and in seconds, his dick exploded shooting wave after wave of long strands cum on her face. The first two or more waves landed on her face but then she opened her mouth and the next ones landed straight into her syrupy, warm and wet mouth. As I saw the man shoot his load I felt the urge to shoot grow inside of me. I tightened the grip on my cock and stroked it faster. A couple of strokes was all it took for me to cum. I shot load after load into the air and off the edge of the bed. I had my eyes set on the TV and the man had finished Cumming. I could hear him groaning loudly now. The look of that beautiful brunette covered with cum made me shoot faster and faster… within seconds I was done.

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I watched the picture on the TV fade out into black. My cock was still oozing tiny drops of cum off the tip. The picture went all black and I lay back on the bed with my cock still in my hand. I felt it wane and shrivel in my hands as I lay there silently. I let go of my cock and reached out for the tissue box. I wiped my cock off and then the floor where the sperm had shot off on. I pulled my pants up, threw the tissues away and fell flat on my face over the bed. I must have dozed of because the next thing I remember I heard my mother bang on my bedroom door.

“Greg! Wake up honey…! I’ve got some pizza for dinner…” I heard her say.

I could still hear her say something but it all seemed to be gibberish to me as she walked away. I opened my eyes slowly but could not see anything. I reached for the night lamp and nearly fell off the bed. I turned on the light and slowly picked myself off the bed. I rubbed my eyes and walked towards the door. I adjusted my pants and checked in the mirror just to be sure.

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When I opened the door, I heard my parents and sister talking downstairs. I ran down the stairs and sat down by the table. My sister was sitting there opposite to me and my mom and dad were in the kitchen. My mother came out of the kitchen with the pizza box in her hand. My dad walked into the room following my mother.

“Were you sleeping Greg?” My father asked as he sat down.

“Yeah, I was. ” I replied.

“So when did you get home? We called at about four; Stephanie said you weren’t home yet. ” My mother asked me as she set the pizza on the table.

“I got home a little after 4:30. ” I said as I grabbed the first slice off the table.

I was famished after a long day of school and that jerk session about two or three hours ago. It was almost 8:30 now. I quickly finished about five or six slices and walked towards the kitchen sink to wash my hands.


   My parents and sister were still talking as I walked, I could not care less about what they were talking about. I washed my hands and walked back upstairs. I was really tired so I decided to go upstairs and take a shower. I went into my room grabbed my towel and as I was walking down the hall towards the bathroom which my sister and me shared, Stephanie ran into the bathroom locking the door behind her.

“Steph!!! What are you doing??? I was gonna take a shower…!!!” I screamed as I banged on the bathroom door.

“I’m taking one now so you’re gonna have to wait. ” Steph said as I heard the shower being turned on.

I kicked the door and walked away knowing that I wasn’t going to get her out. As I had mentioned earlier I was tired so I choose to go to sleep. I was completely wiped so I fell on the bed and drifted off to deep sleep straight away.

I woke up the next morning feeling a lot better. The sun was faintly entering my bedroom through the window. It was still snowing lightly outside but since the A/C was on full hot blast, I didn’t feel the cold. I slowly got up out of the bed and looked at the clock on my nightstand. 7:30 was what it showed.

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   I had a good hour and half to get ready. I knew mom and dad had already left as they usually did everyday.

I jumped out of bed grabbing my towel and some clean clothes. I walked out into the hallway and as I walked, I went past my sister’s bedroom. I could hear talking over the phone as usual. I did not pay much attention to it and I walked away. I turned on the shower and hopped in. I took a long hot shower and walked out after putting some clean clothes on. The shower I took lasted about fifteen minutes.

My sister was still talking on the phone. I walked into my room and grabbed my backpack and just as I was about to open the door to get out my sister knocked.

“Greg! Moms put breakfast on the table. I’m going to leave now. Lock up the door when you leave. ” She said as I opened the door.

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   Before I could reply, she was already leaving.

Although we went to the same school we never traveled together not even in the same car. Even in school other than a few people, no one even knew we were related. We only exchanged a couple of words here and there when we were in school. I looked out the window and saw her walking out of the house. She was wearing a big puffy red jacket and faded blue jeans. She had a nice pink scarf wrapped around her neck to protect her from the bitter cold.

I looked at the clock and saw 8:10 showing on it. It took me about half an hour in this weather to get to school so I walked out the door slowly knowing I still had some time. I checked around the house and grabbed the sandwich my mom had prepared for me. I stuffed the sandwich in my mouth and walked out the door quickly I checked around the house once again and then took my keys out to lock the door. I locked the door and started to walk towards school now. Halfway across I realized I had forgotten to get the DVD. I had left it in the player I remembered. It was pointless going back now so I decided to bring it back to my friend the next day.

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I reached school after a two-kilometer walk. I went through the first two classes’ fine without meeting the guy who got me the DVD. It was in the third period that I met my friend. He asked me if I had brought the Disk back. I explained to him what had happened and told him I would get it back the next day. The rest of the day went along as it always did with nothing-special happening. All the same boring stuff. I left school at about 3:00, which was early because I didn’t have any basketball practice. I was planning another jerk session since the day began. I walked back home hoping my sister was still in school. She usually got home at about four if not later. I walked as fast I could being careful not to trip. It took me about twenty minutes but I had made it.

It was 3:20 when I opened the front door of my house. I was positive my sister wasn’t home.

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   Even if she got home on time, I still had forty minutes to do what ever I wanted. Just to be sure I walked slowly towards the stairs looking all around to see if she was anywhere in the house. I walked up the stairs quietly because I didn’t want to wake her if she was sleeping. I slowly peeked into her room and saw that she wasn’t there. I looked in the bathroom and she wasn’t there either. I went into the bathroom and took a quick leak. I took off my jacket and threw it down on the floor by the laundry basket. I took my pants off and was greeted by the sight of my cock standing up underneath my boxers. I pulled my pants off and took my boxers off along with the pants. I had a really tough time pissing, as the erection didn’t subside. I finally finished urinating and did not bother to pull my pants back up since I was the only person in the house. I kicked my pants and boxers aside and walked out.

I pulled my T-shirt off and was now completely naked. I walked towards my bedroom still completely naked. I pushed the bedroom door open, which I had closed in the morning.

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What I saw there in my bedroom nearly shot my heart into my head. My sister was there sitting on my bed watching the video I had brought in yesterday. As I opened the door further it made a little squeak, she turned her head quickly and the look on her face was nearly as stupid as the one on mine. I was there standing completely naked with a massive erection. The audio was playing I could hear it now. Soft but strong moans were emanating through out the room, which was now my hell. We both froze there looking at each other like mindless zombies. She was wearing the same clothes I saw her in this morning except for the jacket, which was besides her on the bed. I don’t know how long I was standing there but it was long. I finally broke the silence.

“What are you doing in here Steph??” I asked as the words escaped out of my mouth quietly. I don’t know how I managed to say it but it just slipped out involuntarily.

“I was bored… I was here to borrow some movies… This was already in the player… I just pressed play…,” she said starting and stopping again and again. It was obvious she was scared but so was I.

“Are you mad?” Stephanie asked me quietly still looking at me.

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“No… I’m not mad… It’s fine…” I said as I covered my crotch with the T-shirt I had in my hands.

“I should have left as soon as I saw what kind of movie… Sorry…” Steph said still staring at me. I didn’t say anything at all; I was hoping she would get up and leave.

“It’s just that this is a good video… Looks like a good one…” she said. I was shocked, my sister talking this way. She was the innocent and sweet one after all.

I couldn’t reply but it seemed like she wanted a reply so all I said was, “Yeah, its good. ”

I was freaking out. I don’t know why she wouldn’t leave. I wanted her out so I said, “So you wanna keep watching or what?”

To my utter surprise, she said the most unbelievable thing.

“I’d love to stay and watch the rest of it. ” She said looking at the screen and then turning to look at me again.

As if what she said wasn’t freaky enough she added, “You can join me if you want to… it is your room and your video after all…”

I don’t know why I did it but I walked slowly towards the bed. All the while I was walking my sister looked at me like I had never seen her look at anyone or anything. It was like a predator looking at prey.

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   Her mouth was slightly open and her eyes looked completely blank.

I was about two feet away from my sister now. My T-shirt was covering most of my cock but since it was erect the shape and size was clear. She looked me in the eye and pushed her jacket off the bed and onto the floor. I sat down next to her. For a minute or so, we just looked at each other not even blinking. After a long time of just staring my sister turned her head towards the TV. She had the remote in her hand and she pointed it towards the TV and turned the volume up louder. It was just the beginning of the movie maybe ten-fifteen minutes into it. I was looking at my sister as she stared at the television.

I was seeing Stephanie in a whole new way. She was a woman to me now not an insignificant and juvenile little girl anymore. Her mouth was slightly open and I could see the pink tip of her wet tongue move inside her mouth. Her long black hair flowed down over her shoulders; her deep brown eyes had a different kind of sparkle to it now. I turned my attention to the scene in the video.

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   The couple were completely naked and kissing each other slowly. We watched for about five minutes silently.

Suddenly Stephanie turned towards me and asked, “Do you watch this kind of stuff a lot?”

“Yeah, I guess you can say that. ” I replied looking at her. I took a long hard gulp as I saw her eyes travel down. My left hand, which was holding the t-shirt up, was shaking. She looked around my crotch area for a while and then lifted her head up again. After looking at each other for a couple of more minutes, we turned our attention back to the television. We were only a couple of inches away from each other. We were sitting on the foot of my bed.

As I turned my attention towards the television, I saw the couple who had been kissing had now also started caressing. They kissed and caressed each other slowly. The tall skinny brunette was on the bed below the man who had her pinned down. He was kissing and licking the entire length of her long neck. The brunette was running her hands over the mans back as he kissed and licked her face and neck.

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“Have you ever done what they’re doing?” Stephanie said suddenly turning her head towards me.

“Me? No, I’ve not done stuff like this… I’ve kissed but that’s as far as I’ve gone…” I told her all shook up. I don’t know why she was asking me all this stuff and bigger question was why I was answering all of her questions. It’s like everything she asked me I answered like an idiot.

“Kissing… how’s that? Does that feel good…?” she asked me.

“Yeah kissing feels good. But not as good as sex…” I answered. I figured she had never kissed anyone before. It surprised me little, I had thought she had done stuff before at least kissed but, as it seems she hadn’t done that.

“I’ve never kissed anyone… Does it really feel good?” Stephanie asked me.

“Yeah, it feels good…” I said to her as she turned her head back towards the screen.

She didn’t reply me. She had her concentration focused on the television now. We were pretty close, as I had mentioned before. We were so close that I could smell her without even moving an inch.

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   She smelled warm and sweet like some kind of flower. I kept looking at her as she watched the television.

“Greg, will you kiss me?” she asked. Imagine my surprise then. I just froze without saying anything.

“Wha…. ???” Was all that escaped my mouth.

“Will you kiss me? That’s what I asked. ” She said again.

Again, I didn’t move or speak. I just stared at her with a blank face and mind.

“I’ve never kissed anyone… I just wanna know how it feels, will you kiss me?…,”she said. I had all theses new and weird feeling for my sister, which I had never even felt, with any other girl. She had that special kind of glow to her now. All we were going to do was kiss so I didn’t see anything wrong with it.


   I thought hard and long for a while.

“I guess we could kiss. There’s nothing wrong with kissing, right?” were the words, which involuntarily escaped my mouth.

“No, there’s nothing wrong with it. ” Is what my sweet and innocent sister said to me.

With the talks out of the way, we moved closer to each other. I still had the T-shirt covering my now ready to explode cock. It was throbbing so hard that I was ready to blow with a few jerks. Our eyes were wide open as we closed in for the kiss. We were just inches away from each other. It seemed like she was moving in faster than I was.

We finally made contact. As we made contact, I saw her close her eyes and so also closed my eyes. Her lips were cold. Not just cold, they were really dry.

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   She was shaking as I pressed my lips over hers. She was scared that was obvious but she didn’t stop. After a couple of seconds of just lip-to-lip contact, my sister parted her lip and I felt her breath into my mouth. We kissed like this for a while I don’t know how long. There was no tongue in play but it was amazing what we were doing. I had kissed girls before but this was by far the best I had ever gotten. I had slipped in my tongue and even played tongue wrestling with other girls but this simple act with my sister was much better than anything I had experienced in the past.

After about five minutes, I felt my sister push her tongue out slowly. This was all that I needed. I let my tongue loose and immediately our tongues made contact. Her long and wet tongue pushed up against mine. We played like that for a while. It was evident this was her first time. I pushed her tongue out of my mouth now and shot mine into hers. I ran my tongue all around her lips and insides of her mouth.

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   She tried to imitate me and did the same things I was doing. Her actions were much softer than mine but still good.

It had been quite a long time since we started to kiss now. I don’t know why I did it but I let go of the T-shirt which was covering my crotch and moved my hands over to my sister’s face. I felt her shake a little bit, as she felt the touch of my hands. I ran my hands over her face and neck. Her face was so smooth and superb, I ran my hands all over it for a long while. I was now running my hands through her hair and even down her neck.

I was having the time of my life there. We had been doing it for about ten minutes or less I figured. I was running my left hand through her hair and my right hand was wrapped around her neck. I was surprised when my sister brought her hands and wrapped them around my neck. She tightened her grip around my neck bringing me further towards her. She was running her right hand through my hair as the left hand was running through my bare back.

We kissed and lightly explored each other’s faces and backs for a while.

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   I was completely shocked when I felt my sister’s left hand land on my naked thigh. I almost jumped off the bed when I felt her hand on my thigh. I knew she felt me jump slightly as we kissed but she didn’t stop and neither did she. She didn’t move her hand off my thigh at all. She was about a couple of inches away from my knee about half way towards my cock, which was still rock hard.

We kissed for a little while longer when my sister pulled off suddenly. I thought I had gone too far with the touching but all I did was run my hands over her face and hair. I was still in shock as to why she pulled off so suddenly. My eyes were open but hers were still closed. I looked at her as she slowly opened her eyes. There was a big smile on her face, which came as a big relief to me. She had a smile, which was almost evil looking to me. She seemed to be happy with what we had been doing.

I was relieved but suddenly realized my cock was visible and erect. I looked down to see it pointing straight towards the ceiling.

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   There was a little drop of precum on top of it like a small pearl. As I looked down, I saw my sister look down as well. I looked for the shirt, which had covered me. I finally found my shirt, which was underneath her right hand. I looked at it and then I looked at her she didn’t take her hand off it. She just kept smiling at me. I don’t know what was wrong with her.

“That was fun… You were right kissing does feel good…” Was what she said smiling menacingly.

“Yeah, that was fun…” I said still looking at her.

“That’s what kissing feels like… So did you like it?” I asked her.

“Like it? I loved it… It was really good…” she said to me.

She turned towards the television, which was on pause. I guessed she had paused it somewhere in between our kiss session. As she pressed play on it, the video started again. The couple who were kissing and caressing the last time were now licking each other.

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   The man was caressing her boobs and the woman was moaning. He massaged her tits slowly at the beginning but gradually he started to knead her more heavily. My sister was watching intently. I looked at her hand again. It was still on my shirt, I think she was doing it on purpose.

She looked at me again and asked, “You said kissing wasn’t as good as sex right?”

“Yeah, it feels better. ” I said as she stared at my cock. Her eyes were stuck on my cock for quite a while. She lifted her head and looked at me. We both looked at each other for a while again.

“How do you know sex feels better than kissing?” Stephanie asked me.

“I’ve never done it but I’ve heard and it seems to be better by the looks of it too. ” I said to my sister Stephanie.

“Greg?” Stephanie said quietly looking deep into my eyes.

“Yeah?” was all that got out of my mouth.

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“Do you want to take this a step further?” Stephanie said which nearly killed me. I was hoping to take it further but I didn’t expect her to make the move. She seemed to be more keen than I was.

“You don’t have to if you don’t… I don’t want to push you into it…,” she said. As if, I wasn’t interested.

“Yeah, Steph I would really love to take it further…How much farther do you want to go?”

“I’m afraid Greg. But I can’t help it… Let’s take it all the way. ” I didn’t expect her to say that. I was expecting a little bit of caressing and touching but this was far better. I was also afraid but the feeling I had was too strong to restrain.

“Ok. Let’s do it Steph…” I said shaking my head lightly.

“It’s ok if you’re afraid… I’m afraid too but I really want to continue. Is that ok with you?” I asked.

She didn’t answer me she just looked down at the floor below.

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   I thought I had blown my chance of getting laid. She was quite for a while. And I didn’t say anything at all either.

She lifter her head suddenly and said, “Lets do it. ”

She grabbed her T-shirt and took it off in one swift motion. As soon as the top was off, I could see that she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. Her breasts weren’t large they were small actually; barely budding by the looks of it. Her breast if you can call them that were just a slight bump on her chest. Though her breasts were small, her nipples were massive. They were long and pointy. Standing up like erasers on the end of a pencil, the nipples faced me straight up. They were dark in color more brownish than red.

Stephanie pulled the tight and heavy shirt off her head and through her long black hair. She was now naked waist up. She looked at me as she threw the shirt on the floor.

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   I just stared at her admiring her skinny figure. Though she wasn’t busty, she looked amazing. She was slightly curvy which I loved. She looked me in the eyes and we moved close again to kiss. She stood up as we were about to make contact. She held my hand to gesture me to get up. I stood up completely naked. My cock was still hard and pointing to the ceiling. She took off her belt with her small and delicate hands. She took it off and threw it down besides her shirt, which was by the corner. She proceeded to take her jeans off she put her right hand on my shoulder for support and I grabbed her by the waist to keep her from falling. She looked at me as I held her by the waist. We maintained eye contact all through that. She had her pants off and thrown over the pile. She was wearing a pink creamy colored panty.

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   It was a really thin kind of material. I could see a small wet spot at the bottom of her crotch.

I still had my hands on her waist. She took her panties off and threw them aside. I still had my hands over her waist, she moved close to me looking me in the eye. She walked slowly towards me. She placed her hands over my hands, which were above her waist now. We were standing so close to each other that my cock was almost touching her stomach slightly over her belly button.

We just stood there looking at each other with out even blinking. Stephanie slightly let her tongue out of her mouth and licked her lips. I bent over to her and planted my mouth over hers. As soon as our lips met, her hands moved over my shoulders. I moved my hands from her waist towards her small breasts. She shook somewhat when I touched her chest. I felt a sudden rush of air go into my mouth, she was breathing faster now.

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   I could feel the warm air blow from her nose over mine. I grabbed her closer towards me and kissed her harder.

My cock was pressing against her stomach now. It was really wedged in there hard. She brought her hands from my neck, down towards my bare back, and ran her long nails over it. I let out a soft gasp as she did this. I slightly lifted her up and dropped her down again. She went down further now. Her hands were now running over my ass. She put both her hands on my butt cheeks and spilt them slightly. She gave them a little squeeze and let go.

It was now my turn. I ran my hands over her breast for a while and then ran them over her back as she ran over mine. We both did that for a while. We were kissing the whole time.


   We didn’t take our mouths away from each other. She moved her hands down again and so did I. I moved slowly towards her ass and squeezed it gently. I played it her small but firm ass for a while. I squeezed and massaged it for a while like the way she did to mine. I parted her tight and firm ass and ran my right hand down the ass crack from the top to the bottom. She gasped again now. I ran my index and middle finger through her ass crack a couple of times. I stopped suddenly while I was running through and touched her small puckered asshole. It seemed to be really small and wrinkled. She shook a little bit as I ran my hands over and around it a couple of times.

Our tongues were wrestling hard in each other’s mouths. She had grown much bolder as we kissed and played. She was pushing and playing harder now. Her hands had been everywhere except my cock.

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   I don’t know why she hadn’t touched it, maybe she was afraid. I figured it was best not to rush it. We kissed, hugged and ran our hands over each other for about fifteen minutes. I was amazed at my sister. She was really getting a hang of kissing. That was not the only surprising thing. She let me explore her freely. After a while, I took my mouth off but still held onto her. She opened her eyes and looked at me. Her deep brown eyes looked so sweet and innocent. We just stood there looking at each other. My cock was still in between my stomach and hers. She looked at it as it throbbed and jumped up once.

“Greg,I’ve never seen one live, much less felt one. ” Stephanie said as she moved a little bit back to let it go free.

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“How do you like it so far?” I asked holding her soft and small hands.

“It feels good Greg. It feels really good. ” She said as she pulled me towards the bed.

I knew she wanted to continue this on the bed. We both sat down next to each other on my bed. There were a lot of clothes so I pushed some off the bed to make some room. I saw her look at my penis and I guided her towards the middle of the bed. I made her lay down and got on top of her. She didn’t say anything she just gasped slightly as I got down on her to kiss her on the neck. We kissed each other all along the face and neck fora while.

As we kissed, I felt her hand run down my chest and towards my cock. I took my mouth off her and lay on my side. She looked at me and just as she did I felt her hand touch my erect and swollen cock. Her touch was very gently, I could barely feel it.

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   Maybe she was afraid that she would hurt it. She ran her right hand over the tip gently and down towards the base going towards the thick patch of my black pubic hair. She moved very slowly and gently. As soon as she reached the base of it, she took her index finger and gently scratched my testicle. She tickled it for a while and we both smiled and laughed. She took her hand and gripped the tip of my cock tightly. She jerked a couple of times and smiled. She giggled and I grabbed her by the chest and pulled her on top of me. She got on top of me and we started kissing again. We changed positions a lot, as we kissed. After a lot of kissing, I pulled my sister off me and pushed her underneath me. I planted my mouth just under her chin. I licked my way down her throat and towards her chest. I kissed and licked all over her chest as she moaned and stirred underneath me.

I planted my mouth over her small left breast and began to run my tongue all over.

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   I spat over her long nipple and took it into my mouth. It felt like I was sucking and licking on a small but hard piece of rubber. It tasted good surprisingly to me. It tasted sweet just like her whole body tasted. It reminded me of a cherry; Sweet and small. It licked and sucked on her right nipple as I massaged her left breast. She moaned and moved underneath me as I sucked on her. She muttered something but I paid no heed to it. I lifted my mouth after a while and put it over the other breast. I gave it the same treatment I had given her right breast. For nearly ten minutes, I sucked her boobs.

I took my mouth off and looked at her. She was panting and smiling at me. She just giggled as I ran my hands over her flat and soft stomach. I looked down and saw her vagina.

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   I moved closer down below towards her crotch. It was the first vagina I had seen live. My sister had a small pussy. It looked like a small slit and nothing more. Her lips were not like the ones I had seen on TV. It was not like the lips of the women in pornos, it was not wrinkled or furrowed. It was tight by the looks of it. My face was just inches away from her wet pussy. I could see some sort of liquid, which was sticky oozing out of her. The liquid seemed thick and was at the bottom of her lips. She had a thick lump of black pubic hair over and around her vagina just like I did over my crotch. I brought my index finger and ran it down the slit. She shook a bit and moaned softly as I did it. I looked up at her and saw her breathing faster and she even had her eyes closed.

I ran my fingers up and down her tight, young slit a few times and each time my finger reached the bottom I pushed in slightly, which made her quiver slightly.

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   Watching her shake and shiver got me stirred up even more. After playing with the entrance of her pussy for a long time, I brought my face in real close and took a deep breath. My nose was so close that it was only a centimeter or more away from her opening. The smell was strong and overpowering; it was a very pungent and hard-hitting sort of smell. The very aroma of it drove me further into madness. I brought the index finger of my right hand and pressed against the middle of her vagina. Again, she stirred and moaned gently. I pushed my finger inside her very slowly and tenderly. She shot up a little as my finger entered her. At first, I only pushed it up to the fingernail part but then I pushed it in further making her jump up. After pushing it in a little more I brought it out and took a whiff of it. The smell was clearer and stronger now. I had never smelt something so beautiful before. I looked up and saw my sister looking back at me biting her lover lip. Looking her in the eyes, I brought my finger, which was covered with her juices and stuck it in her mouth.

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   She opened her mouth slightly as I did this. As soon as the finger was inside my mouth, I rolled my tongue over and around it.

The taste was a million times better than the smell. It was strong just like the smell but the taste was more tangy than sweet. It was thick, as I tasted it almost like a gob just like electrifying jelly. I licked and sucked at my on finger savoring all that I could. I maintained eye contact all the while. My sister’s face was all-blank except for the strong glare of lust that stuck out fiercely. After lapping up all the juices clean off my finger, I dug deep into her pussy again. She shuddered again as I did this. I took my finger out and lapped at it again. This time I licked it up greedily. After doing it almost a dozen times, I looked at my sister who was slightly sweating even in this cold. As I looked at her, I shoved my face right over her vagina. She yelped out loudly, I took my tongue and started to penetrate as deep with it as I could.

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   I was driven by madness now, I licked up and down and all around her vagina. She grabbed the sheets underneath her and pulled hard on them. I had positioned myself directly across her opening. I licked the surface a lot licking upwards and lapping up all her leaking liquids. At first I only licked the surface and only lightly too.

After a long time of doing this, I brought my hands and spread her vagina lips. The sight was something I had seen before on TV but this was so much better live. The insides of her vagina were pink sort of like the inside of mouths or like the color of tongues. Since this was my first time and hers, I did not exactly know what to do other than the obvious. I didn’t know how sensitive she would be and how she would react to me touching the insides. I took a deep breath and decided not to touch it but the urge to lick was too strong so I attached my mouth to her open vagina now. I was now licking straight from the tap.

“Ahhh… Greg!!!”Stephanie screamed. I knew it I had hurt her. I looked up at her and was surprised to see her biting her lips and shaking her head.

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   Her eyes were close tight but I knew what she was trying to tell. She didn’t want me to stop. I looked down at her and saw her vagina lips twitch and shake. I spread her lips open again and planted my tongue in first and then my whole mouth. She screamed my name out again but didn’t do anything to stop me. I licked slowly around the walls just to be careful. I licked and licked as the urge to go full on started to build up. It was like every time I licked her clean something started to ooze again. It wasn’t like I didn’t enjoy it. It was extremely fun cleaning up her pussy. I licked and licked for a long time around the walls and then I finally decided to lick the hole itself. I spat into her open pussy. I wet it down a little bit and pushed my tongue in deep, I finally made contact with the actual hole. Just as I made contact with her entrance, she slammed her crotch into my face. The top of her pussy slammed into my nose hard which did hurt me little because it was sudden and hard.

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   The pain quickly died away as I licked around her hole. Although my sister was tiny and her pussy was tight, her pussy hole was large. It flexed in and out, as I licked it. Every time I flicked my tongue over her pussy, she slammed her crotch into my face. By now I was aware of her shoving her crotch in her face, so I built up a rhythm of it.

It was almost like I was fucking her with my tongue and she was fucking right back into me. We had a good rhythm built up, we grinded for a long time. My mouth was starting to hurt slightly from all the sucking. My tongue felt weak from all the stretching and licking. I don’t know how long we had been doing it but it was a long time. I slowed down my pace a little bit and backed away after a while. I was really hoping to give her an orgasm but since this was my first time, I didn’t know how much it would take to give her one. More than giving her an orgasm, I wanted to get one myself. After releasing my face, I got up and sat down on the bed. My sister looked up at me and sat up.


   She smiled at me and pointed towards my chin. I ran the back of my hand against my chin and it was dripping wet. She had leaked more than I could suck up evidently.

I scrubbed it off my chin and looked at her. She smiled at me and winked. It was a very funny thing for me because I had known this girl my whole life and never had I thought of her in a sexual context. I had never gotten this far, the farthest I had gotten was slipping my tongue in while kissing. I was looking for pussy all over the place and right under my nose was one of the hottest chicks I had ever seen. My sister was hot; I had never felt it before not this way.

“Was that good Steph? Did you like it?” I asked my sister as she moved closer.

“I loved it Greg. That was amazing. Thanks. ” Stephanie said.

“Thanks? Was that it? Does she want to stop now?” Were the thoughts that were flashing inside my head.

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“Do you want to fuck me now big brother?” My sister asked in this fiendish and sexy voice. I had never heard her talk in such a tone before. She bit her lip as she said that. I took a breath of relief hearing her say this.

“Yes, sister. Yes I do want to fuck you. ” I said smiling at her and moving close.

I wanted her to give me a blowjob just like I had given her but I wanted to fuck her even more. I was so pumped up that I was afraid that I would cum as soon as my dick made contact with her pussy. She got close to me and planted her lips over mine. I planted my hands over her naked and smooth back. I ran my nails and hands over her back and over towards her firm little ass. She did the same as we kissed sitting close to each other. She brought her left hand and put it on top of my cock tip. She ran her hands over the tip slowly and she pushed her face off mine.

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   She looked down at my cock and then smiled at me. I was really hoping to see her sexy small mouth over my cock. I was already picturing how she would look with my cock stuffed in her tiny little face. She ran her hands all the way down towards the base and towards my hairy balls. She rubbed her fingertips against my balls gently. She then grabbed the base of my cock and pulled the skin back. Chances of me getting a blowjob were looking good now. She gave me a few good and strong jerks, which nearly made me cum right there. I twitched a little as she sped up. She jerked a little longer and I closed my eyes trying to delay my orgasm. Suddenly as I had my eyes closed, I felt my sister tug hard on my cock. I looked at her and immediately knew what she wanted. She wanted me to fuck her. She had her legs spread and she was tugging my cock in the direction of her waiting pussy.

She slowly let go of my cock and I looked up at me.

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   I held her gently with my hands a little above her waist and laid her down on her back. She looked at me with those big eyes and smiled. The fear in her eyes was unmistakable, she was afraid obviously not just, because it was her first time but also because we’re siblings. Suddenly after looking at her, I was afraid. I was suddenly feeling uncertain. I had already laid her down and she was waiting for me to make the next move.

“Greg, I’m afraid. ” Said my little sister.

“I’m afraid too Steph. I’m terrified, but I want to do this, I really do. Do you want to continue?” I said feeling the anxiety.

“I do Greg. I do want to continue. But please be gentle and go slow. ” My sister said.

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“I’d never hurt you. I’d never…” I said as I kissed her on the forehead.

I felt her spread her legs as I lifted my head. I looked down at her and saw her spread her legs wide open. I looked up at her and saw her nod her head. I got down right on top of her and lowered myself on top of her. She raised herself a little and looked down. I took my cock in my hand and placed it right on top of her opening. I was afraid but I didn’t want to stop so I pushed through her lips slowly. It was really tight as I tried to push my swollen head through. She gasped out loud, as I tried to push. She raised herself up and brought her hand to assist me. She took my cock in her hand and pushed it through. My cock was inside her now. She was breathing hard and shaking.

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   I could feel her pussy walls surrounding my cock. My head was through now. It was inside her hole just barely. She took her hand away and closed her eyes. It was all up to me now. I slowly and gently moved forward. Centimeter by centimeter I pushed further into my little sister.

After a long time I finally had the entire length of my cock inside her. Our black, curly pubic hair was tangled in together now. I let it stay there for a while. I looked up at Stephanie and saw her with her eyes closed tight and she looked like she was in pain. I knew it was hurting her but this is what happens the first time so it wasn’t a big deal. I looked down and started to take my cock out slowly. I could feel every inch of her as she wrapped herself around my cock. She gasped and stirred more as I took it out.

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   I was almost out completely now. I took my head out and saw my cock, it was completely soaking wet now. I spread her lips and pushed it in again. I pushed it in harder and faster. Steph gasped loudly and opened her eyes as I pushed all the way through.

“Ahhh!!!!” I heard Stephanie scream. I felt something warm around my cock. I knew I had popped her cherry. I looked up at my little sister who had a few drops of tears flowing down the side of her face. Her eyes were closed tight as the tears flew down from the ends. I moved mycock out again and then moved it in. I did this a dozen times and every time I reached the end, my sister either moaned or screamed slightly. After a long time of going so, I increased my pace. But as I increased my pace, I felt my orgasm build up inside me. Since I had been going dead slow I didn’t get the urge to cum but now that I was going faster, the urge started to build up.

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   I saw Steph look up at me and I smiled at her. She looked afraid but still wanted to go. She took my hands in her hands and locked them in. she looked up at me and nodded. She held my hands tight and closed her eyes. I started to fuck her again but this time I was going faster.

I moved it in and out fast and hard. I pulled out slow but went in hard. As I went in, I pushed against the top wall of her pussy. She seemed to like it when I pushed at the wall. She squeezed my hand and I quickened my pace more. I was almost near my orgasm now. I figured I’d give her as much as I could before I came. I started to go completely berserk now. Fucking her like a machine, I rammed my cock.

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   She let go of my hands and jumped up. She hugged me tight and me fucked in unison. She hugged me tight and grinded into me as I fucked. I was near barely a few strokes to my orgasm when I heard her whisper in my ear, “I’m Cumming…”

I had nothing to stop me now. I felt her shake and quiver. She held me tight and hard. I felt it near. Two more strokes and I was done. I shot one jet of cum after another. I felt her tighten her pussy muscles as I came. It felt like she was milking me. I grunted as I came into her and she bit into my shoulder as I felt her tighten her pussy further more. We were locked in hard together as we came.

This was the best orgasm I had ever had. My orgasm lasted a long time.

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   I felt my sister breathe over my shoulder onto my back i held onto her a long time even after my orgasm subsided.

My sister let go of me and I let her fall on her back on the bed. I fell right next to her and laid down sweating. I was tired and my back hurt slightly. My cock slipped out of my little sister’s vagina. It fell limp on to my thigh. My sister lifted herself up and fell on top of me. She hugged me tight and held me close to her. She kissed my chest just over my heart and smiled up at me.

“I love you Greg. That was beautiful. ” Stephanie said as she reached up to kiss me over the lips.

This kiss that she planted was more loving, it was tender. She planted a soft kiss over my lips and I kissed her back softly. We just lay there quietly for a while.

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   I don’t know what happened but I dozed off quietly with my sister wrapped around me. Next thing I remember I was woken up by my parent’s car pulling into the driveway.

“Steph!!! Wake up!!! Mom and dad are here!!! Get up!!! Get dressed!!! I screamed as I jumping off the bed putting on my clothes frantically. I found my shirt but then I remembered I had left my pants in the bathroom.

I ran out the door and as I ran, I saw my sister get up and put her panties on. I ran into the bathroom and grabbed my underwear and pants. I ran into my room and saw my sister pulling her t-shirt over her head. She had the pants on but didn’t zip them or button them up. She was pulling her shirt and I zipped her up and buttoned her up. She said thanks and ran out of my room. I heard the front door open as she ran out. I turned around and stopped to catch my breath. I leaned against the wall breathing hard when I saw my sister run into my room again.

“Thanks big brother…”my sister said as she kissed me.

“Love you…” she said as she ran into her room.



A few seconds after I locked my bedroom door I heard my mother bang on it. I was saved by just a couple of seconds.

“Greg? Are you up honey? I’ve brought some dinner… Come down…” My mother said as she walked away.

I opened the door and saw my mother walk down the stairs. I peeked further down the hallway and saw my sister walk out.

“Hey… Steph. . ” I whispered as she was about to walk down.

She looked down to see if mom was gone and then walked towards me. I held out her belt and said, “Forget something?”

She smiled and took it from my hands. I pulled her into my room and closed the door behind. She smiled as I locked her around with my arms. She looked at me and moved into kiss me. We kissed for a couple of seconds but were stopped by the sound of my mother yelling at us to come down. I let go of her and she put her belt on and adjusted her hair looking at the mirror.

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“We better go down. ” Steph said as she opened my door.

“Hey Greg, sorry for not letting you use the shower yesterday. ” My sister said to my surprise.

“Don’t worry about it. ” I said as I held her hand.

“Maybe we could use the shower together tomorrow. ” Stephanie said biting her lower lip and smiling.

“What my sister wants my sister gets. ” I said as I kissed her on the forehead.

I stood there in my room as my sister walked out. I suddenly realized that I had sex with my sister without protection. I couldn’t believe it; I had pumped my fifteen-year-old sister up with my potent sperm. Her fertile womb was probably crawling with millions of sperms now. I had most definitely gotten my own sister pregnant.

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   “How could I have done this? What will we do now?” were just the few thoughts that ran around in my head. I stood there leaning against the wall breathing hard trying to get my head around this. What I wondered was why my sister was so nonchalant about this. Maybe she was on the pill maybe she could take something to keep herself from getting pregnant. Whatever it was my sister seemed to be not concerned which calmed me down. Only time will tell what happens next. I let go of what could happen and focused what had just happened.

I had made an amazing discovery there. I was desperately looking for sex and now I had found it, I had found it in my own family. I had found a fresh and horny pussy that stays 3 seconds away from me. The encounter was not just sexual; it brought us closer as siblings. Leaving the disk in the player was the best mistake I ever made.

This is just the beginning…

“Infernus specto”



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Escort girls Batumi - Experiences with Escort ladies in Batumi are about more than just meeting attractive people

The city of Batumi is located on the coast of the Black Sea and serves as the capital of the Adjara region in the southwestern area of Georgia. Batumi is a dynamic and bustling city that is well-known for its contemporary architecture, energetic nightlife, and gorgeous beaches. In addition to this, the city is famous for its alluring escort females, who provide the city's nightlife a one-of-a-kind air of sophistication and beauty.

The physical allure of Batumi's escort females is only one component of their overall attraction. The beauty of these ladies is not limited to their outward appearance; rather, it extends beyond that to include intellectual prowess, endearing personality traits, and an uncanny ability to turn even the most ordinary of experiences into something to be remembered. These ladies are not only extremely gorgeous, but they also have a comprehensive awareness of the world, which makes them wonderful companions for any event.

Escort girls Batumi -
The various beauty of Batumi's escort females is a reflection of the city's many different cultures and reflects the city's reputation for having a wide range of ethnicities. A diverse range of attractiveness can be seen in these ladies, from those with light skin and blue eyes to those with black hair and dark eyes that seem to glow from within. They are among of the most sought-after companions in the region as a result of their exquisite style and graceful manner, which complements the one-of-a-kind characteristics that they possess.
Escort Batumi
The experience of having sex with a Batumi girl is one that goes beyond the act of making sexual contact with her. It's a personal conversation that delves into the depths of mutual respect and comprehension, as well as the investigation of longings that are common to both parties. These ladies are true pros at giving their customers an experience they will never forget, one in which they are made to feel treasured, respected, and completely content with all they have received from them.

Batumi Escorts
The city of Batumi has a thriving nightlife that consists of a variety of restaurants, pubs, and clubs that appeal to a wide range of people's interests and preferences. Visitors come from all over the world to experience the city's vibrant nightlife culture, which is one of the city's most popular attractions. The existence of escort ladies in a city contributes to the vibrancy of its nightlife by facilitating the provision of company and entertainment to tourists who are interested in taking advantage of the nocturnal activities available in that location.

The hospitality business in Batumi is growing, since the city provides a diverse selection of things for tourists to enjoy during their time there. Batumi is a city that caters to a diverse range of visitors with its assortment of attractions, ranging from its stunning beaches and cutting-edge architecture to its lively nightlife. Visitors to Batumi are offered companionship as well as amusement by the city's escort females, who are an essential component of the city's thriving tourist business. These girls make the trip to Batumi more enjoyable for their male clients.
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