The Family Part 6


That was a weekend and I was out at the pool with my husband Rob. Here was only Lara at home and we both have made a plan to trap Rob that day. I was only in two-piece bikini and Rob was also wearing only his underwear. He was reading a magazine lying on the couch while I was sitting at the poolside having my feet dipped in the water when Lara came out of the house. She came to us and said hello to her dad. She was wearing only a two-piece bikini. It was made up of a white thin piece of cloth, which gets transparent on getting wet. I bought this suit for her to seduce her father according to out plan. Lara’s whole body was just naked. Her ass was fully naked as the back piece of her panty was only a string in between her butts. Her nipples can be easily located on her top. She moved to me and I found her father’s eyes getting glued to her near naked body. I smiled as my plan was starting to work. As Lara jumped into the pool he continued to see her. I got up and moved to him. I sat beside him.

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  “Hey Rob, you are eyeing your own daughter. Is she looking sexy?” I said as I placed my hand on his crotch. “ Hey boy you are getting hard while seeing your own daughter. ” I teased him. Lara came on the surface for a while and now her breasts were clearly seen as the material of her swimsuit has got wet. Nothing was remained to the imaginations about her breasts. I again teased him while slowly massaging his hardening cock through his underwear,“Do you like the view? I think you should be proud of your own daughter’s beautiful breasts. ” I added the pressure on his cock; “ your cock is getting harder with just the thought of sucking your own daughter’s breasts and her pert nipples. ”He gasped, “ what the fucking shit you are saying?”I slowly pushed his underwear down from his cock and pulled his cock out. “ Its not me but your cock who is saying you to do something with your own daughter. ”He tried to pull his underwear up, “ what the hell are you doing in front of our daughter? She can see us in this condition. ”“I am just trying to reduce your tension dear by massaging your cock. ” I said while keeping his cock in my hand. Before that he could do or say something, I bend down and took his hard cock in my mouth and began to suck it. He was so aroused with the view of her daughter that he could do anything other than moaning,“ohhhhhhhhh shitttttttttttttt whatttt are we doingggggg? Lara can see us.

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   What will she say on this baby? Lets go inside. ”I increased my sucking on his cock, “ she would love to see her parents loving and caring each other and she too might love to care her father. ”Lara had seen me sucking his father’s cock. She came out of the pool and moved to us. Rob tried to move my head away from his cock to hide it in to his underwear but I did not allow him. Lara came to us and said,“Hay dad! Enjoying a head from mom. What a nice cock you have dad! Can I share it with you mom?”“Why not baby if it does not bother you. ” I said. Lara came on the other side of the couch and took hold of her father’s cock and bent down to kiss it. She lightly kissed the head of his cock and said,“ Dad you don’t know for low long I was wishing to take this cock in my hand and mouth and in my pussy. ”Then she took his dad’s cock in her mouth and gulped it down in one move. Now she started to suck his dad’s cock. I moved down to his balls and started to lick them with my tongue tip. I took one ball in my mouth and started to suck it. I stood up and moved to his head to kiss him.

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   He said, “ its not right baby what we are doing. ”“Baby don’t think about any thing. Just come in your daughter’s mouth. You are to fuck her today to take her virginity which she has saved for you for so long. ” I said while kissing his lips. Rob now had lost his control he stood up and pulled Lara to his lap and began to kiss her lips. His hands pulled open her top and then he started to suck her pink nipples. Now it was Lara’s turn to moan. I pulled her panty down and now Lara was naked in front of her father. Her pussy was wet. Rob laid her on the couch and came between her legs. He pulled open her legs and placed them on his shoulders. He started to rub his cock on her wet pussy and erect clit. I took the sunshine saver oil and poured a little on my daughter’s pussy to make it lubricated. Then I lubed her father’s cock and placed the head of his cock on his daughter’s virgin pussy opening,“Now move it slowly into your daughter’s pussy as you pushed it into mine on the wedding night.

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      ”Rob started to push his cock in slowly into his daughter’s pussy. She moaned with pleasure and pain,“Ohhhhhhhh dadddddddddd pleasssseeeeeeeeeeeee slowlyyyyyyyy ohhhhyessssssss fucccccckkkkkkkkkk meeeee”Now half of his cock was in his daughter’s pussy. He gradually started to move it in and out. I guessed that it was now striking to her hymen. I said in his ears,“ Yes move it in. push it hard you are to rupture your own daughter’s hymen now. ”He grunted and his cock ruptured Lara’s hymen and entered her pussy to its full length. This all followed by a cry, Lara’s. The red blood started to ooze out of her pussy and on to the couch. I kissed her on her lips and said,“ Now you are a woman baby. Your dad has opened your pussy. It’s the gate to many, many pleasures, which he has opened for you. Now you will enjoy many cocks in your pussy. ”Rob started to move his cock in and out of her pussy now she was also responding to his thrusts. She was bucking up her ass.

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       Rob’s full cock length was entering her pussy and she was also enjoying it. Rob pulled out his cock from her pussy and made her kneel on all her fours. He cleaned the blood with a towel form her pussy and again pushed his cock in her pussy from behind and again started to fuck her. I lay in front of her and presented my pussy to her. She immediately started to lick it. Now she was licking her mom’s pussy while getting fucked by her father. Rob was also pushing his cock harder and harder in his daughter’s pussy. With his grunts I knew that he was about to come. I was told by Lara that it was the safe period of her menstrual cycle so I called him,“Yes Rob cum in her pussy. Fill your daughter’s pussy with her daddy’s cum. For so long she is waiting for your cum. Give it to your daughter. ”After a few more strokes Rob erupted. He pushed his cock deeper in his daughter’s pussy and started to cum. His cock was filling Lara’s pussy with his cum.

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       With the splashes of her dad’s cum Lara also started to cum. With all the sight in front of my view and with my daughter’s hot tongue my pussy also developed an orgasm. After ending her orgasm Lara fell on my pussy and Rob lay on her daughter’s naked back while keeping his cock inside her pussy. I also closed my eyes with exhaustion. But before closing my eyes I looked to the widow of the house where I could appreciate the images of three men. I waved them lightly as they all had witnessed the opening ceremony of Lara’s pussy. I could imagine that they all will be having their cocks in their hands and would be trying to jack them off to make them cool also. .



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