The Family; Part 3


I said who he daddy is. Is he your some friend or some one else. My father in law smiled and what he said that really shocked me. He said baby I want you to fuck your son Bob. My father in law was asking me to fuck his 18 years old grand son and my son Bob. It really excited me even at that time because the idea was not new for me. Because I had thought about that many times since I had fucked my own brother. Since the time I was having sex relations with my own brother and my father in law, I had started to look at my own son in a different way. He was really a man at the age of 18 I was anxious to know what the stuff is in his tight pants. But I could not help my self in starting the relations with my own son. I said to my father in law, dad but how can I do. I know that I want to do this. I will accept that I would love to have my own son’s cock in my hot and wet pussy but I am afraid of being humiliated if he did not accept me. Rick smiled and said baby I am not asking you to just go naked in his room and ask him to fuck you. But you will have to play a little game with him. You should let him know about your presence and should let him take notice of your hot and sexy body.

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   I smiled at my father in law’s idea and promised to start the show for my own son. This all the talk had made me really hot therefore after that I fucked him really hard. That day I rally enjoyed the fucking as I imagined that I was fucking my own son instead of his grand father. Till this time I had not allowed my children to see my body in a naked or near naked position but now I started to be more and more careless in my son’s presence. I stared to wear short and revealing dresses. One night when I went to his room for a good night kiss my gown was open from the front and the knot was not tied. When I bent down to kiss him my breasts spilled out and only my nipples were not visible otherwise he could see my breasts. I felt his eyes on my breasts. I stayed there for a while and then turned back to my room. I had the belief that he could not sleep with out jacking off that night while thinking about his mother’s breasts. Next day when he was about to come back from his school I changed in to my two piece bikini and went to the pool. When he came home he came straight to the pool and I was tanning my skin. Bob had never seen me in such nakedness. He was shocked and remained still in the door way. I called him to me and shyly he came to me.

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   I asked him to sit near me on the couch and he sat there. Now I started to talk about his schooling. He was looking at the naked body of his mother and was unable to take his eyes off from my body. I was smiling. My full breasts were just covered by the top as it was so small that it was only hiding only the nipples of my breasts. I noticed the bulge in his pants. I took the bottle of sun screen lotion and started to rub it on my legs by pulling them up. Now my pussy lining was apparent to him and he can see at my thick pussy lips. Then I decided to take a step forward. I turned to my belly and asked him to apply some lotion on my back. Hesitatingly he took the bottle from me and poured some on his hand and began to rub it on my back. The bikini panty was so small that it was having only a string which was between the ass cracks. So my son could see my whole the ass just naked. He started to apply the lotion on my back and then he came slowly down. His hands moved to my ass cheeks and he slowly began to rub my ass.

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   It was so sensational that my own son was touching my body. Now his both hands were on my buttock and he was playing with them. He said mom your ass is still so tight. I turned and now faced him and asked him to rub the lotion on my front of my body. Now he started from my belly. But is eyes were on my near naked breasts. His fingers were just touching my breasts. I saw that his erection was really hurting him now because it has got even bigger now in his pants. I decided that it’s the time to start give the real enjoyment to my son from his mother. I slowly untied the front binding of my bikini top and flipped aside the covers. Now my full breasts were naked in front of my son. When he looked at them he got mesmerized. I said, Bob massage your mom’s boos with the lotion. He took some lotion on his hands and started to rub my breasts. His hands on my breasts were feeling so good that I started to get wet in my panties.

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   He began to pull my nipples and pinch them with his thumb and finger. Now I could not hold my self and pulled his down to my breasts. He took the caution and took my nipple in his mouth and began to suck it. He then licked it with his tongue and then suck and chew with his teeth. My hand moved from his head to his lap and I began to press his hard cock in his pants. It was so good to touch my own son’s cock. He was sucking my nipple and licking my breasts. Then he moved up to my face and began to kiss my lips and pushed his tongue into my mouth and I started to suck it. I asked him to get rid of his clothes. He got up and immediately slipped out of his clothes.
    Now he was standing naked in front of his mother. I pulled him to me by holding his cock in my hand. Then I kissed his cock and said, baby you have developed your cock in a big size in a few years. Here are not so many years that I had seen your cock. Then I started to lick his cock head with my tongue and licked it from its top to its base.

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       Then I took his cock in my mouth and started to suck it. I took it deeper and deeper in my mouth and more he pushed it in my throat. Now I was sucking his cock with my mouth. His hand moved from my breast to my pussy and he started to play with my pussy. He pushed my panty downward and got my naked pussy now he began to feel it and started to finger my pussy. I started to push my pussy upward over his finger to have a good finger fuck. Then he pulled his cock out of my mouth and came into my legs. He put his mouth on my pussy and began to lick my pussy. He took my clit in his mouth and began to suck it then he chewed the button with his teeth. I jumped with the pleasure. Then he pushed his tongue into my pussy hole and began to fuck my pussy with his tongue. He mumbled mom you are having such a hot and beautiful pussy. Then he stood up and put the cock head over my pussy opening and in a single thrust pushed his cock deep into my pussy. He lay on my body and started to fuck my pussy with his hard rod. He started to stab his cock in and out of my pussy.

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       I was also pushing my pussy to his cock. Then he made me stand down the couch and I bent down there by placing my hands on the couch and from behind he pushed his cock in my pussy. Now he began to fuck my pussy from behind. I was pushing my pussy back wards to his cock. His cock was going to his full length into my pussy. I was really enjoying the fucking of my son. He took his cock out of my pussy and placed it over my ass hole and began to enter my ass hole. Now he began to fuck my ass. It was so great to feel his cock deep in my bowls. After a few strokes he came into my ass. He unloaded his cock deep in my ass hole into my bowls. When he came into senses I had gone in the house and was in my bath room. He came straight there and joined me in the bath. There he asked mom when I will get a chance to fuck your hot and sexy body again. I smiled while washing his cock with soap that I will try to come in his room at night.

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       And at that night I fucked his cock before going to bed. To be continuedDear readers if you want me to involve some other persons of my family in fucking my body then let me know and I will do that for you. Other wise I will tell you according to the happenings. Author: Please contact Cody or Bobbs. Also, update your email address. .



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