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He said it’s a new home made movie which I want to see with you. I played the movie and sat on the sofa away from him. Then the movie started and I was showing our pound. I got mesmerized and frozen when the scene of my sex with my brother came on the screen. I could not believe on my eyes that my father in law has caught me fucking my own brother. We were unable to know that when he came home and made our recording. I was perspiring with the consequences that my husband and my children would curse me and may push me out of the house. I looked to him and he was smiling. He spoke to me. Dear you are having a nice sexy body and such a hot and trained for sucking mouth. I could say only this, I am sorry papa please forgive me and don’t tell anyone I would be obliged to you. He smiled and said yes you will be obliged to me but only one way you can save me from telling it to others. I got surprised when he started to open his fly and pulled his cock out. What do you mean papa. No no I cannot do this. He smiled and said yes you will have to do the same favor to me.

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   I also want to be blown by such a beautiful girl like you. Other wise I will not be having any option and neither have you had the other option. I felt that I have trapped by him and really I don’t have any other option. I looked towards him and his cock was erect in his hand. I could not believe that he was having such a big and stiff cock at the age of over 60. I got mesmerized by his cock and decided to do what ever he was saying. The decision was not only to save my family life but also to satisfy my thirst which has awakened in my after seeing his cock. I stood up and moved to him. My eyes were on his stiff cock. I sat down in his knees and put my hand on his erect cock. I could say only this, papa you are having such a big cock. Then I began to caress it from upside down. He smiled and put his hand in my hair and said baby now take it in your hot and expert mouth and suck it. Its so long that I did not have a beautiful and young lady to suck my cock. I moved my head to his cock and kissed the tip of his cock.

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   Then I began to lick it from its base to its top. I took his cock in my mouth and began to suck it. It was so hard and hot that I could not believe that an old man of his age can also have such a hard cock. I was sucking and licking the cock like a lollypop. My father in law took hold of a bunch of my hair and began to pull and push my head on his cock. Now I was fully enjoying his cock in my mouth. I mumbled through his cock in my mouth, hay dad why did you hide such a beautiful cock from me for so long. I would have done anything to take this cock in my cunt and ass. He smiled and moaned with my lick, baby I was dying to have your luscious mouth over my cock but I could not have a chance for so long. Now I got the chance when I came to your home last day and I found you and your brother fucking in such a hot way. I wanted to come there to join you both but I managed only to record your fucking session in my camera. Then he moved my head aside from his cock and asked me to get up and pull of my clothes to show my body to him. I left his cock and then stood up. I pulled the blouse from my neck and now I was standing in only my bra and the skirt in front of my father in law. Then I moved to him and sat in his lap by facing my back to him and asked him to unhook my brassier.

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   He placed his rough hands on my naked and soft back covered only by the bra straps. He then started to kiss my milky white back. His hot lips were so enjoyable to feel on my back. Then his hands moved to my front and he took hold of my breasts over my bra in his hands. Now he started to press them with his hands and also to kiss my back. I turned my face to him and he began to kiss my face. He unhooked my bra hooks and I pulled aside my bra and on the floor. Then I turned in his lap to face him. I put my lips on his and he began to kiss me. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and I began to suck it. By my one hand I took hold of his erect member and began to masturbate him. I pushed my tongue into his mouth and now he started to suck my tongue. I could not believe that I was French kissing a man who was double of my age. He left my mouth and now came towards my breasts. He started with kissing my breasts and then took one nipple into his mouth and started to suck it.

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   It was so beautiful sensation that I could not stop my pussy from wetting. He was sucking my nipple in such a good way that I began to press his face to my nipples. He murmured baby you have so beautiful breasts that one can cum on them. Then I pulled his shirt and he stood up to step out of his pants.
    I also got rid of my skirt and now we both were completely naked in the living room. He took my naked body in his arms and again began to kiss me. Same was the thing which I was doing to him. My young naked beautiful body was in his old body. Then he laid me on the sofa and opened my legs and came in between them. He kissed my pussy and said, hey baby it’s the thing which I wanted to have from you for such a long time. Then he started to lick my pussy with his tongue. It was my weakness to be licked at that spot and my father in law was licking and sucking my pussy in such a good way that I started to cum. He continued to lick my secretions while nibbling my clit. I was pushing my pussy upwards to his mouth. He started to tongue fuck my pussy.

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       His tongue was going really deep in my pussy. I cried hey dad please put your cock in my hot and wet waiting pussy. Now I cant wait any more. My father in law stood up. He placed my legs up on his shoulders and then placed the tip of his cock on my pussy opening and with a single thrust he pushed his cock deep into my pussy. I cried with initial pain but then accommodated his cock in my pussy. Now he started to pull and push his cock in and out of my pussy. It was such a great sensational feeling to be fucked by the dad after fucking the son for so long. He was fucking really in great way. He was using his cock really good. He really know that how to use the tool on the women and how to fuck a lady even younger than him. I was also pushing my pussy up towards his cock. His hard and long cock was going really deep in my pussy. I came twice in that time. Then he cried baby I am about to come.

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       He pulled his cock out of my pussy and climbed on my chest and pushed his cock in my mouth and then unloaded his cum in my mouth. I gulped down his whole cum into my stomach. It was really tasty like that of his son. After sucking his cum completely from his cock I smiled and said, I hope that you will not tell anyone now. He smiled and said yes baby. As it was the promise. I smiled and said but you will have to continue to fuck me to keep it the secret my dear papa or now I will tell the others that you are fucking your own son’s wife. He smiled and took me in his arms and said. I would love to fuck you all the day and night. .



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