The Engagement Test - Chapter 2 Serena's Test


Chapter 2 Serena ‘s Test
Serena heard her father call from the den and let out a breath she hadn’t been aware of holding. Things must have gone well. This was the first time she had been asked back into the den. She quickly gathered up the tea and snacks and took them to the men.
. ”Ah, here’s my beautiful Puss” Tom beamed as Serena entered the room. Casting a quick glance at Richard, Serena saw that the young man was a bit pale but still here. She resumed her seat beside Richard, poured tea, and handed round the cups.
“Is everything all right?” she asked a bit nervously. Richard was sitting straight as a poker and had a very familiar bulge in his lap that wasn’t entirely hidden by his crossed leg.
Tom took a leisurely sip of tea and replied “Oh yes, Richard and I had a very good talk and we understand each other. In fact we have agreed to a little engagement test tonight to get everything put to bed as it were, right Son?”
Almost spilling his tea, Richard looked up quickly and nodded his head. “Yes, Sir. ” he croaked.
Serena looked confused. “Test?” she asked hesitantly.

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“Yes Puss” Tom replied, “I want to make sure that you and Richard will be as happy as you mother and I were in our marriage, there’s a small test to assure that and then if all goes well, I will give Richard permission to marry you. “
“But first I want Richard to understand the value of the gift I am giving to him. Come here and stand by my chair Serena” instructed Tom looking intently into his daughter’s eyes.
Serena saw the seriousness in Tom’s eyes and cut her eyes furtively Richard but immediately moved to her father’s side. She stood waiting with her eyes downcast.
“Take off your dress Serena” Tom softly commanded.
Her quick intake of breath was instantly followed by a flash of realization, Daddy has told Richard about me. He knows about my training. “:Oh God, surely he isn’t going to make me show Richard what I have learned?“ Serena thought in a panic.
Her training had always been a private thing, known only to the two of them, but then Daddy had brought in a stranger from time to time to teach Serena how to overcome her shyness, it had been so humiliating to be naked in front of a stranger and to follow her father’s commands. She had been punished more than once because of her reluctance, each time with the strangers watching with lust filled eyes. Daddy had never let them do more than touch her though, wanting to keep her pure he had said when the strangers asked for permission to fuck her. Serena had more than once cum to the stranger’s caresses and had been made to suck their cocks to learn how different cocks felt and tasted. The first blast of cum to hit the back of her throat had caused Serena to gag in revulsion, but then Daddy flicked his tongue over and over on Serena’s clit until she was taking the stranger’s hard cock into the depths of her throat and whimpering with an urgent need to cum. With practice Serena’s reluctance to worship cock with her mouth abated and she began to love the feel and taste of hot salty cum flooding her mouth as her pussy contracted over and over in waves of release.


Blushing deeply at that recollection, Serena cut a quick look at Richard whose flushed face confirmed what the discussion between the two men had indeed been all about, her father‘s teaching of his daughter to please a man. Richard looked a bit shocked but also had the same look in his eyes of the strangers that her father had brought home from time to time, one that Serena recognized as pure lust. This was going to be her part of the test, submission to whatever command her father issued.
“Did you misunderstand my instruction Puss?” her father said in a menacing tone after seeing the hesitation in his daughter‘s eyes and the quick flush creeping up her face. No doubt remembering her training he thought with satisfaction. “Do I need to punish you as a reminder?”
“N. . No Sir” Serena replied softly as she untied the sash at her waist, took a shallow breath, and began raising the hem of her dress. Creamy smooth skin came into view as her long shapely legs were exposed. A little higher and her thigh high stockings and garter belt were in view. What came next took Richard’s breath away totally and brought a self-satisfied smile to Tom’s face. Pale blond tufts in a triangle above a perfectly shaved and slightly glistening pussy set off to perfection the contrast of the black garter belt against the Serena‘s milky skin with no panties to block the view.
“Hold there for a moment Puss” Tom instructed. “A breathtaking sight is it not Son? He said, tearing his eyes off of his daughter’s flawless body and turning to her gaping husband-to-be, “ Serena dresses to my specifications or goes nude if I don’t specify her attire. She is never allowed to wear any sort of underwear as it covers her charms and put creases in her perfect skin.

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   My lovely daughter’s charms are always within sight, always within reach, at totally at my command. Just as they were meant to be. As you can see from the moisture between her legs, Serena gets excited showing her body to lusting eyes. I would hope that you would continue this practice in your home should you get my permission tonight. ”
Richard was sure his cock would explode at the sight of Serena, her dress held to her waist, long legs slightly parted, a glisten of juice at the folds of her smoothly shaved pussy. He felt precum oozing from the tip of his engorged tool as the outstretched finger of her father dipped between her legs and scooped up a bit of the moisture, leaned over and held it under Richard’s nose. The tangy smell of woman drifted into the air.
Serena started visibly as she felt her father’s finger dip between her pussy lips, coat it with her essence, and offer it to Richard. Although this had happened before, she had no idea this was to be part of the evening’s events and it never failed to come as a shock. How far will Daddy go she wondered.
“Take a taste Son” Tom coaxed, leaning over and holding out his finger to Richard’s slightly parted lips. Serena flushed anew as she saw Richard’s tongue hesitantly lap at her father’s finger, then watched as Tom slowly slid the finger into the started young man’s mouth. Richard’s lips closed around the finger and his tongue swirled and suckled, taking in all of Serena’s juice and swallowing hard. It was an erotic feeling which felt very foreign to him since it was being caused by another man.
“Nothing quite like the smell and taste of a virgin, my Boy” Tom said, removing his finger and leaning back his seat.

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“Continue Serena” he said casually as he took a sip of his tea, smelling faint traces of pussy juice lingering on his finger. “Show your young man what he is getting”
Serena tore her eyes from the two men and shifted to raise her dress over her full breasts. They swung slightly at being released, dusky pink nipples standing out in points. Richard was mesmerized as Serena then pulled the dress over her shoulders, the movement thrusting her tits out and arching her back as her arms raised. It was a scene right out of a porn movie. Except this was live action and the woman was his, if he passed the test.
“Stay in that position for a moment daughter” Tom commanded, pleased to see Serena stop immediately with her arms fully extended, her back erotically arched in invitation pushing her pelvis forward and exposing her clit nestled between the folds of her pussy. Serena’s nipples were now hard points thrusting out begging to be sucked. A slightly embarrassed flush spread over her face as she wantonly displayed herself to the man she wanted to marry.
Richard was gaping opening at the vision before him. His mind whirling with visions of his mouth pulling on those nipples until she groaned in pleasure and pain. Driving his cock over and over into that wet pussy. until he came in jets of hot pleasure.
“Enough Puss, you’re going to make Richard cum in his pants it appears” chuckled Tom. The young man was reacting beautifully.

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   Soon her would do anything to have her.
Obediently lowering her arms and dropping her dress to the floor, Serena paled slightly as she heard her father’s next command.
“Sit in my lap Puss, I want to show your young man how responsive you are” Tom said as he leaned back in his chair and patted the huge erection straining at his trousers. Glancing at Richard, Tom noted that his mouth was agape again and knew that he had never seen anything like this before. That he liked it was evident by his rapid breathing and furtive rubbing at his rapidly expanding cock.
Serena hung her head in mortification as she approached her father’s chair. She had hoped to have a normal life with Richard and never to reveal what she had done with her father. But that dream was not to be and Serena now knew that she would always belong to her father, no matter who she married. She knew exactly what would happen now and knew that at the end Richard would see exactly how wanton and perverted she was loving what was done to her body, her father would see to that.
Bowing to the inevitable, the young woman sat on her Daddy’s lap, feeling his hard erection pushing against her ass, jumping a bit and swelling even more as she moved to a comfortable position. Tom then turned her and leaned her back against the arm of his chair, placed her arms over her head, and spreading her thighs open slightly. A totally submissive position. He could do anything and she would not object. Not, of course, unless she wanted to be punished instead of pleasured. Serena obediently crossed her arms behind her head, glanced up at her father with a hesitant look, and settled in for the demonstration, arching her back slightly as she had been taught and hoping that she wouldn’t embarrass herself by screaming loudly for release as had happened in the past.

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   Daddy as her master controlled her orgasms, determining when and more importantly if she was allowed to relieve the desire that whipped through her body like fire toward the end.
Tom began caressing her breasts as he spoke to Richard. “Perfect tits on my little girl, Richard. Nipples that tighten at the very thought of being touched and taste warm and sweet. Listen as she moans as I nip and lick her sensitive nipples”. Tom’s lips closed over a tight nipple, scraping his teeth lightly then sucking strongly as Serena involuntarily arched higher and moaned softly, pushing the nipple deeper into her father’s mouth. Richard watched in awe as she spread her legs farther apart, his eyes widening at the sight of his innocent shy Serena naked and spread on her father’s lap, his mouth sucking on her tits as she moaned in lust and begged for more.
The hand traveled lower as he raised his mouth from his daughter‘s breast. “A trim figure and skin smooth as silk, she will not protest anywhere you touch her. ”
Tom’s hand moved to cup his daughter’s pussy. “A tight hot pussy to drive your hard cock into until it bursts with cum. She gets wet the moment I touch her, her pussy tightens in anticipation, her clit throbs to be touched. She cries out for permission to cum. When permission is given, Serena explodes and writhes, her pussy will massage the cum from your balls until you are wrung dry. She has been trained cum in front of strangers, her only duty to submit to whatever is asked of her.

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   Serena responds beautifully although she is naturally shy and unwilling, all the time knowing that her master will protect her from harm and cherish the gifts she so sweetly gives. ” Tom moved his fingers through the wetness seeping from his daughter’s pussy, coating his fingers well with the slick juice.
The hand continued downward, lightly tapping on her ass cheeks, a signal learned in her training that he wanted her fully exposed for maximum penetration. Serena whimpered softly then drew up her knees as her father commanded, fully exposing her pussy and asshole. Totally vulnerable. Totally exposed.
Richard leaned forward, unable to tear his eyes away from Serena’s ass. He had fanaticized about plundering an woman’s ass with his stiff cock but had never gotten any woman to agree. They all thought is was disgusting and perverted and hadn’t wanted to see him again. That Serena would submissively let him fulfill that fantasy was a shock that had his heart galloping in his chest and his breath coming in soft pants.
Tom’s fingers pulled Serena’s cheeks further apart, displaying a light brown crinkled asshole lightly coated in her pussy juice. “She has a sweet tight asshole that just begs to be fucked” Tom continued as his juice coated finger circled the tightly closed ring. “She will pleasure your cock like no other. I saved her pussy for her husband but my sweet daughter has almost strangled my cock with her tight asshole. ” Tom whispered as his thick finger began to push into the tight hole little by little until seated to the knuckle.

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Serena’s body gave a jerk as her father’s finger pushed into her most private passage and began a gentle back and forth motion as it pushed deeper and deeper. Her head lolled back and her eyes closed in embarrassment as she endured performing to her father’s commands in front of the man she loved. She could feel her hips rising up as the finger was moved back and pressing down again as it plunged forward to the fully imbedded length mimicking a cock forcing it’s way deep into her ass, making her anal ring stretch to it’s maximum capacity and clench tightly on the length as it traveled in and out. Serena heard the echoes of her screams the first time her father had invaded her ass with his cock, bucking and writhing in an attempt to get the invading tool out of her sensitive ass, all to no avail. Her father had wisely tied her first and had slapped her ass repeatedly, making it glow with heat as he forced her to accept the brutal first invasion of her ass. There had been no where to go to relieve the feeling of her anus being stretched obscenely, his thick cock threatening to split open at any moment as he fucked his daughter into submission, claiming her ass as his property. Daddy had then pressed on her swollen clit to make her cum while his cock shooting salty ropes of cum deep into her colon Her screams had turned into grunts of desire as she fucked back on the cock then back to screams again as she came harder and harder, straining to milk his balls dry and coating his marauding cock and contracting balls with fragrant pussy juice until it slid limply from her ass. Serena had cried in humiliation as she lay immobile, her father’s sated body pressing her into the bed, his cum leaking from her ass. , her pussy leaking proof that she had been made to enjoy it.
Richard’s cock throbbed painfully as he envisioned Serena being sodomized by her father. Tom’s fingers illustrating what his cock had already done and Serena taking the finger as if she wanted more. If this demonstration didn’t end soon he was really going to embarrass himself by cumming all over his trousers. Serena, her arms stretched over her head, tits outthrust and nipples erect, pussy glistening, her ass filled with her father’s finger being seared into his memory. It was as much torture as bliss. He had to have this woman, whatever the cost he would gladly pay it to be in her father’s position at this moment.

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   Better yet, to have her legs open wide as her pounded her pussy and ass until he came in rivers, that was what he wanted and would do anything to have.
Glancing up at Richard, Tom was pleased that her young man was as fully into the experience as Serena. Richard appeared to be on the edge of orgasm, his cock trying to find a way to be released as it jerked in his trousers. Tom let a finger from his other hand slide down his daughter’s stomach until he felt the glistening juice on her pussy lips, rubbed lightly on her clit, then slowing inserted a finger into Serena’s tight pussy until her felt the proof of her innocence. Little did the young man know the he might get the bride but her father and master would get her innocence. And with a little persistence, he would have the young man’s innocence as well. A perfectly matched couple who would accept him as their master. That was the plan.
Tom began finger fucking both of Serena’s holes until she was bucking and sobbing for release. “Please Sir!” Serena wailed as she rode his fingers, “I have to cum! Please!”.
“Not yet Puss” Tom instructed sternly and watched as his daughter courageously held back her imminent orgasm, tightening her thighs in an attempt to still her father’s busy fingers. A few moments more of the torture should bring her to a shattering release and with that thought Tom looked over to Richard “You too Son, no cumming until I say you can” he stated forcefully. Richard paled, stilled his hand rubbing his cock, and nodded submissively, not believing that Serena’s father was calling the shots for him as well. It really didn‘t matter, he was too far in a red haze of lust to back out now and his balls were aching seeing Serena cum splayed out on her father’s lap, her both holes being worked.
“Take out your cock Richard” instructed Tom as he continued double finger fucking his writhing daughter, flushed with desire and straining her body to hold back an explosive orgasm.

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Richard gratefully unzipped his trousers and freed his aching cock. He immediately looked to Tom for an indication if he could at least jack off and relieve his painfully swelled erection.
Tom never took his eyes off of his daughter as he said. “Now come stand by my chair, I want to show you one of my daughter’s many talents”. Richard almost leaped off of the sofa at the command. His cock stood at full attention over Serena’s stomach as he watched her father’s fingers plunge in and out of her pussy and ass.
Richard felt strange as Tom looked lustfully at his large swollen cock poised over his daughter. The young man had never been asked to displayed his cock to another man before and he felt a moment‘s panic that it increased his desire. Tom, however, continued finger fucking his daughter as if nothing was unusual at all about the circumstances.
“Look at your young man’s cock daughter. Long and thick with a nice fat head leaking precum and begging to be tasted. His cock will fill your pussy until you scream in pleasure. “ Tom said watching his daughter’s eyes clamp onto the stiff cock.
“Move closer to me son Son, I want a taste” said Tom casually looking into Richard’s startled eyes. Knowing thre was no way not to obey without risking everything, Richard reluctantly moved closer and watched in shock as the older man’s tongue licked the clinging drop of cum from the tip of the stiff cock, making it jerk up at the first touch then settle down against the warm wet tongue as it swirled around the broad head.


“Mmm, he tastes good Serena” Tom said as he watched Richard struggle valiantly to keep from shooting his load all over father and daughter at any second.
Richard looked down into Serena’s eyes as her father‘s tongue took control of his cock, seeing how humiliated she was to be displayed like a whore, with her father’s fingers thrusting into both her holes, her body responding with eagerness to the situation and begging for release. She almost seemed to be apologizing with those beautiful eyes as she looked at the man she loved offering his cock to her father to be tasted and again she tried not to cum. His eyes offered comfort as he felt his own humiliation at being forced to offer his cock to the mouth of another man. They were in exactly the same position, being forced to follow a master’s commands.
Serena whimpered and strained harder against the fingers pistoning in out of her pussy and ass. Watching her father lick the tip of Richard’s cock had sent her speeding toward climax and she was having to clench down hard on the fingers inside of her to keep it from happening.
“Almost there Puss, just a few seconds more” Tom coaxed. “Open your mouth and offer it to your young man. Suck his cock as I have trained you, make him cum when I say and swallow every drop or you will be punished and Richard will see yet another side of your training. ” Serena, desperate to cum, obediently turned her head toward the straining cock.
“Fill my daughter‘s mouth with that tasty cock, Son” Tom commanded.
Richard jerked in surprise at the order but didn’t hesitate for a moment. He moved to Serena’s open mouth and watched as her tongue flicked out to taste the tip, a glistening drop of salty cum threatening to drop at any second. She looked longingly into Richard’s eyes as he began pushing his cock past her open lips.

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   Further and further into her wet warm cavern then backing out a bit as Serena swirled her tongue around his stiff cock, feeling the bulging veins standing out proudly, until her lips were sucking gently then little harder making his cock jerk in her hot mouth. Richard moaned and began gently thrusting into Serena’s mouth, going deeper and with a little more force each time, his cock soon reaching the entrance to her throat.
Tom watched the two as he began the final thrusts into Serena’s holes. It was time to make them both cum on command. They were both ready to explode any second.
Whispered into Serena’s ear loudly enough so Richard could hear, Tom said “Relax your throat Puss and let your man fill you with cock. Show him what I have taught you and milk his cock”. He felt Serena’s body lurch upwards as he finished the command with a thrust into her pussy and asshole, bumping again into her hymen.
Tom looked up at Richard panting in bliss and trying to hold the cum boiling in his balls as he said “Now push your cock into my daughter’s throat and she will drain you dry, Son. Just don‘t cum until I give you permission and you‘ll be fine. ”
Richard looked down at Serena to see if she would do as her father instructed, while worrying about that last part. Was that a threat to spank his ass if he came before being allowed? He was distracted from the thought when Serena proceeded to take his cock inch by inch into her throat until her nose was tightly pressed into his groin and her throat muscles were massaging his cock. Richard’s body tightened unbearably as Serena’s lips stretched to take in his bulk and he gave a pleading look at Tom as he felt cum beginning to rise from his tight balls. Another second and he would spill with or without permission. He groaned with the effort it took to hold back until Tom gave permission to cum.


   With a shock Richard realized that he had learned to cum on command. Just as Serena did. In front of her father. Their master.
Tom moved his thumb over Serena’s clit and applied pressure in a circular motion. “Now, you may both cum. ”
Serena convulsed instantly with a cry, clamping down on her father’s fingers as she distantly heard Richard’s hoarse shout and felt thick ropes of cum rocketed out of his cock and down her stuffed throat. Both froze locked in ecstasy as their bodies were buffeted by wave after wave of release until only tiny aftershocks signaled the end of the test. Serena slumped exhausted into her father arms as Tom gently removed his fingers and waited for Richard to rouse from his sated stupor. Serena cleaned Richard’s limp cock with her tongue as he exited her sweet mouth, tasting the salty flavor of the cum and licking her lips. Richard groaned at the sight and stumbled weakly back to the sofa, his legs barely keeping him upright. Nothing in his life was as good as this, nothing. If Serena was this good at sucking cock, she would fuck him to death for sure. Death would be worth it, he thought tiredly with a smile.
“You did well Puss, I’m proud of you.

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   You obviously love this young man very much and have passed your test with flying colors” Tom said to Serena as gave them both a moment to collect themselves. He looked lovingly at his sated daughter and then sternly at Richard.
“Many men would consider a woman to be a slut to perform as Serena has tonight, having her body serve two men at once, one of them her own father. But those men are fools who don‘t know a real prize when they have it naked and willing in front of them. Serena will remain a virgin until her wedding night but has been taught to respond as I wish, giving me anything I demand, totally subservient to her master‘s desires. My daughter took your cock and milked you dry because those were my instructions. If I had told her not to let you come she would have done that as well. Serena revels in being controlled and a wise man will not abuse that gift but will recognize it for the rare treasure that it is. A slut chooses many men indiscriminately to satisfy her own selfish desires, whereas a submissive woman pleases her master by serving as many men as he chooses to enhance his desires, not her own, knowing that her master will see to her satisfaction as is his duty. A subtle but important distinction that I hope you understand after tonight, Son. ” Tom said glancing fondly at Serena then piercing Richard with a deadly look.
“Submissive women trust their master to do what is best for them. It is then his duty to live up to and keep that trust and dedicating himself to her happiness and well being. I will work with you to show you how a competent master behaves, but I ever find out you have made my daughter into a cheap slut I can assure you that you won’t wish the price I will make you pay on your worst enemies. “ Tom said in a deadly calm tone, looking Richard straight in the eye.

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   The young man had no doubt that he meant every word and gulped, nodding that he understood.
Tom gave Serena a last caress as he helped her up from his lap. Time to cleaned up and get some relief for his aching cock and balls. Testing a suitor was a trying though hopefully rewarding business.
“Now let’s get cleaned up and continue with the test shall we?” Tom said cheerfully, “If the night ends well Serena will have two masters in her life to keep her happy. Be assured though, yours will not be a strictly traditional marriage. Richard, you need to think about what I’m about to say before you commit. You will be served well by my daughter as your wife but you will also have to serve me. I will continue to be Serena’s master and I will be your master as well, expecting you to submit to anything I ask of you with appropriate punishment doled out for any disobedience on your part. What the two of you do in your home will be up to you. What the two of you do in mine will be totally up to me. ”
“That‘s the deal, Son. Take it or leave it” Tom stated as he threw in the ultimate demand for his daughter’s hand in marriage. He looked over at a pale Serena holding her breath then at a visibly stunned Richard for his answer. “Do you want my daughter enough to agree to these terms?”
Richard took in the demand with more than a little fear at what being subservient to Tom could mean.

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   He wasn’t attracted to men and was afraid that his revulsion would land him in big trouble with Tom. But his cock stirred at the remembered feeling of the man’s tongue lapping the tip of his cock for a drop of cum, that didn’t feel repulsive at all when it happened, just strange and exciting.
Richard looked over at Serena who at first lowered her eyes shyly then raised them to meet his in a question. Am I worth it, her look asked. After what he had just experienced he would surrender anything to her father to have Serena as his subservient wife, willing to do anything he asked of her. Richard took a deep breath for courage before nodding, faintly hearing Serena‘s sigh of relief.
“Serena is everything I want in a wife, Sir. I’ll do whatever it takes to have her” Richard said looking at her father.
Tom smiled as he nodded and quickly made his plans for the second round. It was now Richard’s turn to be tested.
To be continued



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