The Emily Prequel: Early Years Of Lust


The Emily Prequel: Early Years of LustWritten with true love and explicit lust
            It was a bright sunny day and the air was too hot to breathe. The summer was just starting and everyday was going to be a treat. Emily and I were both in the basement of the house where it was fresh and cool. We were alone and we took fully advantage it as we are already naked and ready to discover each other’s sexuality.
Emily is my very attractive thirteen year old sister. She is quite slim and her peachy skin made me melt inside every time I touched it. Her breasts were not very developed and she has yet to grow any pubic hair. Her little plump pussy lips looked amazing and her lengthy, firm clitoris stick out nicely. On this occasion, her rock hard ass was going to steal the spotlight. You see, since the first day we began touching and discovering each other’s bodies, Emily’s butt has always been the main attraction. She and I have had these little sexual sessions for a few years now. Now at the age of thirteen and me, at fourteen, our lust and curiosity grew considerably.  

Looking at me with a sweet smile and a bit of shyness, Emily sank to her knees on the plush carpet. She turns around and bends over into the doggy position. Emily sticks out her butt as a sign of being willing and ready. Nervous yet anxious, I fall on my knees and approach her naked presence.

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   I press several wet kisses all over her ass and hips while I caress her legs with both my hands. I grab a hold of Emily tiny waist, take a deep breath and guide my erected penis towards her. With my fingers I gently spread open her butt cheeks, exposing her asshole a little more while doing so. I then softly press the full length of my cock inside her ass crack and began jerking. I let go of her cheeks so that they could wrap over my penis to add more friction. Thrusting harder and harder, Emily encouraged me to continue as she enjoyed the feeling of me masturbating between her butt.
I kept telling her how much it felt good. The warmth of her ass enhanced the sensations on my soaring cock. I could feel my shaft rub against her anus, making her shiver at every stroke. I held on to her waist, gripping it tightly and pulling her closer to me. Emily stood firmly on both hands and knees through the whole thing. My penis slid up and down her crack with ease as sweat began to cover our body parts. I tried to hold my orgasm for a few more minutes but sooner or later I just had to ejaculate. I paced my thrusts as I felt several drops of pre-cum spread over the tip of my cock. My semen shot out just seconds later and splashed all over Emily’s butt.

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After I finished cuming, I slipped my penis off and backed up to watch the mess I left over her. Most of my cum splattered on her peachy cheeks but a fair portion of it slid down all the way to her pussy slit. Emily turned and sat down on the carpet. She spread her legs and took a peek at the sticky semen that reached her vulva. Feeling a bit tired, I still took the initiative to begin a conversation.
“So”, trying to catch my breath. “What do you think?”
She looks at me a says “Um… well, I liked it. Except, I didn’t feel as excited I as usually do when you touch my pussy, dear brother. ”
“Ok then, next time I’ll touch your pussy while I’m doing it. ”
“Um… ok. So, now what do we do?”
“Hmmm, how about… I try to… put my penis inside your butt?”
“Sure. That sounds different!” 

With that said Emily turns around and lay on her belly. I get on top of her and spread her ass cheeks. I try to push my half-erected penis inside her anus but not a single inch could get in. I wipe some cum with my hand from her ass crack and lube my cock.

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   After a few more attempts to penetrate her ass, I gave up.  

“What’s wrong dear brother?” she asked.
“I can’t get it in Emily. It’s too tight! Your asshole keeps pushing it back. ”
“Well I felt your tip go in… maybe if I relaxed a bit more it could help. ”
“Forget it. Let’s try something else. ”
“Ok. Hmm… I feel like being romantic right now. Let’s dance together while we head to my room. ”
“Alright, get in my arms!”
We got up and wrapped each other in our arms. Our naked bodies stick together like they fused. Emily and I began to slow dance, her moves rubbing on my penis, making it hard as a rock again. We danced romantically all around the house like we were actually in a ballroom. At every spin and turn I made sure to rub my hands on her small perky breasts and meaty buns.

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   As soon as we reached her room she dragged me in and kissed me all over my body. Her lips did not touch my cock though as she still felt unwilling to do so. We were both sticky because of sweat and semen.  

She pushed me and I fell on her bed. Emily crawled on top of me until her hot cunt met with my cock. She bucked her hips, sliding her pussy on the full length of my erection. Her clitoris tickled the tip of my penis every time they touched. Every stroke became more pleasant as more wetness came out of Emily’s twat. We were both humping each other’s brain out until I had to shoot another load of semen. The river of cum splashed over us both, covering our genitals. Emily looked into my eyes and said how much she loved me, and so did I.  

Afterwards, we each hit the shower and call it a day. Until next time…
My sister and I had these little adventures since the days of our pre-teens until the day I started dating. At the age of fifteen I met this seventeen year old girl named Caroline. And because of this, Emily and I agreed to let go of each other.

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   Thanks to my new girlfriend, I engaged in a very healthy relationship and learned all there is to know about sex. But perhaps one day, my sexy little sister Emily and I will show our love by making love together.
And we did… five years later in “Making Love To My Beautiful Sister Emily”!
Please read and enjoy the Emily series!




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